Win $500 Worth of Hape Toys – Quality, Educational Toys Kids Love!

Known for their beautiful toys, designed to encourage fun and inspire learning, Hape is the world-leading educational toy brand and one of the largest producers of wooden toys.  Here’s your chance to make their Christmas extra happy with an amazing bundle of educational toys from the award-winning Hape range!

All of their products and toys meet the strictest national and international standards of quality and safety and use responsible material sourcing, including green packing and soy-based paints to minimise the impact on the environment.

Plus, they are built to last for years and years, and develop important skills – fine motor skills, problem-solving, self-discovery and so much more!

Hape Toys Cogworks
Hape toys are some of the best in terms of quality, design, and sustainability. Source: UGames Australia

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We’ve got 3 x Hape Toys Prize Packs up for grabs for 3 lucky Mum Central families.  One for kids aged 18 months and 2 for kids ages 3 years plus!  All are designed to encourage imagination and creativity.

Prize Pack One – suitable for 18 months +

  • Hape Musical Cloud Light 0mnths+ $39.95
  • Hape Musical Whale Fountain 18mnths+ $59.95
  • Hape Tubing Pull Back Boat 18mnths+ $19.95
Hape Toys Prizepack 1
Source: UGames Australia

Prize Pack Two – suitable 3 years +

  • Hape Learn With Lights Piano & Stool (black) 3+yrs $199.95
Hape Toys Prizepack 2
Source: UGames Australia

Prize Pack Three – suitable 3 years +

  • Hape Cupcakes 3+yrs $29.95
  • Hape Human Body Puzzle 4yrs+ $49.95
  • Hape Interactive Happy Birthday Cake 3+yrs $64.95
  • Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset 3+yrs $54.95
Hape Toys Prizepack 3
Source: UGames Australia

Scroll down to put your name down to win!

But first, let’s take a look at the new line of Hape toys, which make great Christmas gifts for newborns all the way to preschoolers. If you’ve got a little one on your shopping list, it’s Hape to the rescue!

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1. Hape Musical Cloud Light

Suitable for newborns and up, this lovely little night light doubles as a soothing music player and can easily go anywhere you go!

Hape Toys Cloud
Attach it to the cot, capsule or pram and keep your little one entertained on the go. Source: UGames Australia

It comes with 8 soothing melodies to encourage sleep as well as a soft heartbeat and natural rain sound effects. There’s also a night light that will automatically turn off from 1 to 20 minutes, depending on the baby’s sleep patterns. Choose from three lighting settings too – bright, weak, and gentle pulse, totally customized to how your little one sleeps best. 

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Hape Musical Cloud Light retails for under $40! Source: UGames Australia

During the day the cloud also acts as a fun toy to pull and play with. And see the three raindrops … yellow, blue and red? Simply pull the blue raindrop to turn it on, pull the red raindrop to adust the melody and pull the yellow raindrop to adjust the lighting options. So simple!

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2. Hape Musical Whale Fountain 

One of the things we love about Hape is that a lot of their toys bring the element of music into our little ones’ lives. The Hape Musical Whale Fountain is just one of the many toys that let them discover the joy of sounds.

There are two ways to play – simply press down on the whales to play them like piano keys – Do, Re, Mi, So, La. Or watch the water spray from their’ backs and dance to the music. Either way, it’s sure to be a whale of a time!


Hape Toys Musical Whales
The Hape Musical Whale Fountain comes with strong suction cups to stick to the tub. Source: UGames Australia

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3. Hape Tubing Pull Back Boat 

Another bubbly bath toy is the Hape Tubing Pull Back Boat ($19.95) which brings the simple ‘pull back’ motion to life in the bath. Pull the teddy back and the boat will paddle along until the bear reaches the boat again.

Kids will love pulling teddy back over and over again and discovering one of their very first physics lessons on cause and effect.

All Hape bath toys are free from BPA and phthalate and designed to withstand water damage. Both the above Hape toys are designed for tots 18months+.

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Source: UGames Australia

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4. Hape Cupcakes

The ideal set for pretend play, the Hape Cupcakes ($29.95) set is as sweet as it gets.

This wooden play set is durable and beautifully designed and features four cupcakes together with a range of spectacular toppings. Kids will have great fun fitting the candle, fruits and wafer., you can expect plenty of delicious tea parties with this clever little set. 

