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The Real Mums Review of the SmarTrike Explorer 5 Trikes in 1


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If you knew Daily-Prizewhat I was like before I had my son you wouldn’t believe that I love kids.  I just wasn’t the maternal type but I reeeally love kids. They are carefree, happy, have a simple view of life that is funny yet true. Oh, and they make amazingly cute viral videos. 

Do you know what I hate about having kids though? No, not the sleepless nights, tantrums or washing their wet bed sheets almost every day. It’s all the unnecessary stuff we are told we need to buy when we have a baby.

Do you want to know what I DO need? A cleaner, a chef, a personal trainer, an endless supply of money, chocolate and wine, and a stroller. A bike stroller to be exact.

I am an avid baby wearer but I can see the importance of having a good stroller too. They make EXCELLENT trollies. I need something with a big enough storage area for the emergency shopping because I don’t know about you, but when I shop for milk and bread I’m not just coming home with milk and bread. I’m coming home with a packet of light globes, new car mats, a robotic vacuum, dog food, eggs and a kitten.

My son is extremely active and keeping him happy when shopping is no easy feat, especially when it’s just a crappy, boring grocery shop. When I was asked to try the new smarTrike® Explorer 5 Trikes in 1 and write a review I jumped at the chance. It was dropped off to me at work and I was so excited I was telling everyone about it, I couldn’t wait to get home and put it together. Some assembly is required but don’t let that put you off. If I can do it with no cursing and only one block of chocolate then anyone can do it. All you need is 10 minutes and a small-medium screwdriver (ok if you must know, I took 12 minutes and 38 seconds.) It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes though as it has fast-click technology and even easier instructions to follow.


The next day my son and I took our maiden voyage to the local supermarket. I was hopeful he wouldn’t become bored after 10 minutes in the trike and demand to get out. Well, the SmarTrike actually was as entertaining for him as they said it would be. I managed to get through the whole grocery shop with no tears and it was entertaining for me too!

We went to grab dog food (see? Not just bread and milk) and found I was probably having more fun than my little man. The 360 degree full swivel of the front wheel meant we were doing twirlies on the spot when no one was looking, or so I thought! (sorry store manager) My son is super quick to learn new skills but he can also be lazy when he wants to be and still hasn’t tried to learn how to use pedals (he owns 5 ride-on cars/bikes and uses none of them). I flicked up the pedals on the trike and he rested his feet on a lower footrest instead, which can conveniently fold away when he is finally ready to use the pedals.

We were pretending to be in a car race, he was “steering” me with his disengaged handle bars as I grabbed the things I needed and put them in the storage bag (SO much room!), little did he know I still had full steering control. When he is old enough I can flick a little button which will allow him to control the trike himself, allowing more independence.

It was fast approaching 5pm so we began making our way back home to make dinner. He was enjoying playing with the little musical toy phone and proved he is actually quite the talker, calling nanny, poppy, daddy, grandma and grandpa. The gentle bobbing along the footpath must have been pretty smooth thanks to the shock absorbers and rubber wheels, because before long I noticed he was laying his head back with distinct sleepy eyes and enjoying the ride. I reclined his seat the entire 110 degrees back so he was comfy, it was enough that he could look up at me without straining and give me smiles. #allthefeels


All in all I think the smarTrike Explorer 5 Trikes in 1 is really clever! It really does have some great features;

  • Confidence building – smarTrike provides active play and discovery in order to increase a child’s confidence and independence.
  • Improves coordination – smarTrike engages and challenges children in these crucial areas of learning, providing active play and discovery.
  • Easy transition – multi-functional modes allows the stroller to turn from Stroller to Trike with the click of a button, perfect for all cycling stages, from babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  • Safety – the built in capsule with seatbelt provides safety. All smarTrike products meet and comply with all Australian safety standards.
  • Comfort – the built-in suspension offers added comfort and padded reclining seat enables a nap on the go. The touch steering enables smooth and easy steering with the lightest touch.
  • Quality construction built to last – the sturdy and light-weight metal construction and three year warranty enables the trike to be used for more than one child with a variety of colours to suit any taste.

DividerThis Christmas, make sure the smarTrike® Explorer 5 Trikes in 1 is at the top of your list! RRP $219.99, it’s the ultimate gift for toddlers, with the new smarTrike® featuring revolutionary 360° steering technology and a 110° reclining seat. Transforming in five different ways, smarTrike® is much more fun than a stroller!  



Mums-Choice-Logo-250So there you have it!  It’s clear to say we loved the SmarTrike 5-in-1 and it’s certainly earned itself our Mum’s Choice Thumbs Up Award!  


The smarTrike was reviewed by Mum Central team member Kim (and Julian!).  Thanks Kim, what a blast!



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  1. Avatar of Belinda R

    Sounds just like what we need! Thanks Kim, have been trying to work out which one to get 🙂

  2. Avatar of Sue Perry

    My son thinking he’s controlling the bike when it’s me but when he’s old enough he can pedal and steer himself

  3. Avatar of Delwyn Davis
    Delwyn Davis Reply

    I’d love one of these as it would make taking my lil one for walks easier for me.

