11 Easy Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes ANYONE Can Make


No special cake decorating skills are needed for these awesome cupcake cakes. An epic birthday cake is only a batch of cupcakes and a whole whack of buttercream icing away!

Now THIS is clever! Leave the cake knife and plates at home and create a big pull apart cake using carefully placed cupcakes. Making sure everyone has cake is literally, a piece of cake. Genius.

Hip hip hooray, birthday cake is only a dozen (or two!) cupcakes away!

1. Fish cake

Love a beautiful swimming fishy? Brightly coloured scales make for a fabulous fish cake – and even better, My Cake School shows you exactly how it’s done!

fish cupcakes cake

2. Ice cream cone with a cherry on top cake!

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cake? While technically NOT an actual ice cream cake, this ice cream cone cake from Life In The Loft House is just as sweet (and a whole lot less prone to melting).

ice cream cone cupcakes

3. Rainbow cake

A great one for playgroup or preschool, littlies sure do love a spectacular rainbow! With food colouring and piping bags at the ready, go check out this pot of gold tutorial at La Hoot.

rainbow cupcakes cake

4. Horse cake

I want a pony cake! Such a request is likely to have any parent bolting for the gate. However, this cupcake version appears almost doable. Feeling brave? Head on over to Press Print Party for all the details.

horse cupcakes cake

5. Olaf cake

Still as popular as ever is the most adorable of all snowmen, Olaf from Disney’s hit movie Frozen. This cupcake pull apart Olaf cake (pictured left) is the masterpiece of Cakes By De Anna. Found on Pinterest is a fabulous similarly fabulous Olaf with snowflake cupcakes to accompany this frosty fellow. SO clever!

Olaf Frozen cupcakes cake

6. Peppa pig cake

Hot on the heels of Olaf, another highly requested superstar for cakes is Peppa Pig. From September Moon Cupcakery, we give you Peppa Pig in cupcake form!

Peppa Pig cupcakes cake

7. The very hungry caterpillar cake

A family favourite, this Eric Carle born gem wriggled its way on to Cake Central. That’s a LOT of green icing, but what a show stopper of a cake!

Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes cake

8. Cactus cake

Perhaps my favourite cupcake pull apart cake of them all, this ripper of a cactus cake from Studio DIY. Pictured top of this post and below, you can see just how easy it is to pull apart, ensuring everyone has lashings of not so prickly icing to eat.

cactus cupcakes cake

9. Screams of summer watermelon cake

Black jelly beans moonlighting as watermelon seeds is pure genius. For a watermelon cake of epic proportions (and cupcake portions), see this Food Network tutorial (complete with VERY HANDY video).

watermelon cupcake cake recipe

10. Beautiful butterfly cake

Swirls of rainbow coloured icing and not one, but two sizes of cupcakes set the scene for this beautiful butterfly cake. Make it yourself using this recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

butterfly cupcake cake recipe

11. Football cake

This awesome Wilton football cupcake cake can easily be adapted for fans of rugby or AFL. Perfect for birthday parties, junior team welcome shindigs and of course – Grand Finals!

Football cupcake cake recipe

Pull apart cakes – cake board tip!

How you’re going to set up or transport a cupcake pull apart cake needs to be considered carefully! For large cakes, head to your local hardware store for a sheet of balsa wood. Cover it in foil or pretty paper and you have yourself a generous sized cake board.

Here’s a yummy vanilla cupcake recipe to get you started. For more birthday cake inspo, check out these no-bake cake hacks!

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