Fancy a Holiday with your Feline? Now you Can at This Sydney Cat Hotel

Don’t you hate it when you’re heading away for the weekend and your cat gives you the stink eye on your way out?

As if to say, “You better not be leaving me alone with just a bowl of dry food like some sort of street urchin.”


Yes, Princess Puss, we are. And we feel ALL the guilt about it too.

No cat left behind

Well, ladies, you can ditch the fur mum guilt and escape your cat’s grumpy looks thanks to Sydney’s cat hotel. AKA. The Langham Hotel.

This pet palace is ALL about the pampered pets, allowing furry friends to join in on the holiday fun. They opened their doors to dogs a while back and now they’ve decided to expand the invite to the refined felines of the family.

How pawsitively purr-fect, darlings.

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The purr-fect getaway

The doors officially open just in time for Valentines’ Day too. I don’t know about you but spending a night in a hotel with just my cat sounds like a pretty tempting Valentine’s Day. No household chores, no kids in the bed, no snoring husband.

Ex-bachy gal Georgia Love is on board with the idea too. She’s teamed up with Fancy Feast to launch the very first Fancy Feast Cat Hotel. Georgia is a self-confessed crazy cat person and dotes on her gal, Pawdrey Hepburn.

She tells Mum Central,

Before I met Lee, it was just me and Pawdrey, so we had a few Valentine’s Days just the two
of us! And there’s something extra special about a feline and human gals date – you don’t
need to dress to impress, you can pick your favourite movie every time, cat snuggles are
always a treat to receive and to top it all off – you don’t need to share the dessert!”

mum central
Georgia and Pawdrey all ALL about the girls’ weekends away. Source: Supplied

Where do we sign up? 

Head to the Langham Hotels website to check out their pampered pets program, just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Plus, you can bring your partner too. But we’re pretty sure your cat would be more inclined to enjoy this romantic cat hotel getaway with just the two of you.

cat hotel Georgia Love
Is that a cat in your bag or are you just happy to see me? Source: Supplied


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