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Every Mum Should Try Gentle, Pure WaterWipes! Find Out Why

Did you know a newborn baby’s skin is five times thinner than adult skin? That’s why it needs to be so carefully protected.

Delicate skin needs the gentlest of products – and that’s why WaterWipes baby wipes are the perfect choice for little behinds.

Everywhere we turn in modern life there are nasties. Chemicals. Preservatives. Additives. Manufactured fragrances. All these compounds can cause irritations and allergies – especially on sensitive newborn skin. We are assured they are safe but why expose your child at all when you don’t need to? That’s why when it comes to selecting products for baby, the purest choice is always the best.

WaterWipes baby wipes are an example of just that. In fact, they’re the only baby wipe on the market that 97 per cent of midwives consider suitable for use on newborns* and the first wipe to get approval from both Allergy UK and the National Eczema Association of America.

So, why are they garnering so much praise? Because they’re 99.9 per cent water – and a drop of grapefruit seed extract – all in the convenience of a wipe. They’re as safe and natural as a baby wipe can be!


Here are six reasons every mum should try WaterWipes for their little one: 

  • WaterWipes are designed for the ‘job’ at hand: Sure, they’re pure and natural but they’re also super thick and moist – perfect for even the messiest of nappies!
  • WaterWipes baby wipes are ideal for delicate bottoms: With nothing but softened water and grapefruit seed extract, WaterWipes are the very best choice for sensitive newborn skin.
  • WaterWipes are nappy rash friendly: Using a pure baby wipe is crucial in the prevention and cure of nappy rash. Information from the Children’s Hospital supports the removal of all potentially irritating chemical products when treating and preventing nappy rash.
  • WaterWipes are used and endorsed internationally: They have the ‘big tick of approval’ from midwives, the Allergy UK Association and the National Eczema Association of America. They’ve also won awards from Mother & Baby magazine and a Black Box Gold Award. Everyone agrees on WaterWipes.
  • WaterWipes are easily available in all the major outlets: Sometimes speciality products are hard to get your hands on. Not WaterWipes! You’ll find them in both Coles and Woolworths plus at Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Chemmart, Priceline and a stack of independents. Another little #win when you’re a busy mum.
  • WaterWipes are peace-of-mind: When it comes to our little people there’s wonderful reassurance in knowing you’re making the very best choice possible. Reaching for a wipe that’s pure means one less thing to worry about when it comes to your child’s health and happiness.

When it comes to caring for your baby it’s normal to only want the safest and purest products available. Chemical-free WaterWipes baby wipes are absolutely that. No nasties. No additives. Nothing but nature…. and love. (That last bit comes from you, mum!)

This is a sponsored post for WaterWipes.

*Source: Spark research study on 102 Midwives, October – November 2014

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  1. Avatar of Samantha brown
    Samantha brown Reply

    Easier to clean up poo explosions which we all know babies have all done this

  2. Avatar of Paula

    I love that they’re chemical free and perfect for sensitive skin

  3. Avatar of Jaimi

    Chemical free, soft on sensitive skin, nothing but water & grapeseed extract and medical professionals give them a big ✔️
    My kids have skin allergies and I know with Waterwipes I can always trust their product

  4. Avatar of Larissa

    These wipes are amazing as I don’t have a reaction to them and neither does my daughter.

  5. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Perfect for sensitive skin as this is gentle on their bum!

  6. Avatar of Sue B

    It’s good to know that they are so highly recommended and the only negatives are all the nasties….they’re all NOT there 🙂

  7. Avatar of Melissa

    I would like to use Water Wipes on my newborn. Great for sensitive skin and the prevention of nappy rash.

  8. Avatar of Chloe Bush
    Chloe Bush Reply

    I love that rhey are chemical free. My husband and I both have sensitive skin and assume our bub will too!!

  9. Avatar of Bonnie

    These water wipes were the only ones I could use when my Bub suffered from dermatitis on his face. They’re the best!

  10. Avatar of dee thomas
    dee thomas Reply

    these are fantastic and we have found are the only wipes that our granddaughter is not left with welting nappy rash. they are soft and leave her skin feeling beautiful

  11. Avatar of rebecca figgins
    rebecca figgins Reply

    Natural is a big thing for me, looking at the different ones available & so many are full of chemicals, I hate to think about what they can be doing to soft baby skin

  12. Avatar of Kirsty Merlo
    Kirsty Merlo Reply

    They are they only wipes not to irritate my niece’s eczema-prone skin.

  13. Avatar of Lozz

    Gentle enough to use on bubs at nappy change and cleaning face and hands. The only wipe I use on my newborn

  14. Avatar of Bernarda

    I love that they only contain water and grapefruit seed oil and no other nasties, keeping it natural for precious bottoms and all the other uses!

  15. Avatar of Leticia

    I love that they are natural without all the chemicals and they are so moist and clean really well.

  16. Avatar of Carmen Park
    Carmen Park Reply

    So gentle on the skin and they do a great job at cleaning up sticky messes

  17. Avatar of Joanna Lau
    Joanna Lau Reply

    I really love how natural and gentle this is on baby’s skin. Being a first time mom, I’m so scared about rashes, hurting my baby’s skin… finally, there is a gentle way of cleaning those nasties that is all natural for the sensitive parts of his body.

  18. Avatar of Sude

    I love that the ingredients are simple and natural just as mother nature intended it!

  19. Avatar of Liz

    No nasty ingredients to keep baby clean without chemical irritation

  20. Avatar of Sharee Fazekas
    Sharee Fazekas Reply

    These are fantastic. I use them on my baby girl and they are so great for her skin..I recommend them to everyone.

  21. Avatar of Jess Murray
    Jess Murray Reply

    Grabbed some of these from the chemist and I don’t have a bad word to say. Not a massive fan of chemicals and thinga on my grub because kids are allergic to everything these days so got these to try. Work exactly how they say they do and great for his face and hands if I need them. Great for my hands too!

  22. Avatar of Felicity Grundy
    Felicity Grundy Reply

    Would definitely love to try these as they are chemical free!!!

  23. Avatar of Michelle Roselli
    Michelle Roselli Reply

    I would love to try as they are chemical free and natural!

