Hey muggles, who’s a Harry Potter fan? Well, if your kids are, we’ve got 6 box sets of the magical movies up for grabs.


The books made a splash (okay, way more than a splash) with readers across the world. With more than 400 million copies sold across the globe, no one’s doubting that the major popularity of the series. And, of course, the success for J.K. Rowling and her Harry didn’t stop there.


Starting in 2001, with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Rowling’s fantastical world came to life on the big screen. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets followed a year later. In 2004 came Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the next year. But, that’s not all! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix hit theatres in 2007, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in 2009 and the final two (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2) made their way to the fans in 2010 and 2011 respectively.


So, if your little wizard is a fan of the books, the movies might just be the next step. That said, if your family has already seen one of the movies (or more than a few) it’s still likely that watching them over and over again is on the agenda.



Before you run out and buy the entire series on DVD (or, more likely, order them online), check out what we have for you! That’s right, we’re giving away the new 8-film collection.

Hogwarts fans, this comes with much more than just the movies (even though those are the best part!).

The 16 disc collection also includes two collectible Hogwarts maps, a set of eight magical creature cards and eight discs of extra content.



What? You’re thinking you totally want this box-set for your Harry Potter fanatic. We’ve got 6 of them to give away. 3 x DVD and 3 x Blu-Ray thanks to Roadshow Entertainment.

To be in the running, simply complete the entry form below and tell us (in the comments) why your child adores the magical world of Harry Potter and you could be one of our lucky winners! They’re valued at around $120 each so a nice little contribution to the Xmas present list don’t you think?!  GOOD LUCK!!

Win 1 of 6 Harry Potter Box Sets – Choose from DVD & Blu-Ray!


Erica Loop is a mum, parenting writer and educator with an MS in child development. Along with writing for websites such as PBS Parents, care.com, Scary Mommy, mom.me, Modern Mom, education.com and others, she also is the creator of a kids' activities and art blog.


  1. Richard Harrison Reply

    I love the sense that there’s always a place you belong, that family doesn’t end with blood and that magic and wonder is real

  2. John Kennedy Reply

    It’s a magical place where our children can disappear from the nasties of the outside world and dream of something special.

  3. Natalie Skinner Reply

    I love that Harry Potter got my kids reading books without me having to hassle them to read more!

  4. I love that the standard ordinary boy was naturally wonderful and never had to drown out his beliefs… AND he could fly a mean broom!!

  5. Carol Mason Reply

    Would really like to educate my grandchildren into the wonderful mystical magical world of Harry Potter & teach them to let their imagination run wild

  6. Chrissie Dattilo Reply

    Absolutely love harry potter! I loved the series as a kid and now my daughter is obsessed with harry potter too! The dvd’s would be a great xmas present!

  7. Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    My youngest son was not into reading but when the Harry Potter craze started he asked for the book , well that was the start of hid reading and love of books. l love Harry Potter as l think there is a bit of mystery and magic in all our lives

  8. My daughter and I share our love of the Harry Potter world together. I love that we share this. I also love the that the books teach the value of friendship.

  9. Valerie Wee Reply

    I love to watch the kids with the magic powers. It gives us a broad imagination in our world.

  10. The friendships, the magic and the fight of Good vs Evil makes the Harry Potter movies so watchable!

  11. EVERYTHING!! I absolutely love the books and the movies and am so happy both my girls love Harry Potter as much as I do. I love that one of the main characters, Hermione, is a girl who is very smart and proud of it! I love the strong friendships and good always beating evil in the end. I love the magic that gets the imagination whirring. As I said before I just love EVERYTHING about Harry Potter!

  12. They are books you can’t put down. Great characters and stories and they really let your imagination run wild.

  13. shelbyward Reply

    Harry Potter allows me to indulge in a world so magical and to truly believe again. I guess he unlocks the door to my childhood – it has always been there – I just didn’t have the key.

  14. Alyce Walpole Reply

    The magic and wonder it evokes! Plus its great for movie marathon nights!

  15. I love the interesting characters. I especially love Minerva McGonagall, she believes in the power of women. To me, mental strength and intelligence are sexy, and I’d much rather be wise than hot.

  16. What I love most is that they are ordinary kids, not the popular, loudest or most good looking that have the power locked within themselves and are always learning to reveal and use it wisely with kindness. Great entertaining life lessons that I’m happy for my kids and myself to watch over again with pleasure.

  17. Cindy Nickels Reply

    I loved the closeness of storytime, with my son snuggled into my side on the couch riveted to the next exciting installment of Harry, Hermione and Ron. Such a special time of our lives. Now that same son is expecting his first child and I can watch all the films with my new grandbaby and start another generation of Harry Potter fans.

  18. Lauren barnes Reply

    I am looking forward to devouring the Harry Potter books with my son who is nearly old enough to have them read to him. I like the imagination Harry Potter brings to it’s readers.

  19. Christina E Reply

    My kids are crazy about Harry Potter. I love how it is created with a bit for every age group but allows kids to understand the values of friendship & hard work.

  20. I love the storyline and how you become so involved with the characters. These novels can be thanked for encouraging so many children to read.

  21. Kaylene Giff Reply

    My 6yo is a huge fan….she thinks Harry Potter is cute and makes her own potions at home!

  22. Sara Johnston Reply

    I love the mixture of magic & reality,
    I love the jokes and tricks so silly.
    The characters that we come to love,
    The ones we’ve lost that look down from above.
    Harry Potter is my wonderful escape,
    From reality, yet still I manage to relate.
    It makes me laugh, opens the mind;
    Harry Potter is truly one of a kind!

  23. Jenny Bishop Reply

    Hogwarts is a great place to escape too and Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Malfoy, Hagrid, Dobby, Snape, Peeves, everyone in the books is like a friend!

  24. Carey Hyde Reply

    Both my daughter and I love the books and the movies. Usually I don’t think a movie is as good as the books but the Harry Potter movies are the exception. Last year my daughter stated she wanted to go to Hogwarts to start year 7- had to disappoint her and tell her we are muggles!!

  25. Karen Holding Reply

    I love that it encourages the imagination of my nephew and lets him dream that all things are possible

  26. Sophia Meyer Reply

    We love that the world of Harry Potter makes us believe in magic. We want to be a part of that world and getting to immerse ourselves in the books and movies makes it feel possible.

  27. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I love its magical effects, incredible journey and lasting friendships in this Harry Potter series. It engages and stimulates, truly an amazing series for the whole family!

  28. Janine McNaughton Reply

    We love the Harry Potter books and films because JK Rowling knows how to keep kids gripped with her wonderful writing ability and great storytelling. It allows kids to let their imaginations run wild and the films don’t disappoint either.

  29. I love that it’s such a complete world, it’s so easy to immerse yourself in because everything is so detailed.

  30. Paula Harris Reply

    My kids grew up with Harry and were over the moon when the movies came out. My sister’s kids (yup the gifted ones in the family) were reading the books fluently at 3 years old.

