Here’s The REAL Reason Prince George Stole the Show at His Sister Princess Charlotte’s Christening

For those of you who swooned over the gorgeous pictures of Prince George at his baby sister Princess Charlotte’s Christening over the weekend, it’s no surprise to see some similarities between him and his father Prince William.

Nothing unusual there, I hear you say? 

It wasn’t just his range of cheeky facial expressions that drew him attention from all over, well that WAS pretty cute! What was even more magical, was Prince George’s retro pair of red shorts and hand-embroidered top that were almost identical to those his dad wore around 30 years ago to visit hospital and meet his new brother Harry.  His gorgeous little outfit, with black button up shoes and white socks was almost an exact replica of the very outfit Prince William wore when he was little.   Cute as a button!

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson

More surprisingly, the outfit is not a custom made design. It’s a romper set by children’s designer Rachel Riley, who’s a  clear favourite of Kate Middleton (and why wouldn’t she be?!)  It’s up for sale, and could be a little pricey for some at $189, but that didn’t stop it selling out in just hours after it was released!  *gush*

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson


Image Source: Rachel Riley

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