Dream Big with Huggies DryNites & Bring Your Child’s Imagination to Life. Literally!

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If you have a child that’s out of nappies but still wetting the bed at night, then chances are you’ve heard of [and maybe even tried!] Huggies DryNites.

Now, thanks to their Dream Maker Promotion, you can help bring your child’s dreams to life, with a chance for their drawing to be transformed into a unique plush toy!

My son is an obsessive drawer. His imagination spills out on to any spare bit of paper in front of him in random, unexpected ways. Never one to be dictated to by … well anything really, his drawings are full of colour and dreams and very often spikes. So when I heard of THIS competition, my interest was understandably piqued! I have folders and folders FULL of his creations but imagine having a real-life plush toy. That MY boy designed. Seriously, this competition is incredible.

When he first started school he was still wetting the bed at least three to four nights a week. It was a hideously labour-intensive time that involved a lot of stripping beds, washing, drying, making beds and comforting a very disheartened little boy. Introducing DryNites to our household was a godsend for the whole family! They kept him dry over the nights that he had accidents and saved me mountains of extra work. Eventually he grew out of that stage and I’m rapt to report that we haven’t an accident since. That was five years ago!

Huggies DryNites Dream Maker Promotion 

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We put our kids to the test and check out their efforts – so clever!  Grab the kids, their pencils and textas and get started. Let their imagination run free!


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★ TURN YOUR CHILD’S DRAWING INTO A PLUSH TOY! ★Thanks to Huggies DryNites, you could bring your child’s dreams to life…

Posted by Mum Central on Saturday, 18 July 2015

For more inspiration and your chance to win the toy of your child’s dreams, visit www.dreammaker.drynites.com.au

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