Pooping Babies – Some of the Faces they Make are Nothing Short of Hilarious

How familiar are these hilarious pooping babies faces, caught on camera at just the right time!?

Babies are known for their adorable expressions, whether feeding, sleeping, even pooping. We reckon most mums would recognise at least 9 out of 10 of these funny pooping babies’ faces. How many do you recall your kids doing?

We got these funny baby pooping photos from Facebook page Quirky Turtle but if you’ve got your own, feel free to share it in the comments!

The ten faces of pooping babies

1. Oh sweet relief

But what is THAT smell? 

pooping babies
Source: Facebook

2. That’s going to leave a mark

And require a new onesie no doubt.

Pooping baby faces
Source: Facebook

3. Go hard or go home

Naw, the red-faced mid-poop look!

pooping babies faces
Source: Facebook

4. The poop pout

Just look at that intense focus on the task at hand.

mum central
Source: Facebook

5. Scared “shitless”

Sometimes massive poops scare our little ones. This is the face they make when that happens!

pooping baby faces
Source: Facebook

6. The cross-eye

Yup. Pretty sure this poop is an eye-opener!

mum central

7. The popeye

Shiver me timbers; this one’s a doozie.

mum central
Source: Facebook

8. Scrunchy face

What is happening down there? It doesn’t feel too good. And check out that onesie – how fitting!

mum central
Source: Facebook

9. Poopin’ ain’t easy

When your whole face gets involved in the pooping process. Love the double chin!

mum central
Source: Facebook

10. Master of the Poop

Yes. I did, indeed make a mess. And yes, you will clean it. This baby’s not kidding around. #bossbaby

mum central
Source: Facebook

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