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Get Ready for Sparkly Tutus and Dazzly Dancing at Storytime Ballet’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’

The Australian Ballet has always been synonymous with elegance, culture and beauty… but not so much young kids!

Well, that has changed and we’re really excited to tell you all about it!

For the first time ever, The Australian Ballet has created a ballet series specifically for children.  A dreamy kingdom full of magical fairies, a beautiful sleeping princess and a prince searching for his true love … everyone’s favourite fairytale ballet comes to life on stage in a brand-new production of The Sleeping Beauty for children aged 3 and up.  This one is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.

Join the wedding party with Aurora, follow her Prince through the woods and meet their friends Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Puss in Boots and Bluebird.


If you’ve been reluctant to take your children to a traditional ballet performance due to the length of the show or the need for your little cherub to actually sit still and be quiet for longer than five minutes, then this is for you!


YouTube video

Now is the perfect time to introduce your child to the wonderful world of ballet in the best possible way. Packed with gorgeous sparkly tutus, dazzling dancing and enchanting Tchaikovsky music, this first ballet experience is ideal for girls AND boys. Perfect for a special outing, why not get a group together and make a day of it!

Storytime-Ballet-Sleeping-Beauty-5Storytime-Ballet-Sleeping-Beauty-3Taking into account little attention spans, this exciting production will be under an hour in length and will be interactive. The show will also be narrated by Australian actor, David Wenham to help keep young minds connected to the story as they watch the magic on stage. Budding dance enthusiasts can learn about ballet in fun and engaging pre-show activities and will totally be encouraged to dress up in their favourite ballet-inspired outfits! This show is certainly ticking all the kid-friendly boxes!

Storytime-Ballet-Sleeping-BeautyNow even your littlest big ballet fans will get to enjoy the magic of everyone’s beloved fairytale ballet The Sleeping Beauty. Join the wedding party with Aurora and follow her Prince through the woods to meet their friends and fairytale favourites Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

We reckon this series is going to be a winner and an experience children won’t forget! Expect the steps to continue and little ones to be dancing down the hallway with almost-perfect pirouettes, long after the curtain comes down.



Gold Coast: The Arts Centre- 29 – 30 March
Brisbane:  Brisbane Powerhouse – 1 – 2 April
Caloundra:  The Events Centre – 5 April
Logan:  Logan Entertainment Centre – 7 – 8 April

New South Wales

Parramatta:  Riverside Theatre – 12-13 April
Gosford:  Laycock Street Theatre – 18-19 April
Chatswood: The Concourse – 22-23 April

South Australia

Noarlunga: Hopgood Theatre – 27 April
Adelaide:  Adelaide Festival Theatre – 30 April – 1 May

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Thanks to our friends at the Australian Ballet, we’ve got 1 x Double Pass up for grabs for each state.

Simply complete the entry form below, nominate your preferred location, tell us in the comments WHY you’d love to win and you’re in the running!


Win a Double Pass to Storytime Ballet’s ‘Sleeping Beauty

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  1. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    I love that they are creating shows that i am comfortable to take a child to and not be worried about them ruining the show. i love the beautiful outfits.

  2. Avatar of Melinda Kiss
    Melinda Kiss Reply

    I think these shows are a great idea. Bringing the arts to younger generations and mixing it up with well known children’s stories. I think any youngsters will enjoy these shows.

  3. Avatar of Nicki

    My 6 year old daughter would love to go to the ballet, plus its an excuse to go on a plane from WA

  4. Avatar of Samara McRae
    Samara McRae Reply

    I love how graceful the dancers are. It is so beautiful to watch.

  5. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    My 6 year old niece would absolutely love to see the ballet. It is a magical experience I would love to share with her.

  6. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    I loved the Nut Cracker ballet as a child, I would love to take my grand daughters and introduce them both to the magical and enthralling ballet.

  7. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    I love that Storytime Ballet is for children aged 3 and up. It makes ballet fun and accessible for younger families (like mine).

  8. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary Whitta Reply


  9. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidis Reply

    As a young girl I always dreamed of becoming a ballerina .. This would help relive my fantasy

  10. Avatar of Amelia

    The magical experience. I think every child should have a little magic in their lives.

  11. Avatar of Alex

    I love the idea of ballet specifically for children. As a child I was taken to the ballet and loved it but it was such a long time for a little person to behave themselves!

