How Do You Dad? Check Out This Hilarious Father’s Day Clip!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Hmm, how to celebrate? Check out How to DAD’s video for um, awesome ideas.

If you haven’t watched How to DAD’s parenting advice videos before, you’ll want to catch this one. With more than 260,000 Facebook views already, this video pick is an adorably cute (and super-funny) look at what dads want on their “day.” So, get ready to have a laugh (or two, or three, or four).

How to DAD’s ‘How to Have the Best Father’s Day Ever’ video features a look at ‘dad-ing’ in a way that only a parent can truly appreciate. Of course, dad wants some help around the house – what else would any man want on his day off? And, why not ask your baby to pitch in and do their fair share of the load?

In this clip, baby does exactly that. From washing the dishes (adorably, of course) to taking out the trash, baby lets dad sit back and get some much needed rest (said with heavy sarcasm). Baby also vacuums and tries to reel in dinner during a fishing trip.

What else does dad need on his day? Well, to have some help getting baby off to bed (and, it doesn’t hurt to have your baby immediately drop down in the crib and fall to sleep without what seems likes hours of stories, crying and whining). Let’s not forget about the obligatory high five – making dad feel like he’s still got ‘it’. Dad’s cool, right? Maybe not so much. At least, not in this cute clip. Sure, baby might walk right by dad. But, we still think he’s a super-funny guy. And, very much deserving of a major high five!

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