  4. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I’d love being able to use it instead of our pram for small shops, as miss 2 is thoroughly bored with trolleys, hates being put in the trolley seat. And while she walks well (walking since 13 months) she still gets tired of walking and being I’m pregnant with baby #3 she is too big for me to carry for long anymore!
    This new 5 in 1 SmarTrike sounds like just what we need to make miss 2 happy to be seated for shopping – and she will be able to entertain herself too.

  5. Avatar of carolineavard
    carolineavard Reply

    Winning a trike would help this nanny when i babysit my two small grandsons. Walkies here we come…..:)

  6. Avatar of Amanda

    One of these would be so handy for kindy runs. I love that my son walks to school but my daughter is over being in the pram for two return trips a day. In one of these she would get a much more interesting view.

  7. Avatar of Charlene McKeown
    Charlene McKeown Reply

    I would love one of these to make walking to school quicker and easier and for those “quick” trips to the shops 🙂

  8. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    I’d love to use one of these to buzz down to the shops for those ‘bread and milk’ trips. It would make the trip quick, easy and enjoyable for myself and my daughter!

  9. Avatar of Anne D

    This is great multipurpose concept, better than any other I have seen

  10. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    I’d love this to quickly run down to the shop and grab the milk and bread when we need, which seems to be all the time. It also looks so fun plus has so many different stages. I also love the storage at the back and the cup holder in the front. Just so adorable.

  11. Avatar of Stephenmac4
    Stephenmac4 Reply

    Tearing up the footpath with my little man, sun on our face and wind in our hair! This thing looks like FUN!!

  12. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d love this for my daughter to do our quick walks up to the post office. It seems so much more fun than the pram.

  13. Avatar of Ailsa Toneman
    Ailsa Toneman Reply

    I think kids would enjoy being in the Trike. it’s fun and practical. i have a bad back and the handle looks nice and high.

  14. Avatar of Deb Lee

    So practical and versatile, & it’s great fun for bubs too!!!

  15. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love the fact that it’s versatile enough to be used for babies through to pre-school children. Talk about handy!

  16. Avatar of Claire Turner
    Claire Turner Reply

    This smart trike looks fantastic & definitely a step up from the one we bought 3 years ago. I love the fact it has the bag for shopping or to put things in for a picnic in the park, this was always my complaint with our old one.

  17. Avatar of Kylie Travis
    Kylie Travis Reply

    I love how it can adapt to my growing child and the recline feature is wonderful!

  18. Avatar of sue

    summer is coming this Trike will help me to take the little one for a evening outing.

  19. Avatar of Libby Butler
    Libby Butler Reply

    All of my son’s toys are hand-me-downs and he’s desperate for a pedal trike instead of the push ride-on he has. If we won this awesome trike, I’m sure he would want to sleep on it, he’d be so excited!

  20. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    the perfect transition in bike riding…lots of fun and safe! Cheryl M

  21. Avatar of Vera

    It would be more fun for me and bub over struggling with a stroller and a tiny basket to put stuff in. I believe it would get me out of the house more with my daughter and I really want that for her!

  22. Avatar of Buggeritliz
    Buggeritliz Reply

    I know there will be a Granny and Poppy line up as to who is taking our new Grand-child out to the park in this smarTrike Explorer. Love the idea of all the new features especially the added extras like the water-bottle holders. It’s thirsty work walking and riding the smarTrike Explorer!

  23. Avatar of Vanessa Hogan
    Vanessa Hogan Reply

    My little one is a little adventure bug! He loves moving and being in a pram is the worst for him (apparently)! By having this trike we will be both be able to walk/pedal around in peace!

  24. Avatar of Narelle Rock
    Narelle Rock Reply

    Getting my little man out into the sunshine without making scream because he hates his stroller so much~

  25. Avatar of Alex Ho

    My boy hates shopping with me in the supermarket. This smartrike would make his shopping experience more fun, and less crying and screaming would give me peace of mind.

  26. Avatar of Jade o

    I love the easy transition from stroller to trike and how it builds confidence in our little ones.

  27. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana Sumner Reply

    Id love to start healthy excercise habits from an early age and this is a great way.

  28. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I love my boy to improve on his coordination, build confidence and most importantly have a smashing time riding it to the park without fuss or tears!

  29. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    I would love to win a smarTrike Explorer for my gorgeous little great grandson Travis who is 1 month old.

  30. Avatar of Gabrielle Pilla Stavrinidis
    Gabrielle Pilla Stavrinidis Reply

    This will save my sanity when I go to the shops because my son gets bored in the trolleys. He loves bikes so he will be soooo excited with this!!

  31. Avatar of ChriS

    My little man could be a “Big boy” & go fast like his brother, & I wouldn’t need to carry a backpack!

  32. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    The Smartrike will help me improve my little one’s riding skill step by step.