  24. Avatar of Tricia Hayley
    Tricia Hayley Reply

    Who doesn’t love the idea of chemical-free when it comes to baby!? I try to avoid exposing my babies delicate skin to chemicals as much as possible, Waterwipes would definitely be the way to do just that.

  25. Avatar of Lazzie

    The lack of chemicals, being pregnant with my first child and a allergy/rash person, what to use in their delicate skin is something I’ve been thinking about.

    These wipes sound like the perfect combination of convenience and safe!!

  26. Avatar of Lis j

    These are the only wipes that dont irrate my toddler and babies sensitive skin, i wouldn’t use anything else.

  27. Avatar of Sarah Aspi
    Sarah Aspi Reply

    Love the fact that there are no nasties in them. I have super sensitive skin and I cringe when I have to use ones that are new, not knowing if I’m going to end up blotchy and itchy.

  28. Avatar of Gemma Debnam
    Gemma Debnam Reply

    These wipes are great and I love that they are chemical free!

  29. Avatar of Neha

    Being a first time mum, I am not too aware of what to use on my bub. Would love to try water wipes since people here have provided some great reviews

  30. Avatar of Erin

    I love that there is nothing nasty in them and they are perfect for my newborns skin

  31. Avatar of Chaslyn

    With a little one with severe ezcema I know when I use the Water wipes I am not harming his skin.

  32. Avatar of TRia

    I can’t wait to try these on my newborn! Great for sensitive skin

  33. Avatar of Georgia

    Love these wipes! Our little Arthur has had sensitive skin since he was born just like his mum and dad. Poor little guy never stood a chance but these wipes helped it so much. No nasties, so natural and so good for his tush 🙂

  34. Avatar of Jess K

    These are the only wipes that don’t irritate my babies eczema!!

  35. Avatar of Coco

    Love that there are no nasty chemicals for my babies delicate skin

  36. Avatar of Jess

    I love to try these wipes as my daughter has been having problems with bad nappy rash and eczema. Haven’t really found any wipes that have made a difference and have tried a few now.

  37. Avatar of Schayne

    I use cloth wipes for my kids, which is all well and good if I’m at home… but if I’m out, it’s kind of a pain. I need a tap within reach and to be able to wet the wipe fast enough that my kid doesn’t realise they’re naked and try to escape. Water wipes are fantastically convenient (especially for the car), while also knowing that they’re not full of chemicals that hurt my kids’ skin.

  38. Avatar of Cassie

    With a mummy and a daddy that both have eczema its important for us to use chemical free baby products. So would love to try these on his delicate tooshi

  39. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    Eczema is a problem in my family so I’d love to try such a natural product that contains no nasties to irritate our skin.

  40. Avatar of Steph B

    Perfect wipes for my prem twins little bottoms to avoid any chemicals to irritate them

  41. Avatar of Kellie Harris
    Kellie Harris Reply

    I’m excited to try water wipes with my first bub because I’m dedicated to using natural products on my baby’s skin.. what’s more natural than water?

  42. Avatar of Svetlana mijajev
    Svetlana mijajev Reply

    The nurses used these on my baby boy (twin) bottoms when he was in hospital for heart surgery- every since then I used them at home as his bottom is so sensitive and I love them!

  43. Avatar of Tina

    About to be a first time mum and heard these are amazing for sensitive skin

  44. Avatar of Sheree

    As mum to an allergy bub something like WaterWipes would be a life saver as nappy rash happens frequently!

  45. Avatar of Jodie callaghan
    Jodie callaghan Reply

    I just want to try something. That will be good for my babies skin.

  46. Avatar of Samantha

    These will save so much time instead of making my own chemical free wipes! Great idea!

  47. Avatar of Belinda

    I love how pure they are, it would be great to be able to try these on my baby who suffers from eczema.

  48. Avatar of Jess

    I’ve tried them with my first baby and they were so perfect but so expensive as well.
    I’d love to give them another go with my 5weeks d who currently has really bad nappy rash and has for 3 weeks after having a reaction to cows milk he poops very often.

  49. Avatar of Tania

    my son has severe ecezma. The only wipes I can use are waterwipes, if i use anything else he flares up. Unfortunately the ones In my area are very $$ so winning this would be amazing!

  50. Avatar of Kellee Graham
    Kellee Graham Reply

    Both my children have my sensitive skin and water wipes is one of the few wipes that don’t irritate. They have been a life saver for nappy rash

  51. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    They are chemical free which is crucial for sensitive baby skin, plus they are thick and moist so will be up to the toughest challenge!

  52. Avatar of Biah

    Waterwipes are natural and work a treat. Easy to use and chemical free. The baby skin can not be more thankful for this lovely product .

  53. Avatar of Tarina

    Love that these are chemical free & I love knowing that I can wipe my baby girls bottom and there are no nasties soaking into her skin. Would love to win this!

  54. Avatar of Amber Ong

    I already use water wipes and they are so gentle on baby’s skin! I would love to win

  55. Avatar of Linda

    I’ve seen these at every big outlet store a day wondered what the fuss was about. I tried a packet on my nephew and everyday use before on my little arriving bub. Theyre great, soft and handy

  56. Avatar of Clare M

    I would love to give these a try as i suffer from sensitive skin and i am currently 8 months pregnant.. Anything that offers me a little piece of mind would be amazing

  57. Avatar of Sami

    I love not having to worry if my child will get a reaction from the wipes! They are think and soft and work wonderfully!

  58. Avatar of Dolores Grisancich
    Dolores Grisancich Reply

    Twins are due in less than 7 weeks. Would love these for their soft and delicate skin. Also been told how good they are for our environment 🙂

  59. Avatar of Mel p

    I usually use just water on my babes skin but find it harder and use pre-made wipes when we are out of the house. It will be excellent to be able to use water wipes out and about!

  60. Avatar of Connie

    My daughter has very sensitive skin, and these wipes are amazing especially being chemical free.. we have enough chemicals in our everyday products, choosing chemical free is definitely the way to go especially when she decides to put in her mouth – I can at least relax with ease knowing there’s no crap in it!

