Summer’s coming fast and that means it’s almost time to get back into bathers and hit the pool or beach. If the thought of squeezing into swimwear fills you with dread, here’s five easy summer confidence hacks that’ll have you feeling great, thanks to Honeybell Waterwear Cover Ups.

Fake it until you make it, right

If you’re anything like us, those few extra kgs from stubborn baby weight or winter comfort noshing make the thought of stripping down for summer pretty scary!

Firstly, the most important thing every mum needs to know is that you are beautiful just as you are! That body has carried your babies and holds you up every single day. That’s truly amazing. But we totally get the dread of being on the beach and feeling very, very naked to the world.

So, here’s how to fake summer confidence and find yourself comfortable in swimwear in no time!

1. Get a Killer Cover-Up Like This One From Honeybell Waterwear!

For us, we can’t go past the Honeybell Waterwear UPF 50+ Beach Coverup. It’s a rashie made cool for mums. Cut to flatter, the fabric has brilliant sun-protecting properties and it’s available in stylish black or royal blue. With a waist tie to nip in and accent your curves, up-market gold button details and clean minimalist lines, this is the best you’ll ever feel by the pool!

You can actually wear this in the water. The fabric is quick drying, so it’s perfect for wading in the shallows while the kids frolic. Or wear it reclining on a sun lounge with a pina colada in hand. Trust us, either way, you’ll look and feel fabulous!

honeybell cover up shirt dress
Honeybell Waterwise Cover Ups are UPF50+ to protect your skin from the harsh Aussie sun while protecting you from baring all!

2. Get a UV Friendly Tan - ie a Fake One!

Everyone knows there’s nothing healthy about a tan, but a little bit of colour on the bod can certainly add to your confidence! The only healthy tan is a fake one so if you’re headed to the beach, try some DIY at home (we like Rimmel!) the night before or if you’re lucky enough to be off on an extended holiday, try a spray tan.
honeybell cover up shirt dress with fake tan

3. Get a Glam Hat

Okay so a hat is a totally sun-safe decision but there’s a few sneaky, fashion tricks that can be achieved with a hat. Firstly, a glamorous or on-trend choice will elevate your look to stylish and sophisticated. A light coloured hat with a dark band is perfect because it throws natural light around your face (as opposed to shadows) and a white hat atop a dark coloured beach dress naturally draws everyone’s eyes up! Yep, that cool hat you just chose means people are admiring your warm, pretty face and not even looking at your legs. Similar hat from Sussan or Kmart.

honeybell cover up shirt dress with fake tan and a stylish hat

4. Invest in Some Oversized Sunnies

Think of every iconic beachside movie ever and gorgeous shades is part of the heroine’s look, right? Sunglasses are now more a fashion statement than ever and there’s thousands of looks to choose from. Avoid the mega cheapies as you still want to have UV protection for your eyes so make sure they meet Australian standards and you’re set.

With your stylish cover up, your hat and your sunglasses you’ll soon be channelling your own movie-star-glam in no time. This season over-sized is still ‘the look’ so think bigger is better if you’re out for new shades! Style shown is KOKO Head by Maui Jim.

honeybell cover up shirt dress with fake tan and a stylish hat and sunglasses

5. Buy a Mega Beach Bag

Okay this might seem a weird one but schlepping 20 tonne of gear from the car to the beach makes me feel totally worn out before the day even begins. If you’ve got 11 plastic bags, a beach tent, picnic basket and all the kids towels, spades, buckets and goodness-knows-what-else, no wonder you feel more like family-pack-horse than stylish-beach-goddess.