  33. Avatar of el campbell
    el campbell Reply

    I’ve seen it in real life. Its even better in real life than it is on paper!

  34. Avatar of Kerry

    No need to purchase a pram, stroller and then bike. What a brilliant idea.

  35. Avatar of sars_angelchik
    sars_angelchik Reply

    I love the fact that it gives the little one more of a sense of freedom- they feel as though they are riding a bike rather than being confined to a stroller.

  36. Avatar of Susie

    Looks easy to use and swap between stages. So convenient having 1 product that is multifunctional and helps build kids confidence.

  37. Avatar of Samantha Bentley
    Samantha Bentley Reply

    Ohhhh whats not to love! The drink holder, shopping basket, proper wheels with 360 degree swivel AND the recline for sleepy heads! The last one we had of these (different brand) was a nuisance. this one is amazing

  38. Avatar of Sam Minshull
    Sam Minshull Reply

    I love how this bike will grew along with my child, no more

  39. Avatar of Sam Minshull
    Sam Minshull Reply

    I love how this bike will grew along with my child, no more getting a different stage bike each time she outgrows the other trikes…. this will do her right up untill she gets a BIG BIKE of her own! its truly incredible

  40. Avatar of Racheal Kamer
    Racheal Kamer Reply

    I love that the Smart Trike lasts for so long and with a few simple adjustments it can change and adapt as my daughter grows and develops.

  41. Avatar of Kat Smitheram
    Kat Smitheram Reply

    I love the longevity of this product. It’s not often you can get 3+ years out of a baby/toddler product!

  42. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    Wow this has everything, I love the wheel turn, the way the backrest adjusts, and the fact the little one thinks he has full control.

  43. Avatar of Marie

    Would love to give this to my granddaughter, it would make her so happy

  44. Avatar of Alyce

    Great new design! This would make the food shopping much easier to do with my toddler in the trike and my newborn in our Mei Tai. Entertaining for the toddler, plus a large shopping bag on the back and easy to maneuver one-handed!

  45. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    I love quality products built to last! safety features and it’s fun!

  46. Avatar of Michelle W
    Michelle W Reply

    I love I can put the seat back in case she falls sleep on our walks.

  47. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    oh my what fun
    trike ride for the little one
    when legs get tired
    back to stroller it transpired
    happy one and all
    what fun we’ll have a ball

  48. Avatar of Christina

    It would grows with my 15 month old but my 3 & 4 year olds could use it aswell

  49. Avatar of Tuan Duc Dang
    Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    The ability to turn a stroller into a trike is just brilliant! My nephew would enjoy this.

  50. Avatar of Cristian

    I’d love to watch my kid cruise along and enjoying the fun!

  51. Avatar of Peter

    The sizable shopping bag on the back. This makes a lot more sense if you can use it to carry a few groceries as well as push the little one.

  52. Avatar of Girlbh

    The smile on on my sons face when I strap him in for the first time!!!

  53. Avatar of Anna Elle

    I’d love to take my little explorer on adventures around our neighbourhood, while keeping him safe and secure at the same time.

  54. Avatar of Shelley

    Love products that grow and change as my kids grows and changes

  55. Avatar of Wella Bloomfield
    Wella Bloomfield Reply

    love this and my 1 year old would be able to use it for years

  56. Avatar of Paul Trott
    Paul Trott Reply

    This looks much more convenient than the wheelbarrow I’m using at the moment. Wheelbarrow can be very difficult to put in the car and is occasionally dirty after husband has used for gardening.

  57. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda Belinda Reply

    Not being the only one to bear the burden of having a permanent workout ie. having to push him everywhere! He can do some of the work!

  58. Avatar of Tenielle Higham
    Tenielle Higham Reply

    I would love the fact that I can still get out and exercise everyday with my child and it would last through so many different stages!

  59. Avatar of Rebecca Yates
    Rebecca Yates Reply

    I would love that my son would get something new of his own rather than hand me downs from his big brother! I also like the versatility and easy maneuverability of the trike, plus it looks super stylish!

  60. Avatar of Lauren Jordan
    Lauren Jordan Reply

    I love the storage bag! I hate having to crouch down to get things from the pram, upright storage is much more convenient.

  61. Avatar of jojo

    With two little ones this would be perfect for both so many wonderful features and easy to usr

  62. Avatar of susan stanley
    susan stanley Reply

    Love the 360 degree wheel at front and that the seat reclines back. Love that the smart trike grows with bubs turkey smart!!

  63. Avatar of jennie

    Love that it is a stroller and trike and has a nice tall handle for her Nanna to push

  64. Avatar of Lauren Wiggins
    Lauren Wiggins Reply

    Sooooo much to love about the smarTrike! The absolutely best bit has to be that it will grow with my son.

  65. Avatar of Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis Reply

    Extremely functional! I can’t think of a place we can’t go with this smarTrike!

  66. Avatar of Bec Gavin

    What a fabulous design, everything within reach. So much fun and independence for kids, with all the control from Mum and Dad.