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Create yummy cupcakes with all the toppings over and over again. Source: UGames Australia

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mum central

5. Hape Interactive Happy Birthday Cake

Pair your cupcakes with a birthday cake, and not just any old birthday cake. The Hape Interactive Happy Birthday Cake ($64.95) takes your next party to a whole new level. It sings the Happy Birthday song and even comes with electric candles that light up.

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Every day is a birthday with the Hape interactive birthday cake! Source: UGames Australia

Blow into the holes around the candle to see the light go out and hear cheering, applause and happy birthday wishes. The set comes with a wooden cake and six slices to divvy up to the guests. Plus a cardboard hat for the special birthday child, a cake slicer, three chocolate wafers and three slices of strawberry.


Hape Toys Birthday Cake
A sleighful of Hape toys awaits! Source: UGames Australia

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6. Hape Human Body Puzzle 

There’s a lot to love about this extra educational toy that encourages problem-solving and self-awareness. Not only is it huge and designed for small hands, but it also comes with 50 anatomy puzzle pieces and 3D organs to add on top so children can learn all about the human body.

This is a great gift for any little one who loves puzzles and a fun activity to do together.

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Hape’s Human Body Puzzle is recommended for children 4+ and retails for $49.95. Source: UGames Australia

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mum central

7. Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset 

If you’re after something that going to get those little minds working, then this Cogworks Experimental Playset ($54.95) is a winner! It’s one of our favourite STEM toys on the market and comes with six different cardboard backgrounds to explore.

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Bright, bold and built to last. Source: UGames Australia

Children will love placing the pins, cogs and cardboard decorations on one of the six backgrounds and spinning the gears to watch their creations come to life. The set comes with six cogs, six cardboard backgrounds, seven cardboard decorations, 100 colourful pins, and one plastic box with a wooden cover.

The cardboard backgrounds include a steerable car, ticking clock, fire-breathing dragon, waving robot, whirring submarine and rocket launch.

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Great for quiet time and entertaining baby brothers. Source: UGames Australia

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8. Hape Learn with Lights Piano and Stool

We’ve actually saved the best gift for last. Meet the Hape Learn with Lights Piano and Stool ($199.95). This stunning little piano not only adds elegance to any playroom but encourages your little musician.

Hape piano
It looks and works just like a real piano – only mini and it’s just the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Source: UGames Australia

Little Mozarts can follow the light-up keys to learn how to play, and when they are more confident, they can select their own instrument and play along to one of the six stylized accompanying tunes and eight drum beats with adjustable tempos.

mum central
The Hape Learn with Lights Piano hits all the right notes! Source: UGames Australia

Designed for three years and up, this toy will bring them years of musical fun and advancement as they get older. There are 15 demo tunes and even a recording function so they can make their own music. So cool, right??!!

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Hape toys for happy tots

Shop the Hape toys range at most good toy retailers and educational stores including  Ed Resources, Targetthe Iconic and Amazon. There are so many more toys to explore – dollhouses, train sets, balance bikes, puzzles, arts and crafts and so much more.

Hape toys, happy tots giveaway
Check out all the Hape toys! Source: UGames Australia

All Hape toys encourage social skills, imagination, creativity, and problem-solving, while their hands-on nature helps to build fine motor skills. We have no doubt they’ll make a lovely addition to any nursery, playroom, backyard or bathtub.

We honestly love the Hape toys range and, if you haven’t already discovered this lovely brand, make this Christmas the year you do so!

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Be sure to also enter to WIN all of the featured Hape toys listed above.

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Enter to win 1 of 3 Hape Toys Prize Packs, total value $519.60

Featuring a sleigh full of great educational toys for children 0-4+, our 3 Hape prize packs feature:

PRIZE 1 – 18 months
Hape Musical Cloud Light 0mnths+ $39.95
Hape Musical Whale Fountain 18mnths+ $59.95
Hape Tubing Pull Back Boat 18mnths+ $19.95

PRIZE 2 –  3 years +
Hape Learn With Lights Piano & Stool (black) 3+yrs $199.95

PRIZE 3 – 3 years+
Hape Cupcakes 3+yrs $29.95
Hape Human Body Puzzle 4yrs+ $49.95
Hape Interactive Happy Birthday Cake 3+yrs $64.95
Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset 3+yrs $54.95

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and we could be calling out your name! GOOD LUCK! 


This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Spring Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

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