One enormous bag that fits everything means moving onto the sand with ease and not hating the day before you’ve even placed your towel on the sand. The Project Ten Tote is ideal for the job. And by the basic laws of size comparison and wishful thinking, surely carrying a huge bag makes you appear smaller, right? Gosh, maybe I’ll get two!

honeybell cover up shirt dress with fake tan and a stylish hat and sunglasses

Stand Tall & Be Proud

Nothing conveys that you are uncomfortable like bad posture. Someone who looks like they’d rather disappear altogether than be ‘anywhere but here’ will attract more attention than anyone else! Sure you’re not 20 anymore but look around you – neither are any of the other mums here. Now look at your gorgeous kids laughing by the water, you’re totally missing out on a fun moment worrying that you’re not perfect. Get over it. Go be proud and enjoy those amazing little people you created. And you know what? That cover up, that hat, those sunnies – you actually look amazing!

(If you’d like five more bonus hacks you’ll find them at the bottom!)

Honeybell Cover Ups: Rashwear That's Stylish, Flattering & Safe!

Honeybell Cover Ups

If you hate the traditional, hideous fit of a rash vest you’re not alone. Owner of Honeybell Waterwear, Annaliese saw a gap in the market and realised sun safe wear can actually be flattering, stylish and UV protective! It’s the beachwear trifecta!

Her range includes:

  • our favourite shirt-dress inspired coverup
  • a cap sleeve sun dress
  • an uber flattering tunic which is a super-stylish take on a rashie with a v-neck and mid sleeve, and
  • the ultra comfortable, relaxed fit swim tee.
    Honeybell Cover Ups 2

Here’s what you need to know about Honeybell Waterwear products!

Flattering fit is everything!  Honeybell Waterwear garments are specifically designed to have a feminine fit that drapes your shape. Comfortable and relaxed; not restrictive like traditional rash guards so you can actually be sun safe and look great! Yes, please!
Sun safe and certified with high-tech fabrics!  Honeybell fabrics are lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable. They are all certified as providing UPF 50+ protection, the highest possible rating available, blocking 98% of the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays.
Combining practicality and aesthetics!  Honeybell prints are exclusive and designed by a commissioned artist. The work focuses on the aspects of Australia that lend themselves to a beautiful rendering on textile, including Australia’s incredibly vibrant colour palette, with strong links to the ocean. If you’re more a block colour kind of girl, classic choices of electric blue and black will take you effortlessly from one season to the next. They’ll also give that body-confidence that only a dark silhouette can deliver!

BONUS: Five More Beach Confidence Hacks for Mums!

  • Nothing says summer luxe than exotic inspired jewelled sandals – add some bling to your resort wear and feel amazing! Plus you’ll wear them non-stop with your jeans, capris, maxis and shorts. They’ll literally pay for themselves!
  • If you’ve got gorgeous sandals don’t forget a pedicure! Well groomed is never out of style and a lick of polish on those toes in a bold colour will always add to your overall look.
  • Now a full face of makeup for the beach or pool is ridiculous – ain’t nobody got time for that! But a little waterproof mascara is a great confidence booster and won’t see you emerge from the water like you’re wearing a Halloween mask!
  • Buy good quality swimmers. Even if you’re wearing a Honeybell Waterwear rash vest you still need swimwear bottoms or a one-piece to put underneath. Look for swimwear with some ‘engineering’ there’s plenty of affordable chainstore pieces with tummy-flattening mesh or built in bras. Your Honeybell pieces bring all the style you need, but much like good underwear under a favourite dress, you’ll feel better with great, flattering swimmers.
  • Shave/ wax/ laser the lady-bits if you want to! Remember that scene from the Sex and the City movie where Miranda was a bit too muff-tastic in her swimmers? If you know you’ll feel better with smooth rather than furry legs, bikini or underarms make sure you sort it before you find yourself on the sand!

Mum Central tries the Honeybell Cover Up Shirt Dress!

As you know at Mum Central we’ll never recommend a product that we haven’t tried ourselves!

We asked our writer Victoria to review the Honeybell Waterwear Shirt Dress and after she got over the panic of being photographed in swimwear on the interwebs, here’s what she had to say;

Victoria in Honeybell Cover Ups“Being outdoors is a big part of my life –  mostly as I have a backyard pool and my children are five and seven. As a result I spend almost every afternoon and a large part of my weekend supervising them swimming!

