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Popular Vaporiser Recalled Due to Overheating Danger

Most of us have a vaporiser in our cupboards, just waiting to be used when our little ones get sick. One of the most popular brands of warm steam vaporisers is FGB’s Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser.

We want to be very clear, this is only a SMALL NUMBER of Euky Bear Vaporiser models, not all so it’s really important that you check your batch number to see if your has been affected.

The official recall notice from Euky Bear Australia. Source: Instagram

Euky Bear Vaporiser Recall

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requested the Euky Bear Vaporiser recalled with the following specifics:

Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser

ARTG No. 297553

Batch No.

  • 230301
  • 231101
  • A231101
  • B231101

No other batches of Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser are affected by this problem.

To determine if you have one of the vaporisers recalled, turn the device over. The batch number is located on the base of the box or the underside of the blue heating module (next to the power cord).

If the device is not turned off after steaming, the base of the blue heating module may disintegrate and produce smoke and fumes. No other batches of Euky Bear (Warm Steam) Vaporisers are affected by this recall.

Turn your vaporiser over to discover the batch number. Source: TGA

Euky Bear Vaporiser Recall: What is the issue?

The problem with these batches of the popular vaporiser is that the blue heating module can overheat. As the TGA explains, 

Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser- Humidifier contains a blue heating module made of a particular polymer.

The device must be turned off at the power point after steaming has stopped to allow it to cool. If this doesn’t happen, the base of the blue heating module may overheat, rust and disintegrate producing smoke and fumes. If the heating module finger is exposed, this could cause burns.” 

What should consumers do?

At this stage, there is no alternative stock available for the Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporiser.  But what consumers can do is contact eu******@fg*.au to arrange a replacement in the future. Stock is meant to become available from December 2023. 

Euky Bear vaporiser recalled
The popular recalled vaporiser is sold at Chemist Warehouse Source: Facebook

Alternatively, you may return it to the place of purchase for a refund. The Euky Bear Vaporiser is sold through Chemist Warehouse. 

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