Everyone’s favourite Dog  is hitting Australia and here’s your chance to see Spot Live on Stage for the very first time.


Maybe you thought we were going to say something like, “See Spot run,” but we didn’t. Nope. This time, we’re going with see Spot live on stage. Okay, so it’s not the real Spot (meaning, not an actual dog). Instead, see a playful puppet version of the beloved pup on stage in an adventure-filled production from the Netherlands’ Theater Terra.


The iconic puppy, created by acclaimed children’s author Eric Hill, is starring in his very own show. Based on the well-known books, the show features the tale of Spot and his friends as they visit the pup’s dad Sam on the farm. When the animals get to the farm they find that everyone’s missing! Spot and his friend Helen the hippopotamus set out to find the missing farm animals.

The 50 minute show features brilliant puppets and audience involvement. Michiel Morssinkhof, Executive Producer of Theater Terra, says,

“We are proud to bring SPOT – LIVE to Australian audiences. It is an incredible warm, engaging production that has been well received around the world, with one of the most loved children’s book characters of all time.”

divider-3buy tickets hereSPOT – Live Tour Dates & Locations

Fans can now save up to $9 on all remaining tickets to see Spot Live on Stage at Riverside Theatres Parramatta and Sydney’s Seymour Centre.

Chatswood – The Concourse Concert Hall, September 23-25

Sydney – Seymour Centre, September 27-October 2

Parramatta – Riverside Theatre, October 4-6

Perth – Heath Ledger Theatre, October 11-15



Thanks to our friends at Theater Terra, we have 5 SPOT PRIZEPACKS up for grabs including tickets and merchandise for our readers right around the country!

2 MAJOR PRIZES (valued at $215 each):  Each contains: 4 Tickets (best available) to a show in either Sydney or Perth, merchandise pack, post show meet and greet PLUS a valuable photo opportunity with Spot and the Cast! Sydney choose from 3 venues!

3 RUNNER UP PRIZES (valued at $75 each): Some super cute Spot merchandise and especially for our readers outside of WA & NSW

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and comment on the article telling us what you love about Spot and you could be one of our lucky winners!

Entries close Wednesday 21st September. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Manda Hodshon Reply

    I love the adventures spot gets up to and that they are all real life situations/events etc which is a fantastic learning tool. Learning through play and reading are the most effective ways. My autistic daughter adores Spot!

  2. Paula Harris Reply

    I love how I get some peace and quiet when Spot comes on hahaha

  3. Emma Hough Reply

    My kids love Spot’s adventures, it’s like they’re going on adventure with him, especially the books with lift-the-flap, and I love the lessons they teach!

  4. The god-kids always seems to have a fun time with Spot and all the Spot learning tools that they have.

  5. I love that Spot is timeless and is enjoyed by my son as much as I did when I was his age.

  6. Paige Yang Reply

    My boy has Spot’s stories books and he loves reading them. One day one story and he really likes this lovely dog. He would be very excited if he could get the chance to go to the Spot’s live show.

  7. Victoria B Reply

    I love that Spot opens the imaginations of my daughter’s as we read his stories each night. They love his cheeky adventures and enjoy role playing them when playing outside.

  8. Royce Deere Reply

    Spot has been awesome for helping kids reading development from a young age

  9. Mara Taylor Reply

    My little one is glued to the tv when an episode of Spot is on as I’ve discovered there is actually a DVD out. When we read the books, she keeps on saying Spot and can’t wait to lift the flap or turn the page to found out what he is doing next.

  10. The gorgeous Spot books were the first to capture our sons attention, he loved opening the fold outs and finding what was there.

  11. Spot is a classic that everyone can enjoy, young & old. Funny little stories easy to read & understand for all levels of reading. Even more fantastic on TV my little ones never turn away when Spot is on. How exciting & fantastic it would be to take them to watch Spot live..

  12. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, you will find yourself drawn to Spot’s simple curiosity about the world around him!

  13. Andieharrie Reply

    Spot is part of our reading every night
    Love the stories and the way it all turns out alright
    Spot’s DVD’s teaches about friends and fun
    Great stories for everyone
    No show in Queensland unfortunately
    But would still love a Merchandise Packs for our family

  14. It brings me warm nostalgic feelings seeing my son enjoying Spots adventures just as I did when I was a child.

  15. Lindsey Ritchie Reply

    I absolutely love reading the lift the flap Spot books with my daughter. She gets such joy from looking behind each flap.

