Budget Saving TIP – Freeze Left Over Wine For Cooking!

“What is this left over wine you speak of?” I hear you say.

In the odd occurrence that you do have left over wine, even if its just half a cup, pop it in an ice tray and use it down track for cooking. This is great for sauces, marinades, risottos and pasta dishes. Or if you are anything like me you will freeze it and use it in a jug of Sangria down track!

  1. Simply grab an ice tray and pour left over wine into ice cube sections, You may only fill a couple or you may fill a whole tray.
  2. Once they have frozen pop them into a zip lock bag and pop back into the freezer.
  3. When you need to use them, give the bag a tap on the bench to separate ice cubes and then take out what you need and use.
  4. And there you have it, no left over wine ever!

wine hack

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