  67. Avatar of Pauline Rimmer Stacey
    Pauline Rimmer Stacey Reply

    Great for kids to learn to peddle and they would love it

  68. Avatar of Dannielle Candy
    Dannielle Candy Reply

    I love that it will grow with my child but will also be incredibly practical for so many different adult needs!

  69. Avatar of jody buhagiar
    jody buhagiar Reply

    I like that SmarTrike provides active play and discovery in order to increase a child’s confidence and independence. 🙂

  70. Avatar of Jacinta Franssen
    Jacinta Franssen Reply

    i would love one of these, money is tight at the moment and he would love this 🙂

  71. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovska
    Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    My 14 month old daughter absolutely loves going for walks and this would enable her to enjoy them even more.

  72. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura Powers Reply

    Perfect for my younger son while we try and keep up with his big brother on his bike, Make a great present from Santa 🙂

  73. Avatar of Gabby Anderson
    Gabby Anderson Reply

    I love absolutely everything about this smarTrike so geniuses.

  74. Avatar of Sonia Tully
    Sonia Tully Reply

    I would love the SmarTrike Explorer 5 in 1 cause will save money I wouldn’t have to buy more things and find storage cause SmarTike is 5 in 1. Win win

  75. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee Ussher Reply

    I love that it has a 360 wheel which makes it easier for beginners & also that you it changes to suit the different ages.

  76. Avatar of Lou Evans

    A trike that builds confidence, is a stroller and doubles as a grocery stash holder? With baby number three on the way, this would be amazing!

  77. Avatar of Amanda Reed
    Amanda Reed Reply

    I absolutely love the fact that you can steer it so precisely with one hand! Genius!

  78. Avatar of Shielo Brady
    Shielo Brady Reply

    A product that grows with your bub is absolutely a brilliant idea. An innovation that every parents would be very pleased to have, its not just economical but fun as well.

  79. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    When my toddler is having a fit of the “I do it’s” this bike would get us out the door and running errands in no time, all while keeping his independence intact. Winning!

  80. Avatar of Latoya Ann Wild
    Latoya Ann Wild Reply

    Id love that it teaches him coordination and how to pedal and when he gets tired (or lazy) we can just flip them up so he can put his feet up! Hes just mastered his balance bike so onto the next step <3

  81. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole Strachan Reply

    I love that the 5 in 1 Trike is so many things built into one product. My son would love this and I wish I had one when my daughter’s were little.

  82. Avatar of alison

    This would be perfect for my Grandson who loves his siblings bikes. He would love his own special trike for family walks/bike rides to the park 🙂

  83. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de Lima Reply

    It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing I like,
    About this awesome 5-in-1 Explorer SmarTrike.
    The sunshade, the storage, the reclining seat,
    The confidence, the independence that can’t be beat.
    Basically I would love to win this for my child,
    Because owning this would send her WILD!

  84. Avatar of Courtney Austin
    Courtney Austin Reply

    Having a versatile bike that grows with your child is such an amazing thing! So much money gets wasted on items that kids can only use for a short time! Something that grows with your child is great! My miss independent would love I think she was riding on her own! 🙂

  85. Avatar of catherine helbig
    catherine helbig Reply

    Wat isnt there to like. I love how the seat laysback the big sun shade & big storage bags, how it turns into a trike

  86. Avatar of Robyn Marconi
    Robyn Marconi Reply

    As a grandmother of two adorable granddaughters, the smartrike would be a great asset to use as they grow to entertain my girls when they visit.

  87. Avatar of Deb

    It would be great to spoil my great-granddaughter with one of these.

  88. Avatar of Lesley Collis
    Lesley Collis Reply

    my daughter would love this so she can try and be like her big sister

  89. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    It will give the children a feeling of independence while improving their co-ordination and a range of other skills like balance etc

  90. Avatar of Kristy Grey
    Kristy Grey Reply

    I Would Love All The Features The smarTrike Explorer 5in1 Has To Offer!! The Easy Transition Would Be Fabulous As Not Many Strollers Have This Feature!! Easy Assembly Is Also A Must!! 😀

  91. Avatar of stressless
    stressless Reply

    It is safe and sturdy will last for years and bring the children much joy

  92. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Learning to ride a bike made safter, a great fun idea to be able to guide learning to ride. It can double as a pram when hes tired

  93. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    To have a bike that you can store enough stuff that you need when taking toddlers is amazing. This would be so well used.

  94. Avatar of Charmaine

    Would be so handy and easy to take that walk to the park. And the learning to ride a bike would save so much money of its already in one.

  95. Avatar of Max Angus

    It is quite ingenious what is available for parents to use as their children grow up these days. The smaTrike Explorer is simply brilliant & I would love to win this for our Grandson James as his second birthday comes around in September. Just love it.

  96. Avatar of Bernadette Connolly
    Bernadette Connolly Reply

    It is a fantastic idea and will last for a long time

  97. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    It’s like a three in one Transformer – stroller for the younger years, a bike for the toddler years and also a big bag to carry all the shopping!

