Introducing the Donut Cone, Sweeping the World’s Tastebuds By Storm and It’s Easy to See Why!

Move over cronut, there’s a crazy-delish new craving in town! Sure, the kids beg for a waffle cone (instead of the plain old sugar or cake kinds), but now they’ve got an entirely outrageous option – the ‘donut cone’.

Seriously. This is real. What kid (or mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle – you get it) couldn’t get on-board with an ice cream doughnut combo?

So, who’s the genius behind the brilliance of the doughnut cone? The cone (which is made with cinnamon sugar-covered dough) is supposedly the 21st century version of Trdelnik. Yes, Trdelnik. “What’s that?” you ask. It’s a traditional Slovak pastry of grilled dough that’s topped with walnuts and sugar. The pastry itself is a cylinder, making it the perfect shape to transform into a cone!

Also known as “chimney cakes,” these tasty treats garnered recent fame across social media. Instagram shares from Prague’s Good Food Coffee and bakery have made their way across the web, and onto the brains of sugar-lovers worldwide.

Not only are the doughy cones good enough as is. But they also come completely stuffed with ooey, gooey chocolate syrup or berry syrup and (of course) ice cream. Whether you want to catch a glimpse of the traditional Chimney Cake pastry or you’re ready to drool over the soft serve ice cream cone, following #chimneycake on Instagram will get you a bountiful buffet of these super sweet delights.

Watch how to make them right here!


What treats top the photo list? Check out the:

Version with candied apples

Inside view


Chimney Berries #goodfoodkarlova8 #chimney #berries #whippedcream #trdelnik #prague A photo posted by Good Food Karlova 8 (@goodfoodkarlova) on

Whipped cream and strawberry cone

I traveled from a far away land, on a mission to find this on behalf of my friends, and I have succeeded. This one is for you guys – @_sana_h @draadz @nidawesome @jsb677 @cashmariam #prague #chimneycake #nutella #yolo #spontaneity #traveldiaries #travel #trdelnik #leapday #missioncomplete #nomnomnom

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Fabulous flavour (times two!)


Cone filled with Nutella


Chimney cake filled with cream


If you weren’t craving a cakey donut cone before, are you ready for one now?

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