Mums Score Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor Review an Incredible 9/10

As a new parent, ensuring the safety and well-being of your baby is a top priority. That’s why buying a baby monitor is an important decision. With a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. From audio to video, smart features to portability, there are several factors to consider before making your purchase.

So, we asked three Aussie mums to give the new Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor a try and tell us what they thought. And guess what? All three mums loved it and gave it a near-perfect score, and would totally recommend it to any new mum. Check out their reviews to see why this baby monitor is a winner!

The Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is a parenting game-changer. Source: Supplied

A dream come true in baby monitoring

The new Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor ticks all the monitoring boxes too. It’s reliable, affordable, high-quality, innovative, and secure. It also provides an exceptionally clear image of your baby, with pan, tilt and zoom functions, and comes with a parent portal with access to light, sound, and humidity plus an easy-to-use app for advanced monitoring and sleep tracking. 

The Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor comes with three elements:

  • HD night vision camera for baby’s room. Features night vision and a wide-angle view of your baby’s sleeping environment. The camera also comes with 2-way audio so you can speak directly to your little one from a distance. Plus, it plays pink noise and preset lullabies or you can personalise a recording for your little one to drift off to sleep to.
  • An innovative parent pod. This is the wireless and rechargeable pod that communicates with your baby unit. Unlike a traditional audio monitor, it uses coloured lights and sounds to notify you of changes to the baby and the nursery. The pod is easy to take with you and comes with in-built sensors to track sound, light and humidity. It will alert you if anything is amiss in the baby’s room.
  • A smart app. This is a free download to your phone or tablet and allows you video access to your baby, in real-time, anytime. The app also offers sleep tracking and digital zoom so you can zoom in and take crystal clear pics of your little one snoozing away – the quality is amazing too.
Not just a baby monitor and app – the parent pod is a game-changer. Source: Supplied

Sounds pretty great, right? But how did it perform under pressure? We asked three new mums – Jade, Imogen and Cara to put the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor through its paces.

Here’s what they had to say about it.

Dreamsense Baby Monitor Review – What our reviewers said: 


mum centralI would recommend this monitor to my friends and family. It was very easy to use and the quality of the video is second to none. I have never seen better. The set up was renter friendly and I was really impressed with the alerts.

I really enjoyed so many of the features because they were obviously built to make a parent’s life smoother. In the few weeks I’ve been using it sleep has even improved and that alone would make me give the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor a thumbs up.” 


mum centralThe Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is nothing more than a must-have for parents! Not only has the monitor helped us get the most accurate information about our little one’s sleep patterns it has taken the guesswork out of environmental factors that have contributed to nights of poor sleep.  

This high quality camera has me watching bub sleep not because I have to but because the image is so crisp and detailed you get the rare opportunity to truly see your little one’s precious face whilst sleeping. This high quality baby monitor provided all the key essentials you need to feel confident that your baby was safe and comfortable all night long.”


mum central“Dreamsense is a nice and easy-to-use monitor. I liked the parent pod – a new concept for me! I like that it alerts me to noise and temperature disturbances in her room.

As a new parent, I am ALWAYS worried/alert/concerned for any dangers to my baby. So it’s nice that while she is sleeping in a different room we know if the temperature is too hot or if she is upset and can check on her before going in.”

Check out their full Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor review in our video below: 

mum central

YouTube video

Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor Review: Best features, according to mums 

✅  Sleep tracker = Better sleep for all

“This monitor provided not only accurate alerts to baby and their environment but also provided reassurance that it would reliably monitor the sleep environment.” 

✅  Peace of mind day and night

“With such a high-quality microphone and camera you felt instantly connected to your baby whilst they slept.”

“This reassurance takes the anxiety out of sleep and having your little one out of sight.”

The night vision and sleep tracker give great peace of mind. Source: Supplied

✅  So easy to use

“Time-poor and sleep-deprived parents need simple products and clear directions. The user manual was great and the app was easy to use and navigate.”

✅  The innovative parent pod

“I loved the parent pod as so we could give to other family members if they were looking after her. It was easy to use and a nice alternative to a video parent unit.”

The parent pod is a game-changer in monitoring your baby. Source: Supplied

✅  The quality of images and video

“I was actually shocked by the quality, this one has to be seen to be believed – it is unbelievably clear.”

✅  The advanced sound quality

“The highly intelligent microphone accurately detects sound from the environment and differentiates the sound of a baby’s cry from other sounds.”

✅  The two-way audio

“With the two-way function, I say, “shh shh shh” and if he lies down I continue for a minute or so and he feels safe enough to go back to sleep. I know if he doesn’t lie down he needs me! It has saved so many late-night trips through a cold house.”

Source: Supplied

mum central

Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor Review

9.1Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor Review
Peace of Mind
Ease of Use
Value for Money

mum central

mum centralOur reviewers have spoken and the new Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor gets two big thumbs up and the Mum’s Choice Mum Central Stamp of Approval. 

Simple. Secure. Easy to use. Effective. Affordable. If this is what you’re looking for in a baby monitor, then the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is exactly what you need, not just for the newborn phase, but as a staple in your little one’s room for years and years to come.

Our reviewers loved it and we know you will too!

Get yours for under $400! 

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