  98. Avatar of Antonia O'dwyer
    Antonia O'dwyer Reply

    It will keep my baby granddaughter amused and save for years.

  99. Avatar of Mary

    She’d ride it here,

    She’d ride it there

    She’d ride the SmarTrike everywhere

    To the park, to the shop

    She’d ride and ride and never stop

    A very happy baby for sure

    Then a very happy toddler what’s more

  100. Avatar of Sheena Grey
    Sheena Grey Reply

    I love the fact it has an easy transition so it’s easy to change over,the fact that it’s actually comfy for bubba and good for the coordination bonus! i’d love to win this

  101. Avatar of Nat M

    The ease of getting around,
    no tantrums on the grubby ground,
    a happy little shopping girl,
    sitting proud with her protective hat,
    excited to get out in the world.

  102. Avatar of jess

    My daughter would love to climb into it every day and be screaming “mummy” until i take her for a ride. She loves going out in the pram and having a smarTrike Explorer would make her very happy.

  103. Avatar of Lia Nolan

    Looks great my daughter would love it and it gives her independance

  104. Avatar of Samantha Kenny
    Samantha Kenny Reply

    My daughter would love one of these. At the moment I have trouble getting her to stay in a pram as she wants to walk. With the smartTrike she would be in & out of it everyday. I would be happy because she is secure and safe, and she would be happy unaware that she is having fun gaining independence & exercise.

  105. Avatar of Kirbie Michele
    Kirbie Michele Reply

    The bike can grow with my son, im sure it will be one of his favourite things and he can use/keep it for a long time.

  106. Avatar of Maria Braund
    Maria Braund Reply

    I find that I am always leaving the house with so many things. The Trike has storage, rainy day options etc and add the same time teaching my boy how to ride a bike.

  107. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    The Smartrike would build up my little one’s confidence through the riding fun.

  108. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton Reply

    I love that it changes as my child changes. So handy not to have to buy all sorts of pieces of equipment.

  109. Avatar of Eunice Ang
    Eunice Ang Reply

    I’ll love that my 2 kids can share this.. From 10 months to 3 years

  110. Avatar of Karren Aitken Ryan
    Karren Aitken Ryan Reply

    This would be perfect for my daughter who has an 8month old 3year and 5year olds, she never has enough ‘hands and storage’ when they go for walks this would be ideal for her and her little family for walking to and from school, shopping etc.

  111. Avatar of Corinne P

    Love that it can grow with my my little boy. Definitely value for money!

  112. Avatar of Blossom

    A little one can become independent in stages as he/she grows. It caters for physical support needed child age/size/ strength related.

  113. Avatar of tracywed

    being able to take the bay and the 3 year old together for once

  114. Avatar of Lucy Williams
    Lucy Williams Reply

    5 trikes in 1 will actually be 10 trikes in 1 as both my kids will use it, one after the other!

  115. Avatar of Lisa

    Nice colours that arnt the normal “gawdy” pink and blue sexist themes that are usually only available ( and NO princess’s, fairys etc which is a big plus!).

  116. Avatar of Rebecca

    I know my daughter would love the idea of being able to look around and see what is happening around her all while being pushed along in a cool trike, until she can ride it all by herself!

  117. Avatar of Kell

    With Spring just around the corner it will be lovely to walk/ride to the shops and the park.

  118. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Love how you can recline the trike, as my little girl always falls asleep on the way home from the park

  119. Avatar of Shannon Walker
    Shannon Walker Reply

    I’d love being able to give my daughter a safe trike to learn to ride on, she loves to go for walks and to push her along in one of these would give her so much joy

  120. Avatar of Luke Harridge
    Luke Harridge Reply

    Versatility, it grows as the child does. Absolutely functional in every sense of the word.

  121. Avatar of Dionnybel Sarate
    Dionnybel Sarate Reply

    Safety is the most important thing I like about this trike, and next is the Quality that can make me pass it on to my next baby. 🙂

  122. Avatar of Tuan Duc Dang
    Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    An easy way to help my nephew getting to know how to cycle. I didn’t know how to until I was 18.

  123. Avatar of Joy Lange


  124. Avatar of Amanda Pope
    Amanda Pope Reply

    Love that it has the storage and functionality of a stroller without the limitations!

  125. Avatar of Sharon

    Would get a workout in this family with me using it for 6 grandbabies. At leastI know it will stand up to the punishment. 🙂

  126. Avatar of Paige Stephens
    Paige Stephens Reply

    I’d love that it’s not ‘just a toy’ – it would serve a purpose and be super handy. I think I’d love it as much as the kidlets!

  127. Avatar of jowill

    The best thing is that it grows with the child, avoiding the need to purchase something new every year or so.

  128. Avatar of Lea Baldoria
    Lea Baldoria Reply

    A lot of exciting adventures lasting years to be had with the smarTrike explorer with my little princess.

