18 Fashion Hacks Every Mum Should Know + WIN $500 to Spend on a Shopping Spree


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Fashion hacks for busy mums

Sure, the house is a mess. The laundry is piling up. And you can’t remember the last time you didn’t use dry shampoo to tame your mane. But, hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your best foot forward when you do leave the house.

These super easy, extra clever fashion hacks (and possibly an extra $500 to update your wardrobe) are sure to help you look the part, even when you’re running on three hours of sleep.

Let’s Get Hacking

1. Stop dark jeans fading

Simply add 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to the washing cycle.

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2.. Get rid of deodorant stains

Use a dry sponge or dry eraser to rub the white marks away.

3. Banish sweat marks

While you’re in the underarm area, spray a mist of lemon juice on your white t-shirts before washing to get rid of those yellow-coloured stains.

4. Just add pantyliners

On those extra hot days, another option is to attach pantyliners to the underarm of your shirt to keep the sweat marks from showing through. Pantyliners – not just for panties, after all!

5. Make T-shirts soft

Bring the super softness back to your t-shirt by soaking your shirt in one litre of salty or vinegar water (add 1/2 of either). Soak your shirt for seven minutes before washing and drying as usual.

mum central6. Keep your zippers from sticking

Keep the zip sticky-free by rubbing Vaseline along the teeth of the zipper. You can also use crayon wax.

7. Stretch new shoes

Teeny shoes? Avoid blisters halfway through the night by popping on a pair of thin socks and stepping into the shoes. Heat the tight spots with a blow dryer and viola! Shoes that fit!

fashion hacks - how to stretch shoes

8. Remove make-up stains with shaving cream

Simply add shaving cream to the stain and wash!

9. Fix ouchy underwires

Is the underwire starting to come out of your fav bra? Don’t despair just yet. Place moleskin – aka adhesive bandage tape – around it to keep it from rubbing against your skin.

10. Tighten up your sunnies

Sunglasses starting to come loose? Paint the hinges with clear nail polish to tighten them up.

fashion hacks for mums

11. Blot out bleach with a Sharpie

Oh the wonders of the Sharpie pen! If you’ve got a bleach stain on your clothing, dab a Sharpie pen on the stain and blot it out instantly.

12. Eliminate shoe odour

This isn’t just a good one for you, but for the kiddies as well! Keep the whole shoe closet fresh by adding dry tea bags to each shoe.

13. Keep your button on

Paint a layer of clear nail polish over the threads to keep a loose button from falling off.

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14. Shampoo your sweaters

Keep your cashmere sweaters soft even after you wash them by washing them with baby shampoo instead of regular detergent.

15. Clean sweaters with a pumice stone

Sure, you’ve probably used your pumice stone on your feet recently, but it’s also a good tool for cleaning your sweaters! Be gentle when brushing a delicate sweater and never pull at the pills.

clever fashion hacks - how to depile jumpers

16. Stop wedgies with baby powder

Keep your bikini bottoms where they should be (and not halfway up your bum) by sprinkling baby powder directly onto your booty followed by hair spray to keep your swimmers in place.

17. Keep leather clean

Spray the stain with a mixture of cold water and vinegar, then rub gently. Or want to make your leather jacket fit like a glove? Wear it in the rain!

leather jacket hack

18. Get the right equipment

The best way to keep your clothes looking and feeling great is by washing them with care. And the best machine for the job? An AEG washing machine, naturally!

From mums to fashion designers, AEG is trusted by those who love their clothes.  Available at Harvey Norman, AEG makes the only washing machines and dryers trusted and endorsed by fashion designers Ginger & Smart.

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You can keep your clothes looking newer for longer, even your delicates, wools and silks. There are heaps of different cycles including the Steam Refresh Program, which aerates to remove odours and extends the time between dry cleaners. No need to rely on delicate bags to hand wash for fear of damaging your fave items.

AEG dryers are also a godsend, especially during the cooler seasons or on those extra rainy days. AEG dryers lie clothing flat rather than tumble dry, which is a lot cheaper to run and a lot less damaging to your clothes.


Save time, energy and money with AEG! Check out the full range of AEG washers, dryers or combinations available from Harvey Norman.


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