  31. I still remember the moment I opened the first page on the first book many years ago, it transported me to a magical world where differences were accepted, journeys were shared and good vs evil. Since then I have been a massive fan and love that I can now share my love with my family. I can honestly say Harry kept me sane during my year 12 exams!

  32. Sarah Turnbull Reply

    I love Harry Potter as it is for all ages and our whole family loves watching it together.

  33. my son is absolutely obsessed! It has really got him into reading. Fantastic adventure!

  34. A family friendly character that is not only a fun role model but a great example of perseverance, dedication and loyalty

  35. My mum and I love the world of Harry Potter and even though neither of us our children we both enjoy the movies and the bond it brings us together with.

  36. My kids are now at an age were they are starting to really enjoy Harry Potter and it dosent scare them any more

  37. Being taken on an adventure, fascinates, charms, dazzles and allures

  38. Alison O'Gorman Reply

    The books are great the movies are great and everyone young and old enjoys watching the splendor.

  39. Harry Potter got my son reading! He now has found the love of reading & it’s all due to Harry & his friends.

  40. Julie Hodsman Reply

    I have been hanging to watch these with the kids. Just waiting for them to be a bit older. They will love the mystery and magic of each adventure

  41. kathy clark Reply

    as, I LOVE how Magical Harry is and reminds me of when i was a child thinking everything was magical

  42. Lucrezia Cecchi Reply

    How they formed a bond in friendship. And stood by each other no matter what was thrown at them

  43. Pamela Singleton Reply

    I love that Harry Potter believes in himself, an Excellent example for kids, It’s all full of intrigue that fascinates Young and old, Never to Old for Magic.

  44. Shannon Wotton Reply

    We love everything about Harry Potter, the magical creatures and spells, watching the friendships between Harry and his friends grow as they grow each year and good triumphing over evil time and time again!

  45. Sonja Cooper Reply

    In our house I am the witch & my husband is a muggle. We have lots of fun with our magickal little realm & only wish Hogwarts was a place we could all go to & learn more about the wizarding world. We even named our pups Harry Potter & Bellatrix.

  46. Maree Gray Reply

    I love the magic, the storyline, Snape, Dumbledore, just everything. Harry Potter has something for everyone of all ages, children and adults.

  47. Juanita Munro Reply

    Nothing, I’m entering for my partner has he loves all this sci fi weird stuff lol

  48. Ruth Potter Reply

    I love that the whole family’s involved (obsessed?): watching movies, playing Harry Potter Cluedo colouring in, and when my daughter saw Hogwarts under snow at the exhibition… there were tears and pleas to go to that school?!

  49. Kate Slack Reply

    I love how the movies are just as good as the books which is very rare.

  50. I love that the whole family can sit down and enjoy Harry together.

  51. Harry Potter gave us a whole new world of escapism and got kids and adults reading and watching together, just amazing!

  52. I love that Harry is kind and brave with such amazing friends. He is a great example for kids to look up to *and* he can do magic!

  53. Harry Potter is a show we can all watch knowing there is no swearing or horror just fun and whimsical magic

  54. cheerie murnane Reply

    Harry Potter is magical to the kids, he rides a broomstick and waves his wand around and magic happens. He goes on adventures with his friends, they love the owls and the ghosts flying around and they have lots to eat. They love the girl that comes out of the toilet, and the giant spider, they love the train and the magical car that flys, playing games in the air and flying so fast and they love Hagrid.

  55. Tess Dimitriou Reply

    Not one boring minute, always entertaining and always ends in suspense, wanting more..more….moooooore.

  56. The fun the adventure the wizards they love it all
    Biggest fan is my hubby Dan
    Would love to surprise him

  57. The Harry Potter books and movies are enjoyable for the whole family for the fun, the magic, the suspense and the adventures! Even my eldest son, who used to dislike the series, has suddenly discovered (now he’s a teenager) that he REALLY likes Hermione haha.

  58. domandlauren Reply

    Harry Potter is such a significant part of my husband and I’s life together and separately, he proposed after seeing The Half Blood Prince, we cant wait to introduce our children to this huge part of our life

  59. Louise Patterson Reply

    My children love the magic – anything is possible in Harry Potter.

  60. Michelle Green Reply

    I love the magic! Escape from reality and let Harry Potter carry you off to another world!

  61. An amazing story, so magical and entertaining, enjoyed by young and old.

  62. Secret ingredients = Magic, Mystery and Adventure
    Got it all with plenty to spare!

  63. My little munchkins love the scary magical creatures, the spells, and Hagrid!

  64. Paul Ferris Reply

    Love the fantasy and the story of mateship…. trusting your friends to overcome any obstacle

  65. Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love all the puzzle solving that takes Harry, Hermione and Ron to grew up alittle after solving, such touching!!

  66. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love that Harry Potter never lost sense of his true self. He’s always stayed kind and caring with his friends and doing the right thing as his priority.

  67. I love that its the kind of thing kids really want to believe in and it gives them that little hope magic may be real!! I still look for fairies in the garden just in case 🙂

  68. Harry Potter is very adventurous and stimulates great imagination, especially in those curious to hunt down and create their own scenery. It’s full of fun things children (and adults too) can do or “pretend”.

  69. My children love to magic and mystery of the Harry Potter world, and are both very disappointed to me Mugggels.

  70. Harry Potter opens up a world full of possibilities and magic, that comes into our lives for a short but sweet time

  71. Nat Wilcox Reply

    My 3 year old pretends to be harry potter and takes the wooden spoon to the shops casting spells

  72. Linda Dunstan Reply

    My kids are fans but I’m the biggest fan in my house. I’m 42 and can’t get enough of the magical world that is Harry Potter.

  73. Kirsten983 Reply

    I loved the DVDs and the books even better! Have read and re read the books and watched the movies so many times!

  74. I’m a hugh fan of harry potter and my now my 4 year old is llovin the series and begs me to read chapters to her every night

  75. My 9 year old is Harry Potter obsessed! She read all the books in a few months and has just done a project at school about the magical world of the Harry Potter series. She loves practing all the spells and reading up on the beasts!

  76. Samantha Holland Reply

    The way it transports you to a different world and you can relate to some of the problems Harry has during his school life.

  77. Wendy Hatton Reply

    The adventures the characters get up to are always so exciting. The story is so imaginative and unlike any other we’ve encountered. We’ve seen the films more than once and re-read the books several times too.

  78. Alicia Martyn Reply

    I just love the world that Jk Rowling created and teaching millions that “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

  79. Tina Elvins Reply

    The books were my favorite, but the movies just totally bring the characters to life!

  80. Tegan Archer Reply

    I have been a Harry Potter fan since it first came out, and I just love the magic of it all.

  81. I love the books and the films. I haven’t introduced them yet to my son but he loves the extraordinary and so I know he would let his imagination soar and would fall deep into the world of wizardry.

  82. My wife is a massive fan and is reading the books to my daughter. I have no idea why she loves it but she is obsessed and I know how priceless the look on her face would be to win something this amazing. That’s worth more to me than anything!

