Fertility and Preparing for Your Baby

Many people believe that when the time to start a family draws closer it is simply a matter of ceasing contraceptives and indulging in intercourse frequently until conception occurs.

In the world today we are seeing fertility rates rise with 1 in 7 couples experiencing problems to conceive. Separate to that we are seeing dramatic increases in miscarriage and birth defects and at the same time men’s fertility drastically reducing.

There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that you can influence the outcome of many fertility problems and in fact prevent many of them from ever happening. By ensuring that both prospective parents are in excellent health prior to conception, the outcome of a healthy baby significantly improves.

If you consider that from conception to 12 weeks gestation, the foetal mass increases over 2 1/2 million times, but from 12 weeks to full term only increases a mere 230 times, the best of antenatal care may come too late. Often by the time a woman realises that she is pregnant and decides to modify her diet and lifestyle, the early weeks, when cell division occurs, are almost over.

Preconception care is important to both parents, and demands strong discipline, commitment and will power. If the thought of the work and effort involved in attending to pre-pregnancy health is too much, consider for a moment the even greater effort involved in coping with an allergic or disabled child for a lifetime, not to mention the emotional trauma of losing a child or miscarriage. If all you gain for pre-pregnancy preparation is a healthy, happy body – there has been no loss at all.

Be encouraged. Deciding to make changes prior to your pregnancy will be the best decision you have ever made. If you are wondering what kinds of changes you should be looking at here are some important suggestions….

1 . Attend your GP and have a general blood test to make sure you are free from all infections

2 . Attend a Natural Therapist and make sure you are free from all food allergens, and begin a vitamin and mineral supplementation program. (ie not just folate)

3 . Follow a nutritious eating plan, organic and plenty of fruit and veg.

4 . Make sure you and your home are free of heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals.

5 . Completely eliminate – alcohol, cigarettes, oral contraceptives and drugs.


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Kimberley Douglas is a qualified Nutritionist and Counsellor and runs a busy complementary medicine practice specialising in offering natural complementary treatments for health challenges including cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, infertility and children’s health. Kimberley’s passionate about empowering people through education and knowledge to enhance wellness, expand people’s options and lead them to experience a better quality of life through well informed decisions.

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