How to Conceive a Girl: Down & Dirty Secrets to Increase Your Odds!

In the aim of tipping the gender odds in your favour Mum Central explores it all! From what to eat to how to shag and everything in between… if you want a girl here’s the rumoured tips and tricks on how to conceive a girl!

Got a tribe of boys already and long for some pink in your life? Maybe you’re starting out in the baby making business and would love nothing more than a little girl? We get it! Some couples will try pretty much anything to try and determine the sex of their child. Wondering exactly what? Here’s what’s claimed to influence your ability to turn the gender odds pink in your favour…

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The Shettles method is based on the theory that male and female sperm swim at different speeds and have different life spans. It’s believed that boy swimmers move faster but die earlier whereas girl swimmers are slower, more resilient and live-longer.  Dr Shettles (a doctor from the 1960’s) believes that if you get down to action a couple of days before you ovulate, the girl sperm will be waiting to fertilise your egg whereas the boys will be long gone. There are claims that it’s VERY successful but you’ll have to be switched on as to when you ovulate (this can change each month) to ensure accuracy.

Alternatively, you could just have loads of sex because frequently doing the deed is said to lower your partner’s sperm count therefore reducing the number of weaker male swimmers. Apparently slow, strong and steady wins the baby girl race.

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Okay if you’re a girl who loves a good orgasm (heck, who doesn’t!?) this is the part where we give you the bad news.  There are claims that having shallow (and less deeply penetrative) sex can assist in the long-distance girl swimmers getting to the egg first. The second and more disappointing suggestion is that when a woman orgasms a more alkaline environment is created in the vagina that helps the boy sperm live longer. So, if you really want that little pink bundle you might have to hang up the cowgirl and doggy style for a while and give up your orgasm for the time being. We know, it’s rough news right? But you have to do what you have to do… sob!

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If timing and tracking your cycle in meticulous detail doesn’t appeal to you (or giving up the Big O), maybe a change of diet is more your thing?Give up the steak and chow down on a vego diet, especially green leafy veg, nuts, fruit and rice that are supposed to help in your quest for a girl. Fill up on foods rich in calcium and magnesium, but low in salt, to help create an acidic, girl friendly environment. It’s believed that boy sperm struggle to survive in acidic surroundings so you could annihilate those pesky Y chromosomes with a vinegar fueled ambush. Avoid alkaline foods like bananas and potatoes (boy friendly foods), and make sure you keep up your vitamin C levels.

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With timing and diet out the way, what else can you try? Underwear! Does your partner favour loose boxers or a snug fitting pair of briefs? And does it really matter? Yes! Tight undies, saunas and even a laptop over your groin (!) are believed to create excess heat in male genitals and therefore have the potential to kill off sperm. Remember I mentioned that girl swimmers were resilient? Well, the thought process is that girls are more likely to survive this extra heat better than the boys.Maybe now’s the time to shove his boxers to the back of the drawer and swing by K-mart to grab him a pack of jocks to help nest those little X chromosomes. Hopefully get him something sexy, it’ll help with your enthusiasm when you re-visit tip number one again and again and again…

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I hate to burst your fluffy, pink bubble but it’s your partner’s sperm that makes the gender decision! There’s basically a 50% chance you’ll succeed at your gender of choice but unless you invest in a costly gender selection process, it’s up to fate and luck. With this thud of reality still setting in, many parents do however claim they achieved their desired baby gender with these methods.

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