Save time in the kitchen and learn how to melt chocolate the easy way!

This would have to be the easiest way to melt chocolate ever.  Don’t worry about boiling water and standing over a pot stirring and making sure the chocolate doesn’t burn or crack < no one has time for that!

Follow these simple instructions and you will be on the way to licking a chocolate spoon in no time!

  1. Break a full block of cooking chocolate up into pieces and add a teaspoon of coconut oil to a microwave bowl.
  2. Pop it in the microwave on high for 20 second intervals, it depends on you microwave so it is best to check after 20 seconds and stir each time. It normally takes about 70 seconds all up in our microwave which is 1100 watts. Take chocolate out just before it has fully melted and give it a good stir, it will continue to melt with the heat of the bowl, this will also prevent the chocolate from being overcooked.
  3. You can do it without the oil but just stir every 10 seconds and watch that it doesn’t burn. I find that buy adding the oil it is silkier and  you get that nice chocolaty gloss, YUM!
  4. The chocolate will need to be used pretty much straight away as it does start to set, any melted chocolate will do this so it is best to melt it when you are wanting to use it.
  5. If you don’t want to add oil set your microwave to medium heat and follow the same method.
  6. You can use vegetable oil, sunflower oil or any standard cooking oil.

the easiest way to melt chocolate

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