  83. Can’t wait to share with my 2 young girls. Seeing Harry Potter for the first time is such a magical thing!

  84. Sara MacDiarmid Reply

    My 3 year old has just started watching the movies and just loves them, he had surgery today and we said it will be just like Harry Potter, magic, you won’t feel a thing, it was the one thing that got him through!

  85. Karen Kirton Reply

    My son loves Harry Potter and getting caught up in the wonder of it all.

  86. Lauren Thomas Reply

    I love the magic of Harry Potter, it’s a world where almost anything is possible. Watching Harry Potter is a great little escape from reality.

  87. Lorraine Stuart Reply

    My boys can’t get enough of harry potter they love the magic 🙂

  88. Nikki Wilkinson Reply

    My family loves the magic n creative imaginations of each n every character n in one way or another we each relate to one ( not magic lol ) it gets the young ones minds working to create their own kind of magic

  89. christine morris Reply

    Harry Potter movies are very entertaining for the whole family, their is always something happening especially with the magic ,thanks for the chance 🙂

  90. Mich Field Reply

    Thanks so much for the chance to win, what an amazing prize for any adult or child to own

  91. We love all the wonderful characters and the magical adventures they go on.

  92. EVERYTHING! But to be specific the pure escapism when you get lost in the Harry Potter world.

  93. James Pizzey Reply

    magical entertaining we all fell in love with the characters of the harry potter movies

  94. Rebecca Foster Reply

    The way it brings the imagination alive for all ages. Lots of laughs and surprises around every corner of the storylines.

  95. I love the way my son is taken to another world when reading these books – he is only 8 and I can see that these books and movies transport him to an amazing, imaginary world. I love the creativeness that comes alive in my son through this series!

  96. Nicola James Reply

    The sense of adventure and courage! The way these wonderful books encourage reading and the imagination.

  97. Brenda Williams Reply

    i love the way my kids stay so quite while watching his movies

  98. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love the way it entrances my children and that it is something we can enjoy togther as a family

  99. Claire Thrower Reply

    The movies just got better and better as did the actors, loved seeing them grow up thru the films and the enjoyment and escapism they brought. Stayed true to the books which was good.

  100. Julia Mason Reply

    I love that I can watch it with my 10 year old, and watching the gang grow from movie to movie is amazingly magic!

  101. kelly jones Reply

    While my oldest son likes Harry Potter, I have to admit that I am the big kid here and love all things that are Potter and good. Spending a day with Ron, Harry and Hermione is always a good thing, and throw in some Fred and George and a whole contingent of magical beings then I am in a very happy place.

  102. The special effects were brilliant, the characters were interesting and the storyline kept you guessing.

  103. My youngest child is 7 and loves Harry Potter. We read from the books every night. He talks always about when he gets his letter and when he goes to Hogwarts to learn magic. He asked the ladies in Big W the other day why they don’t sell the Nimbus 2000 broom. I had to tell him that muggles do not know about the Nimbus 2000 and do not understand about magic.

  104. The sheer fantasy of it all, being taken away with the ‘what if’s’ and ‘imagine that’s’.

  105. He’s living the dream. The magical dream that is, that all us Muggles wish we were a part of too.

  106. I love that the Harry Potter series has strong female role models. I’m looking forward to my 2 year old twin girls enjoying and being inspired by the movies when they get older.

  107. Sarah Stewart Reply

    My boyfriend loves the movies so much he chose our daughters name from it (Luna). And she loves it so much she’s decided her next birthday theme (her 3rd birthday) is all things Dobby … I would absolutely love to win this for them to enjoy together =)

  108. Lara Daebritz Reply

    As a teacher, I’ve seen how Harry inspires…
    So many children to read…and all it requires…
    Is Miss D to read the first chapter or two…
    And I’ve got children begging to borrow it…
    J K Rowling (and Harry)…I salute you!!!

  109. We’re planning a trip to Orlando next year & going to Harry Potter world while there, my daughter has been asking to see the movies before we go, so she would love this prize

  110. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    The adventure, the mystery, how it keeps you on the edge of your seat, the fantasy that lets your imagination run wild, takes me back to childhood when anything magical was possible

  111. I have a granddaughter who is absolutely enthralled by the whole Harry Potter theme. She is able to tell me so many fascinating things about Harry and his friends. I would love to win this prize for her.

  112. Kerry Vincenti Reply

    I love everything about Harry Potter and do my now two grown up children. It is great for your imagination.

  113. Belinda Belinda Reply

    The magic involved makes Harry Potter something you can never get tired of!

  114. I love growing up with Harry Potter, seeing his magic develop over time and him becoming a man

  115. I just absolutely love the magic involved with Harry Potter, with the world being such a scary and questioning place at times, Harry Potter is the most amazing escape.

  116. Janelle Dowton Reply

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,
    Began a legacy second to none,
    Across the country and across the world,
    Harry became a household word!

  117. Ashley Beech Reply

    Everyone in my family loves it, so here’s one movie marathon that will bring us closer together! Muggle or not, we can’t get enough of Harry!

  118. love harry because he does so wonderful tricks and gets himself and his friends always out of trouble

  119. Kylie Embury Reply

    My daughter adores everything about Harry Potter! A reluctant reader, it was the book series that got her hooked on reading and she now has boxed sets of the books that she treasures. Hermione is her favourite character and I think they are similar – both smart, funny and gutsy! She quotes from the books and movies and is instilling her love of all things Harry into her little brother. To have the boxed series of movies would fill her teen heart with joy 🙂

  120. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    My Daughter is a definite Harry Potter fan ,she loves being immersed in the stories and dressing up for parties, she is always one of the Harry Potter characters , This would be a perfect prize for my magical princess .

  121. Charl Lowther Reply

    Magical adventures, great characters, cool creatures and so much fun for the entire family to enjoy!

  122. I love how magical it all is, I couldn’t believe they got to Hogwarts through a wall until i saw it. Nothing makes sense – until it all makes perfect sense

  123. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    What I love most about Harry Potter is that the story takes both kids and adults to a magical place and has really encouraged kids to read.

  124. Rachel McNamara Reply

    My whole family loves Harry Potter ( I even have a Harry Potter tattoo!) it is a brilliant book series for any age, but I think that they Really encourage the younger generation to read because they are just so incredibly written.

  125. I loved reading the Harry Potter books, once you stop you can’t put it down. I’ve got the whole series of books but I’d love the movies too, as I can’t wait to watch them as a family on Friday night movie nights.

  126. Lynne Lillington Reply

    I love he is a ordinary boy who can do extraordinary things. It opens childrens imagination to incredible stories and wonderful adventures.

  127. I remember thinking I wouldn’t like it in high school – and proceeded to finish the Philosopher’s Stone in less than a day. Since then I’ve never looked back

  128. I have loved Harry Potter from the moment I first read the first book as a child. To this day I still read the series once a year. It is just such a magical adventure. When my daughter is old enough she will be able to read the books and watch the movies too.

  129. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Escaping from reality; where magic and wonder are ‘routine’ daily! Harry and his delightful friends, are forever involved in adventures that pay entertaining dividends!