  61. Avatar of Bel

    No harsh chemicals on my babies who has eczema and perfect when I have no access to water to clean them

  62. Avatar of Deanna

    Love them! Won’t use any other wipe. My daughter has never had nappy rash so I recommend these wipes to everyone!

  63. Avatar of Chloe Binks
    Chloe Binks Reply

    Love water wipes already, would love to win a 6 month supply, it would be amazing to win a supply of such an amazing product! Waterwipes are the only disposable wipes that I will use, every other brand ive tried gives my child a rash but not water wipes =)

  64. Avatar of Candice mcdougall
    Candice mcdougall Reply

    My son has such sensitive skin and gets bad nappy rash. These have been the best wipes for him.

  65. Avatar of Stephanie B B
    Stephanie B B Reply

    They would be very convenient instead of bringing a tub of wet face washers. Would be great to trial them out.

  66. Avatar of Nicole G

    I am keen to try a gentle wipe to see how it compares to other wipes on the market

  67. Avatar of Tisa

    Love all natural water wipes! They are soft, gentle, not too wet, not too dry and they treat my little one’s skin so well!!!

  68. Avatar of Sarah octavia
    Sarah octavia Reply

    Water wipes is actually my first option. Because it s chemical free. I have goggled all the information about a safe wipes. And no 1 is water wipes. Unfortunately its quite expensive.

  69. Avatar of Anita O'Meara
    Anita O'Meara Reply

    I’d love to try these wipes – seeing they are thicker with more moisture – making it better and more economical for nappy changes. Also being a natural wipe I would prefer go use it on my baby’s delicate skin. Thank you for the opportunity.

  70. Avatar of Farah chahal
    Farah chahal Reply

    I am expecting twins and i am looking to buy something convenient that save me time and energy and helps me to make it a little bit more easier also my prior interest is that wipes will be safe and does not have any chemicals that might cause any harm for my babies so water wipes are my best option!!!

  71. Avatar of Laura1

    I’m expecting my second baby. My first will be 18mths old when baby 2 arrives. Water wipes being so pure & gentle would be awesome for that delicate newborn skin (& so much easier than messing with cotton balls & water with a toddler running about while I’m doing newborn changes!)

  72. Avatar of Nic

    I’ve not yet tried the water wipes, but I really love the idea of using products that are as natural as possible while still being really convenient…and from all I’ve read, these water wipes seem to fit the bill!

  73. Avatar of Ash

    I dont have a baby….I have a poop-a-saurus. These wipes are all natural and very effective during the mission Im on when cleaning him up from an inevitable poop explosion. Love em!!

  74. Avatar of Skye

    I’ve heard only positive feedback about these wipes and would love to try them for our newborn

  75. Avatar of Ern

    We like them because they don’t have an overly strong fragrance, and are good for more than just wiping babies poohy bums.

  76. Avatar of D I A N A

    That they’re good for the kids and us big kids too. Yes, we keep a pack by the ensuite toilet as well.
    For those that have never tried a wet wipe ‘down there’ before, please do yourself a favour, wipe with paper until you consider yourself clean enough to pull your pants up and soldier on, but instead of soldiering on, grab yourself a Waterwipe and wipe your backside (SURPRISE!!!), NOPE, you’re not as clean as you thought now, are you. Best you place a pack of Waterwipes by your loo too 😉

  77. Avatar of Winkie

    I just need alot to wipe my baby at each nappy change, plus before and after each meal, clean up all his disaster!

  78. Avatar of Anna Lam

    I love that WaterWipes contains no nasties and is 99.9% water meaning its gentle and perfect for my babies soft sensitive skin.

  79. Avatar of Heidi

    I love how natural these wipes are yet they are still so effective.

  80. Avatar of Jade

    Love that their all natural and no chemicals. Would love to use these on my 2 week old baby boy!!!

  81. Avatar of Holly

    I’m a first time mum and feel like I have no idea where to start! These wipes would be a great help to feel my through the darkness with.

  82. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    I love that they’re chemical free which is utmost important to me when it comes to my baby’s skin. Would love to be ever so lucky and put them to the test.

  83. Avatar of Joanne vo

    I love these water wipes! My bub has super sensitive skin and they are perfect for her!

  84. Avatar of Riarna Springbett
    Riarna Springbett Reply

    They are Natural enough to use on any part of the body! Giving me peace of mind that my little man is not receiving chemicals through his skin!

  85. Avatar of Emma

    I would love to win these for my son who is sensitive to everything.

  86. Avatar of Rebecca Atkinson
    Rebecca Atkinson Reply

    Water wipes are amazing! I love that they are so pure and natural and perfect for our baby’s skin! Only the best for our baby!

  87. Avatar of Anna

    I love that I can use waterwipes for everything! On baby’s bum, babys face, baby’s hands. Even on hubby’s face

  88. Avatar of Nic B

    They have no nasty stuff. And the moisture content and durability of the wipe makes for an easy clean up.

  89. Avatar of Mary H

    I really like the idea of wipes without chemicals, and is so gentle on baby’s skin. Can’t wait to try it

  90. Avatar of Alissa

    Love that they are chemical free but tough enough to get the job done!

  91. Avatar of Ange84

    I love that with Water Wipes there is no surprise nasties; they’re just as the name says, Water-Wipes! I tried these for my newborn baby and haven’t looked back. I also changed over to these with my toddler and wish I new about them when he was a baby. You can’t get any more pure/natural then water!!!

  92. Avatar of Mel Kenny

    Love that water wipes are so pure.. I use them for everything (nappy changes, wiping dirty hands and faces, cleaning up messes after meals out, wiping the car/furniture/any surfaces my toddler touches – heck I even used them to polish an apple clean one day when I was travelling and couldn’t stop to wash it).. I would never do any of those things with a chemical filled wipe!!

  93. Avatar of Sophy

    I love the idea of the water wipe is pure; with no nasties chemical. They’re 99.9 per cent water – and a drop of grapefruit seed extract – all in the convenience of a wipe. Which I know this wipe as safe and natural as a baby wipe can be!