  12. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    I love that Storytime Ballet is created with little princesses in mind. A beautiful way to unleash the magical inner child in young and old.

  13. Avatar of Tina Hopkinson
    Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Love that it’s all about the children,awesome concept.

  14. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    Seeing it live is a beautiful thing. I believe it brings those feelings of joy and wonder out more so. Its magical

  15. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    So beautiful to have ballet just for children, my daughter would adore seeing this

  16. Avatar of psnc336

    What a beautiful experience to take my daughter to without having to take her into the busy city!

  17. Avatar of Josie Charles
    Josie Charles Reply

    My daughter has started to learn ballet and she would love to go and see a real ballet! It would also be a great mum and daughter outing!! 🙂

  18. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen Hamilton Reply

    My daughter would just love to see this, theatre and dancing are her two favourite things.

  19. Avatar of deb long

    This would be spectacular to watch always been a love of mine , you cant explain how amazing this would be .

  20. Avatar of Danielle Phillips Jarrett
    Danielle Phillips Jarrett Reply

    That it has been created specifically for our little treasures in mind for them to be able to enjoy something so magical as the ballet and understand the storyline of their favourite prince and Princess stories of all time… Would love to be able to have my own little princess experience something as magical as this as she loves ballerinas

  21. Avatar of Nikki Julian
    Nikki Julian Reply

    I think this is the most perfect Idea!! I have been wanting to take my daughter but was reluctant as I thought it would deter her from her ballet thinking it was boring. This sounds like it would be short and exciting and I’m sure she would come away from it looking forward to the day she gets to learn Pointe.

  22. Avatar of Jem

    My oldest child loves sleeping beauty and always has, throw in ballet and it’s a match made in heaven for her!

  23. Avatar of Karla06

    I would love to win this prize for my sister and her son. My nephew started ballet 6 months ago and he absolutely loves it even though he is the only boy in class and I think it would be great for him to see that grown men do ballet too ☺️

  24. Avatar of Angela Ruhland
    Angela Ruhland Reply

    Storytelling Ballet with it’s sparkling dazzle, mesmerizing movement and fairytale stories is the perfect mix for my little minx!

  25. Avatar of Jemma Phillis
    Jemma Phillis Reply

    What a great idea! I love that kids can watch real life Ballerinas on stage and also interact with them, the kids will absolutely love it. My daughter started ballet this year and is obsessed!! I would love to win tickets for the Gold Coast Arts Centre performance to take her in a Mummy/ Daughter day

  26. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Enlightens my kids on the beauty of storytelling through amazing dances and dancers.

  27. Avatar of Lisa

    Magical and mystical…… Two wonders of children’s childhoods that are so necessary!!!!

  28. Avatar of Corinna

    I have never been to see a ballet myself, would so love to share my first time experience of a ballet with my daughter

  29. Avatar of Julie Slagter
    Julie Slagter Reply

    This ballet experience sounds wonderful for my daughter, who loves her ballet lessons. Sleeping Beauty is a much loved story too

  30. Avatar of Sandra Hall
    Sandra Hall Reply

    My daughter has been learning ballet now for just over 6 months and she would love this. I will admire the dancers and also the costumes – as a sewer I think they are spectacular.

  31. Avatar of Chrissy

    I would love for my Granddaughter to go. She loves watching Ballet and she loves the Disney Princesses. Both together would be such a delight for her.

  32. Avatar of Skye Tiernan
    Skye Tiernan Reply

    My daughter Lily Rose has always loved dressing up and dancing! Her 6th Birthday is in April and I think this gorgeous introduction to The Australian Ballet would be an “Mummy and Me” experience we could treasure forever! I love that the Storytime Ballet production has been so thoughtfully considered for children – from the “Sleeping Beauty” theme, the included narrative and age appropriate duration!

  33. Avatar of Adam McDade
    Adam McDade Reply

    good things take time! would love to watch this fairytale come to life with my family

  34. Avatar of Annemarie Looyestyn
    Annemarie Looyestyn Reply

    Demi or grande ,first or second position there is so much to choose ! how about we go with the perfect pointes .