  130. Trish Jones Reply

    I am an avid reader (actually more like a crazy obsessed reader) but must admit I have never read the books or watched the movies! I always meant to but was always distracted by other books. I would absolutely love to watch these movies though – my eldest son has been asking lately if we can watch them so maybe it’s a sign we were meant to enter lol

  131. Scot Barker Reply

    Love the ability to escape into the world of magic and wizards and muggles

  132. My nephew is obsessed with Harry Potter and I adore seeing him totally absorbed by this magical world and how happy he is reading/ watching Harry Potter. It allows his imagination to run wild and enjoy being a kid

  133. Maria Wilkins Reply

    15 years after the first film, I introduced Harry Potter movies to my young niece; we ended up binge watching the first three, and she clapped after each one! She loved them, as I did back then

  134. JUSTINE DRAKE Reply

    I love the magic of Harry Potter and such a great way to inspire imaginations!

  135. Louise Baida Reply

    I love the fact that the stories depict strong women that are great role models for young women.

  136. mustangmum Reply

    He adds Magic to my childrens lifes and takes them on amazing adventures.

  137. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    timeless, and great for awakening the imagination with all the magic and fun, friendships

  138. Darren Lacey Reply

    I love how my kids got lost in the fantasy world of Hogwarts… nothing beats nurturing a good imagination!

  139. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Harry’s my hero because he is so humble which is a rarity these days.

  140. Maria Stone Reply

    Harry Potter takes me away from the reality of everyday life and transports me to a magical world where I feel like a child again. No matter how many times I watch the movies, I discover something new! Thanks so much for opportunity to enter this magically fabulous comp Mum Central! Expelliarmous!!!

  141. Mel Bannon Reply

    I love that the movies encorage my children to explore books!

  142. Michelle Hill Reply

    My ten year old adores Harry Potter, and especially Hermione. She sees similarities between herself and Hermione, and loves to learn just like Hermione does, and it lets her know that there is nothing wrong with being ‘smart’.

  143. Shannon Discombe Reply

    My 10 year old has just started these she would love to see the rest of the magic come to life in this series she wishes she could go to hog warts instead of normal boring school haha

  144. humptydumpedme Reply

    I love the story itself because there are few magical ongoing movies that keep you in suspense and are mostly kid friendly like Harry Potter, the characters are also perfect Potter picked 🙂

  145. Tracy Smith Reply

    Harry Potter has something of interest for the whole family and being together as a family is what it is all about.

  146. Kate Sproule Reply

    These movies re so great for the young nd old and everyone in between. They’re so captivating.

  147. My daughter and son both love bringing the magic alive from Harry Potter. They dress like they are part of the story and wave their wands at each other pretending they too can do magic

  148. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    harry potter is the perfect movies for family to enjoy together.

  149. My Eldest son adores the harry potter books and Dvds they were his escape after school and on Weekends as he has Autism he struggled to make friends ! Would love to win this pack to be able to sit down as a family and relive the magic with him ❤

  150. Jon Donovan Reply

    I love how there is nothing out there like Harry Potter and each movie keeps you entertainment to the very end

  151. Penny Cooper Reply

    I love that Harry Potter keeps my girls reading and entertained even in their teenage years

  152. Harry Potter draws you into his world of magic and for a couple of hours you forget about reality.

  153. Harry Potter has something for the whole family! Fun, magic, intrigue, an amazing cast of characters and always brings the family together!

  154. Jacqueline Reply

    I love that if you ask our 10 year old son where he is going to high school, he responds with Hogwarts 🙂 It makes me smile knowing that he will have a lifelong obsession and friendship with Harry!

  155. Stephen Ellis Reply

    I love that the books get the kids reading; we’ll get to the movies in due course.

  156. Sarah Darragh Reply

    Harry Potter books and movies are just magical. Seemingly ordinary children doing and seeing extraordinary things. The best part is that it all occurs in hidden locations in the real world – it could happen right?

  157. My son loves reading Harry Potter and watching the movies. He loves the magic Harry Potter has to offer as well as expanding his vocabulary and imagination. Harry Potter is very popular with our whole family and is so enjoyable to watch and read over and over again.

  158. I dont know what it is about Harry Potter, but it captivates us all. It’s a story that never tires

  159. Antonietta Reply

    I think we have watched all the Harry Potter’s about 20 times each, overexcessive? depends on who you ask 🙂 There are hidden meanings in all the Harry Potter movies, some quite profound actually and we talk about them and analyse them and we always find something new, and the movies are also very entertaining.

  160. I love that it’s a franchise you can delve into and just binge all movies on an epic week… or weekend..

  161. Julia Morton Reply

    my child enjoys the magical world as they can visualise and dream and use their imaginative palay with their friends and extend their imagination as far as it will go

  162. Suzanne Ware Reply

    I love how my daughter got back into reading because of Harry Potter books.

  163. The Harry Potter books inspired people who wouldn’t ordinarily read to read and the movies prompted more people to read the books. More people reading and using their imagination is a good thing.

  164. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I absolutely love watching my son and his Dad enjoy harry potter together. They both get so excited to watch the movies, it melts my heart!!!

  165. Jane Gardam Reply

    All of my children have loved the Harry Potter Series, my eldest is now 27 and still loves watching the movies. Would love to win this to have marathon movie nights of Hary Potter with my children. A series full of wonder and imagination, and full of inspiration. It was lovely to watch the actors grow up throughout the movies.

  166. Jacqui Harrington Reply

    Both my kids LOVE Harry Potter films! We bought them wands each last Christmas & they love pretending to be Wizards & practing spells on each other!!!! Huge fans!!!

  167. stephen elsworthy Reply

    Last week for Halloween my 4 children all dressed as their favourite character from Harry Potter and we went and put good spells on everyone who was nice and this made them give us heaps of lollies

  168. leonnie Rainsford Reply

    the fantasy and magic just takes you into another world. Who wouldn’t get on train that take you to different world.

  169. Lorraine Bown Reply

    My boys love all the magic and mischief you can get up to and the endless possibilities

  170. Rachael Brown Reply

    My son is a baby so no harry Potter for him yet but I cant wait to share it with him. I read him the whole series while I was pregnant. I love harry Potter because good wins in the end, and I am always left with a feeling of unshakeable hope when I watch or read it, and that’s a special thing in this scary old world we live in.

  171. littleangel Reply

    I love that there is such a strong and smart female role model for my daughters and that it is okay to be smart!!

  172. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love the fantasy, magic and beautiful adventures J.K Rowling has written for us all.

  173. Susan Banyard Reply

    I love how you feel you have been transported into another world full of magic, you fall in love with the characters especially Harry and Ginny and the friendship between Harry, Hermione and Ron.

  174. Nicole Woods Reply

    I asked the kids and they said they love everything about Harry Potter, but especially the magic. My son said he wishes it was real because he’d love to be able to get his wand and use it to turn the world’s mean people into nice people.

  175. Karen Walker Reply

    I love that my 3 daughters now aged 24 23 and 21 all grew up with him and re read the bookes over and over.

  176. Andrew Harm Reply

    The adventure and mystery all rolled up into one incredible adventure for kids of all ages!