The struggle for me is that the pool is not shady and sitting there for long periods of time is major UV exposure.

The minute I saw the Honeybell Shirt dress I knew what is was perfect for. Comfy to watch the kids in, perfect for pulling over my own swimmers and confidence that I wasn’t frying myself in the sun.

The fabric is ultra-soft and comfortable to wear. The fit is true to size and the detailing elevates it to look sleek and stylish. It’s also perfect for beach days or family holidays.

We’ve just been on a cruise … and this would have been the ideal cover up for moving between the pool and our room. I’d feel totally confident to be wearing this anywhere!”

Get Your Own Honeybell Waterwear Right Now!

So I’m pretty sure you must want your own Honeybell Waterwear right now don’t you? Well it’s super easy to get some on your newly beach confident bod this week! Head on over to Honeybell and choose your favourite piece (or two, go on, you know you want to!) and simply order online with a few easy clicks!

There’s a comprehensive size guide and Honeybell even offers free shipping Australia-wide! You’ll thank us when you’re rocking some pool-side cool. We promise you’ll never have felt hotter…

For a limited time Mum Central readers can save 25 per cent on everything at Honeybell Waterwear. Just use the code MUMCENTRAL25 at checkout. Happy shopping!

Whether you want the shirt dress like our writer Victoria, the flattering tunic or the timeless rash top you’ll feel rocking by the pool with your new selection!





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    are lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and they are all certified
    as providing UPF 50+ protection, the highest possible rating available,
    blocking 98% of the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays.

  100. Something flattering for every shaped figure. Personally I think they’re great, giving my wife the freedom to still have fun by the water, but covering up from either the sun or pervy men who always seem to appear when she gets her swimwear on.

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    Something flattering is where Honeybell Coverups grabbed my attention, I know I’m supposed to ooze confidence for my kids (and myself), but it doesn’t happen, so something flattering to swim with them after their swimming lessons or down at the beach would be Awesome!

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  103. Honeybell Coverups including hats and sunglassesprovide protest from the sun’s harmful UV rays

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  115. I love the shirt dress, stylish and simple with long sleeves, perfect for my Mum who’s had three melanomas cut from her arm and has to wear long sleeve tops from now on.

  116. I love that Honeybell’s cover ups embrace individual beauty, femininity and empowerment one of a kind where you feel confident amidst UPF 50+ protection & stylish chic expressionism; wondrously entwined.

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    The look of the coverup, great for around the pool or at the beach!

  120. they have style,the fact i can feel confident about my baby belly,and they have enough in the range to create a different look over summer and feel great about yourself

  121. Judith Senese Reply

    I love that they are quick dry. I have 3 son’s, that love to get wet and then get me wet. This would be perfect.

  122. That a rashie is not just sun protective but beyond stylish as well because that skin tight unflattering, rolls up to reveal your belly option you get at the sports store does not work for me.

  123. They look great and not daggy. Time to be stylish on the beach

  124. Bianca Hensman Reply

    This is fantastic! As a fair skinned mum I love when fashion meets function & this is something I would love to wear to my next beach trip!

  125. Claire H Simmons Reply

    confidence feels great when i feel great about what i wear on the beach

  126. Michelle Leach Reply

    I love the Shirt Dress in Blue! Being a little older I find I like to cover up more and to have something that’s comfortable yet flattering and covers all my flaws is right up my alley. 😀 Thanks for the chance Xx

  127. A sun dress that looks stylish and actually can protect me from the sun. I’ve waited years for this. I’ve hidden under towels and sarongs, but inevitably still get sunburnt. Or wear a rashie that looks like it was styled for Frankenstein. No more. I look forward to being fabulous in the Sea Swirl Sun Dress, cute as a horribly pale person can be on the beach.