  94. Avatar of Yolanda Brassington
    Yolanda Brassington Reply

    Pure. Soft. Gentle. Non irritating to baby skin. Great product.

  95. Avatar of MellyBug

    So excited to meet out little bundle next month, I’ve already got a few packs of these water wipes for our baby, I would love more! Definitely the safest and best choice!

  96. Avatar of Pauline

    My baby has very sensitive dry skin, episodes of eczema and even burns from from her stools. These wipes are a god send! So so gentle on her delicate skin.

  97. Avatar of Shelby Cooper
    Shelby Cooper Reply

    Absolutely love the water wipes, have used them ever since they came to shelves! It is great having a product with so little ingredients and such great quality! Currently 40 weeks with boy no 3 and these will definately make my crazy life easier!

  98. Avatar of Ren

    My son has very sensitive skin and water wipes are really great. Just finished a sample pack from my maternal health nurse.

  99. Avatar of Michelle F
    Michelle F Reply

    It’s great to finally find natural wipes for when the twins arrive!

  100. Avatar of Sarah M

    I love that water wipes are chemical free and gentle on babies delicate skin

  101. Avatar of Sally

    Love water wipes they are lovely and moist yet gentle and safe on bubs sensitive bum

  102. Avatar of Samantha

    So nice to use a chemical free product on our special little people and their delicate skin. And I love how wet these are and how few you need to use.

  103. Avatar of Lisaclaire
    Lisaclaire Reply

    I love that they are gentle on sensitive skin and chemical free product.

  104. Avatar of Lisao

    It’s surprisingly hard to find chemical free wipes, without unnecessary additives that babies just don’t need. Find water wipes are just as effective, and no nasties.

  105. Avatar of Abbi G

    These were the first wipes I ever used on my baby’s bottom and haven’t looked back. They smell nice as well.

  106. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    It’s pure water so no ouchies on the skin when using them on sensitive skin!

  107. Avatar of Belinda

    The lack of chemicals is what drew me to water wipes. They’re the only “water” wipe that has no chemicals. They’re the only wipe I used on baby 1 and will be the same for baby 2.

  108. Avatar of Steffanie Cook
    Steffanie Cook Reply

    The only wipes I can use on my daughter’s sensitive skin, I absolutely love them and always have a packet with me

  109. Avatar of Merryn

    I love wipes which are sensitive on the skin, both mine and babies

  110. Avatar of Rachael Bentley
    Rachael Bentley Reply

    My daughter is prone to bad nappy rash so I’m always on the lookout for products that are gentle and effective.

  111. Avatar of Jodie

    My bubba has had reactions to wipes and certain types of nappies in the past, so wipes with no chemicals would be great for us!

  112. Avatar of Kate Duckworth
    Kate Duckworth Reply

    I love the purity of these wipes, and that they are so safe for my little ones’ delicate skin.

  113. Avatar of Kim

    Would love to try a more natural product when my little one comes along in a few weeks.

  114. Avatar of Kate Silvy
    Kate Silvy Reply

    Love water wipes! They are the only wipe that has been near my 3.5 month old. Love that you can use them head to toe, that they are chemical free and never dry out. The only wipe I will use!

  115. Avatar of Kara schirmer
    Kara schirmer Reply

    They’ve been all we wanted to use on our newborn and they were amazing for myself in those first postpartum days

  116. Avatar of Joanna Hayward
    Joanna Hayward Reply

    I love that Water Wipes have zero nasties in them! No chance of a reaction on bub’s skin. We used Water Wipes exclusively when our daughter was a newborn; we’re about to have #2 and hope to exclusively use them again.

  117. Avatar of Louise h

    I love that they have not given my baby a nappy rash at all – and when I used another branded wipes (for an emergency) she got a rash that Water Wipes then cleared within a day!!! Amazing product.

  118. Avatar of Melanie Prentice
    Melanie Prentice Reply

    I love that they are chemical free and the most safest option for my little one’s sensitive skin. They are also great at cleaning up “poonami’s” as they really are so wet (and not dry like others in the market).

  119. Avatar of Libby

    Soft on delicate skin and easy to use. My twins love to put them in their mouth and i take it away knowing there arent any harmful chemicals inside.

  120. Avatar of Abigail Brogan
    Abigail Brogan Reply

    I would love to win these wipes! I tried them at a friends house and they have the perfect wetness and I love they have no nasties in them for my 11 week old baby. i feel comfortable using these on her face as well as they are non-drying, and on her hands as she won’t be eating anything toxic. The ingredients are simple and as a new mum the simpler life is right now, the better 🙂

  121. Avatar of Susie

    I have tried few brands and water wipes seem to be best and help with bubs bottom and not give her a rash. I absolutely love them but sometimes to budget can’t afford so would love to win.

  122. Avatar of Stephanie

    Great product! This was what the NICU used for my twins when they were born

  123. Avatar of AB

    1st baby will be here very soon, can’t wait to try them. All my friends recommend them for baby, and also for mum in the early postnatal period!

  124. Avatar of Melly

    Water wipes are great!! I love that they contain no nasties making them safe to use on my bubs delicate skin

  125. Avatar of Gin

    Becoming a mum in 7 weeks and I have spent forever researching how to protect my baby from nappy rash – from all the products on the market Water Wipes seem the best!!

  126. Avatar of Natalie

    Water wipes are amazing! The perfect thickness for sticky food mess that wont leave bubs with nasty cheek rash! Gentle on his bottom and the most sensitve baby skin. Also nice and wet without being too much. Love them!!

  127. Avatar of Kirsten

    Waterwipes are seriously the best! I have used nothing else since I came across them! They are a little pricey but so worth it knowing that its not hurting bubs skin

  128. Avatar of Leah

    I love how pure and gentle these water wipes are. They are rather costly, but I use them when my son develops a nappy rash because they’re so gentle, any other wipes don’t allow his rash to improve as quickly. I would love to win this supply to use them all the time and see if it decreases his frequency of nappy rashes!

  129. Avatar of Debbie

    I love that they are so big and moist! You only have to use one! I also love that they don’t give my little one a rash, like other wipes do!!