  177. Harry Potter took me to another world it excited my imaginations and filled my world with joy

  178. Paul Ferris Reply

    For my kids it is the wonder of magic…. the idea that there might be wizards and witches in the world, and even they might one day get a letter delivered asking them to leave home and enter this magical world.

  179. Rebecca Evans Reply

    My daughter believes she is magic so she thinks she has someone she can identify with 😀 She can’t wait for her letter to come from Hogwarts.

  180. Maree Wood Reply

    Hmmmm can’t say for my kids but.. I love Harry Potter movies myself, they inspire the imagination & are great movies for any age to watch 🙂

  181. Michelle Budge Reply

    I love that even though Harry was treated so bad as a child, he rose above it and became the wonderful caring person he now is.

  182. Catherine Howard Reply

    its a series that would be perfect to watch & read with my son for it wonderful storyline & all the cool magic

  183. The Harry Potter books have many virtues including a high view of the family, strong female characters, and an Aristotelian view of friendship, my children to read the books and watch films because as humans we learn through stories. These stories reveal an exaltation of virtue, an orthodox view of evil, a courageous view of self-sacrificial death, and a portrayal of the beauty and strength of love.

  184. TanyaCrerar Reply

    The Harry Potter series is a wonderfully engaging story that my boys and I can enjoy together. I love that we finally have something in common (and no matter how old they get I think they’ll still love Harry as much as I do!)

  185. I love that the magic can capture everyone’s imagination! And Dobby.

  186. Nicola Herring Reply

    I love how it’s a fantasy that nearly every child wants to be a part of! My kids and I shriek with delight at the attention for detail – nothing is forgotten!! It gets you hooked and you think about it for days on end, imagining that secretly you’re a wizard with magical powers!! As an adult, I love it’s slightly sinister undertones too!!! It’s marvellous, magical and we want more!!! X

  187. Tony MacKenzie Reply

    I think they love the idea of having magical powers, who wouldn’t!

  188. catherine helbig Reply

    Whats not to love… love all the different magic powers and how mystical and fun it is.

  189. My daughter can’t get enough of the magical world of Harry Potter. She has read all the books, watched the movies, has dressed up as Hermione for Book Week and loves to pretend she is casting spells.

  190. marypreston Reply

    The Harry Potter series is pure magic. Let’s face it we all wish we had received a letter for Hogwarts.

  191. Tash Jones Reply

    We love Harry Potter as it is something that we watch as a family. Both the books and the movies take us to a completely different world where we can be free!

  192. I love Harry Potter because it was my first and best foray into the world of wizarding magic and it captured my imagination completely.

  193. Trish Leonard Reply

    I love everything about Harry Potter. The movies are still so much fun to watch and I love the magic.

  194. blackwidow63 Reply

    i love that Harry is a Wizard , as their is so many movies and shows about witches

  195. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I’ve loved Harry Potter since the very first movie….I love the characters, the stories the fantasy & adventure. It’s an awesome way to escape the dreary day to day events. Ron Weasley was always my favourite.

  196. Virginia Sollitt Reply

    I love Harry potter and now my 10 year daughter does too

  197. It’s very clever capturing the interest of adults and children!

  198. Chloe Watt Reply

    The ability to believe in Magic again & to keep wishing that my hogwarts letter will arrive one day!

  199. Belinda Williams King Reply

    My little bloke hasn’t read or watched Harry yet but at 9 I think he is ready. He would think himself a lucky kid to win this boxset and watch it with his dad. Mum is a scaredy cat, still jumps at the scary bits

  200. Samara McRae Reply

    It transports you into a magical and entertaining world full of excitement.

  201. Leanne Baker Reply

    The movies we haven’t yet had the pleasure,
    So this DVD set would be such a treasure.
    Would love to watch with my daughter for our first time,
    So we thought we’d write you this quick little rhyme.
    This set we’d really love to win,
    To let our Harry Potter adventure begin.
    We’d finally feel a part of the craze,
    We’re more than ready to be amazed.
    Carried away in the magic we’re ready to be,
    These highly acclaimed movies we’re ready to see.
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize,
    Generous in content and in size!

  202. All our older kids have read, watched and loved Harry Potter over the years but our youngest has not, now my little man has found the magical world and wants to watch the movies, I would love this for his gift this Christmas, so we can all have a magical Christmas, reliving the Magical world as a family with him and Harry Potter.

  203. Margaret O'Shea Reply

    Have loved Harry Potter since the beginning. I love anything magical as it take you to another place where dragons and magic abound.

  204. Emma Turner Reply

    I love the memories Harry Potter has created for me. I used to read the books to my mum at night when I was in primary school, I would put on different accents for different characters – I was genuinely shocked when the movies came out and Dobby didn’t have an Indian accent! I’d love to share the joy Harry Potter has brought me with future generations 🙂

  205. I never got round to seeing or reading HP… but it’s not about me. My son is addicted to all things magical, spellworthy and dragon-ish and he’s been pestering us to watch the films for years. He’s finally old enough and I’m glad I haven’t seen them so we can watch them together. (I delayed watching Frozen until our daughter was ready and once she saw it she watched it 5 times a week…so it’s sort of a good plan. Harry doesn’t sing…right? :-P)

  206. Nicole Gurney Reply

    My sons the Harry Potter fan. He loves the magic tricks games and wizard things. He also wants to fly a broom stick but can’t seem to work it yet!

  207. Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    I loved the fact that Harry Potter came into our lives to revive the fantasy of our childhoods.

  208. Stephanie West Reply

    I love that it’s pure escapism and that I could grow up as the characters did, it made it more relatable to know that even in a magic world of wonder they faced similar issues.

  209. I love that it gives kids a creative outlet and encourages imagination and wonder

  210. Allison Scrivener Reply

    I love the magic & wonder of it. I loved the books & now my 10 year old is starting to enjoy them & that’s wonderful to share with him.

  211. Ashleigh Malone Reply

    My sons want to be wizzards,
    My little girl too,
    They run around all dressed up,
    ”I’m going to put a curse on you”
    They all sit down together,
    Huddled in a bunch,
    Watching Harry Potter,
    Whilst having a picnic lunch.
    The excitement, frienships and humor,
    The monsters, action and magic,
    When I say it’s Harry Potter time,
    My kids are just extatic.

  212. Our little one’s relish in the joyous, fantastical enlightenment of J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ delight. A celebration amidst wizardry, friendships and uniqueness where inspiration unites.

  213. Zara O'Sullivan Reply

    Its the magical place that it transports you too. You can retreat for a little while and get lost in hogwarts and the wonders it has to offer. I cant wait until my kids are old enough to share this magical place I grew up with.

  214. I just love the magic! And that it brings my child’s imagination to life!

  215. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    I love that it teaches my daughter girls are smart, and that girls and boys can be best friends. And that good always beats evil in the end 🙂

  216. Kevin Wong Reply

    I love how you get transported to a magical place. There is also a lot of good messages in the movie to teach children.

