Get Pregnant Tonight: Six Sex Tips to Fall Pregnant Faster

We totally get it, you’re ready, he’s ready and you want that little bundle of joy now!

Obviously you know what you and your Baby Daddy have got to do to get that plan in action (wink, wink)… but do you know these six sex tips to help you fall pregnant faster?

There are half a dozen things you can do right now to help aid a faster conception. Read on…

1. Ditch the lube
It may seem innocent (and can certainly aid the actual ‘doing it’ process if you’ve been trying for aaaages and you’re running out of enthusiasm) but that little tube of slippery fun could actually be inhibiting your ability to fall pregnant. Your body’s own natural lubricant is actually designed to be the ideal environment for transporting sperm. Contrastingly store bought lubricants can have pH levels which can damage, kill or slow sperm down meaning none of those good little swimmers make it to the egg!

2. Foreplay is crucial – orgasm is important!
If you’ve been a while on the baby making trail you might be a little less into getting it on than you were before this journey began. This is a double-edged sword as being genuinely into having sex has two real benefits for getting you pregnant. Firstly when you’re really aroused your vaginal walls secrete fluid. This fluid may feel similar to cervical fluid, but is actually different and serves to make the vaginal environment less acidic and more sperm friendly. Orgasm is actually believed to further increase your chance of conception as muscular contraction can pull sperm towards the uterus. Tell your guy there’s a baby at stake; he needs to get you across the line!

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3. Choose an optimal position
There’s no hard and fast science that links any sexual position to a higher chance of conception. There are however some basic laws of gravity that can be applied. Getting pregnant requires the sperm to get as close as possible to the cervix so giving them the easiest route there makes sense, right? (You don’t want those guys swimming proverbially upstream e.g. if you’re standing up or woman on top). Missionary position is the simplest way to achieve ejaculation close to the cervix and rear entry (doggy style) allows for deeper penetration. You choose!

4. Let gravity do its thing
After ejaculation roll onto your back (if you’re not already in that position), tip your pelvis upwards and gravity will literally help the semen on their way. You’ve seen an exaggerated version of this in the movies where the woman will put her legs in the air and bicycle wildly? Medical experts claim this makes no difference what so ever but 10-15 minutes of not standing up right can definitely improve your chances.

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5. Avoid oral sex as part of your baby making routine
This might seem obvious but it’s actually a little bit of a trick. If you enjoy oral sex as part of your foreplay you might want to give it a miss while you’re on the baby train. Don’t worry this is not forever! Saliva is believed to inhibit sperm motility so best to keep your mouth and either partners’ genitals apart just for this time.

6. Book another shag in for tomorrow
When you’re snuggled up post sex enjoy the moment and share a little post loving intimacy. Couples who have sex regularly have a greater success rate of falling pregnant. Those who have sex at least a couple of times a week on a regular basis are more likely to conceive quicker than people who don’t have sex as often. Studies show that regular sex triggers changes to the immune system that could increase your likelihood of falling pregnant.

Oh and if you’re wondering why the cuddle is important? It’s so you feel loved and connected – and then you’re more likely to want to do it again tomorrow!

From us at Mum Central to you at home, we hope you fall pregnant quickly! Until then, enjoy the trying.

It’s good to remember if this is your first bub you’re ‘working on’ this is the last chance you and your partner will have to enjoy an uninterrupted sex life for at least 18 years! Make the most of that! The good news is that 85% of couples fall pregnant within one year of trying; we hope you’ve good news to share soon too!

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