  130. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    I’m severely physically disabled and Water Wipes are so convenient used for personal care for me. Also take a packet when I go out, plenty thick enough to clean my hands after delicious hot cinnamon donuts, or hot chips with gravy. The reason I’d like to win though, is because a young lady I love very much is pregnant, and I would love baby Scerri to be started on the best.

  131. Avatar of Becky Palmer
    Becky Palmer Reply

    They don’t remove an entire layer of skin when you use them!

  132. Avatar of Nikki Ahilaras
    Nikki Ahilaras Reply

    About to become a first time mum, love that they are chemical and preservative free. Suffering from sensitive skin myself, I am hesitant to use just anything on my baby. Heard nothing nothing but great reviews about the Water Wipes

  133. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Every member of our family has suffered from having ultra-sensitive skin so WaterWipes are perfection plus.

  134. Avatar of Cat

    My family has sensitive skin, so I could share them with everyone to try. I love that they are just water and with a hint of grape fruit seed extract. No chemicals or perfume!

  135. Avatar of Ryan

    WaterWipes are nappy rash friendly which is ideal for our boy who has sensitive skin.

  136. Avatar of Charlotte

    The fact I can pick them at the main stores such as Coles and Woolworths is great. Would love to try to them as they’re rash-free which other wipes aren’t.

  137. Avatar of Allira J

    These are the ONLY wipes I will use on my son. He gets eczema, so I won’t even consider using any of the other wipes, with their nasty chemicals.
    Next week, we are heading overseas for a month, so I have stocked up and will take a months worth with me, as it’s not worth risking it with any other brands.

  138. Avatar of Nicole

    I had run out of water wipes and used another brand until I could get to the shops. My daughter’s bottome became extremely red and it wouldn’t go away. I took her to the doctor’s and he said due to her skin being so sensitive (eczema) the other wipes had given her chemical burns, I felt like the worse person in the world. Needless to say I always make sure we have spare packets in the house and car! They may be more expensive but they are worth every penny! The hospital my daughter was born in used them and that’s how we came across them. Can not recommend them enough!

  139. Avatar of Jerilee Brown
    Jerilee Brown Reply

    My little one has super sensitive skin, so this would be IDEAL. Plus, they are thick and wet, no breaking, tearing and scratchy feel. Lovely product. Crossing fingers.

  140. Avatar of Louise M

    I love the chemical free aspect, baby will be exposed to enough as it is so I’d like to try them!

  141. Avatar of Doreen

    Love to try it since it is just a good product being water based and harmless for babies.

  142. Avatar of Nat de Guzman
    Nat de Guzman Reply

    Purest water wipes to ensure the purest baby’s bottom!

  143. Avatar of Carly Manners
    Carly Manners Reply

    I love that they are chemical free and great for sensitive skin.

  144. Avatar of Rachel Bletchly
    Rachel Bletchly Reply

    I love that the wipes are chemical free and would be great for my son’s sensitive skin.

  145. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry Cornish Reply

    Chemical free
    How good will that be!
    moist yet gentle
    on babies body
    you will see.

  146. Avatar of Jasmine

    My baby has sensitive skin so these are great, soft, not dry and don’t tear. I’ve tried lots of wipes and love that I can pronounce what is in WaterWipes!

  147. Avatar of E.Bryan

    I swear by Waterwipes. When my bubba got his first bad nappy rash, the nurse suggested wiping with a wet tissue, then sudo cream. I thought that too much fussing about when you have a poo explosion and you can’t leave you baby alone on the change table while you wet a tissue. I went searching for a wet wipe without the nasties. That’s when I discovered Waterwipes and I never turned back. Pure, no nasties and no nappy rash.ever!

  148. Avatar of Melynda

    I am currently using them for my 3 day old bub and myself post natal care. They are amazing

  149. Avatar of Jessica C

    I’ve not used water wipes as this will be my first child but i havr heard great things about them. I love that they aren’t full of harsh chemicals.

  150. Avatar of Richelle

    Haven’t tried them yet but they seem like the exact product I want to use when our little one is here

  151. Avatar of Lyn

    Currently pregnant & want to use chemical free products that are as soft as a baby’s bottom

  152. Avatar of Laura Rizzardo
    Laura Rizzardo Reply

    My little man has been suffering wth dry skin – after being to the dr and told that he has Eczema Water Wipers are the only wipes I use now

  153. Avatar of Felicity Stearns
    Felicity Stearns Reply

    Love that Water Wipes are free of irritants and gentle enough for my baby’s sensitive skin unlike other brands.

  154. Avatar of Leah

    After trying a sample water wipe at a baby expo there was no going back to any other brand of wipes. Love Water Wips for the whole family.

  155. Avatar of Joy S

    My kids have sensitive skin especially the baby so this would be perfect for her especially because she dribbles so much and I am constantly wiping her face. I would love to try these on her

  156. Avatar of Cassandra I
    Cassandra I Reply

    I loove water wipes. My little one has a sensitive tooshie and i love knowing what goes on tbeir little bottoms. Ive wiped my face with a few other brands and been horrified with stinging so i like to be mindful of how it feels for them.

  157. Avatar of Ashley

    Love water wipes, with only 2 ingredients they really are the purest wipe on the market. Even with organic wipes you still see a million ingredients!

  158. Avatar of Naomi

    love they the water wipes are chemical free so great for sensitive little bottoms…

  159. Avatar of Kelleigh

    I was first introduced to water wipes when my bub was in the NICU after birth. I found them so delicate on his newborn skin, while still being effortless in cleaning up any messy situation! Now that he’s a toddler the mess only gets bigger, so we’d love a 6 month supply of water wipes to have on hand!

  160. Avatar of Eliza

    I like the thought of being able to use natural ingredients on my babies as much as possible 🙂
    If these can help do what I need as well as have mostly natural components, then I’m winning 🙂
    Also, being a ftm to twins means a lot of trial and error to find what works for each baby…

  161. Avatar of Chalarom Boonyawat
    Chalarom Boonyawat Reply

    Midwife used these Waterwipes on our bub in NICCU so we were sure they are the best for our bub’s sensitive skin. They are the purest wipes on the market so far yet very effective. Thanks to the research team! ☺

  162. Avatar of Tiffany G

    I have never used water wipes actually. I do try and get fragrance free ones or ones for sensitive skin or bamboo wipes tho. I probably should have used water wipes at least once tho I reckon. When my baby was born, I did use pieces of cloth my mother so lovenly cut, along with a water solution and special soap mix. Then I went and just bought like Huggies wipes or something.

