7 Yummy Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day!

We’re a Nutella loving nation, so it’s only right that we celebrate World Nutella Day with a montage of mouth watering eye candy. Have your Nutella jar and spoon at the ready folks and prepare to be inspired!

Here’s seven super clever ways to use a jar of Nutella, should you ever find yourself in a bind. Who are we kidding? As if that would ever happen.

1. Smores waffles with Nutella and toasted coconut

Waffles are pretty fabulous on their own. But add marshmallow, Nutella, coconut and syrup – it’s the culinary equivalent of Obama’s famous mic drop. Find the recipe over at Pinch of Yum.

waffles, nutella

2. Nutella swirled cheesecake bars

C’mon now. Cheesecake, biscuit base, sweet swirls of chocolate hazelnut goodness. Chef Savvy, you’ve outdone yourself.

Nutella cheesecake bars

3. Chocolate pavlova with Nutella

I maintain my if it’s got fruit in it, it’s healthy stance. Find all the steps on how to create your own amazeballs tower of crunchy, oozy, sugar laden dessert at Love Swah.

pavlova, nutella

4. Chocolate chip Nutella sandwich cookie pops.

I’ve often said everything tastes better on a stick and this delight from FoodieCrush is obviously a delicious given. Drooling.

chocolate chip cookies, nutella, cookie pops

5. Nutella chocolate cupcakes

Life, Love and Sugar takes the humble chocolate cupcake to the next level. Or maybe the next five levels.

mum central

6. Nutella hot chocolate drink

If you can’t face eating one more bite of Nutella, you can choose to drink it. Thanks for the hot tip Cafe Delites!

mum central

7. Nutella inspired bliss balls

Ok, so technically NOT actual Nutella, but if you want to celebrate in a healthier fashion this is the recipe for you. Hit up our very own Mum’s Pantry recipe page for this gem!

Bliss Balls, Nutella,

Happy World Nutella Day, go nuts!

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