  16. Jessica Sloss Reply

    My sons and i love spot. He has grown up with reading them every night and knows them by heart now. My son loves helping read to his little brother now.

  17. kathryn horne Reply

    Spot appeals to everyone both boys and girls and I loved him as a kid

  18. Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love that Spot is inquisitive and loves to learn and experience new things.

  19. Natasha Page Reply

    He is a fun and loveable puppy loved by everyone from the youngest child to the great grandmother reading the book.

  20. Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    My son loves lifting the flaps in the books to see who or what is hiding behind.

  21. Valerie Wee Reply

    My kids love the book as there are some surprises for them.

  22. The books are the best. There’s something irresistible about peeking underneath those flaps.

  23. I love that the Spot books still capture children’s hearts after all these years.

  24. Karina Lee Reply

    It’s very simple and easy to read. Even my Mother-in-law who can’t speak much english can read it!

  25. It’s ‘Spot’-on. Never fails to capture Ms 2’s attention 🙂

  26. Kylie Servante Reply

    It is nostaligic. I love that he hasn’t changed from when I was a kid and I can now relive thrugh my son the magic he brought me as a child.

  27. Nikki Roseanne Reply

    I love how he is so fun and adventerous and always wanting to learn new things! The little ones can totally relate! Also gotta love lifting the little flaps in the books! Thats the best part 🙂

  28. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    I love the cheeky mischief Spot gets up to on his adventures.

  29. We love lift the flap Spot books. We may have read them a million times but we still have build up and wonder at what might be behind there.

  30. Alison O'Gorman Reply

    Super cute makes the little ones smile when they interact with books. They are engaged in a great activity whilst having fun.

  31. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love that i can share my Spot memories from my childhood with my kids. Especially the books, the lift a flap easter book has always been my favourite so of course we bought it for my sons first easter. My partner also has his spot plush toy from 25 years ago which now belongs to our kids 🙂

  32. Spot has been around since i was a child. I love revisiting my childhood with my children.

  33. I love the simple storylines and the illustrations in the books are adorable

  34. Spot was my favourite book as a kid, I’d love to introduce my son to Spot.

  35. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    The books are fun and simple and my kids loved to look under the flaps to see what Spot was doing

  36. Maree Gray Reply

    I loved Spot when I was a kid so it is wonderful to be able to share this with the kids and relive the special memories I have 🙂

  37. Sarah Mitchell-McCabe Reply

    Spot teaches the kids about not being afraid to have a go. He is cute & playful & loves his family and friends. My son reads the Spot books to his little sister every night, I would love for them to be able to see them live!

  38. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My kids loved to lift the flaps on the books when they were littlies.

  39. Ineedacoffee Reply

    The books are cute fun and interactive
    Loved as a kid, so does miss 6

  40. Nerys Lewis Reply

    I love the meaning behind the stories teaching kids about sharing and kindness and feelings. I also love the mischievous little pup and all the little adventures that he gets up to 🙂

  41. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love Spot’s joy in the little things. He’s so positive. 🙂

  42. Joanne sampson Reply

    My son just loves spot books we read spot goes to the beach each day my son lives him because he is cute

  43. We love SPOT because its S-pecific P-erfect O-riginal and T-errific for the whole family!

  44. Such good natured fun; an all too rare thing in this day and age.

  45. Nicole Gurney Reply

    We love spot because he is cute and cuddlely and fun to play with and watch him hide and seek.

  46. spot is a fond classic fpr me that i am proud to share with my kids 🙂

  47. It’s always special when you can read to your kids books your mother read to you. That’s what I love about Spot.

  48. Teresa Clark Reply

    The adventures that he has. That every book comes with a lesson.

  49. I’ve always loved Spot books. They are such great books for kids and encourages a love of reading from a young age. What child doesn’t love lifting the flap to see what’s hiding beneath? My son especially enjoyed “Spot’s Baby Sister” when he found out his own baby sister was on the way. Now they both enjoy the Spot books together and are among the favourites at bedtime, and I’m sure they will continue to be for a long time to come.