  217. I just love the innocence, the fun and the magic of course. Such cool mythical animals and beasts and the characters are so lovable

  218. Tracey Matthews Reply

    My son is obsessed with Harry Potter as its his name sake. When I was pregnant I read the whole series & loved them. Of course when my baby boy was born, Harry he was named. He had his 10th birthday this year & had a Harry Potter themed party. It was fabulous. He would absolutely love to win this prize to add to his collection of Harry Potter books. My Harry loves to compare himself to Harry Potter because his father also passed away. I think he feels connected somehow. Thanks for the opportunity to try & win such an amazing prize. Tracey Matthews

  219. Kirsten Adams Reply

    I love that when they came out I got to share the books and DVD’s with my nieces, and now am starting to share them with my daughter

  220. Leigh Isabeth Reply

    I love how magical and fantastical the story is and how they build the imaginations of boys and girls of any age. Even as an adult i love the books snd films, i look forward to sharing the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione with my son!

  221. I love Harry Potter as it takes you on an unbelievable journey to fantasy land not only for children but adults alike

  222. Laura Bedford Reply

    Love it! My daughter has just discovered the world of Harry Potter and found an obsession!!! Our house is now a world of witches and wizards.

  223. I love that it’s entertaining for all ages and shows that anyone can overcome adversity and become something great.


    I love that the whole series has captivated my grandchildren….and also the adults in the family….it is good wholesome family fun; entertaining and magical….with hidden messages like promoting the quality of friendship and bonding; and that being positive in the face of adversity will go a long way towards winning against the odds; and that sacrifices made in a noble cause are always praiseworthy ….a brilliant saga

  225. I love everything about Harry Potter, it’s for everyone young and old

  226. I love that Harry Potter has brought so much excitement and imagination to my children and in what they play, they have learnt all the spell names and love dressing up as their favourite characters. I must also admit that I’m a big fan too and love the whole idea of wizards and magic.

  227. Bronie Elson Reply

    My daughter loves Harry Potter. At ten she is extremely excited to be going to a midnight screening of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

  228. Rebecca Smith Reply

    My 13 year old loves watching the Harry Potter Movies and this pack would be an amazing Christmas present for him.

  229. Are
    you Sirius? This is getting Riddikulus. I love to Slytherin to bed and
    read Harry Potter. I love all things Harry Potter. What’s Ron with

  230. Melinda Davies Reply

    I love Harry Potter and so do my son’s. I have the box set of books for them to read when ready and would love to share these amazing movies with them <3

  231. Sara Lewis Reply

    Confession, mummy is the Harry Potter fan!! I’ve read the books (a ew times…) but haven’t seen all the movie, yet! This prize could certainly help that, and help get my family hooked too!!!

  232. I love Harry Potter because it’s something I can share with my nieces and nephews. We can’t wait to see Fantastic Beasts.

  233. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Such an amazing adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages.

  234. Lisa-Maree Coombes Reply

    My Son (7) has Autism so it’s hard for him to imagine things. He loves Harry Potter because it transports him through all possibilities, to an entire world the likes of which he could never have thought existed.

  235. Paul McCallum Reply

    Great thing about books is escaping to places like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley – love it!

  236. I just want to be a witch and go to Howard’s and start my training!

  237. Kelly Reardon Reply

    My two children are aged 7 and 9 and both have autism, and I love that they both are totally obsessed with the Harry Potter series. It gives them something in common which they can share, and for my daughter it has given her something she can share with her friends at school that is acceptable and the norm. The google deleted scenes and alternate plot suggestions and are always on YouTube watching Harry Potter clips. Plus I think they love that they can escape to another world with amazing and neverending possibilities.

  238. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my son is harry potter fan number 1. he loves the make believe wizard world and all thats in it and whats possible

  239. Harry Potter movies (well the first 2) are one of the few things that my 5 and 9 year old son will sit and watch together.

  240. My son doesn’t love Harry Potter…..yet! He’s only 7 months old, but winning this set sure will help him enter the magic, wizarding world where children (and adults!!) get to experience fantasy through the wonders of Hogwarts.

  241. Katrina Stubbs Reply

    my friend loves the movies. She tlks a lot about them but I’ve only seen 3 of them. would love to finish the series and be able to have fun discussions with my friend

  242. Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I love how reading the Harry Potter series allowed me to escape from reality when I was a teen growing up!

  243. What’s there not to love? There’s triumph over adversity. loyalty between friends, strong, smart female characters and lots of imagination and whimsy. Our family loves Harry Potter!

  244. I’ve got four kids…all mad fans of Harry Potter. This pack would be very well used and very, very much loved! Not to mention what a wonderful, magical Christmas present it would make and fill in a lot of Christmas schook holiday downtime!

  245. Lorraine Reid Reply

    I Love Harry Potter and how it transports me into a magical world of fantasy. It feels as though I’m a child again!

  246. My sister and brother grew up with HP. And my kids love it too.

  247. I love Harry Potter, and have a special place in my heart for Severus Snape… What a great character!

  248. Joanne Stone Reply

    The timeless story. Magic never goes out of style and you’re never too old for it. .
    Through thick and thin, Harry, Ron, and Hermione remained the best of friends.

    What about Dobby – “Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf! – mischievous and loyal to Harry Potter.
    Then there’s:
    Snape. What an amazing character. You’re made to hate him throughout each and every book, then in the very end… you realise his true intentions. I never saw that twist coming.
    Neville’s transformation. It was so awesome to see Neville grow from a weak, scared kid into a courageous man who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he cared about.
    Dumbledore waves his hands and piles and piles of food shows up on the table. Anything you could possibly want. Great, now I’m hungry. Where’s Dumbledore when you need him?

  249. The first Harry Potter book was the first chapter book my children read. A story interesting enough to keep their attention.

  250. With Ron, Hermione and Harry my kids are as happy as Larry with magic and spells my heart swells knowing that they are enjoying watching Harry Potter together

  251. Mel Baillie Reply

    I love Harry Potter and my kids love it too which i also love! My 8 year old thinks it is the best. She hasnt seen all the movies yet though so i would love to show them all to her!

  252. Harry Potter is the reason that my sons learnt to read. They were so enthralled with the stories that they fell in love with books.

  253. Ellen Robbins Reply

    I love Harry Potter! I feel as though I grew up with the characters and I love the friendships, the life lessons and how relatable the characters/stories are. I love the layers of detail and subtext/substories woven throughout the books. Every time I re-read the books I discover something new. I love how small details in one of the earlier books becomes an important key in the story later on. I love how it captures my imagination and I can disappear into their world. I could go on all day!!!

  254. Hayley Shaw Reply

    I love that It’s been a film franchise that my daughter and I can watch together – the characters grow as my daughter does and keeps her interest

  255. Adele Smith Reply

    Wizardry and Magic, House-elfs, giants, ogres and ghosts, Epic moments of love and those that are tragic, Harry Potter, a collection of awesomeness I love most.

  256. A wonderful movie for everyone who craves magic, escapism, adventure and drama, with a little comedy in between.

  257. Child? I’m an adult and love the magic Harry Potter brings to the screen; I’m a sucker for a good defeats evil battle 😉 (Blu ray please :D)

  258. I read the books when they first came out and loved being transported into a magical world. I love that my almost 5year old now just read the first one, loves it and wants to read them all too.