  35. Avatar of Gemma Westacott Blair
    Gemma Westacott Blair Reply

    It’s such a great idea to have the ballet narrated! My daughter loves the ballet but tends to ask me a lot of questions about what’s going on (something that other patrons tend to frown upon unfortunately). By having it narrated, it is explained as we go, so we both can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful show.

  36. Avatar of Liz

    Ive always loved ballet…did it when I was younger until I fell pregnant. .i finally have a girl out of 4… and she absolutely loves ballet too…. she would love to go see this…would be wonderful for us to go watch it together. …xxx

  37. Avatar of Marissa Parsons
    Marissa Parsons Reply

    I love that it brings a traditional form of performance to life for a new generation.

  38. Avatar of Cara Hayward
    Cara Hayward Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves all things dance and this performance is the perfect way to introduce her to live ballet

  39. Avatar of Cara Hayward
    Cara Hayward Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves all things dance and this performance is the perfect way to introduce her to live ballet

  40. Avatar of Agnes Samson Scott
    Agnes Samson Scott Reply

    The fantasy, the magic and wonder…i can already see the breathlessness and awe this will induce in my children. The giddiness and the goosebumps with which the music, the grace of dance and the beauty of costumes will transport them into the world of Aurora will be, in itself mesmerizing; pure rapture. What an amazing experience this would be for all of us.

  41. Avatar of Sarah Adam
    Sarah Adam Reply

    My daughter loves all things ballet and would think this is incredible!

  42. Avatar of Kat Anderson
    Kat Anderson Reply

    My daughter has just started ballet, she is 4 and would love to see this!!

  43. Avatar of Anna Wills-Matthews
    Anna Wills-Matthews Reply

    Wat a great way to introduce kids to the magic of dance.. my 3yo son loves hip hop and tap would love to introduce him and my dtr to the world of ballet.

  44. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    My daughter and neice have been doing ballet for 5 years. I would love to take them to this so they can see what all there hard work and practice can lead to! Such a fantastic idea, I love they have combined some of our favourite fairy tale characters into one exciting show.

  45. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole Strachan Reply

    My youngest daughter is interested in dancing and I’d love to take her to the ballet.

  46. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter is always mesmerized by how graceful and high those ballerinas can jump, light feathers. She loves to watch and admire them!

  47. Avatar of Stacey Jaeschke
    Stacey Jaeschke Reply

    A great way to introduce young children to the ballet.

  48. Avatar of Debbie Dye
    Debbie Dye Reply

    Miss 9 & I Would love to see Sleeping Beauty together, especially because it’s kid friendly & fosters a love of ballet in the young (& young at heart!) ♡

  49. Avatar of Loren

    My girls love to dance and love sleeping beauty.
    This would combine there love of dance and stories while educating them about ballet.

  50. Avatar of Nancy Ruhland
    Nancy Ruhland Reply

    Just the kind of thing to keep my nearly 4 year old grand daughter enthralled and entertained. Her favorite ballet since she was 2 is the Nut Cracker. An experience like that would be pure magic.

  51. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    This would be the most beautiful way to introduce my 6 year old to one of my favourites ‘Sleeping Beauty’. She loves the ballet and would love this story told this way!

  52. Avatar of Kim Worden
    Kim Worden Reply

    My daughters favourite characters all on stage doing ballet! They would be in heaven – sounds like a wonderful way to introduce them to the beauty and magic of ballet.

  53. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate Marconi Reply

    I love that they are short in length so good to entertain kids with short attention spans.

  54. Avatar of melanie murphy
    melanie murphy Reply

    My eldest is just about to turn 10. She would be over the moon to have an opportunity to go to the ballet for the first time for her 10th birthday.

  55. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love that it is all for kids – the narration, the beautiful costumes, the story..everything! My 7 year old niece would absolutely love to go and see this for her birthday!

  56. Avatar of Yesmin Dever
    Yesmin Dever Reply

    What an amazing way to introduce my boys to ballet – lots of familiar characters and the narration will help keep them enthralled. My daughter already adores ballet, so it would be great to be able to go as a family.

  57. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    The best way for kids to be cultured and have appreciation for the arts, ballet for families makes it fun and holds their attention for the performance

  58. Avatar of Michelle Toohey
    Michelle Toohey Reply

    I love the short length and my eldest daughter just completed her own first ballet concert last year and I would love her to see this.