  129. Avatar of Rhonda M Phillips
    Rhonda M Phillips Reply

    The features I love most are that it can be used as a stroller, making a walk to the shops fun and can fit all our shopping. If bubs needs a nap along the way I can recline the seat. Fantastic design!!

  130. Avatar of Tracey Bentley
    Tracey Bentley Reply

    My kiddo would LOVE this. I have seen these kinds of parent-steered trikes before but the big shopping bag at the back is pure genius!

  131. Avatar of Amy Doyle

    It look’s amazing and would make life much easier especially getting out of the house and being active

  132. Avatar of Becca Denham Jackson
    Becca Denham Jackson Reply

    Because it has so many stages, it has years of usage, much more than my pram which the kids are too heavy for, too bored for or just like being little escape artists

  133. Avatar of Kirra Harby
    Kirra Harby Reply

    Nanny would love to get one of these for her first grand daughter! She has been going on about this trike for ages. It looks great!

  134. Avatar of Olivia Harney
    Olivia Harney Reply

    my some will be 10mths at Christmas and I have been looking at these for a while now. I see it on the morning show and thought it was amazing my friend had a cheap trike and it drove me crazy and was super hard to turn in. my son is extremely active and alert and we love walking the dog to the park this will make his trip much more fun

  135. Avatar of Alysha Blair
    Alysha Blair Reply

    Because it grows with the baby and I love the canopy and the fact that the seat reclines. I love

  136. Avatar of Wedgette

    My son has been on his plastic trike before he could walk, he loved the freedom and independence. This trike would be a great next step up for him as he is too small for a bike but his plastic trike doesn’t cut it anymore. (It would also be nice to take him out without him getting away!)

  137. Avatar of Sheree Milne
    Sheree Milne Reply

    my son would love this.. i love how it converts to a trike when they get older and they can learn early how to use a bike

  138. Avatar of Jessica K

    I would love this because it is so versatile, it can be used at multiple stages of toddlerhood.

  139. Avatar of Liv Miller
    Liv Miller Reply

    My 5 year old son had a smart Trike and loved it. He used it so much, it is so worn out now. I know that my almost 2 year old would love one of these fabulous Tikes just as much!

  140. Avatar of Bianca Bennett
    Bianca Bennett Reply

    OMG! my 1yr old will love this! we have just the trike bit left of the one I bought for my older daughter 5yrs ago and she is in love with it but isn’t very good at balancing on it. For her to have her own fully functioning one would be awesome. Making shopping, going out and walking to the park a breeze as she hates the pram.

  141. Avatar of Joanna Hayward
    Joanna Hayward Reply

    I’m about to be a first time mum, and I believe this would be an awesome addition to our home for our bubba! Having a trike that essentially grows with your child would be amazing!

  142. Avatar of Deborah Bolam
    Deborah Bolam Reply

    What a fabulous idea would love for my new grandchild that is on the way his/her sister could use at the moment as she is the right age for this trike

  143. Avatar of Leslee Moyle
    Leslee Moyle Reply

    I had a generic one for my first 2 daughters but have learnt my lesson!! For my 3rd and LAST daughter, I would love one of these. Easy to use, looks great but more importantly she can still nap in it! Winning!!!

  144. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    I love the 5 stages which teaches your child confidently to transition into riding.

  145. Avatar of Kirrah Louise
    Kirrah Louise Reply

    This would be amazing for my daughter, she’s getting so explorative and her pram doesn’t do it justice!

  146. Avatar of John Halls
    John Halls Reply

    It’s truly the all-in-one answer, and when you have a 21 month old granddaughter and an 8 week old grandson, there’s 2 little kiddly winks that will get a whole lot of enjoyment from having one.

  147. Avatar of Jarrod

    This trike is awesome!! I would love to have one for my daughter.

  148. Avatar of Renee Nicholls
    Renee Nicholls Reply

    What a brilliant idea, great value for money! I love it!!

  149. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    Because it grows with the baby and I love the canopy and the fact that the seat reclines Lots of fun for baby, toddler and mum!!

  150. Avatar of Bex

    A really good review and pictures shared on the SmarTrike. It’s sounds and looks like the perfect solution!

  151. Avatar of Therese

    I like the fact it grows with the child so can be used for such a long time, and the storage space… can never have enough storage space with kids

  152. Avatar of Cathie Bailey
    Cathie Bailey Reply

    Getting out and about with my daughter and entertaining her at the same time.

  153. Avatar of Dannielle H
    Dannielle H Reply

    It goes from Stroller to Trike! What can be better that you may ask??….. Wait for it….. A reclining seat for when ‘it all gets too much and you fall asleep at the wheel!’

  154. Avatar of Ern

    Our littlest one feeling so independent, even when to tired to peddle and still moving forward

  155. Avatar of Di

    That the smarTrike grows with my child, progressing with her development. Great value for money if you ask me.

  156. Avatar of ciicaa

    my little ones will love ride with oldest sisters and mum will love walking

  157. Avatar of Rohit

    Smart Trike will transform to next level with my son’s growth is the best feature.