  163. Avatar of Kristie Rasmus
    Kristie Rasmus Reply

    Water wipes are a staple for my baby – so many used and no risk of rashes! Love them!!!

  164. Avatar of Tamara

    I fell in love with these wipes, after I tried a sample from the maternal child health nurse. Ive tried all kinds of wipes and this is definitely the best one Ive found so far. Its affordable, its pure and natural, no nasties, and its convenient to find in pharmacies and supermarkets. After having three children and used many products out there, I would highly recommend these water wipes!

  165. Avatar of Deb

    These would be an amazing gift for my granddaughter who is pregnant with her first bub

  166. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I love how they are the only wipe that doesn’t give my little man the dreaded nappy rash

  167. Avatar of Chantelle Mattschoss
    Chantelle Mattschoss Reply

    Can’t say I’ve ever tried them but after all the positive comments I will definetly put on my baby list for my bubs due soon!!

  168. Avatar of Dee

    Water wipes are thick with just the right moisture. Great for my babies sensitive skin. They are my fave

  169. Avatar of Erin

    To wipe anywhere and everywhere without worrying about harsh chemicals on bubbas skin.

  170. Avatar of Salina Byrne
    Salina Byrne Reply

    Water Wipes are perfect for my baby’s sensitive skin, I love it has no nasties!

  171. Avatar of Renee

    I love that they’re nappy rash friendly as I am constantly struggling to get rid of nappy rash for good

  172. Avatar of Cate

    Containing no ‘nasties’ is so important to me…especially when my child has a tendency to put anything in his mouth he can reach.

  173. Avatar of K.Smith

    These are great for the whole family to use and no irritation is guaranteed which we love.

  174. Avatar of Sandra d

    I love the fact they are natural and safe for my precious baby boy!

  175. Avatar of Domenica

    Love Water wipes because they are so gentle on my little girls skin. The only wipes I use on her.

  176. Avatar of Blossom

    After use water wipes allow your baby’s skin to breathe, not partially sealed which can aggravate nappy rash. We both have sensitive skin. These are the only wipes that don’t aggravate my skin at all. Fragrance free= no toxic chemicals to retain the aroma of them.

  177. Avatar of Erin Lindsay
    Erin Lindsay Reply

    Would love to win this as my newborn girl has very sensitive skin, would love to get something that doesn’t aggravate her little bum when there are so many nappy changes to be done!

  178. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    I love that they are great for my sons sensitive skin and there are no harsh chemicals in them

  179. Avatar of Suz F

    They’re handy for so many things, wiping food spills, baby’s faces, baby’s bottoms, all kinds of things.

  180. Avatar of Tammerly

    Every day we are exposed to chemicals in skincare and modified ingredients in food … why should we be exposing our children to these from a young age when their endocrine system is still developing? Water Wipes leave my tot with soft skin free from irritation which ensures he stays comfortable during changes.

  181. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    They never dry out and can be wiped all over the body without having to worry about chemicals. I’d love to win a supply because they are so handy for the whole family and Master 2 is shortly arriving.

  182. Avatar of Deanna D'Antonio
    Deanna D'Antonio Reply

    Living in a world of chemicals, preservatives and processed everything, it’s nice to have such easy access to a product which is so pure and natural and great for my baby

  183. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    Water Wipes are great
    for babies, toddlers and the whole family
    no harmful chemicals
    just a quick clean up for bums, faces and sticky fingers.

  184. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla Sibley Reply

    I love the fact that they’re more natural, I get ezcema and worry about my bub having sensitive skin too. With these wipes I wouldn’t have to worry

  185. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    That they are the most recommended wipe to use on a newborn & with bub 7 due anyday I would love to try these because they are chemical free and still strong enough to clean the biggest messes.

  186. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    That they are the most recommended wipe to use on a newborn & with bub 7 due anyday I would love to try these because they are chemical free and still strong enough to clean the biggest messes especially those of a newborn.

  187. Avatar of Saadia

    Would love to give these a try because they have no chemicals and are good for sentive baby skins. I dreaded wiping with chemical laden wipes after poo explosions that went up the back and baby would scream beacuse the wipes i used were harsh. This is such a great opportunity to try these incredible wipes

  188. Avatar of Viv Mac

    I love water wipes they are chemical free so my baby won’t get no reaction

  189. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria Purnamasari Reply

    It’s gentle on my sensitive child’s bum, to prevent redness

  190. Avatar of Jessica

    They are sensitive and so gentle on my little 9 month olds bottom they easily gets red

  191. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    Instant clean in a box…handy, take anywhere and easily dispensed. No having to rush off to wet a cloth to clean up little bottoms, drooling chins, that bit of sleep in the corner of an eye or settle down that hair “cocky”. Chemical free is reassuring that my little one will not have an allergic reaction also.

  192. Avatar of Kara fletcher
    Kara fletcher Reply

    After going though exma with my son I’d rather water free with my baby girl

  193. Avatar of Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson Reply

    With two little girls I would love a supply if these for piece of mind on their delicate parts with no harsh chemicals

  194. Avatar of Selma M

    I love that Water Wipes are chemical free and don’t have to worry if my daughter will get nappy rash when I use them. They also tend to be more wet than other baby wipes so they clean better.

  195. Avatar of Katie A Brown
    Katie A Brown Reply

    Water wipes are the best for my newborn, I switched from Huggies after 2 days. The wipes themselves are bigger so you can clean more with each wipe, no chemicals so I can use them on her face and hands, and they stay really moist and fresh in the packet. Won’t use anything else!

  196. Avatar of Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp
    Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp Reply

    Would love to try these wipes. Bub has just started eating puree food – so a lot more nappy changes required

  197. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    Always keen to use the minimum of possible on my baby’s skin

  198. Avatar of Elke

    Love the fact that they’re a natural alternative! so many highly chemical treated varieties out there. The last thing you want to be exposing your new baby to!

