Finally, A Nursery Essentials Range that’s Stylish, Practical and Affordable


Complete your nursery with this new range of stunning nursery essentials from Mother’s Choice. Stylish, practical and modern, we love everything about the Acacia Nursery range which boasts a bassinet, rocker and highchair, all for under $500! 

A leader in nursery and baby products, Mother’s Choice is a multi-award-winning brand, known for its elegant yet affordable products, including prams and capsules. All of their products are designed with safety, comfort and accessibility in mind and they continuously bring out new quality smart products that make life as a mum just a little bit easier.

This is exactly what the Acacia Nursery Range brings to the parenting table – three must-have products for sleep, eat and play – the baby essentials trifecta! And guess what? We’re giving TWO Acacia Nursery prize packages away to two lucky Mum Central readers!

Acacia Nursery Essentials Range
Eat, Sleep and Play with this amazing prize! Source: Supplied

mum central This nursery essentials pack features the Acacia Bassinet/Bedside Sleeper, Highchair and Rocker, valued at $497. All three of these products are staples for the first year, blend seamlessly into modern decor and, best of all, won’t break the budget!

No muss, no fuss, just high-quality baby furniture 

One of the things we love about Mother’s Choice is just how simple and practical their products are. Designed for modern families, what you see is what you get and you won’t find yourself battling buckles or breaking your back anytime you want to use these products.

The Acacia Nursery range is all about simplicity. Lightweight, compact, easy to clean and just as easy to store, it’s perfect for parents looking for high-quality nursery items without the fuss.

Acacia highchair - nursery essentials
Gone are the days of ugly baby furniture. Source: Supplied

Let’s start with sleep with the Acacia Bassinet

A bassinet or bedside sleeper/cosleeper is a popular option, especially when your baby is in the newborn phase. They sleep a lot, but they also wake up more frequently. The Acacia bedside sleeper comes with everything you’ll want – a compact, comfortable and convenient way to keep your little one close to you during the first six months.

Acacia Bassinet
The Acacia Bassinet is both a bassinet and co-sleeper. Source: Supplied

The bedside sleeper functions as both a bassinet to sit next to your bed (or anywhere else around the house), as well as a co-sleeper that attaches to your bed for extra safe, close-by sleeping.  When you need to soothe, comfort and feed baby throughout the night, one-side of the bassinet simply unzips for quick and easy access when attached to the bed.

Mother and baby using Acacia bedside co-sleeper
Easily convert the bassinet to a bedside co-sleeper Source: Supplied

The cosleeper also features a super comfortable mattress, breathable mesh fabric and even a transport bag to carry with you on weekend adventures away. It’s incredibly easy to put together, wash and transform from a bassinet to a co-sleeper.

Another feature we love about the Acacia bassinet is that it comes with five different height positions to align with most beds, and the Tori has one higher side than the other to help with any reflux. Plus, the bassinet comes in a contemporary slate grey with a wood-effect frame to complement the decor of modern homes. If you’re not a fan of super bright and playful patterns, then this range is a winner!

Acacia nursery essentials range
Practical, convenient and Source: Supplied

Moving on to Play with the Acacia Rocker 

There’s no place little ones love to be more than in your arms. But, when your arms need a break – and you REALLY need to make lunch (or have a shower), the Acacia Rocker delivers a soft and comfortable space for bub to take in their surroundings (and most likely watch you).

Acacia Rocker in living room
The Acacia rocker is the perfect addition to any living room or playroom. Source: Supplied

Like the Acacia Bassinet, the Rocker is a minimalist style that will effortlessly blend into your living room decor. Comfy for bub, it’s also a practical way to ensure bub is safe and enjoying their play/awake time. Suitable from newborn to six months, choose from one of two incline positions and watch your little one discover the pure joy of bouncing, kicking and watching the world go by.

You can use the rocker as a bouncer/rocker or stationary seat and it even folds up to store away when not in use. Like the Bassinet, the cover is also easy to remove and machine washable too.

Mother's Choice Acacia Rocker
Practical and pretty. Source: Supplied

Feeding Made Fun with the Acacia Highchair

You’ve got sleep and play sorted; it’s time to move on to feeds! While in the first few months, you won’t need much other than your breasts, pump and bottles, when the time comes to introduce solids, you can’t go without a sturdy, comfortable and easy-to-clean highchair!

Acacia Highchair
Mealtimes made easy with the Acacia highchair. Source: Supplied

Without a doubt, the most important feature to look for in a high chair is how easy it is to clean as mealtime gets extra messy! The Acacia highchair ticks this box and more with a machine washable water repellent cover and dishwasher-safe BPA-free tray. Put the baby in the bath, the tray in the dishwasher and the cover in the washing machine and you’re ready for the next meal!

This luxury highchair is also ultra-lightweight, folds away and stores easily out of sight. Suitable from 4 months to around 3 years, this is the only chair you’ll need for years. And we love the slate grey colour (much nicer than the traditional white plastic look).

Use it with or without the tray which also easily adjusts to suit your child and choose from one of two recline positions to take them from first foods to finger foods and beyond. The chair also comes with a 5-point harness for safety and a footrest for extra support. You can also hang the tray on the back of the chair when not in use – smart!

Acacia highchair
Celebrate every mealtime milestone (messes allowed). Source: Supplied

Bassinet, Highchair, Rocker all for under $500! 

While my kids are well past the bassinet and highchair stage, I would have LOVED this range when they were little (so much prettier than our tacky highchair and overly colourful bouncer that stood out like a sore thumb). The products surpass safety standards, are exceptionally high quality, look amazing and are affordable, which is a refreshing change from the usual sky-high prices of today.

Acacia Nursery Range Bassinet
The Acacia Nursery Range is loved by parents and babies. Source: Supplied

Pick up the Acacia Bassinet for $199, the highchair for $169 and the rocker for $129. Or, buy them as a bundle and save. All three are just $497… and, for a limited time, take an additional $48 off and get all three for $449. Honestly, you won’t find a better-value nursery range out there.

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