Want to bring Meatless Monday to your weeknight dinner schedule? Vegetables and lentils galore, here’s 15 delicious and easy vegetarian meals to try. They’re so good, you won’t even miss the meat!

Wether you’re vegetarian, want to cut back on meat consumption or simply save some money on groceries, choosing vegetables and lentils over meat can be great for your health and your wallet.

Not sure how the family will take to going meatless on occasion? I approached it with trepidation too, but can report that my devoted carnivore of a husband loves the variety that a meatless meal brings. Go on, give it a try!

1. Creamy vegetarian pumpkin pasta bake

Pumpkin, pepitas and pasta is a match made in gloriously delicious heaven. Find the recipe at Taste.

Creamy pumpkin pasta bake

2. Chickpea nuggets

Chickpeas in nugget form – what’s not to love?! Head to The Kitchn for all the how-to details.

Vegetarian chickpea nuggets

3. Frittata

Bursting at the seams with roasted pumpkin, zucchini and sweet baby spinach leaves, this roast vegetable frittata recipe from Woolworths ticks all the boxes!

Vegetarian frittata recipe

4. Popcorn cauliflower bites

Ok, so it’s nothing much like the popular chicken variety, but it’s JUST AS delicious. Dip Closet Cooking‘s cauliflower parmesan bites into your favourite sauce and pop straight into the mouth. Yum!

vegetarian cauliflower bites

5. Veggie pizza

An easy one – load up all your favourite pizza toppings, sans meat! For added inspiration, this BBQ veggie pizza from Vegan In The Freezer looks finger looking good.

vegetarian pizza

6. Roasted zucchini lasagne

Perfect for using up a glut of home-grown zucchinis, Donna Hay‘s recipe for roasted zucchini lasagne is a sight to behold.

vegetarian zucchini lasagne

7. Lettuce burritos

Full marks for using lettuce leaves in this Taste recipe for lettuce burritos, but they DO split easily. You could just as easily use tortillas for perhaps a less messy approach to dinner.

vegetarian lettuce burritos

8. Vegetable ramen

Bowls of delicious ramen for dinner? Yes please! Loaded with noodles and vegetables, head to The Woks Of Life for the recipe.

vegetarian vegetable ramen

9. Mushroom burger

A favourite of ours, the mushroom burger is mighty good. Pick a fair sized portabello mushroom, crumb it in panko crumbs and gently shallow fry until golden. Sooooo good. Alternatively, try this burger from Nutrition In The Kitch.

vegetarian mushroom burgers

10. Spaghetti lentil-ese

Forget bolognese, we’re going lentil-ese! From Delicious, this vegetarian take on a popular family favourite, spaghetti bolognese, will go down a treat!

vegetarian spaghetti bolognese

11. Falafel

From My Bowl‘s falafels are super easy to make and perfect with vegetables or salad greens. You can even form a flat falafel burger for a delicious hamburger dinner.

vegetarian falafel recipe

12. Corn fritters

A quick lunch or dinner, kids can’t get enough of these Mum Central corn fritters – make extra to pop in lunch boxers the next day, perfect!

vegetarian corn fritters

13. Veggie tacos

From Taste of Home, meatless tacos! You absolutely can have taco Tuesday on a meatless Monday!

vegetarian tacos

14. Enchilada casserole

All the splendour of tasty Mexican enchiladas, but in casserole form, genius! For the complete bake and eat recipe, head on over to Aberdeen’s Kitchen.

vegetarian enchilada casserole

15. Pumpkin and feta couscous

Who says you can’t eat a side dish as a whole meal? Perfect for lunch or a BBQ side dish, pumpkin pairs nicely with feta and couscous gives it some great grain-like guts. For even more nutritional value, toss through baby spinach leaves. Find the complete recipe at Daisies and Pie.

vegetarian pumpkin and feta couscous recipe

Check out our other easy vegetarian meals for even more meatless Monday meal inspo!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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