  50. i loved spot when i was little and my 15 month old loves looking at spot and his animal friends in the books too 🙂

  51. A long-time classic character that delights my kids at storytime waiting to see what cheeky adventures Spot will get up to next. The lift-the-flap book adds interaction and keeps my girls interested in the story!

  52. Spot is a favourite in our family its is a great storybook with great pictures for kids to enjoy

  53. Julia Todd Reply

    Both my sons just adore Spot and love reading Spot books, watching the episodes and cuddling their little soft toy. They love his playful nature and the way he treats his friends.

  54. I love Spot because this cute little puppy has the power to engage kids by presenting a compelling adventure and at the same time teaching children to read from generation to generation!

  55. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love Spot because he goes on lots of exciting adventures.

  56. SPOT ‘lives’ in our house, in a book, on DVD -from birth onwards…Hardback cardboard books, lift flap books, stories…we love him and his’real-life’ antics.

  57. Alison Henderson Reply

    Spot is timeless. He’s been there for all 5 of my children and now we finally have our own puppy they love Spot even more

  58. Pinar Krajcik Reply

    I love how innocent he is and how simple the stories are. My 2 year old can enjoy the adventures of spot without having to sit for hours

  59. Dannielle Calderwood Reply

    Fell in love with the Spot books while working in childcare. Love all the adventures that he goes on. My favorite book would be the Easter egg hunt. Passed on my love of the books to my now 23yo daughter and my 4yo.

  60. Sam Linsley Reply

    My daughter loves spot and finding everything and it helped when she had a baby sister, as we read her the joys of spots new sister

  61. Kim Cynthia Reply

    I love Spot. I love all his adventures and he is great for kids.

  62. stephen elsworthy Reply

    such a simple happy character that teaches our children life values

  63. I love that Spot both engages my 5 year old and my 1 year old. I also love that as the books are simple my 5 year old can ‘read’ them to his brother. Perfect! (Pls note although we are in NSW we are a long way away from Sydney so could not use the tickets unfortunately).

  64. Jon Donovan Reply

    Out of all the books my daughter reads Spot is by far her favourite

  65. marypreston Reply

    Spot is just adorable as he runs through one adventure after another.

  66. Sophia Tan Reply

    My son loves the Spot the dog books. The colours are so vibrant and it’s so easy to engage him in the story. It’s such a pity this show isn’t going to make it Adelaide!

  67. Bianca Castle Reply

    I love Spots mischievious adventures. When he gets in to trouble he always apologises to his mother Sally.

  68. I love the continuity of spot. We have a book my nana read to mum who read to me and now I read ro my kids. And its still just as delightful

  69. My little ones love Spot! I love how simple the stories and illustrations are!

  70. Janice Hammill Reply

    Every single night for story time Spot is always the first choice, Ruby loves to flip to find the hidden animals and even tries to read along with me making the animal sounds and turning the pages. We love Spot.

  71. Shell Sarah Reply

    My beautiful nana used to read all the Spot books to me as a child. Now, 40 years later, I am reading them to my toddler.
    I love how Spot is always having some kind of adventure, showing that life is meant to be fun.

  72. There’s nothing my girls like better than a Spot Lift the Flap book!

  73. Samuel Chan Reply

    Spot books are always the go to at my place. Sleeping over at Steve’s house with his teddy.

  74. Shaleah Campbell Reply

    Spot was one of the most loved books in my house as a child, I love that I can now share them with my own children!

  75. Carla Telford Reply

    My son loves spot! We read one of his books every day. He would be thrilled to see spot in real life.

  76. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love reading about what activities and fun spot gets up to. He’s a kind hearted and curious pup, who is so cute.

  77. Julia Mason Reply

    I love that he never gets old, and is always so inquisitve and cute!!

  78. Tehani Gauder Reply

    Spot is so cute and I love that he is always up to something.

  79. He’s super cute and my kids just love him. I like that he’s into everything

  80. We love the simplicity and colour of the books. My son adores the lift the flap pages too!

  81. Connie Christensen Reply

    We love puppies in our house my girl wants a little spot for christmas!

  82. Sharon Markwell Reply

    We are critter fanatics so Spot makes us laugh and has us feeling really happy.

  83. Rachel Ch'ng Reply

    Love that Spot is very cute, curious and children can easily relate to the things or adventures he does.