  259. My daughter and I love these books and movies as it gives us a chance to escape from the troubles of the real world and immerse ourselves into a world of magic! <3

  260. I read the books and it took me into a magical world of wonder I got lost in for hours!!!

  261. The magic that still brings kids to fantasy land in this day and age.

  262. Harry Potter is delightful, interesting, funny, poignant, scary and the stories are just so imaginative. It’s just wonderful to be able to read them to the kids.

  263. My kids love imitating all the spells, like “Wingardium leviosa!” They invent their own spells and my favourite is “Roomium cleanus uppus!!” If only!!!

  264. Ruth Potter Reply

    My daughter cried when she experienced the huge Hogwarts scale model at the Harry Potter exhibition and begged to change schools… she was 15!

  265. Sheldyn Hart Reply

    The magic of Harry Potter was my childhood,
    I’d trade everything to be a witch if I could!
    Spells, owls as pets, flying cars and dark arts,
    I could go on and on listing my favourite parts!
    Luna Lovegood, Moaning Mertyle and Hagrid were ace,
    With their quirks, in my heart they found a place,
    I couldn’t love any series more than this,
    A box set to binge on would be bliss!

  266. When Harry Potter first hit our bookshelves aimed at teenagers, my adult daughter became a fan, she read all the books saw all the movies, and now her children, (my Grandchildren) have read the books and seen nearly all the movies….and my Granddaughter wants to STAR in the new Movie 🙂
    Although it has some violence it is still a great read for teenagers.

  267. Tess Howard Reply

    I love that my kids love the books as much as I do. My youngest son is just starting to read the series and I’ve told him that when he finishes the first book we’ll watch the movie together. (Every book reader worth their weight in books knows you only watch the moves AFTER reading the books.) These books encourage that love of reading in my kids which is so important to me.

  268. Kirsty Wayland Reply

    I love the fact after all these years kids are still loving the magical world of Harry Potter including my own kids

  269. Tim Wallwork Reply

    It brings my wife so much joy. Picks her up on her down days, relaxes her on her stressful days. She reads and watches them all the time and now she can share it with our son Harry

  270. Becky Downey Reply

    It’s how things are set up books in advance, and you finally understand books later. Very clever.

  271. Christina Lungo Reply

    It takes them into an imaginary world where they can escape their ordinary world and enter into a magical place where anything is possible. I love the excitement in their eyes when the name Harry Potter is mentioned

  272. Harry Potter books make everyone believe that magic can really happen, and everyone, child or adult needs that magic in their life, especially in today’s world. i’m in my 70s and love the Harry Potter books

  273. Wendy Christidis Reply

    The stories are amazing, full of suspense, drama and a touch of humour! The chararcters are intriguing . relatable and engaging! Harry potter adds magic and fantasy to our ordinary muggle lives!

  274. I grew up with Harry Potter. It’s the ability for me to imagine myself as a character in that world that I love the most. It’s so well written and considered.

  275. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    Love that these movies transport you into another world and that you get the opportunity to go on a magical journey with the characters.

  276. Kelli Dundas Reply

    I love that is something I can watch with my sons and bond over as it is enjoyable for all of us.

  277. Judith Senese Reply

    Movies that my sons and I watch and enjoy together, giving us the opportunity to be transported into a world of magic and imagination

  278. Absolutely everything – children all over the world can relate to these at first, seemingly un-relatable characters

  279. Chantelle Cocks Reply

    I love that it transcends age, i don’t know of an adult or child or reasonable age who hasn’t read and enjoyed these books

  280. I love that we almost have a Harry Potter book club going at home continuously! My 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter are making their way through the series currently and there is constant discussion!

  281. The Harry Potter books help my children’s minds ‘WAND’er to magical places.

  282. Michael Rainsfordd Reply

    Harry Potter enables my children to have fun and expand their imagination.

  283. Sharon Markwell Reply

    In our house Harry Potter equals quality time as we all love him equally & my boy even wears the same glasses!

  284. Harry Potter encourages reading, imagination, and the art of discovery. Building new skills, including engaging in discussion with friends, siblings and parents. Excellent life skills 🙂 Plus the bonus of letting their imagination going on a wonderful trip to a magical place!

  285. I love that I can still enjoy it now as an adult, and it’s great to either open the books or put on one of the movies and go to a different world away from the daily stresses for awhile. As a teacher, I also like all the ways it can be used in education 🙂

  286. Emmi Collins Reply

    When the Harry Potter fantasy movie series can stimulate, engage, educate and even frighten an adult, remarkable cinema has been achieved.

  287. Jodi Corbett Reply

    My daughters love Harry Potter (they are 9 and 5) they love magic, and mythical creatures and it allows them to use their imagination to create their own mythical creature drawings

  288. Danielle Philpott Reply

    The Harry potter books and movies were my childhood I’d love to relive that magical feeling years later.

  289. Michelle Nielsen Reply

    I loved getting lost in reading the books then watching the movies when I was younger….but now I love even more being able to share that magic and wonder with my children!

  290. Tiffany Kearvell Foweraker Reply

    My niece has just discovered these books and I would love to give her this Boxset for Christmas. She would thinks this is just as good as Fudge Flies!

  291. Anita Menzie Reply

    They love Harry Potter because of the loyal friendships, amazing creatures and the magic.

  292. Rebecca Paine Reply

    My daughter had a Harry Potter party for her 10th birthday this year. We hand made the invitation and each kid made a wand. She is up to the fourth book Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. We all love Harry.

  293. The Harry Potter series has everything that makes me invested in it. Friendship, bravery and adventure. I find it very creative and unique, J.K Rowling has put so much details into the books. The movies brings it to life visually. Anyway Harry Potter is my past, present and future.

  294. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    A boy with a scar
    Saved by his angel
    A boy who lived
    And has been well known
    Waving his wand
    Making magic on his own
    Ask me how much I love him
    I’ll answer you, “nine and three quarters”

  295. Jemma Hansen Reply

    I love that that Harry Potter movies are ones that you can watch again and again. Visually spectacular, fascinating plots and great movies to watch with my kids.

  296. Because you’re a wizard Harry and I can watch all of them over and over and over again and never get sick of watching them.

  297. shane horewood Reply

    Because they (unlike some adults) realise that life is like magic and is full of surprises

  298. Harry is a person we can all relate too. He’s young has nothing then with help of his friends who become his family he conquers the world. Don’t we all wish we could be Harry and find true meaning and acceptance. Its a powerful message.

  299. Debbie Moody Reply

    My grandchildren are such big fans of these incredible stories they just love the magic of Harry Potter.

  300. Sacha Pech Reply

    Every kid dreams of magic and having special powers. Harry Potter is so engaging it makes you want to *believe*. It’s a firm family favourite!