  199. Avatar of Katherine

    I love that its 99.9% water no added chemicals or additives its a natural alternative. When you have a newborn you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals not knowing what your putting on your child this is amazing.

  200. Avatar of Amber

    Being a first time mum due in a few months, I am stocking up on essentials! I love these wipes because they are ‘no nasties’ and gentle on the babies skin, multi-purpose and an absolute essential for me!

  201. Avatar of Sarah

    Hands down my most fav and trusted wipes. Always my go to especially when on sale. Love the simplicity of them and no chemicals

  202. Avatar of Cassie Browne
    Cassie Browne Reply

    They’re natural and chemical free! Perfect for delicate little bums!

  203. Avatar of Mel

    Sounds like they will be gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin 🙂

  204. Avatar of Heidi Wilkin
    Heidi Wilkin Reply

    I like the idea of chemical free. My son has sensitive skin so im cautious about what i use on my little miss. Will have to give them ago.

  205. Avatar of KATE FULLER

    No harsh chemicals or smells, just pure water. Simple, easy but so effective

  206. Avatar of Renee

    I haven’t tried them yet, but I like that they’re really natural

  207. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    They were not always easy to obtain, I like the fact I can get them now from the supermarket and chemist warehouse, with the rest of my shopping. Everybit helps, natural wipes, natural creams, love the new products.

  208. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally Jones Reply

    There’s no question! There’s no better wipe than water wipes and I simply won’t use anything else. Our chemical free home extends down to the tiniest of details, including our little ones wipes. Just water means no irritatation and no absorbing toxins.

  209. Avatar of Rebecca

    I like that they are gentle and natural, my bub has eczema and I cant use other brand wipes on his face as they cause a flare up so would love to try these.

  210. Avatar of Iain

    I like that there is no chemicals that might have unknown effects on my little baby, keeping him safe

  211. Avatar of cheryl ellis
    cheryl ellis Reply

    I would love to win these water wipes for my daughter. My beautiful grandson has sensitive skin and suffers from eczema so this would be wonderful for his tender skin

  212. Avatar of Katherine Earsman
    Katherine Earsman Reply

    Would really love to try these wipes, they sound amazing!

  213. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea Hurring Reply

    I love how soft they are and that they don’t irritate my sons bum

  214. Avatar of Kaman

    Natural and great for sensitive skin
    Suitable for bums, body, mouth and chin
    A clean and happy baby is sure to grin
    That’s why I’d love to win

  215. Avatar of Nicole

    OH my God I love Water Wipes and use them ALL the time! My little one has eczema and allergies – and Water Wipes are the only brand that I trust, others result in rashes. The lack of additives means that we are safe from reactions (both on my son and on my hands – I also have eczema!) PLEASE PLEASE pick me as this prize would be a true god sent! Thank you!

  216. Avatar of stacey hope
    stacey hope Reply

    i can only use water wipes with my son he has sensitive skin and gets horrible eczema water wipes are the only ones that dont agitate his eczema.

  217. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I love water wipes as they are so gentle on my kids skin without all the harsh chemicals.

  218. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    I love that water wipes are so pure and gentle with no nasty harsh chemicals for bubbas little bum.

  219. Avatar of Tegan

    My second son suffers from bad nappy rash, would love a product that doesn’t hurt his poor bottom after those teething poo-spltions.

  220. Avatar of Halley P

    They’re safe and natural — without all the harsh chemicals that other wipes contain.

  221. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel Barnett Reply

    I am so grateful to have discovered these wipes after my newborn had a horrible reaction to aldi nappies and also huggies wipes within in his first 24hrs. After switching to water wipes his rash had cleared up within 12 hrs, I won’t use anything else on him now.

  222. Avatar of Sarah H

    Finally a wipe that won’t make my daughter’s (and baby on the way’s) bum red!! God send!!

  223. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply

    Chemical free works for me. Ideal for the little ones sensitive skin.

  224. Avatar of Evelyn Hubbard
    Evelyn Hubbard Reply

    I love that they’re thick and moist, and so very versatile! I use wipes daily for everything, but haven’t tried WaterWipes. Would love to see how well they do at cleaning compared to other brands.

  225. Avatar of Patty white
    Patty white Reply

    They are more natrual then alot of other wipes and i love knowing its not harmful for my children, weather its cleaning my youngest bum or wiping hands.

  226. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Perfect for our sensitive skinned family! No chemical nasties, just gentleness.

  227. Avatar of nicole gurney
    nicole gurney Reply

    I love wipes.for my bubs bum to clean toilets mess on floor an dog wee. I will use them always thanks

  228. Avatar of Katie

    They are the perfect wipe for my darling twins. I though one child was hard, never expected to have 2. Mess is doubled and so is the wipe usage. I wouldn’t survive without wipes…..

  229. Avatar of Ceinwen

    My son reacts to some baby wipes so it would be interesting to try these , I also run a Family Day Care so go through a TON of baby wipes every week , we use them for everything !!

  230. Avatar of Katie Brown
    Katie Brown Reply

    To use wipes on my brand new bundle of joy would be amazing! We never needed all these scented wipes years ago and would be so much more comfortable using such a pure product

  231. Avatar of Leesa Kube
    Leesa Kube Reply

    I have 2grandsins and 1grandaughter who has sensitive skin so waterwipes are the perfect option for them all!

  232. Avatar of Alice F

    I love that these are chemical free. My three boys all suffer from eczema. I wish I had known about these with my older two although it’s not too late for my third!

  233. Avatar of Kris R

    I love that Water Wipes are mostly water with a little bit of grape seed extract. They sound perfect for my little one’s delicate skin! And the rest of the family – we use baby wipes for cleaning up all sorts of messes 😉

  234. Avatar of Tara

    Water wipes are the perfect solution for cleaning my babies sensitive tooshie after an epic poonami

  235. Avatar of Samantha D
    Samantha D Reply

    These wipes sound amazing for sensitve skin which my 8 week old son has so I would like to try these out and see if they are any good for him. Ive seen them at Woolworths but at $6 a packet I’d rather not buy them for them to not agree with him. If they work though I’d happily purchase again and again

  236. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Being a new grandmother I only want the best for my grandchild. Your wipes are the best on the market. I’d love to use them because they are so gentle on delicate skin.

