The way to a heart is through the stomach, or so they say. Here’s 14 awesomely delicious recipes to tackle with the kids in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day.

From breakfast in bed to gifts and all the tasty morsels in between, spoil your loved ones with a special homemade treat – made with love of course!

1. Be still my red velvet loving heart

Your heart shaped cookie cutter will get a work out with The Novice Chef’s recipe sweet marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies.

2. Jam and chocolate filled shortbread hearts

Ahead Of Thyme add a delicious, chocolate and jam filled twist to a trusty shortbread recipe. Yum!

jam and chocolate shortbread hearts Valentine's Day recipe

3. Your heart will go on (and on and on)

Don’t put that cookie cutter away just yet. Even choc chip blondies can be fancy when heart shaped. Thanks for the hot tip Cooking Classy!

heart choc chip blondies for Valentine's Day

4. I {heart} cake

No heart shaped cake tin? No worries! Craftsy show us just how easily it’s done with a couple of tins you’re likely to already have at home.

heart shaped cake Valentine's Day

5. Love is all around

Phwoar! I’m not going to pretend this rolled heart cake recipe will be a romantic walk in the park. But sheesh, bonus points for effort and presentation Cleobuttera!

rolled heart cake

6. Heart eye emoji pikelets

From Hello, Wonderful, arm yourself with an edible marker, heart shaped sprinkles (or fondant shapes) and get busy with breakfast!

heart emoji pancakes for Valentine's Day breakfast

7. Dinner fit for your Valentine

Heart shaped pizzas topped with heart shaped pepperoni? Thanks The Junior, that’s amore!

heart pizzas

8. Lunch boxes packed with love

From Another Lunch, don’t let the kids go to school on Wednesday without a gentle reminder of how much they’re loved. From pre-schoolers to seniors, they’ll love this cut lunch surprise.

heart shaped sandwiches Valentine's Day school lunch box

9. I also {heart} chocolate

Chocolate cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser and it’s super easy to dress them up in a Valentine’s Day outfit. For all the details, head on over to Glorious Treats.

Valentine's Day cupcakes

10. Fruit salad, yummy yummy

The Wiggles said it best, but I think we can all agree A Designer Life served it best. Heart shaped fruit for everyone!

heart shaped fruit salad Valentine's Day recipes

11. Eggs, heart side up!

Toad in a hole – the Valentine’s Day edition – from Juneberry Lane.

Valentine's Day breakfast heart eggs

12. Don’t go bacon my heart

I couldn’t if I fried… Bacon hearts (yes, you read that right) from The Paper Mama.

heart bacon

13. Melt, dip and sprinkle

It’s truly that easy. One box of strawberry wafer fingers, melted chocolate and pretty sprinkles. The kids will love to make them for everyone (if there’s any left after the taste testing). For all the details, check out Family Fresh Meals.

Valentine's Day dipped wafers

14. Quesadillas with heart

We love all things tortillas and the kids do too! For the easy kids-can-cook recipe, head to Smart School House.

heart tortillas

Happy cooking this Valentine’s Day folks!


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