Winter calls for comfort food, warm cosy nooks and delicious hot beverages. Adelaide knows how to do winter properly, but you don’t need to worry!

Here are some soul warming, locally owned venues guaranteed to defrost even the chilliest of fingers and toes.

1. The Kings Head, Cnr Sturt & King William St, Adelaide

Come into the Kings and be greeted by some of the friendliest bar staff in Adelaide. Their ethos is local or nothing and their impressive craft beer and local wine list will attest to that. An open fire in the main bar means that you can enjoy your chill-busting beef and shiraz pie or wild mushroom and leek risotto in warming surrounds. Most of their produce is also locally sourced and they are a supporter of local music and charities. You can even get a team together for their quiz nights or beat that hangover at their Sunday ‘make your own Bloody Mary’ brunch. Grab a porter and plop down by the fire!

Hot picks – The pork belly burger and lamb shank tart.

2. Fushun Noodle Dumpling. Gouger St, Adelaide

Dumplings filled with soup. Soup noodles. Fried dumplings. This is not a drill, people! A teeny hole in the wall will open into a wonderland of red tables and chairs, bustling waitstaff, friendly owners and huge slurpy bowls filled to the brim with delicately fragranced, slow cooked broth and braised pork / beef / chicken / wontons / vegies / noodles / everything all at once. All food is made in a tiny kitchen out the back with local ingredients, so go with friends to get the full benefit of sharing a plate of northern Chinese pork dumplings, soups and other regional dishes. Don’t forget to have 10 xiao long bao, or soup dumplings; these dumplings, when placed whole in the mouth, explode with soup, pork and wrapper in one delightful combination. You’ll forget that winter exists!

Hot picks – Xiao long bao and pork trotter noodle soup.

Image Source: Captured in Time Photography
Image Source: Captured in Time Photography

3. Steven Ter Horst. Rundle St, Adelaide

If you can walk past Steven ter Horst Chocolatier without at least wondering what’s in there, you’re probably lying to yourself and I am not sure I trust you. While I am not a sweet tooth myself, there are enough chocolates here to satisfy any craving. Like chilli? Try the Chantelle truffle and wait for the sweet burn to come on. Want salted caramel? This places makes their own and it’s a mecca for salted caramel lovers; you can even buy it by the jar! You can get a mint hot chocolate to go with your sweet treat or a gorgeous coffee. A huge supporter of local produce, Steven ter Horst sources 80% of their ingredients from SA and also have a stall at the Wayville Markets. If you can’t decide on a chocolate, their handmade gateaux is sure to tempt you and melt those icicles. 

Hot picks – The Jeanette chocolate and a piccolo. 

Feast on Foot Steven Ter Horst
Image Source: Captured in Time Photography
Feast on Foot Steven Ter Horst
Image Source: Captured in Time Photography

4. Lost In A Forest. Greenhill Road, Uraidla

A brand new wine and pizza bar located in Uraidla, Lost In a Forest is quaint, cute and has the potential to be rowdy great fun. As soon as you walk into this converted Anglican church, you’ll be struck by two things; the lovely warmth from the pot belly stove and the aroma of freshly cooked wood-oven pizza being cooked up the back. Bookings are essential, so ask for the comfy couches by the fire and plonk yourself down with a cup of mulled wine, call for some pizza and bring friends, lots of friends. With the owners walking around chatting and offering wine and food tips, great tunes playing on the record player and the staff making everyone feel welcome, imbibe in a Basket Range red or four and get a mini-bus back to Adelaide with a glow only brought on by good food and wine.

Hot picks – The bahn mi pizza and mulled wine. 

5. Munooshi. East Tce, Adelaide

Slip into Munooshi and breathe in the spices of a warmer climate. Munooshi are Lebanese ‘pizzas’, stuffed with traditional (and some aussie-fied) ingredients and folded over calzone style. They have all of their food made fresh daily by local cooks who want to carry on the tradition of excellent Arabic flavours, from spice mixes to tea blends. Head upstairs to great views of the eastern parklands and sip traditional mint tea while sampling kibby (football shaped mince-and-spice bombs of goodness) and felafel with hummous and labneh. Want something heartier? Try the lamb mince munooshi, flavoured with pomegranate syrup, mint leaves and yoghurt, which will make your tastebuds sing. Make sure you leave room for semolina syrup cake and coffee!

Hot picks – Kibby with labneh and hummous and zatar munooshi, a breakfast speciality! 

Image Source: Captured in Time Photography

What are some of your favourite Adelaide food hot spots?

Feast On Foot is Adelaide’s favourite walking food tour, with an emphasis on local food, street art, history and culture. For more info and to book your seat, visit

Feast On Foot is Adelaide's favourite walking food tour, with an emphasis on local food, street art, history and culture. A voracious food lover, Caitlin actively seeks out the best food in Adelaide, for the pleasure of her Feasters. There are two tours to choose from; a sweet and savoury tour, The Adelaide Feast or Adelaide's only walking dumpling tour, Feast on Dumplings. For more info go to

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