Take a Peek Inside George and Amal Clooney’s $14,000 Birthing Suite. Nice!

News broke on Tuesday that George Clooney, and his not-at-all accomplished wife Amal (she’s just a well respected and highly successful human rights lawyer, no biggie) had welcomed their twins.

The classically named Ella and Alexander, arrived in a modest birthing suite at their local public hospital. Or, slightly more accurately, at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The very same digs that hosted the Duchess of Cambridge during the birth of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Chelsea and Westminster hospital is no stranger to celeb guests, earning the moniker of the ‘Britain’s poshest maternity ward’ due to its well heeled and often well known guests.

Birthing at the Rolls Royce of hospitals doesn’t come cheap however. It is estimated that the Clooney’s shelled out around $14,000 AUD per night to use the birthing suite in the hospitals Kensington wing.

George and Amal ClooneyImage source: The Sun

So what exactly does $14,000 get you? A little more than a blow up birthing pool and fluffy towel it seems. The birthing suites in the Kensington wing have access to one-on-one midwife support and 24-hour consultant care with some of the most highly respected obstetric professionals in Britain, including obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston, surgeon-gynaecologist to the royal household.

George and Amal ClooneyImage source: Chelwest NHS

Patients labouring on the 16 bed ward have access to state of the art birthing facilities, including custom beds, 24-hour room service, televisions, refrigerators, hair dryers, complimentary toiletries and Wi-Fi access, along with a variety of birthing equipment to facilitate for everything from a natural, water birth to an assisted delivery.

George and Amal ClooneyImage source: Chelwest NHS

After birth, women and their partners can move to the post natal suite which boasts expertly designed à la carte menus, private en-suite bathroom, plenty of room for both mum and bub and an extra bed for dad.

George and Amal ClooneyImage source: Mirror UK

Not too shabby really! From all reports, George, Amal and their new little bundles are doing well and resting comfortably. It would be hard not to really when you’re in the luxury hotel equivalent of the hospital world!

George and Amal ClooneyImage source: The Sun


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