  59. Avatar of Lisa Fairbridge
    Lisa Fairbridge Reply

    I love the fact that its not gender specific like some dance productions and its catered for all ages of children

  60. Avatar of Sara Newling
    Sara Newling Reply

    The very first ballet my Mum took me to see was a narrated story ballet. I could easily follow along and understand the story being told by dance. I would love to do the same for my daughter.

  61. Avatar of Rachel Copeland
    Rachel Copeland Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with ballet. I will definitely be taking her. I hope they do Swan Lake, she is loves Odette 🙂

  62. Avatar of Isabeau Jane
    Isabeau Jane Reply

    I love that kids can have their own little ballet space to watch and learn and be cultured. They can have idols and try to attain their professional level!

  63. Avatar of Amy Quek

    It’ll be a great first ballet experience for children! Fantastic!

  64. Avatar of Maria

    My daughter is a little tomboy and I hope ballet would make her appreciate being a little girl too.

  65. Avatar of Liz Soper

    Just a great way to introduce kids to ballet! I love that they get an opportunity to relate what they learn in their ballet classes to epic story telling.

  66. Avatar of Rosana

    It would be an unforgettable experience to my daughter, who has never been to a theatre, but loves to watch ballet on TV. It would be the highlight of her life so far!

  67. Avatar of Honey

    My daughter loves ballet…loves fairy stories..would be great if she could experience seeing it on stage…

  68. Avatar of Ashley

    My little miss is obsessed with dancing at the moment and as I work full time, our time together isn’t as much as I would like. This would turn into a fantastic day as we would fill it with a coffee date together and getting our nails done. Mummy daughter dates rock!

  69. Avatar of Elisa Fox

    We live on a cattle property and have been in drought for the past 3 years. My little girl has 3 brothers (her baby sister passed away 5 years ago) so a special girly trip for us to the ballet would mean the world to both of us.

  70. Avatar of Helena L

    I love that the language of ballet can transcend age barriers, which means I could bring both my daughter and my mother and all three of us would be equally enchanted.

  71. Avatar of Marianne Douglas
    Marianne Douglas Reply

    I am so happy that I can share my love and passion as a former dancer with my daughter who thinks she is a little ballerina. When I watch her dance and twirl in the loungeroom it makes my heart sing to see that she shares the same dream I did as a little girl.

  72. Avatar of Tracy Anderson
    Tracy Anderson Reply

    We live on a farm and we love it, but sometimes my girls need to see that there is a whole other world out there, and dancing can be part of it. One of my girls has started ballet this year and this show will give her a chance to really see how special dancing can be.

  73. Avatar of Bronwyn Caletti
    Bronwyn Caletti Reply

    My love of the ballet came from my grandmother and i love to now share that with my own daughter.

  74. Avatar of Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen Reply

    It’s for a little girl

    Whose cupboard’s painted pink

    And filled with tulle and feathers

    And tutus to the brink

    She draws pictures of a dancer

    Bouquets thrown at her feet

    An audience bursts into applause

    It’s the career to beat

    Of course, I’d love a ticket too

    I’ve always loved the stage

    And while I won’t wear my own tutu

    On the inside, I’ll ignore my age

  75. Avatar of Chloe B

    My lovely little girl is all about ballerinas, princesses, magic, fairies, dress ups, etc… It is such a magical age and I would love for her to enjoy such a wonderful show… And it will be something we can share together, just the two of us 🙂

  76. Avatar of Christina

    My girls love ballet, especially when it has a princess story theme. They could sit and watch it all day, trying to dance as well.

  77. Avatar of Kelly Sellick
    Kelly Sellick Reply

    I love the fact that I can take my daughter to enjoy a show we would both love, without the fear of judgement!

  78. Avatar of Allira Newlands
    Allira Newlands Reply

    My daughter is fascinated with ballet and would absolutely love this.

  79. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    It is a beautiful way to bring to life fairytales for little ones.I would love to take my little miss wearing her purple tutu.

  80. Avatar of Lauren G

    My 3 year old daughter is crazy about ballet but I worry about the length of the shows. This would be wonderful, and obviously age appropriate!

  81. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie Louise Reply

    My 13 year old daughter is fascinated with ballet, and aspires to be a professional ballet dancer. We would love to go and see this show!!

