Dress The Family On Christmas Day for Under $100!

With less than a month to go until Christmas day, you’re either in full planning mode or quietly panicking that you haven’t even started. Gifts to buy, wrap and hide, trees to trim, lunch to plan and carols to sing.

I’m a big list-writer to keep myself on track. I’ve got notebooks full of them all over the house. On my Christmas to-do list is one item that I add every year “buy new outfits for the family for Christmas Day”

I do this every year because when I was growing up, a new Christmas outfit was always under the tree and it was always exciting to wear something new to lunch with the family. I’ve carried on the tradition [and even introduced hubby to it] and our first family photo of the day is always in our new threads

This year we’re having lunch at our place around the pool so I’m thinking of moving away from the traditional red and green and injecting a bit of a nautical theme to our celebration. I don’t have a massive budget to play with this year, especially ‘cause we’re putting on lunch too but I can dress the family for UNDER $100. What??????? Check it…


PLUS, Get Free Delivery for orders over $90 until 1st December so get cracking and shop the range now!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Mum’s Maxi – $16.40″]


There’s nothing more stylishly comfortable than a maxi-dress. I love this stripy number and could do so many different things with it. Add a belt and hitch it up on the waist for a shorter dress or drape a coordinating scarf around your shoulders to layer it up a bit. Either way, pair it with some red strappy sandals and some arm swag and you’re set for the day.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”Dad’s Dapper Duds – Shorts $16.40 and Shirt $17.80″]


I love this look. A gorgeous pair of twill shorts teamed with a crisp, short sleeved shirt is the perfect Christmas lunch outfit for hubby. Dress it up with a pair of boat-shoes or relax the look with a pair of thongs.  Shop Men’s Here.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”Son’s Style – Shorts $9.60 and Shirt $11.00″]



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! A pair of drawstring shorts paired with a funky Hawaiian shirt is a sensational ensemble for the little man in your family. Have him wear it with some comfy canvas sneakers or let him wear thongs like his dad.


[mc_block_title custom_title=”Daughter’s Delight – $12.40″]


This belted shirt-dress is just right for your little miss. Wear it with all the buttons done up or pop a little tank top underneath and leave some buttons undone for a new look. Fabulous with some strappy sandals or a pair of ballet flats.

Of course, don’t just take my word for it! Head to MRP yourself and browse their girl’s collection to put together the perfect Christmas outfits for your family.

PLUS, Get Free Delivery for orders over $90 until 1st December so get cracking and shop the range now!


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