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Our Top Picks for Family Movies Coming in 2018 and 2019


My kids are at that age where they LOVE going to the movies. The big screen, the big seats, the big boxes of buttery popcorn. 

What’s not to love?

As an avid fan of children’s flicks, especially revamped Disney films, I also love going to the movies. If you’ve got a soft spot for family movies too, then check out the following titles coming to a big screen near you. And soon!

Must See Kids’ Flicks  

1. Hotel Transylvania 3

Vampires, monsters and humans collide on the seas in the third instalment of this kooky movie series. My kids enjoyed the first two flicks in the series and I’m going to probably get persuaded into taking them to this one too. Who’s joining me? It’s out now.

2. Christopher Robin

This is childhood nostalgia at its finest! All the little critters from A Hundred Acre Woods come to life as soft, fuzzy, stuffed animals to reunite with the now old-and-boring Christopher Robin. It looks sweet, innocent and perfect for parents who loved Pooh back in the day. Arriving September 2018.

3. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

If the Teen Titans are going to the movies, then we’re following them. Probably on opening night. Because Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire are staples in our household, despite my best efforts to convince my kids to watch something else. ANYTHING else. Coming September 2018.

Coming this summer

4. Small Foot

On the animation front, we have Small Foot, which follows the story of a Yeti who comes into contact with humans. It looks a bit silly but my kids like silly. And I like kids who sit still for two hours. So win-win. Coming September 2018.

5. Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

The first Wreck-It-Ralph lived on repeat for several months in our house and I’m assuming this one will too. From what I can gather from the hilarious trailer, Ralph heads to the internet this time around. Worth it just to see all the Disney princesses in one room. Oh, and pancake bunny! Coming November 2018.

6. Mary Poppins Returns

Another classic from our childhood, Mary Poppins Returns stars Emily Blunt and looks as lovely as the first! Arriving December 2018.

Coming in 2019

7. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

All the original characters from The Lego Movie return, this time to fight against the Duplo invaders. Count us in. Coming in February 2019.

8. Dumbo

The original Dumbo flew into our hearts in 1941. Yes. But this Dumbo, coming March 2019, is a little different. For one, it’s a live version of the film (with some animation thrown in). Here’s hoping it’s not as sad as the first one!

More to come (but without official trailers for now)

9. Aladdin

No one can replace Robin Williams as the genie in the animated version. But with Will Smith as the real-life version genie, we’re predicting this adaptation of the original will be a whole new world of awesomeness (see what we did there?). Coming in May 2019.

10. Toy Story 4

One of the original Pixar films is getting another instalment in June 2019. This time around, Woody and Buzz go on an adventure to find Bo Peep.

11. The Lion King

The live action version of The Lion King looks like the best thing to happen in 2019. I loved the 90s animated one but this one looks a squillion times better AND stars Beyonce. It’s slated to come out in July 2019.

12. The Addams Family

Another kooky movie from our past, the revamped version will introduce the strange antics of the Addams’ family to a new generation. I’m not sure whether my kids will be happy or horrified. But I’m stoked to find out! Coming October 2019.

13. Frozen 2

They’re coming baaccckkkk! Break out the Frozen merchandise all over again. And let’s hope for a new song. The flick is set to arrive November 2019.

14. Mulan

Okay so the live version of Mulan may not arrive until early 2020 but I wanted to add it to the list anyway because it looks super cool.

Keep in mind the release dates of these family movies may (okay, most likely will) change.

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