Easy Hairstyles: Make Your Hair Look Fab in Five Minutes (Really!!)

Who has time to spend four hours at the hairdresser? Not me. These hairstyle tips, tricks and tutorials will have you looking fab in less than 5 minutes.

Mum hair, don’t care! Except when it’s a mangy, unmanageable mess and makes you look like you’ve slept upsidedown. Which, if you’ve got a toddler in the bed, you probably have.

In between making beds and breakfasts, we’ve got a few minutes, if we’re lucky, to fuss with our hair. Five minutes. Tops. And that’s only if the kids are not trying to kill each other in the other room. We promise you can transform your mane into something a-MANE-zing in less than five minutes with these easy hairstyles and hairstyling tricks. And it will make you feel fab all day long.

Easy hairstyles to try

1. Accessorise with a headscarf 

Lift your game with a headscarf. It’s one of the easiest ways to pull off a chic look in under five minutes. If you’re unsure how to tie one, join the club! And have a look at the tutorial below.

YouTube video

2. Straighten your way to beach waves

Hello beach vibes, without the beach or the sand in your jocks. It’s actually incredibly easy to master the wavy beach look with a hair straightener, of all things.

Plait your hair like normal and then squeeze your straightener over the top of the plait helping the hair to set with natural texture. Take out the braid and voila – wavy locks in no time.

YouTube video

3. Plait perfection

Speaking of plaits, these easy hairstyles are actually a godsend for busy mums. If you know how to do a simple plait, then you’re half-way there. Add a braid to give an instant hippie chick vibe. All you need is a hair elastic and perhaps a hair styling product to keep it looking nice and you’re good to go.

Already nailing braids? Try this eye-popping option – the topsy-tail updo. Just three topsy tails and a quick braid/plait tucked in up the top, and you’re ready to wow at school drop-off! Plaits are also super cute hairstyle options for kids too. Can someone say matchy-matchy?

YouTube video

4. Rock the tuck and cover

All you need to master this cute updo? A headband. Put it over your head like a crown then roll your hair and twist it up. Keep tucking your hair into the headband until it’s all secure. Spray with a bit of hairspray to keep it in place and you’re ready to rock and roll.

YouTube video

Cool product finds

Can’t spend four hours in the hairdresser? Me neither! Luckily, you can also transform your hair in less than five minutes with a few simple products.

1. One-minute treatments

Turn your locks from drab to fab in one minute flat with at-home treatments. There are plenty on the market but we especially love the ones from muk and Juuce. Both will repair dry and damaged hair and offer an easy way to load your locks with some much-needed nutrients.

2. Cover greys in seconds (for real!)

Okay, so nothing is more annoying than those pesky grey hairs poking out from your roots. Even if you dye your hair regularly, you may find they make their appearance in between trips to the salon. If you have darker hair, then you can get a hair touch-up spray which allows you to spray your roots with colour.

Or… another option for mums who don’t have the spray on hand is to colour your roots with dark eye shadow. Sounds a bit weird but it does work, especially when you’re in a hurry.

3. Tone at home

For the blondies out there, you’re probably familiar with the unwanted orangy colour that comes between cuts and dyes. The easiest way to fix this without booking in for an emergency appointment is with an at-home toner. A quick flick of the toner through your hair and you’ll remove the unwanted warmth from your blonde locks.

4. Donut say no to the mum bun

Just dress it up with the right accessories.

Invisibobble have heaps of easy-to-use hair accessories including their bun shaper and traceless hair ring. They are awesome for perfecting the bun in thirty-seconds without the messy strays or the brightly-coloured hair-tie that you most certainly stole from your daughter peeking out of your hair.

5. Set, shine and soften

To finish your quick morning mane routine, it’s always a good idea to use a finishing product. But which one?

  • For tight hairstyle holds, hairspray is your best choice.
  • To combat frizzies and add moisture to the hair, try a hair control mist.
  • For extra texture between showers, go for dry shampoo.
  • For a quick fix for split ends and damaged hair, plus a polished glossy look, opt for a hair serum.
  • To jazz up your straightened hair, go for a straightening serum.
  • To add volume, go for a plumping powder or a mousse (for curls).
  • For flyaway prevention, consider a moisturising oil – also great for extra softness and shine.

The go-to for good hair days

If you haven’t already had a look at Hairhouse, now’s the time to do so, especially if you are in search of a simple solution to luscious locks. They have ALL the hair treatments, accessories and products you could ever need plus they have a built-in salon for speedy snips and dyes. Many are located in shopping malls too so you can book in while grabbing the groceries or running other errands.

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We all deserve to look and feel our best, even if we’re racing against the clock and only have a few minutes in the morning. You may be surprised how easy it can be to achieve shiny, soft locks in five minutes or less.

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