Finally, Someone Who Listens AND Does What You Ask! Who Wants One?

Ever wished there was someone in your home you could just bark orders at? And they’d do exactly what they were told every single time…?  

They’re probably helpful. Carry some of the ‘mum load’ and make your life a little easier. Even better if they looked like George Clooney.

Well, until you win Lotto and your full-sized, butler-man-servant arrives … Google Home could easily fill at least some of your wistful womanly demands.

Launched in Australia just this week, Google Home is a smart music speaker that you command with your voice. Not only does it pump your favourite tunes but it’s able to control devices around your house. All because you told it to. And unlike ‘some’ members of your home, you won’t need to nag them again and again…

Heck, it’ll even help you with language translations, recipes and SO much more!

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Sure, it’s not actually George Clooney but it is remarkably good looking and conveniently stands only 14cm tall. It works by being always ‘on’ so to have it respond you begin your phrase with a command such as “Ok Google” and he’ll snap to attention.

mum centralSo, you’re wondering what he can do for you right? Well, here’s four of our favourite commands… 

Never get off the couch again!

Google Home will work with Stan, Netflix and YouTube on Chromecast-enabled televisions. This means he’ll be able to turn on your TV and start your fave shows for you.

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Don’t wear out your nails – no more touching pesky switches!

Paired with smart-home gadgets, Google Home can turn on the lights, heating and automated devices such as blinds or garage doors. Instead of yelling at the kids to turn off the lights 27 times, you can just yell direct to Google Home. At least he won’t ignore you and keep playing Candy Crush.

Feel Soooooo VIP with your own private DJ!

Remember the days when you needed stilettos, a hot outfit and a friend who knew someone to just get past the door on a trendy night club? Forget it girl, you’re friends with the in-house DJ now. Google Home links with YouTube Music, as well as subscription services such as Spotify and Google Play Music. So when you say ‘Hey Google, play Justin Timberlake for me’ he’ll do just that…

mum centralGet some ‘people’ with your personal secretary!

You know the ‘my people will talk to your people‘ kind? Google Home is that. Partner him with your phone and he’ll do the dialling for you. You can even link him with up to 6 email accounts and use him as your personal event manager. “OK Google, what do I have to do today?” will see him read you your calendar while you’re stirring your morning coffee.

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So, who’ll love Google Home? Heck! Pretty much everyone.

Wouldn’t you love having someone (or at least something) in your place that listened to your every word, existed to please you and made you feel fabulous?

Well, you can. Google Home is just $199 and on sale now.

#Mumlife reality, however, is that your four-year-old will commandeer your new gadget, learn how to use it more efficiently than you, teach it to turn on endless episodes of Peppa Pig and ensure the Wiggles blast through the still of night at 3am. Enjoy! 

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