This Test Claims to Tell Whether Your Unborn Baby Will Look Like Mum or Dad

Even before you get pregnant, it’s fun to play the ‘I wonder’ baby game. ‘I wonder if he’ll have my eyes? I wonder if she’ll have daddy’s hair? Here’s hoping she doesn’t have his nose!’

With gender reveals all the rage, it’s totally in vogue to find out your unborn baby’s sex and now there’s a new app that claims it can tell you even more!

If you can’t wait the full nine months to get to know your newborn, then BABYGlimpse claims it can give you an idea of what your package from the stork will look like before it even arrives, right down to your baby’s eye and hair colour.

The baby genetics app costs $259.98 and includes two DNA sample collection kits – one for each parent. Don’t worry though, there’s no scary blood tests, just a quick saliva swab. Then you register your kit, pop the samples in the post and within a few weeks you have your results.

Sunny side up

“BabyGlimpse is sort of like the bright side of genetics,” co-founder, Jennifer Lescallett, tells the Baltimore Sun.

“We’ve coined it sunshine science. You get to look at the fun part of your potential future baby versus some of the scary stuff.”

Babyglimpse genetics app predicts what baby will look like

As well as predicting the obvious stuff like appearance, BABYGlimpse claims it can reveal important stuff like food intolerances, sun sensitivity and fun things about your ancestry. They even claim to be able to predict sleep behaviours, although that’s something you might be best off not knowing!

Would you want to know all this before baby arrives or do you prefer to wait?

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