  82. Avatar of Lacey Burns
    Lacey Burns Reply

    It’s fantastic that they have made a ballet performance short enough to be able to be enjoyed by young ones as well as looking like an amazing experience for adults too!

  83. Avatar of Stephanie H Beauchamp
    Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    I love dance and so do my girls. We would love to see how they put this traditional story into a masterpiece performance

  84. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian Harridge Reply

    Its simpy magical, beautiful and makes you feel happy. Dance is brilliant.

  85. Avatar of Jess Lunniss-Read
    Jess Lunniss-Read Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to this show. I love the theatre and would love to share this with her – she is crazy about ballet and since we can’t find ballet lessons in our regional town I would love for her to see this so it keeps her enthusiasm up!

  86. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna Reinhard Reply

    My angel is a little dancer I would love to take her to her first ballet esp before I go blind from my brain disease I wish I could afford her to do lessons till then I’d love her to just watch a performance

  87. Avatar of Andrea Lloyd
    Andrea Lloyd Reply

    My daughter is four and just started ballet with a professional ballet academy. She loves showing me all of her little moves and would dance all day if she could. She would LOVE this!

  88. Avatar of Annette Fuller
    Annette Fuller Reply

    My 7 year old daughter Crystal lives in her own little fairytale. Her favourite Princess is sleeping beauty and she insists on our whole family calling her by the name of Aurora. She started ballet lessons when she was two and since then she has danced her way into it lives filling it with joy and laughter. It would be amazing to take her to see her two favourite things on a big stage. (And just quietly her mummy has always wanted to see a real life ballet too. ) 😉

  89. Avatar of Koreena

    My little sparkly ballerina and I would love a “big girls” trip away together 🙂

  90. Avatar of sars_angelchik
    sars_angelchik Reply

    I love that it is still skillful dancers, but aimed so that children can still find it interesting and exciting- I find it so dull taking my daughter to shows that are overly silly. This is something that we can all enjoy!

  91. Avatar of Melissa Chamberlain
    Melissa Chamberlain Reply

    With 3 young daughters who do ballet this would be a dream come true for them, with one waiting with bated breath for the day she is old enough to wear pointes and another holding out to do contemporary this show would be a breathtaking experience for them

  92. Avatar of Blair Roberts
    Blair Roberts Reply

    My daughter would love this!! and I cant lie I would to!

  93. Avatar of Lara Hamlyn
    Lara Hamlyn Reply

    A fabulous idea allowing our littlest ballerinas to get a taste of what the ‘big’ ballerinas do. It gives more depth to their weekly lessons and continues to educate and inspire a love of the arts.

  94. Avatar of Olivia Tisato
    Olivia Tisato Reply

    I can’t wait to begin the tradition of going to the ballet with my daughter, just as my mum did with me! My daughter loves her ballet classes & I hope she shares my love of the theatre when she grows up ❤️

  95. Avatar of Danae

    I saw a ballet performance when I was a teenager and loved it! My daughter used to do ballet and I have been waiting for her to be old enough to take her to see the ballet but this sounds PERFECT! Some of her favourite characters too ☺

  96. Avatar of Zuzi

    My daughter loves ballet, she dreams of being a ballerina, she practically sleeps in her tutu, this would be soooo awesome.

  97. Avatar of Ashley

    I’ve started taking my 6yo to musicals and she loves is. This ballet looks like it would be a great introduction to little girls. We will be sure to check it out regardless of wether we win tickets or not

  98. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    A fairy tale come true, LITERATUREly enchanting. My kids would love it!

  99. Avatar of Danielle Hevers
    Danielle Hevers Reply

    My little girl turns 6 in a fortnight and began ballet this term. She is obsessed and I know would love to see this performance 🙂

  100. Avatar of Joni Langos
    Joni Langos Reply

    I love that they have taken into consideration a childs attention span by keeping it short and interactive. At the same time the enchanting dancing and music also appeals to adults. Perfect for a special family outing.

  101. Avatar of Samantha

    I love that it incorporates all the different stories into one beautiful ballet!

  102. Avatar of Helln78

    I love how the Storytime ballet combines all the things my daughter loves, dancing, princesses, sparkles and tutus! She would be in heaven watching this ballet!

  103. Avatar of Isabelle

    The ballet is something everyone should witness young and old and I love that they have adapted it to young children. My girls would absolutely love to watch a ballet that is aimed at them; characters that they know and love, beautiful dancing and a show- what could be better.