  158. Avatar of Nicole

    I would love a smart trike explorer for my son so that he can go on walks with his dad. The pram is big and always in my car, we could keep the trike in dad’s car. Great that it has 5 trikes in 1 as it will see him through for a few years too.

  159. Avatar of MelRyder

    This would be perfect for my son and i to keep up with my daughter who is a real go-getter! I could start getting them out for more walks and the easy turning, one handed operation means i can take our dog as well. Yay for family walks!

  160. Avatar of Stephanie Tosh
    Stephanie Tosh Reply

    Love to win this smart trike for my baby girl due in September! Would be awesome for her to have her own purple smart trike & be able to use it through all the stages as she grows up. So versatile!

  161. Avatar of Maggie

    This looks like the ultimate 1st Birthday present for our little Paddy. At the moment he will inherit a hand me down bike from his sister. This seems a much better option.

  162. Avatar of tizz erina
    tizz erina Reply

    I like how the smarTrike engages and challenges children to learning, providing active play and discovery.

  163. Avatar of Britteny

    I would love a smart trike for my son and would love to pass on to each child, I love how it has different seating options. The colours are very bright and fun!

  164. Avatar of Leanne Mc

    My 18 month old daughter doesn’t like sitting in her pram any more so it is hard to get around anywhere in a hurry. She loves riding her big brothers bike which she is too small for. This would be absolutely perfect. I’ve seen other brands similar however the SmarTrike looks more robust and very stylish.

  165. Avatar of vanessa

    The smart trike would save this mummas world and bring a smile to my little ones dial.. its flexibility allows us to use it for everyday walks or shopping trips or school picks.. its design means no fuss handling.. its look is attractive and id be proud to be struting along the city in my trike with baby on board

  166. Avatar of Nyssa Autenzio
    Nyssa Autenzio Reply

    My family will love the smart trike because of its versatility. It adapts as my daughters grow! I love the fact that it has a decline position for when the fall asleep. Something that the older smart trikes do not have!

  167. Avatar of Karen Howard
    Karen Howard Reply

    My Son and daughter in law are about to gift us with our first grandchild and I cannot think of a better thing to share with them than this Smart Trike!! What a wonderful, practical little invention to make life more fun for all the family!!

  168. Avatar of Nicole Bartlett
    Nicole Bartlett Reply

    It would be the perfect present for my little girls first birthday. She loves to go to our local park and look at the ducks and have a play on the swings. She would be so happy cruising around on a smart trike!

  169. Avatar of Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards Reply

    We would love the new SmartTrike explorer for our little man. He is such an active little boy so this would help burn some of that extra energy.

  170. Avatar of Emma Whitla
    Emma Whitla Reply

    I’d love how the Smartrike Explorer would encourage my 1 year old to engage in the world around her on our walks to the park and around te neighborhood. The Smartrike also promotes exercise in a safe and fun way and would keep us fit and healthy!

  171. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia Jane Reply

    I love that this is a gentle introduction to riding a ‘big girl’ bike on family outings… and that I can still put the brakes on when the inner hoon is unleashed.

  172. Avatar of Jenni

    I could take him to the shops & he’d be happy(& so would I) – he loves bikes!

  173. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I would find this so much easier to be able to wheel the “Smart Trike ” with the long handle and it is such a comfortable looking stroller also the child will feel that they are having a great time riding this remarkable item that ticks the bases in all parts.

  174. Avatar of Leanne

    I wouldn’t have to take the stroller, and carry a bag for the shopping, AND the nappy bag. It would keep my youngest happy and my oldest will love riding her bike beside her sister.

  175. Avatar of Irene Fernandas
    Irene Fernandas Reply

    I like that it has 5 trikes in 1 as it will see him through for a few years.

  176. Avatar of Lyndel Marshall Rowe
    Lyndel Marshall Rowe Reply

    so perfect for when the gradies come i will have something special for them to ride and me to push them in

  177. Avatar of Catherine Burns
    Catherine Burns Reply

    SmarTrike provides active play and discovery in order to increase a child’s confidence and independence. Would love one 😀

  178. Avatar of Yvette Green
    Yvette Green Reply

    I love that this can grow with your child and last them for such a long period of time. Would love to win one for my daughter 🙂

  179. Avatar of Adrienne DeAngelis
    Adrienne DeAngelis Reply

    It grows with my child. By the time my daughter grows out of it, another child will be ready for it! My daughter will think iit’it’s the best thing

  180. Avatar of Monica King
    Monica King Reply

    I had the old version of the smart trike for my first and loved it, I always wish it had more storage because I used it more than the stroller, this new version looks awesome, I love that it grows with the child and a good way to teach kids about using pedals, would love this for my 1 year old

  181. Avatar of Teri Fuz

    My little man Jack would love this! We had another version for my daughter who is now learning to ride by herself so Jack would love to be able to keep up with her!

