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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve run out of toilet paper. Just before my kid calls out, “Mum, come wipe my bum.” And it’s always when the last thing I feel like doing is jumping into the car and going to the shops.

And it’s not just toilet paper. Oh no. It’s all sorts of super handy things. Like baby wipes. Nappies. Enough shampoo to last a full week (which, let’s face it, is impossible when your child insists on making magic potions in the bath every night).

Thanks to a new online retail store and instant delivery service called GimmeNow, these #BusyMum dilemmas are officially a thing of the past.

GimmeNow is kind of like a food delivery service, but instead of delivering food to your door, GimmeNow can drop you off anything you need. It’s more than just a food or a gift delivery service – it’s an anything-you-need retail space and instant delivery service – an online store where anything can be purchased and delivered.

The service covers the end-to-end shopping experience in one single place and works with local providers to allow for quick dispatch and delivery. Cool right??!

Gifts, nappies, medicine, party supplies … anything you need, at your door, in just 2 hours 

“Anything I need” Like anything?


I mean, pretty much! Okay, so they aren’t going to be able to drop off a Picasso painting or the surviving members of The Beatles for same-day delivery, but, their catalogue of products is incredibly extensive.

  • A last-minute newborn outfit when you realised you’ve forgotten all about your cousin’s baby shower tomorrow morning? Yep.
  • A thermometer and bottle of Panadol when your baby suddenly spikes a fever? Certainly.


  • A torch for when your child tells you he lost his old one, ONE day before he’s going to school camp? Yah uh.
  • A board game or a craft kit for your little one who is stuck at home with a nasty cough? Of course!
  • A laptop when yours breaks and you’ve got a presentation due the next day? You bet.
  • Makeup? Party supplies? Wine glasses? Bath products? Tampons? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.
  • Washing detergent, toothbrushes, bed sheets? Yes, yes, yes and more yes.


Heck, you can get a pillow protector, a child’s car seat AND a drone delivered to your door, in less than two hours. I know, you may not ever need all three of these items, most likely never at once, but hey, IT CAN BE DONE. 

The easiest way to shop. Ever. 

GimmeNow is designed for the millions of Australian families who are sometimes too busy to remember ALL the things. Busy families who are time-poor, tired, only have one vehicle, perhaps have a newborn at home who just ran out of nappies, are faced with an emergency, or all of the above and more.

Ones that simply cannot get the things they need at the drop of a hat.

Whether you’re working late, have sick kids at home or have a newborn attached to your boob. Whether you’re run off your feet or simply too comfortable to get off your butt, GimmeNow is literally a click away.

Instant Delivery service - GimmeNow
No nappies and a napping infant? No worries! Source: Bigstock

From everyday staples to gift delivery

They have almost anything available to purchase online, and some at massively discounted prices! Baby products, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, homewares and electronics, just to name a few.

A quick look at the specials and you’ll see there are some seriously good bargains out there, which are great for Christmas gifts too:

  • Infasecure Car Seat – $200 off
  • Fisher Price Jumperoo – 33% off
  • Radiant Laundry Detergent for $5 – that’s 50% cheaper than what I usually pay at the supermarket
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for $299. They retail for nearly $400
  • Zero-X Polaris HD Drone with Wi-Fi – $75 – that’s 50% off

And even better, they stock so many great brand names too – Breville, Huggies, BabyLove,  Microsoft, Braun, Lego, Sony, Samsung and Medela to name a few.

How GimmeNow works 

The whole process is so easy too. Simply shop either through their app or online store, and receive instant confirmation, processing, and collection by their first available shoppers. The online store works with local shops to provide quick dispatch and delivery and provide its customers with an end-to-end shopping experience.

Same Day Delivery GimmeNow
Source: GimmeNow

You can track your instant delivery all the way to your door and, best of all, you don’t have to listen to the self-serve checkout tell you there’s an unexpected item in your bagging area. NO. THERE. IS. NOT.

And none of this same-day delivery stuff either – GimmeNow gets it to you in two hours. Tops.

Sign up now, use whenever you like and save $10 

Whether you’re stuck on the couch with a newborn who’s FINALLY asleep or simply can’t be stuffed to put on pants and deal with the crowds and the growing cost of fuel, GimmeNow has got it covered.

instant delivery with GimmeNow
Source: GimmeNow

GimmeNow currently services Melbourne and its surroundings with the plan to expand soon. So if you’re in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs, you’ve got to give it a go.

Even if you don’t need to shop at GimmeNow right this second, we suggest registering anyway as they’re offering $10 OFF your first purchase with FREE 2-hour delivery. You really never know when it could come in handy!

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