  104. Avatar of Kit Man HA HAU
    Kit Man HA HAU Reply

    Really want my little one to experience ballet and see how beautiful ballet can be.

  105. Avatar of Abby H

    The beautiful costumes and beautiful dancing.My 3 year old watches in awe at ballet dancers.

  106. Avatar of Kerry

    I would love to take my daughter she has been doing ballet for 3 years. She would so love to see the dancing & of course the beautiful costumes.

  107. Avatar of Rosaria

    My daughter and I haven’t been to the ballet before but we love everything about this event. The ballerinas, the dancing, the fairytale, the costumes and from watching the preview, the music. I’m certain this will be a magical production.

  108. Avatar of Alex

    I only have boys so I’d like them to learn to love the ballet so they can join me later in life too!

  109. Avatar of Amy Louise Price
    Amy Louise Price Reply

    The dancing performance lets the magic shine and you feel that in our hearts

  110. Avatar of SCOTT BRUNSKILL

    I love that it is an alternate concept of children’s entertainment….an excellent way of introducing young ones to the arts,,,,,I’d love my grandchildren to see this

  111. Avatar of Trudy Thompson
    Trudy Thompson Reply

    I think it is more magical. Like you are actually apart of the story

  112. Avatar of rachel

    My daughter and i saw a preview to the show online and she turned to me with wide, wide, eyes and said, “IT SAYS I CAN WEAR MY TUTU!!!!!! MUM!!! CAN WE GO PLEASE?!WE HAVE TO GO, I’LL DO EVERY JOB YOU WANT ME TO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!” (actually, i made that last sentence up, i thought that would be where she was headed, she was so excited, she was jumping up and down on the spot, i haven’t seen her this excited since she got frozen on dvd for her birthday.) i’d love to win because i want to take her to something that she’ll really enjoy and remember for a long time also, it will encourage her creativity!
    (incidentally, that tutu was the best $3 i’ve ever spent on anything in an opshop)

  113. Avatar of Alisha Kinnell
    Alisha Kinnell Reply

    My daughter struggles with anxiety and is very shy but she has found a love of ballet, whenever she is in her ballet class she is at her happiest, the moment she puts her tutu on the world is perfect in her eyes, it would be wonderful to take her to watch these beautiful dancers who were once little girls just like her

  114. Avatar of Monique Hirst
    Monique Hirst Reply

    Everything about it sounds great! I will enjoy it just as much as I know my daughter will! Love that it is interactive and not too long.

  115. Avatar of austhome

    Its freshness, like a breath of fresh air on a summer’s day

  116. Avatar of sarar

    ballet allows children to communicate their feelings and develop wonderful concentration habits and allows them to put movement to story- interpret

  117. Avatar of Jann Trapp
    Jann Trapp Reply

    My granddaughter will actually love this,as she really enjoys her lessons now.

  118. Avatar of Alyssa Tepania
    Alyssa Tepania Reply

    My daughter has been doing ballet since 2012 when she was just 2.5yrs old. She had her first big concert on the Riverside Theatre (Parramatta) stage last year and would love to see her first proper ballet on the same stage! Sleeping Beauty is both hers & my favourite fairytale too!

  119. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrands Reply

    Ballet is so graceful and i know a couple of little girls that would just looooove it

  120. Avatar of Joanna H

    I would love to share this with my nearly 5 year old for her birthday. She loves dancing and would love this special treat with mummy!

  121. Avatar of Narelle

    My daughter loves Ballet so I’d love to take her to her first show. I think it will really hold her attention being based on a story she knows.

  122. Avatar of tracywed

    I love That a well known story from my childhood is spelled out through Ballet

  123. Avatar of Christine

    I haven’t been to the ballet for many years, what a gorgeous show to go to

  124. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I would love the reminder of doing ballet as a child, it would be thrilling and so beautiful to see the ballet again after all these years.

  125. Avatar of Nicole

    Taking children to see the theatre and ballet is broadning their horizons and experiences.

  126. Avatar of Jess

    My 5yr old daughter does ballet and has never seen a ballet concert before. I would love for her to be able to experience this performance and be inspired to take her ballet somewhere special.

