7 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles For Girls (PS They’re Hat-Friendly!)

It’s time to tame those tresses. Goodbye, messy holiday hair. Hello, easy school hairstyles!

If the two-second ponytail and the down-the-back plait are starting to feel a little tired, never fear! We’ve hunted down the best back-to-school hairstyles for girls.

And not only do they look great, they’re all quick and easy enough to master with even the most basic level of skills.

As a bonus, they’re all hat-friendly, making these ‘dos perfect for hot and summery term one. So level-up your school hairstyle game, grab some hair ties and give these a try…

1. Topsy Tails

A topsy tail only takes a few seconds longer to style than a ponytail, but it instantly adds interest and looks like you made a little effort in the morning. These are easiest when styled with a proper topsy-tail tool, but if you don’t have one handy, free-styling it works just as well.

You can do a basic topsy tail pony at the back or on the side, as shown above, or zhuzh it up a bit and add some playground pizzazz like this clever mamma did below.

2. Braids

Braids are so on-trend at the moment, and thanks to YouTube tutorials they’re not nearly as intimidating as they were back in the ’90s! What’s more, they are ten times easier to practice on someone else than on yourself. If your daughter is a girly-girl, she will no doubt be a willing test subject. Here are six braids perfect for beginners, from basic Dutch braid to fishtail. Which will you try first!?

3. Pigtails

Versatile enough for most hair lengths, pigtails are one of the cutest school hairstyles for girls. For shorter hair, pull them to the back of the head, and for a sweet pigtail bun effect, avoid pulling the ends all the way through. For longer hair, plait them and let them hang in front of the shoulders, or braid them along the crown before securing them in ponytails flowing down the back.

4. Buns

Sun’s out, buns out! Top-knots and high-up ballerina buns don’t work under hats, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon the trusty bun completely in your bid for good back-to-school hairstyles. A low-set bun is elegant and sweet and keeps the hair off little necks on hot days. This one has a pretty plaited twist.

Alternatively, make the whole bun out of braids for something different – and your daughter will love her curls when she lets down her hair at the end of the day!

5. Criss-Cross Ponytails

Ponytails don’t have to be plain and boring! To add some va-va-voom to the world’s most basic hairstyle, try braiding the top section of hair before securing the ponytails – or pigtails if your daughter’s hair is short – with cute bows at the back,

6. Clip it

If your daughter’s hair is too short to braid or pull into a pony, jazz it up with a hair clip. It’ll look cute AND keep the hair out of her face. Just make sure the colour is compliant with the school dress code. Here’s a bunch of different ways to style a hair clip, depending on how much time you have before the school bell goes!

7. Hair Bows

If your girl loves JoJo-style big bows but your school isn’t accessory-friendly, this cute style is sure to keep everyone happy! Hair bows are surprisingly easy, but look seriously impressive. Master this, and your styling skills will be the envy of every girl in the class! We love this adorable tutorial – to make this style school-friendly, just tie the remaining hair at the back into a low-down ponytail instead of leaving it loose.

When in doubt… channel this awesome dad!

That’s right – mums aren’t the only ones who can master the art of hair styling! We think Phil Morgese of Daddy Daughter Hair Factory is awesome for manning up and learning to style his daughter’s hair. Take a look at his easy combined ponytail hairdo. Would your hubby be willing to give it a go?

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  1. Avatar of Blossom

    Some schols have rules regarding the length of your child’s hair. Normally a girls’ hair has to be above shoulder length or tied back in some way – preferably away from their eyes – it can cause eye infections as well as untidy. I don’t know what the regulation is regarding the length of boys’ hair apart from the fact that it has to be short – no mohawk style cut and probably no crewcut.
    Some schools also have a policy – no hat, no outside play. many require the child to wear a hat to and from school.

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