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It’s the High Chair Food Catcher Saving Hours Of Messy Mealtime Clean-Up

When it comes to mealtime and toddlers, we could use ALL the help we can get. This is why we were so excited to stumble across Mumma’s Little Helpers High Chair Food Catcher which curtails the mealtime mess entirely.

Yep – no more mealtime mess, ladies and gents. 

Sounds too good to be true right?

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Hands up if you’re a messy eater! Source: Supplied

But it’s not. This revolutionary food catcher will:

✅  Remove the need to bend down and pick up bits of cheese and half-bitten strawberries from the floor three times a day. 

✅  Eliminate the need to vacuum, mop or send the dog inside to “clean” the floor after your toddler has dumped his entire dinner on the tiles.

✅  Take care of even the messiest meals from landing all over your floor, including milk and cereal, oatmeal, soup and perhaps the holy grail of mealtime messes – spag bol! 

Yes, yes and yes! The High Chair Food Catcher does it all! 

The High Chair Food Catcher easily attaches to your child’s high chair and works to trap the food from escaping to the floor. All you need to do is stick the Velcro fasteners (included with the high chair food catcher) to the high chair and then secure the food catcher onto the Velcro too. Easy!

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Simply attach the Velcro to your high chair and you’re set! Source: Supplied

The Velcro fasteners make the product extremely versatile too, allowing it to fit to almost all high chairs. If the high chair has a tray the front section can be attached to the tray. If the high chair does not have a tray then the Velcro can be secured to the dining table.


Mums Review the High Chair Food Catcher 

mum centralTo test out the High Chair Food Catcher, we enlisted the help of Melbourne mum Ashleigh and her messy sidekick, Sadie. 

Like most of us, Ashleigh was excited to transition Sadie to solids but was not quite prepared for the chaos that comes with it. 

The hardest part about mealtime would definitely be the clean-up afterward,” Ashleigh tells Mum Central.  “It can take us anywhere from 10-20 minutes to clean up after her depending on the meal she has had. We tend to avoid some foods or meals so that we don’t have to endure the clean up phase.” 

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Cleanup is a breeze! Source: Supplied

Let’s do the maths … 10-20 minutes, three to five times a day. That’s upward of 10 hours a week! 520 hours a year spent cleaning up after our adorable, yet messy little tots! 

Clean-up is a breeze!

The food catcher is easy to install and easy to clean. It is universal and fits most 4-legged chairs and selected 2-legged high chairs and even booster seats.

Ashleigh especially loved how the wide net can catch most, if not all, of the food and how it can even attach to the underside of a table to make an even larger catch zone.  Plus the food catcher is waterproof so to clean, simply scoop out the mess and wipe down or pop in the washing machine for deep clean. 

The velcro strips make it so user-friendly as it detached within seconds. Then you simply remove the food remains from the food catcher and then straight into the washing machine.

We had spaghetti bolognese one night and just used a little bit of stain remover on the area where the sauce got to and again straight into the machine. Came out like new!” – Ashleigh

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Super convenient to throw in the washing machine when you’re done! Source: Supplied

Not one drop of food on the floor!

But what she loved most about the food catcher was how well it worked to keep the floors clean and reduce cleaning time. 

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Source: Supplied

Not one drop of food ended up on the floor. Sadie even tested it out herself by purposely dropping food into it. No more having to sweep up and then clean/mop the floors each time after dinner.” – Ashleigh

It’s also great for general play too, not just for messy meals. Before you set up arts and crafts, play dough, sensory sand, painting or any other sort of messy play, simply Velcro the High Chair Food Catcher in place and let your toddler go wild! 

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It’s smiles all round for fun mealtimes thanks to High Chair Food Catcher. Source: Supplied

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Mumma's Little Helper High Chair Food Catcher

Quality 10.0
Ease of Use 9.0
Effectiveness 10.0
Value for Money 8.0
Recommendation 10.0

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100% recommend

I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends with children similar age or younger. It has really been a great help in reducing the cleaning time after meals, and just the ease of installation and removal made it actually so quick and easy to use. Great product and really well made!” – Ashleigh

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Hands up if you made a mess! Source: Supplied

The Food Catcher comes in several patterns and colours too and retails for $49.95. It also makes for a really awesome baby shower gift that others wouldn’t think of. 

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Available in a range of colours to suit your taste. Source: Supplied

Live your best mess-free life

Mealtime shouldn’t be stressful, but it often is, especially if you find you are spending a lot of time cleaning up. Prepping, cooking, and plating up the food is a job in itself without having to spend hours every week on your hands and knees trying to remove blueberries from your tile grout. 

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Sadie’s living her best life, and Shannon had it all under control. Source: Supplied

This is exactly why Michelle, the clever mumma behind Mumma’s Little Helpers, designed her Food Catchers. She is a mum of three young boys and knows firsthand how intense mealtime can get. Her products are purposeful and created to foster a child’s love of messy play and create happy mealtime memories whilst reducing the mess for us lucky ones left with the task of cleaning up.

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Messy mealtimes will be a thing of the past. Source: Supplied

In addition to the Food Catchers, Mumma’s Little Helpers also have a range of meal-time friendly products including smocks, silicone feeding sets and high chair accessories. 

Whether starting solids, baby-led weaning or entering toddler mealtime territory, the high chair food and mess catcher is a must! 

You can check out the selection and SAVE 15% on all Mumma’s Little Helpers products with the code MUMCENTRAL

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You’ll be laughing knowing clean-up is made so easy! Source: Supplied

This is a sponsored review for Mumma’s Little Helpers. All opinions of those of the reviewers.

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