  127. Avatar of Julie Close
    Julie Close Reply

    It would be wonderful to take my two boys to see the ballet and give them a bit of culture … something that we’re sadly often lacking in the small regional coastal town that we live in in Northern NSW.

  128. Avatar of makkis

    My daughter loves ballet and i can’t wait to see the excitement in her eyes!

  129. Avatar of Nicola S

    I’d love to take my son to see some ballet. He’s very strong and agile and I think he’d be really good at it, if he can be persuaded that it’s not just for girls!

  130. Avatar of Rae Coburn
    Rae Coburn Reply

    I have a 5 year old daughter who not only loves ballet, but theatrical productions as well. It would be magical for her to experience Sleeping Beauty as her first live ballet performance! I can just imagine the replays that would occur in our lounge room 🙂

  131. Avatar of Natalie Kang
    Natalie Kang Reply

    I’d love my little girl to live the magic that is the ballet! I can just picture her being in awe of the production and wanting to be just like the ballerinas on stage!

  132. Avatar of Sharon Lorman
    Sharon Lorman Reply

    I’d like my son to experience what ballet is about for him to realise it’s not just for girls and is a cultured past time.

  133. Avatar of Sarah Carswell
    Sarah Carswell Reply

    It would be an amazing thing to take my daughter to. It would have her captivated and we would both love it!

  134. Avatar of Sarah

    Being able to share the magic of Ballet with my three year olds and watching the story that my own little girl was named after would be wonderful!

  135. Avatar of Sharnee

    Ballet so close to home…what a magical experience it would be

  136. Avatar of Michelle Clayton
    Michelle Clayton Reply

    I have always loved the ballet & with a little ballerina at home I’d love to be able to share with experience with her.

  137. Avatar of Alison Roberts
    Alison Roberts Reply

    I think it would be a great thing to take my son to. Ballet is for everyone, not just girls. And I love that little kids can enjoy this one even more.

  138. Avatar of ElkeH

    I would absolutely love to take my son to the ballet! He loves watching dance performance. It brings back so many memories from when i was a kid!

  139. Avatar of Katrina Mudronja
    Katrina Mudronja Reply

    My daughter and I would both love a day out together to watch some beautiful ballerinas

  140. Avatar of Jane Whitelaw
    Jane Whitelaw Reply

    the costumes look superb. all the magic and perfection of an adult ballet packaged to bring the wonder and joy to our junior ballerinas

  141. Avatar of Helen Cooper
    Helen Cooper Reply

    I love how the Storytime Ballet understands that young audiences have short attention spans and want to join in too! My daughter just loves being involved in ballet, dancing and anything musical. I’m sure she would have a ball!

  142. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    A magical fairytale filled performance that my daughter would adore and a great excuse for a mother-daughter holiday to Adelaide!

  143. Avatar of Cherie Stokes
    Cherie Stokes Reply

    I’ve only ever seen ballet on the TV but have had people tell me how magical it is live. I would love to see it for myself 🙂

  144. Avatar of MeganH

    I love the idea of introducing my daughter to the ballet at such a young age and that it will be targeted to the child audience. I think she would love it!

  145. Avatar of Katrina Stubbs
    Katrina Stubbs Reply

    I love culture and all facets of the arts sleeping beauty is a timeless classic and this would be an.amazing show

  146. Avatar of Elisha Watson
    Elisha Watson Reply

    My daughter has just started ballet classes and this would be a divine way to show her what’s possible if she works really hard 🙂 and also for her to enjoy the magic of the show 🙂

  147. Avatar of Runey

    My girl is just getting into dance and I would love to introduce her to ballet

  148. Avatar of M. Choi

    I love how the elegance and beauty of Storytime Ballet engage the children to dream that anything is possible. I would love to see this happen to my daughter.

  149. Avatar of Karly

    Fairies, princes and princesses – the stuff of fairy tales (and so many bed time stories over the years!) are made of. We could attend Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

  150. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    Storytime Ballet is perfect for little kids who love to dance and be entertained. Storytime gets that little people can’t sit still for long, they love to get involved with the dancing, little people also have shorter attention spans. Having David Wenham narrate the story will help keep the kids interested.

  151. Avatar of Patrycja

    My daughter is 5 soon and she loves watching ballerinas on TV. She dances and dreams of becoming one in the future. I hope this show would help her understand that everything is possible in life and dream can become a reality one day.

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