  84. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    He’s gentle, cheeky and curious. My daughter can’t get enough of Spot.

  85. Carolyn Ellis Reply

    Love the colourful pictures and simple but relevant stories. Our daughter loves Spot!

  86. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    Spot has such a great relationship with his mum and dad. Reading my spot books to my son is such a delight. Simple easy and feel good tales. Spot really is loveable

  87. Leisha Swain Reply

    I grew up with spot the relationship he had with his family was always an inspiration to me as I always wanted that


  89. Trista-Leah Kadar Reply

    I love the easy reading nature of the books they are simple but fun making them excellent bedtime books for my 10 month old boy the colourfullness of the books manage to hold his attention better than most books and personally I love reading about spots adventures myself c

  90. Ashlea Malycha Reply

    What I love the most about Spot is seeing how much my son loves him – especially since I loved Spot so much as a kid myself. The books are so simple, yet so interactive. My son loves lifting the flaps and telling me what’s underneath (he is 2 in January). We love reading books together and Spot is one of my son’s absolute favourites.

  91. Sacha Pech Reply

    Innocent, cheeky, inquisitive kid fun! The stories always have an age appropriate ‘lesson’ but lots of fun along the way too.

  92. If you are 6 months or 66 years, spot books always make you smile.

  93. Michelle Lalezari Reply

    Spot is so cute and has valuable life lessons to impart

  94. Madelaine Howe Reply

    I love that spot is timeless delighting us oldies and the newies (:

  95. Bridget Grant-Fala Reply

    I love that spot has never gone away so my kids can experience his cuteness as well!

  96. Spot and all his pals are fun and exciting to watch and learn fun things spot is adventurous and teaches good values

  97. Love spot he had the best books I loved lifting the doors and windows yo see what was behind them

  98. Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    my kids loved Spot and now the grandchildren , Spot really is amazing 🙂

  99. Emma Nunan Reply

    We love that Spot is timeless for childhood memories. He tries and experiences lots of different things that are relatable, that he shares his feelings…and the lift the flap…the most exciting stories to my son! We now have puppet Spot at our house who has become a comforter and has really taken on a life of his own to my 18 month old. Such a special place in my heart and childhood…and now my sons.

  100. Juanita Munro Reply

    I love that he can teach our kids through his books the right thing!

  101. Janelle O'Malley Reply

    Spot stories are great and very good at holding the young audiences attention!

  102. That he is such a fun loveable dog that kids relate to and he has Spots. Everyone needs some Spot in their life 🙂

  103. Sam Cassar Reply

    My 3yo son loves spot so much he has memorised all of the ones we have at home, pretends he’s actually reading them

  104. Maree Wood Reply

    My kids all love spot & enjoy listening to me reading his books

  105. Emmasutherland Reply

    Spot is my most faverout kids show !!! I was obsessed when I was a kid and now my 2yo son loves it too!!! We read a spot book every night before he goes to bed.

  106. Michaela Fahy Reply

    I love that Spot the Dog is something that I enjoyed as a child and can now share with my daughter. I’m sure I will enjoy it with my grandchildren in years to come too!

  107. Becky Downey Reply

    He’s such a cute, friendly, playful puppy who has adventures!

  108. John Nunan Reply

    The joy it brings to my son every night when I read a Spot book to him

  109. Love spot from when I was a kid, I would read about him all the time, and now my kids love him just as much, and each night we read different books, but spot is always a favourite

  110. The best part of my day is snuggling up with my two year old at bedtime and reading all his Spot books; they are his favourite!

  111. Jann Trapp Reply

    My little granddaughter loves spot,and has a dog just like him.

  112. We LOVE all of the adventures Spot goes on (and the fact that you’re part of it too with the pull down tabs!). A favorite when I was little – a favorite of my daughters now!

  113. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I personally love that Spot is always trying to find something…..just like us mums with the kids losing everything. My kids love that he is cute and cuddly and that they get to go searching along with Spot in his books

  114. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    Spot; he is so cute and full of life. I loved him growing up, the kids love him too. He is a timeless classic.

  115. Caroline Rigby Reply

    Spot; I loved the Spot books growing up and love that Spots still around for my children.

  116. I love the smile he always brings to my son’s face – so precious!

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