  128. Gail Davies Reply

    Love the Sea Swirl Sun Dress ,,, so stylish and will keep me safe as I am on medication which requires me to limit my exposure.

  129. Loving the Honeybell Coverups range of products with several great choices to suit different styles and personalities. I particularly like the Honeybell Cover Up Shirt Dress as it gives you a good level of sun protection with the longer sleeves but keeps it stylish and flattering. Most long sleeve rash tops have a very high neckline that can often feel stifling in our hot climate if you are not submerged in the water so the open shirt front appeals to me. It’s also cute enough that you can pop into the shops for last minute supplies on your way out and feel like you are properly dressed.

  130. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As a middle aged woman, I don’t feel comfortable to wear swimming wear around beaches. Honeybell Coverups has brilliant and thoughtful features designed for UV protection and elegant style. It is a perfect beach wear for everyone.

  131. Gillian Harridge Reply

    Love the design and colour choice. Ticks boxes for getting to the beach and water with the kids.

  132. I feel uncomfortable in bathers at this stage but love spending time at the beach with the kids, especially on holidays. Love that I can feel comfortable and still fit into the scenery 🙂

  133. I love the sun dress in light blue. It allows me to hide my excess kilo’s and gives me the confidence to go with my toddlers to the beach knowing that I am well protected from the sun and not having to be body conscious.

  134. Wendy Hatton Reply

    Pretty and discreet designs that offer that bit of extra sun protection that’s especially appreciated when supervising the kids

  135. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have brilliant designs for unpredictable weather but with style. It is a must- have item for everyone. I would look good and feeling fabulous everywhere.

  136. Adele Smith Reply

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    i always feel so embarrassed when all the mums looks sensational and i look frumpy I will love something like this it would make a world of difference

  139. Edward Dekkers Reply

    My wife is very self conscious about her body but these look fresh and fashionable for her to wear over her bathers, as well as being sun safe. Nice product and good luck everyone!

  140. Michelle Scott Reply

    After putting on weight from having two children I am too self conscious to wear bathers. A coverup would be great until I can get the weight off!

  141. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Sunsafe is so much sexier than tanned. I love the way that fake tans are becoming more popular and accepted and people are covering up! I think this range of fashionable cover-ups are perfect to protect yourself from damaging UV rays AND stay fashionable!

  142. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have brilliant designs for every beautiful woman.As climate changing, it is very important to protect our skins from harsh UV rays . It would be fabulous experience to wear this elegant and effortless beach coverup outfit for my next beach holiday.

  143. Samala Cambridge Reply

    I love the style and the ways it covers your body while making you look like you still have a banging body!

  144. I love the colours and patterns, particularly the ocean swirl. And they look so comfortable,

  145. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As ageing issues, I need to upgrade my wardrobe for comfortable and stylish outfits, Honeybell Coverups have perfect wardrobing solutions for everyone. I would look good and feeling fabulous.

  146. Andieharrie Reply

    TUNIC is beautiful and i would love love love to win it for beach fun
    To look good and protection from the sun

  147. Katrina Stanton Reply

    They are Awesome. A Second skin for a confidence booster.

  148. I’m liking all of the sun options that Honeybell sell to be honest! I think my favourite might be the shirt-dress, as it looks like such a lovely cut and design. Really loving that everything is available in the lovely royal blue colour – my favourite colour and at times it’s not easy to find things in it!

  149. Shu-ChingChang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have perfect style solutions for all beautiful women. It’s a must have item in every wardrobe.

  150. I love how stylish they are and comfortable they look. Would be perfect for my trip to Dubai later in the year. I would feel stylish but also be respectful for their culture.

  151. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Honeybell’s range is unique, stylish and very clever (bit like me really!)

  152. Love that they are quick drying so I can swim in them for confidence, sun protection and style.

  153. They look amazing, fun, stylish, safe something I would love to wear.

  154. The Navy Shirt-Dress would allow me to be sun smart without compromising style = a first!

  155. I love that these are quick drying and can be worn in the water because it’s too hard to get changed with a runaround toddler in tow! And I’m all for UPF50 protection and covering up the wobbly bits 🙂

  156. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have brilliant designs for this unpredictable weather. I would look good and feeling fabulous.

