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11 Simple and Easy Book Week Costumes

If there’s one week in the whole school calendar that kids love most, it’s Book Week. As it turns out, it’s often the very same week that makes parents reel in horror.

If you’re a mum with zero creative muscle or zero time, if the thought of creating complex costumes for your kids leaves you in a cold sweat (and there’s a LOT of us), this is for you!

I’ve scoured Pinterest for 11 easy Book Week costumes which are a cinch to pull off without tears or tantrums. Many can be knocked together in just an hour or two (definitely in a weekend). Let the inspiration begin!

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1. Gangsta Granny

From David Walliams comes the ever-so-sneaky, ever-so-cheeky (and everyone’s favourite Grandma), Gangsta Granny and her grandson Ben. A wig (here’s a handy DIY wig tutorial), a cushion hunch back and a bag of loot and you’re on your way!

easy book week costumes

2. Captain Underpants

You’ll bring all the giggles to the parade with this Captain Underpants costume. Cue fits of hysterical laughter.

easy book week costumes - Captain Underpants
Image source: The Mom Creative

3. Storey Treehouse

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s Storey Treehouse collection is a smash hit series with so many kids. Go on, dress them as that awesome tree! Make it from coloured card or grab a glue gun and some fake greenery from Kmart.

Book week costumes

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The character Greg Heffley of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame is COMPLETELY DOABLE. I’m absolutely cheering this one on for my own primary schooler this year. Here’s a free download and print Greg mask to get you started.

Wimpy Kid Easy Book Week costumes
Image source: And Sew We Craft

5. The Paper Bag Princess

Head to Kmart for a roll of brown paper and you have yourself an instant Paper Bag Princess costume. Score!

Paper Bag Princess - Easy Book week costumes
Image source: Mama Papa Bubba

6. Matilda

Prim and proper is the name of the game with Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Be sure to keep chaos at bay with a toy lizard or frog in the jar and not a real newt! Of course, there’s lots of fun to be had dressing up as straight-laced Ms Trunchbull too!

Book week costumes

7. The Magic School Bus

For The Magic School Bus fans – Ms Frizzle, come on down! Print off the galaxy and pin it to a dress! For a truly out of this world costume, paint half a dozen styrofoam balls from a $2 store and thread them to a headband using some fishing line.

Easy Book week costumes
Image source: Housewife Eclectic

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

You’re only a pair of scissors and a few sheets of card away from creating your very own wriggly The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Easy Book Week costumes don’t come any easier!

Hungry Caterpillar easy Book Week costumes
Image source: Stockland

9. Audrey Hepburn

Perhaps the easiest of them all, dress your little Miss in head to toe black, oversized glasses and a strand of fake pearls. Amp up the sass and she’s set to make her best Audrey Hepburn (from the Little People, Big Dreams series or from Truman Capote’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s novel for older kids) mark in the classroom.

Audrey Hepburn easy Book week costumes
Image source: Costume Works

10. Charlie Bucket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Charlie Bucket is an easy, reachable target for Book Week. That grandpa style hat finishes the outfit perfectly. if you’re feeling a little extra, go the extra mile creating a chocolate factory golden ticket costume. So fancy, so shiny!

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11. Charlie and Lola

Sticking with the Charlie theme comes our favourite sibling set, Charlie and Lola. This one’s perfect for twins or best friends and is as easy as dressing the kids in their own clothes and printing up a couple of Charlie and Lola masks. Way too easy!

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Image source: Life is in the small things

Happy Book Week to all of our Mum Central families! May the DIY force be with you! Need more inspiration? Don’t miss these 33 other easy Book Week costumes. Plus, here are another 47 Brilliant Book Week Costumes to Pinch.

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