  237. Avatar of Rochelle Redding
    Rochelle Redding Reply

    My bub inherited my skin allergies so I know these will be gentle and prevent anything from flaring up!

  238. Avatar of Whitney-Jade
    Whitney-Jade Reply

    I love that there is no nasties and they are still in a convenient pack you can take with you when you leave the house. Would really like to try them out to see how they stand up!

  239. Avatar of Adrienne Harries
    Adrienne Harries Reply

    No chemicals to hurt little bums and faces
    Easy to take with me to all the places

  240. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    i am grateful they have no harsh chemicals as my daughter has sensitive skin and hate seeing her get a reaction, all natural too, so better for environment as well as skin, perfect product

  241. Avatar of kylielah

    I’ve been using Waterwipes since my first bub was born this year in May because I suffer from eczema & dermatitis so I wanted something gentle to use on his delicate skin!

    So far he is rash free and this Mummy loves them!

  242. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I love that they are chemically free but also practical in being thick and moist which is exactly what you need from a wipe 🙂

    • Avatar of margie sincoe
      margie sincoe Reply

      With all the chemicals filling up everything we use, it’s great to be able to use a natural and gentle product, giving busy mum’s peace of mind.

  243. Avatar of Lyn

    These should just about cover my life with 2 little boys.All sorts of spills,poo,wee,food,bottoms,faces and little hands ,all cleaned up I. No time

  244. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Little one with ‘itchy scratchy’ allergic reactions to so many things and new babe due in 3 weeks….Water Wipes would be wickedly wonderful for toddler cleanups and nappy changes.

  245. Avatar of Tamara Pincott
    Tamara Pincott Reply

    Nice and simple – pretty much just water! Sounds good.

  246. Avatar of Dorothy

    New grandchild arriving in 5 weeks. Would love to give her the best start in life with a chemical free, soft, hygienic wipe. No rashes on baby makes mum happy.

  247. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent Stewart Reply

    My son has a gut disease which means his pure bottom is constantly sore. Wiping it with anything makes him cry more. I’m always looking for something new to help me with this problem

  248. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    I love how Water Wipes are chemical free so no nasties touch my precious baby’s skin!

  249. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I love that they are chemical free, making them super safe and easy to use

  250. Avatar of Sharon E

    We now clean out house without harsh chemicals, and I would love to do that in all areas of our lives, including changing nappies and cleaning hands! Thanks

  251. Avatar of Caro

    I try and avoid chemical nasties in our home, and this is even more important for my newborn daughter’s skin! I would love to try the Water Wipes!

  252. Avatar of Rebecca gillett
    Rebecca gillett Reply

    I love that they have no chemicals and are great for sensitive skin

  253. Avatar of Emily Compton
    Emily Compton Reply

    My little girl is the most precious thing in the world to me, and her skin is just as precious as her beautiful self. Water wipes keeps nasty chemicals away while making sure my baby is always clean. Clean baby = happy baby!

  254. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love that Water Wipes don’t have the nasty chemicals that many baby wipes have. So they’re gentle on my baby.

  255. Avatar of Kathy Ferguson Clark
    Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    As the whole family can use them and wornt harm their skin as they are chemical free

  256. Avatar of Aleisha Sullivan
    Aleisha Sullivan Reply

    Bub has an extra sensitive bum,
    Water Wipes are perfect for both him and mum.
    Wiping hands and also his face,
    They never go to waste!

  257. Avatar of gail davies
    gail davies Reply

    Chemical free is absolutely necessary for my two grandchildren who have ultrasensitive skin ,,,

  258. Avatar of helen c

    Paediatric Intensive Care uses them – the best endorsement ever!

  259. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    The fact they are happy rash friendly and for sensitive skin is a massive help to any mum!

  260. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Free of chemical nasties is amazing! Everything is made up of chemicals, but being able to eliminate the nasty ones for use in delicate areas is fantastic!

  261. Avatar of Mel

    I love these wipes! There is no harsh chemicals which is great for my newborns skin.

  262. Avatar of blake haugen
    blake haugen Reply

    Suitable from birth
    Safe for sensitive skin
    May help avoid nappy rash
    Waterwipes are the only wipe for babies 😀

  263. Avatar of Ashleigh

    As a soon to be first time mum, have no idea what I’m doing but would love to be able to introduce chemical free products to my baby

  264. Avatar of Melissapowell
    Melissapowell Reply

    I was given a pack of these and they were amazing for my buns sensitive skin! I noticed she didn’t not get nappy rash while using them. I have trouble finding them in shops local to me so would be great to win some!

  265. Avatar of Beck Irene
    Beck Irene Reply

    I love using natural wipes free from chemicals so I would love to try these

  266. Avatar of Teagen

    I love these wipes, every time my son gets nappy rash I use them and it helps relive the pain and clear it all up.

  267. Avatar of Alexandram
    Alexandram Reply

    I love that they are all nature so no nasty chemicals and that they are sold in so many shops

  268. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I love that they are more natural than other wipes. I have sensitive skin and as a 1st time mumma to be I worry my bubs will have the same problem. These sound just ideal!

  269. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    I would love to have something with less chemicals and that is good enough for their precious skin.

  270. Avatar of Rebecca Cook
    Rebecca Cook Reply

    I love the natural no chemicals aspect. In my job we use another brand of baby wipes which I’m not a fan of as I have seen what the chemicals can do to sensitive bottoms.

  271. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    I have sensitive skin and so does my toddler. We currently use a well known brand with chemicals in it so would love to try these wipes to be more natural for the new bub and toddler

  272. Avatar of Tarl

    Both of my kids have very sensentive skin. It would mean the world to me to be able to use natural wipes that don’t give them bad nappy rash.

  273. Avatar of Megan Nwabuokei
    Megan Nwabuokei Reply

    I love that they are thicker wetter and stronger so less are needed