Is it Time for a Sleep Divorce (or Just a New Mattress)?

It’s 10pm. You’ve just woken up in your toddler’s bed after putting him to sleep three hours ago (whoops).

You creep down the hall and into your own room. The thought of snuggling into your bed without a single child touching you the driving motivation to get there.

And then you arrive. And you see him. And hear him.

The partner.

Half naked yet still sweaty. Fully asleep. Middle of the bed. On his back. Phone in hand (with golf still LOUDLY playing), and snoring like a walrus on heat.


You try to wake him, roll him over, turn his phone off, and move him over to his side.

You whisper, you roar, you growl, and eventually, he moves his big arse walrus body to his side.

Ahh. Bliss.

Until five minutes later when starts to toss and turn.

More growling at him. More frustration. More thoughts rushing into your mind that his sole purpose at night is to keep you from sleeping.

As he gets up for work in the morning, he once again wakes you up by practically jumping out of bed, causing you to fling across the mattress. Then the toddler comes in. Followed by the older child. And you’re pretty sure the only sleep you actually got last night was when crammed into a toddler’s bed at 7pm.

Could it be time for a divorce? 

A sleep divorce, that is. Or a sleep separation, which involves you and the hubby sleeping in separate beds/rooms. This is a massively growing trend for couples, especially couples who are sick of their partner’s big-arse walrus body taking up the entire bed.

According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, one in 10 couples sleep in separate rooms and close to one in four married couples sleep in separate beds. 

For some couples, this works a treat. Maybe not for their sex life, but for their sanity. If you are waking up often because of your bed partner, it’s going to make for a less-than-pleasant next day. Do this over and over, and you’re going to end up physically and emotionally exhausted.

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Ahhh…alone time. Source: Supplied

Signs you could be headed towards a sleep divorce

  • You’re exhausted! And beyond the normal exhaustion.
  • You’re waking up several times at night and having trouble falling back to sleep, often because of your partner’s disturbances.
  • You own a tonne of earplugs!
  • You get anxious around bedtime.
  • You’re starting to resent your partner and may or may not plot his murder while lying awake next to him in bed.
  • You’re waking up too hot or too cold because your partner is a big sweaty sleeping bear.
  • You would literally trade your partner’s testicles for a decent night’s sleep.

The downside to sleep divorce

However, accepting a sleep divorce can also be a little bit defeating, especially if you like the idea of sleeping next to the person you love every night and having the opportunity to snuggle his big arse walrus body whenever you feel the need.

As parents, we rarely get any alone time and that time together, in bed, whether sleeping or otherwise, is a pretty important part of any relationship. Crawling into bed together at the end of a crazy day, even if it’s just by having a cuddle and a chat about how horrendous the children were today, well – it’s a nice way to reconnect and mentally prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.

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Another issue with a sleep divorce is the whole “where do I sleep” situation. Who gets the much-loved king-sized bed in your bedroom and who gets the lumpy single bed in the spare room? Or, if there’s no spare room, who’s bunking in with the kids or on the couch?

Logistically speaking, a sleep divorce isn’t always the right fit, especially if you don’t have the space in your house.


It’s not you, it’s your mattress. 

Before you admit sleep defeat, it’s time to try going to an expert. Emma.

Emma is literally the QUEEN when it comes to sleep. The Emma mattresses are a dream to sleep on and perfect for all types of sleepers, even tossy/turny/snoring/sweaty sleepers. They’ve won heaps of awards too – including CHOICE Top Scoring Mattress of 2021 and 2022 for the Emma Comfort Mattress. Now that’s something!

Emma Comfort Mattress
The Emma Comfort Mattress was awarded CHOICE Top Scoring Mattress in ’21 and ’22. Source: Supplied

The Emma Comfort Mattress may be the mediator you need in your own bedroom.

Not only is it incredibly comfortable (it’s ALL foam = sleep bliss), but it features Emma’s unique Zero Motion Technology, which means whatever your partner is doing, you won’t feel or hear about it!

And not just your partner either. When your nighttime ninjas come sneaking into your bed, you won’t even be disturbed! Unless, of course, they start demanding snacks. Then that’s a whole other conversation.

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The ultra-comfy Airgocell® layer also helps to keep you sleeping comfortably all night, even if the person next to you is determined to wake you up with his overexaggerated movements. Not today, darling.

The Emma Comfort Mattress comes with a whole slew of incredible sleep features including the supportive HRX Foam Layer which is made with special zoning technology for proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment plus the Fresh Air cover which regulates humidity and keeps moisture away. Another bonus for sweaty sleepers!

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Before you separate, sleep on it 

Emma offers a 100-night free trial, free delivery and returns nationwide, and a money-back guarantee. Try it for 100 days and see if it makes any difference to your sleep quality and the level of frustration you feel towards your partner every night.

So many couples have commented on how Emma has made a massive difference and how they enjoy sleeping together now. Heck, Emma even makes co-sleeping with your kids enjoyable!

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Ideal for co-sleepers and couples. Source: Supplied

And, hey, if a sleep divorce is still on the cards, there’s no reason you can’t take your new Emma mattress with you into the spare room!

Emma is home to several sleep products including mattresses, wooden bed frames, pillows, duvets and more.

Their mattresses have a 10-year warranty and their beds come with a 5-year warranty, and, BEST OF ALL, they have a massive sale going on right now with 50% off their popular Emma Comfort Mattress. That’s a savings of over $1,000!

There are heaps of other discounts across all Emma products too:

  • 55% off the Emma Double Hybrid Mattress
  • 50% off the Emma Signature Bed and Emma Wooden Bed
  • 50% off the Emma Foam Pillow
  • 40% off the Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow
  • 25% the Emma Mattress Protector, All-Seasons Duvet and Flip Topper

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This is a sponsored post for Emma – the Sleep Company.

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