  157. I love that it doesnt look like a cover up. Just a nice simple conformable dress. Like nappy bags that look like a normal gorgeous handbag. necessity incognito 😉

  158. Judith Maunders Reply

    I love how flattering Honeybell looks on. It will be perfect for visiting the dolphins at Monkey Mia with my daughter. I won’t feel self-conscious standing in the water watching the dolphins – I’ll just enjoy the whole experience!

  159. Michelle Young Reply

    Love looking good whilst looking after my skin and body…thanks for your lovely range. 🙂

  160. Terhi Lake Reply

    I have spent this whole summer avoiding the beach and pool (taken my kids a few times) because I don’t feel comfortable in what I’ve got. Such a waste of beautiful hot days – I wish I’d known about this range!

  161. These look fantastic! Perfect for our neverending Melbourne summer and (hopefeully) a mid year beach getaway!

  162. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups has wonderful designs for perfect beach wear . I would have more confidence around swimming pool and beach.

  163. Donna Dwyer Reply

    So glad that the main one prictured protects the top of your thighs – my goodness, I’ve had that burnt so many times and it’s awful. Clever design!!

  164. Maha Al Moussli Reply

    the size fits perfectly and it is the most comfortable way to watch the kids while swimming!

  165. Finally something flattering (and not at all mu-mu like) that I can throw on at the beach, that I know I won’t get sunburned in!

  166. Rhonda M Phillips Reply

    I love that they cover you up and make you feel confident again to be in or around water. Very stylish too.

  167. Leanne Milford Reply

    Very stylish way to keep protected at the beach. Much better than my oversized t-shirt.

  168. Chantelle Cocks Reply

    I love that they are flattering and not big baggy things and available in a range of sizes. I would love to win the black sundress or the black tunic

  169. Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    I love the sun dress – usually I have no problems getting the girls out there, but sometimes the sun is just too much for my whiter shade of pale skin!

  170. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have brilliant designs for stunning beache wears. It is a fabulous experience which I would love to share with my friends.

  171. lindasteabben Reply

    I love the tunic. Enough cover from the sun but still flattering and pretty.

  172. They look nice and not like a tent which is what most cover ups look like.

  173. Emmi Collins Reply

    I love the shirt dress. Not only does it protect me from the sun, it hides my flabby bits, making me feel comfortable and trendy at the same time.

  174. Eva Kiraly Reply

    Coverups keep me safe and makes me look slim, theyre just a win win!

  175. Linda Curran Reply


  176. Laura Scriven Reply

    The Shirt Dress I adore,
    Our Summer is outdoors galore!
    This will help my pale skin,
    As getting burnt is a sin!

  177. I burn baby, burn, so for me covering up is not an option – it’s a necessity! I love the fact that these cover ups are sun safe, keeping me from doing my boiled lobster imitation!

  178. Mary Iliadis Reply

    The shirt dress will cover up in all the right places, it is gorgeous.

  179. Sara Johnston Reply

    I love the gorgeous relaxed fit as I think it’s flattering, and that the Honeybell products can be worn both in and out of the water: no awkward changes on the side of the pool or in the damn sand at the beach!

  180. Style, comfort and practicality. The shirt-dress inspired coverup is everything that a mother needs to feel confident and sassy at the beach.

  181. I love that they are Sun Smart, Practical and Comfy and would be a dress not just at the beach or pool, but an everyday dress for me!

  182. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Honeybell Coverups have brilliant designs for everyone. It is a must-have item in every wardrobe.

  183. Kerry Vincenti Reply

    I love the variety of designs and that the Coverups come in large sizes as well as small so they fit us larger ladies.

  184. I love the variety of creative designs and sizes to cater for everyone.

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