  182. Avatar of Alysia Sheehy
    Alysia Sheehy Reply

    I love that it grows with your child as most toys don’t. My husband and I are always looking for fun an adventurous things to do with our daughter and the smarTrike would do all that and so much more for many years to come

  183. Avatar of Ronald Shaw
    Ronald Shaw Reply

    I would love this for my daughter, I love how it grows with your child and it’s so much more fun than a pram. She would enjoy this a lot

  184. Avatar of Amy Mike Turtle
    Amy Mike Turtle Reply

    We would love such a great fun way for kids to come along on adult errands and a safe way for the youngsters to ride along with their “big kid” siblings!

  185. Avatar of Shona

    I would love this for my son as we enjoy going for walks. I think that this would be a better option to the pram.

  186. Avatar of carly

    this would be great to use to be able to get out of the house! It just seems so much easier with this trike! I think that this would be easy to manouver as well 🙂

  187. Avatar of darlingdagger
    darlingdagger Reply

    Oh this os fantastic! Would be great for mine and my son’s daily walks! And such an innovative way to familiarise kids with bikes!

  188. Avatar of darlingdagger
    darlingdagger Reply

    Oh this is fantastic! Would be great for mine and my son’s daily walks! And such an innovative way to familiarise kids with bikes! It’s also a great way to involve kids with the shop at the supermarket etc.

  189. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva Beaumont Reply

    As a Super Mum I need a side-kick,
    With a SmarTrike Explorer finding one would be quick!
    My littlie would don smart wheels and mega style,
    And the ‘transformer’ feature means it’ll last a long while!
    Endless adventures in streets, shops and parks,
    For Super Mum and SmarTrike Explorer there’ll always be sparks!

  190. Avatar of milan

    I would love having my hands free whilst my baby has a fun and stimulating ride!

  191. Avatar of Karly

    I love that it lasts so long unlike so many other toys that kids outgrow

  192. Avatar of Judith

    This is the most innovative design! Safe, comfortable and fun for kids, relaxing for parents!

  193. Avatar of Barryj

    The kids get to enjoy a fun ride whilst learning how to ride, and I get to be the coolest Dad!

  194. Avatar of Avril

    The best thing in the sun canopy. How wonderful is the new version. Looks well made. I had the old version of the smart trike and the sun canopy was not very good with the wind. It’s reclining seat for my kids to relax in and fall asleep .The storage space… can never have enough storage space with two kids. perfect Perfect Perfect

  195. Avatar of Sarah Willott
    Sarah Willott Reply

    This looks fantastic! My son is also very active and get bored sitting in the stroller. A Smartrike looks like it could be the answer for happier shopping trips!

  196. Avatar of Marcia

    This woild be fantastic for my little girl for school pick ups & also for walks around the river so she will be just like big brother on his bike.

  197. Avatar of Juno Yu

    Letting our daughter have fun while out and about, instead of fighting about how much she hates the pram

  198. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owney Reply

    It’s something to RIDE home about isn’t it! My daughter would WHEELy love this, like riding her own way to the park or the shops. There’s nothing PEDESTRIAN about it!

  199. Avatar of Katharin Jenei-Pinter
    Katharin Jenei-Pinter Reply

    Wow ! The extra freedom & fun (compared to the pram) this would provide for our Son is AWESOME !

  200. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    I like to get out and about with my son but his current “bike” hurts my back and causes issue with him so I need to abandon my plans. This would help him and I in so many ways!

  201. Avatar of Zoe White

    I love the idea of the smart trike! 5 in 1 is a fantastic idea! My little man loved his mini trike until it broke a few months ago, it wasn’t as fancy and amazing as this smart trike!! He would love it ☺️

  202. Avatar of Darel F

    I love that the ride is smooth- I don’t drive currently and something like this would be a godsend for 2016 when my oldest starts school!

  203. Avatar of Cayla Taylor
    Cayla Taylor Reply

    Would love this to take my daughter 1 year old daughter to the park while I carry my son

  204. Avatar of Val C.

    Love the flexibility, when my children were young I bought 3 or 4 pushers to accommodate their growing needs and our family lifestyle, this 5 in 1 SmarTrike takes care of everything!

  205. Avatar of monica s.

    Love a product that is multi-use…much better value and so practical. Happy mum, happy child!

  206. Avatar of Alicia Cathrene Kimberley
    Alicia Cathrene Kimberley Reply

    Fantastic!!! So versatile and easy to use and handy!

  207. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia Mason Reply

    I love the reclining back rest, I would love to put it to the test!

  208. Avatar of Jaala Buckmaster
    Jaala Buckmaster Reply

    I HATE exercise in any form but this makes me want to get out and take my daughter for a walk and especially now she is in the toddler independence stage she could be safe and when she was tired of riding her bike I could push without hurting my already bad back.

  209. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    So many years of use from one bike! What a great idea.

  210. Avatar of Beksmum

    I love that it gives your child the opportunity to feel “in control” and gives them more confidence and independence – so awesome! (Teena L)

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