You know that Santa photo, where your kid is crying on Santa’s lap and you have to stop yourself from laughing? It’s a rite of passage.

But one mum was laughing out loud when she saw this particular cry for help from her son in his photo with Santa.

Kerry Spencer shared a Tweet of her preschooler son using the sign language for ‘help’ as he sat on Santa’s lap, captioning the photo:

Other parents were quick to jump on board and share their Santa versus signing kids stories:

Whilst others shared photos of their kids doing a different kind of signing all together…

And it’s gender inclusive…

It turns out Kerry’s kids are both a bit unsure about the whole Santa thing. She later shared another little piece of Santa wisdom from her kids on Twitter,writing: “To be fair, the whole tradition of Santa is creepy af. Here is what my daughter has to say about it:”

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