  301. Harry Potter books and movies are something the whole family can enjoy together as it appeals to all age groups.

  302. My grandchildren love Harry Potter and lose themselves in the magic of make believe which is a wonderful part of being a child

  303. babybeeandme Reply

    We have a little ranga so he loves that Ron is a redhead too and he’s the “funny guy”. He gives bonus points for mythical creatures (in particular the three-headed dog and the collection of dragons – not so much the massive spiders) and wants an ugly Christmas jumper just like the Weasleys do <3

  304. Reading the book first is always better, I say. So my kids devoured, and thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series. The characters and adventures enthralled them, so they’re really looking forward to a “magical movie marathon” on the holidays!

  305. Great progression from the books to the films! We can all run around the house with our wands practicing spells, unleashing our imaginations, having a ball and ending up falling around laughing! Thanks!

  306. Teresa Clark Reply

    Love the adventures that they go on, how much detail is written into the books makes you feel you are a part of it, would love to win these for my niece and nephew.

  307. Leah Sharma Reply

    I am the biggest harry potter fan and I’m now ensuring my kids follow in my footsteps

  308. I love the many creative creatures and colourful characters that bring Harry Potter to life.

  309. Love seeing them grow and matured into young adults through their ups and downs in life. Love the adventures, hardships and triumphs they have endured.

  310. Harry Potter is my favourite book series and movie series. Their are few other movies I could sit and watch time after time and still love every minute of it. And I always seem to pick up on new details or things I’ve forgotten every time. So excited the magic is continuing with Fantastic Beasts.

  311. even tho it is an adventure movie it’s suitable for all ages

  312. Tamara Lamb Reply

    I love the ability to escape into a magical world at any age. Brilliantly written and got kids of all ages reading.

  313. Wilma Herrero Reply

    my daughter and i loved escaping into the magical world of Harry Potter we are huge fans still love watching the movies now when they are on tv

  314. “Is Harry Potter real?” My young granddaughter asks me…deep in my heart i want to say ‘yes’ because he IS real to many lovers of Potter!

  315. My daughters love the mystical and magical sense of Harry Potter. They love the witty humour which takes the edge of the frightening side. They lived seeing all of the characters grow… And just quietly, I absolutely love watching Harry Potter too!

  316. Mich George-Ahmad Reply

    I am currently passing on the world of Harry Potter to my five year old and already I can tell she is totally mesmerised by the books! I would love to share this special pack with her as well!

  317. Nicole Pedersen Reply

    At the oak entrance to Hogwarts with Hagrid we be
    With a mini man who has just discovered Harry
    Enthralled by the magic and mischief thus far
    A box set of movies would complete the adventure

  318. Natalie Wright Reply

    Love Harry Potter because of his goodness and values in combatting evil.

  319. Mich George-Ahmad Reply

    I am currently passing on the world of Harry Potter to my five year old and already I can tell she is totally mesmerised by the books! I would love to share this special pack with her as well! Thanks so much for an amazing competition!

  320. So mysterious, so adventurous and a little scary! Beautiful scenery and such exciting characters. My daughter would love to start a collection she is the perfect age now.

  321. You never get tired of watching this series of movies. It transforms you into another time of fantastic imaginations and amazing characters that come to life to provide everyone who has seen the movies or read the books some amazing memories and enjoyment of all things magical and mysterious.

  322. Love its magic and mystery. I’d love to watch this great movie with my kids again.

  323. As soon as I got caught in the Harry Potter Spell I no longer consider myself as a Muggle.

  324. My son loves the Mystery! Each movie is different and more magical! This map will be used in more was than i could ever imagine!

  325. Leah Amy Taylor Reply

    Magical, mystery, adventures, the kids love watching Harry Potter, its great entertainment for not only the kids but parents aswell.

  326. Tracey Brown Reply

    I love the books and the movies equally. These allow the kid imaginations to wander . . We have frequent Harry potter movie marathons but had to tape the movies to rewatch them off the normal Tv so full of ads:(

  327. We’re all HP mad. Even I (mum) found myself quoting the characters last weekend when we caught The Chamber of Secrets on TV last weekend while at a friend’s house!

  328. Using their imagination is a wonderful thing it is magical for them to be transported to an amazing world

  329. Emily Mclaughlan Reply

    i love that harry potter captures everyones heart from the young to the old it interests such a wide group of people

  330. Raegan Coleman Reply

    My 9 year old has just discovered the Harry Potter series and loves it!

  331. Gillian Harridge Reply

    The thrill, awe and magic Harry Potter brings. Its brilliant.

  332. nicolemorris Reply

    i cant explain what i love about it. i like to imagine that how i spent my childhood. its encahting and magical.

  333. Maree Wood Reply

    Harry Potter is a great movie for both young & old, it inspires the imagination & offers hours of joy

  334. I can never get sick of watching Harry Potter with the kids. It’s the only movie I’ve seen in my whole life that’s magical and entertaining.


    I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan and I don’t mean I just like the books and the movies, I mean I went to the supermarket wearing my cape and was convinced I was going to Hogwarts when I turned 11. My daughter is a little too young for Harry Potter still but when she is old enough I would love to be able to pass this set on to her so she can be massive nerd like me!

  336. Jenny Learmond Reply

    I love the fact that no matter how many times you watch the Harry Potter movies you always find something you missed the previous times watching it….and it’s a great series of films for the whole family to enjoy.

  337. Magical Harry and Crew. Harry taught me to read “proper’ books and has instilled the love of reading in me. I’ve grown up with Harry. Can’t get enough of him.

  338. Melissa Edwards Reply

    I love everything about the Harry Potter universe! But most of all that my husband, son and I can share the wonder of these books and movies together. Also I love the fact that it has made more children want to read!

  339. Madelaine Howe Reply

    I love j k rowling’s vision of a whole other world- I love everything about harry potter!

  340. theo pezeshki Reply

    Actually, I adore the magical world of Harry Potter more then my child. Probably because I am still a kid and wish I could live inside my dreams instead of the adults world.

  341. shewanders xo Reply

    The whimsical nature that entices muggles of all kinds! The lovable characters and mysterious plot of the wizarding world keeps me entertained time and time again.

  342. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I have only just started the first Harry Potter, but even as an adult, it’s a world that I wish I could be in, full of magic and imagination.

  343. Sharon Gock Reply

    It lets me escape into a very magical dream world that I wish I could’ve experienced as a child!

  344. Kylie Bowers Weinz Reply

    I love how Harry Potter has gotten my kids to read! They love it and would all LOVE this!

    Kylie Bowers

  345. Belinda Bee Reply

    I love the impact Harry Potter books had on my kids 🙂 the story lines of Harry Potter are so engaging that my “I hate reading” son is now an avid reader!

  346. Jaime-Lea Morris Reply

    Our family just love Harry Potter. My eight year has just started reading the books and he is loving it. Even grandma is a big fan……she has read all the books and seen all the movies….a few times.

  347. Thank you. I am so happy to have won. My youngest son has just finished writing his letter to Santa and he has asked for all things Harry Potter. He even wrote a letter to J.K.Rowling after watching Harry Potter on tv the other day saying that Harry was the best. Thank you very much. Belinda R

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