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Enter the Mum Central Treasure Hunt and Share in $1000’s of Prizes!

After months of planning, brainstorming and general excitedness, we’re thrilled to announce Mum Central’s first EVER Treasure Hunt.

But how can there be a treasure hunt on a website? We’re so glad you asked!

Did you know we have over 600 articles on Mum Central? From recipes to reviews, anecdotes to advice, fun comedy to competitions and plenty of real life stories, we’ve truly got something for everyone but we’re sure there’s something you’ve missed!

Together with some of our favourite sponsors, we will direct you to a different article every day. Some you may have visited before and some you may not have known we even had. That’s the fun of exploring!

The ‘treasure’ is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Say what??? Yep. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

You would be crazy not to play and it’s so easy.

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1. Each day for the entire month of February there will be a clue broadcast across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with an easy clue to which you’ll find a corresponding article on Mum Central. HINT:  Use the ‘search’ facility on the top right of the site to find what you’re looking for.

2. Then once you have found the right article, and you’ll know by finding the below graphic at the bottom of the article, simply answer the question below it and submit your answer in the entry form.  The questions are pretty easy and will be clearly found on the article in question.


Day 1 Question:  What’s the number one thing you should do when visiting a newborn?

3.  There are 7 BONUS PRIZES up for grabs, ranging from Family Holidays to Luxury Handbags, Gift Cards and more, thanks to our fabulous sponsors. In order to win the bonus prize, you only need to answer that day’s question correctly and submit it via the entry form. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month so if that day’s clue has passed, still enter before the competition closes and you’re in the running.

4. To be eligible for the MAJOR $1000 treasure you MUST type ‘Found It’ in the comments section on the article in question and then answer the question on the competition page correctly. This must be done for EVERY daily clue (28 in total) in order to qualify!) Stick with it, it’ll be worth the effort and you’ll be in the chance to win up to 7 BONUS prizes along the way!

5. You may enter at ANY time during February but you still must answer EVERY question in order to be eligible for the major prize.

6. Social sharing with your friends will give you an EXTRA entry. Just use the Facebook, Twitter or Google sharing icons on the competition app to qualify. For every friend that enters, you get a bonus entry at the $1000!



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  1. Avatar of Tina Clausen
    Tina Clausen Reply

    Is the above question (“Day 1 Question: What’s the number one thing you should do when visiting a newborn?”) just an example? Because it doesn’t match the Day 1 question on the entry form which asks how long you should visit a newborn for.

    I can also see that someone has already written “Found it” in this comments section, I thought it had to be written underneath the article where you found the question???

    Have found your competition instructions a bit confusing, not really user-friendly or easy for people from non-English speaking backgrounds. 🙁 .

    • Avatar of Tina Clausen
      Tina Clausen Reply

      Just saw that on your Facebook site question no 1 also says “What’s the number one thing you should do when visiting a newborn?” Yet the entry form question was different.

  2. Avatar of Robs Tilley
    Robs Tilley Reply

    Is a little confusing, so hoping I have completed correctly.

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