Emma Comfort Mattress Review – The Mattress in a Box that Was a Real Surprise!

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ll want to listen up. Mattresses delivered to your door, while a foreign concept to some, can really deliver an incredible night’s sleep! The technology has come such a long way over recent years so it’s no surprise that Emma is one of the leading mattress brands in Australia. So much so the Emma Comfort Mattress was awarded CHOICE’s Top Scoring Mattress of 2021 and 2022 and comes with countless rave reviews.

But we wanted to test it out ourselves. So we enlisted the help of Mum Central reviewer, Jess, to put the popular Emma Comfort Mattress through its paces at home and share her thoughts for our Emma Comfort Mattress review.

Emma Mattress Review
Jess’ boys were great little helpers! Source: Supplied to Mum Central

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Emma Comfort Mattress Review 2022
Source: Supplied to Mum Central

 Meet our Emma Mattress reviewer – Jess

mum centralWith two active boys (William and Alex) born just 15 months apart, Jess is pretty used to being in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Her youngest is now three and both boys are now happily adjusting to nights in their own rooms, without the need to escape to mum and dad’s bed every night.

To celebrate this fun occasion, Jess and her husband, Joseph, wanted to treat themselves to a new mattress so when the opportunity to review the Emma Comfort Mattress arose, they jumped at the chance.

The difference between our 8yr old spring mattress and our new Emma all-foam mattress has been like night and day. Where our spring mattress sagged and lacked body support, the all-foam mattress easily adapts to the individual shape of our bodies, giving us all night support and uninterrupted sleep.

I love it. Joseph loves it. The boys are also big fans. The first thing William said when he lay on it was “it’s so soft!”. Every chance they get they’re jumping around on it.” 

Emma Comfort Mattress review
William, Alex and Joseph were all eager to sleep on their Emma Comfort Mattress. Source: Supplied to Mum Central

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Jess and her gorgeous growing family really thought of the Emma Comfort Mattress.

Interestingly, check out how Jess’ boys can bounce on one side of the bed without knocking down a tower of blocks placed on the other side. Now that’s pretty impressive, and suddenly changes the way a restless sleeper will reduce their impact on their partner … I’m looking at you husband!

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Emma Comfort Mattress Review

As mentioned, Emma is a favourite among Aussie families, and rightly so. Emma delivers a great night’s sleep, to your door, in a box. Quite literally.

Set up was very simple, the boys even joined in to help. The mattress simply needs to be removed from the box, unwrapped and rolled out on a flat surface to allow it to come to size.

The process really couldn’t be easier. We found that it took a full 48hrs for the mattress to reach about 90-95% of its height.”

Emma Comfort Mattress
Source: Supplied to Mum Central

Amazingly comfortable – perfect for all sleepers 

In terms of comfort and quality of sleep, Jess and Joseph were blown away by the difference. The secret comes down to the fact that the Emma Comfort Mattress is made up of four all-foam layers. Yep, no springs, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The Emma Comfort Mattress is designed for all types of sleepers.

Emma’s Zero Motion Technology has really impressed me! Joseph can roll over or move and I can’t feel it at all from my side of the bed. If he gets up earlier than I do in the morning I can’t feel his movement and can continue sleeping undisturbed.” 

Emma Mattress Review
Four levels of support. Source: Supplied to Mum Central
  • LAYER 1: The Fresh Air Comfort Cover prevents your mattress from sliding and is made from a climate control fibre that regulates humidity and keeps moisture away. This is especially great during those hot summer months.
  • LAYER 2: The ultra-comfy Airgocell® layer is point-elastic and moisture-wicking to keep your sleep nice and dry, again, something that comes in extra handy during summer. It also comes with Emma’s Zero Motion technology which allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest.
  • LAYER 3: The HRX foam layer has special zoning technology which is designed to keep the aches and pains away and foster proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment, no matter how you prefer to sleep. 
  • LAYER 4: The final layer – the grey bottom, ensures perfect air circulation, so you breathe easy all night long.

As the foam layers allow the mattress to uniquely adapt and provide total body support, we can both lie in different positions and feel comfortable. While Joseph and I both prefer sleeping in different positions (he is more of a back and side sleeper while I’m more of a stomach sleeper) we both able to find support and comfort.” 

Emma comfort mattress review
The bottom cover handles allow for easy set-up and placement on the bed frame. Source: Supplied to Mum Central

No more back pain

Jess and Joseph have had Emma in their bedroom for two weeks now and both agree that their sleep has greatly improved, especially for Joseph who had back pain before trialling Emma.

We are both sleeping very well and find that we’re not tossing and turning through the night. Joseph’s back has been feeling a lot better since sleeping on this mattress. In the 2-week trial he hasn’t experienced any pain or discomfort in his lower back.” 

Every Emma Mattress also allows you to connect to Emma Motion, a free app that tracks your sleep and gives key insights into how to improve your sleep.

Emma Mattress Review
Track your sleep to appreciate the full impact of a good night’s sleep. Supplied to Mum Central.

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Emma Comfort Mattress

Emma Sleep
Zero Disturbances10.0

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Guaranteed peace of mind 

Every Emma Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Pretty rare these days to get anyone put their name behind there product for a decade like that. Speaks volumes for their confidence in the quality and durability too, doesn’t it?!

Jess and Joseph loved their Emma and we know you will too.

I think there is a natural hesitation when buying mattresses online. It’s something you will use every day for the next 10 yrs and you need it to be right for you!

While the Emma Comfort Mattress has a medium firmness, the firmness can be adjustable. After trying it for a few weeks, if you don’t feel comfortable with the mattress Emma will send you a free of charge memory foam comfort layer which can be adjusted to make the mattress either softer or firmer.

This is a real selling point for me! Plus the 100-night free trial offer and free delivery and returns nationwide, and a money-back guarantee makes the Emma Comfort Mattress a safe and worry-free online purchase.” 

Emma comfort mattress review
Source: Supplied to Mum Central

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This is a sponsored review for Emma the Sleep Company. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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