The Simple Hack Saving Mums Loads of Lunchbox Prep Time

School is (nearly) back and we want you to be EXCITED about lunch boxes! I know they can be a drag but here’s a winning approach – and that’s weekend prep. Just a couple of well-spent hours on a Sunday will bring a whole week of lunch box content!

I’m determined to step into the school year with vigour and organisation ruling my lunch box game. And as such, I’ve nabbed a few key items from Howards Storage World to set myself up for lunch-making SUCCESS.

Here’s how some simple lunch box prep on the weekend can bring ALL the lunch box joy during the week, saving you time and money!

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Let’s talk about equipment. From lunch boxes, lunch bags to fridge gear – these are the tools you need to be organised and on your way to stress-free lunch boxes.

Fridge storage: The Felli Duo Fresh Keeper ($34.95) is the bee’s knees of acrylic fridge storage containers. Featuring moveable inserts, a foldable lid, and adjustable airflow vents, this 4.4L capacity crisper is perfect for preserving five days of salad/veggies and fruit for lunch boxes. Carrots, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, Qukes and lettuce will stay fresh and crisp ALL WEEK long! Need a different size? Howards Storage World has three sizes to choose from, and is available in blue or white.

lunch box prep
The Felli Duo Fresh Keeper keeps fresh produce crunchy fresh all week! Source: Supplied

Lunch box: The Felli Foody 4 Compartment Bento Box ($32.95) is a sturdy lunch box solution which will withstand the knocks of the playground and school yard wear and tear. Featuring four separate compartments, there’s room for all your kid’s favourite foods – even a sneaky dip. Leak-resistant seals keep food secure and a handy carry handle means it won’t slip from small hands. I LOVE the easy to open clasp too – that’s a winning design for young children! After all, the last thing we want is our kids battling to open their lunch box!

lunch box prep
The gorgeous aqua blue Felli Foody Bento Box is SO easy to open. Love! Source: Supplied

Lunch tote: Perfect for keeping lunch cool all day long, an insulated lunch tote is a must-have. My pick is the Sachi Insulated Lunch Tote ($29.95) in this GLORIOUS pearl lustre colour. Fancy pants! It’s super easy to clean (just wipe it out with a damp cloth) and the leak-proof lining ensures this gorgeous tote won’t be ruined by a leaking yoghurt or drink! Internal and external pockets are perfect for napkins, ice bricks, cutlery and canteen money.

lunch box prep
Built to withstand the elements, Sachi Insulated Tote is perfect for the schoolyard. Source: Supplied

Drink bottle: Ion 8 Leak Proof water bottles (priced from $16.95) are simply BRILLIANT. Available in sizes from 350ml all the way up to 1L, they suit all thirst-quenching needs, big or small. The wide bottle neck makes these water bottles a cinch to clean and the lid has DOUBLE the leakproof security. The lid opens and closes with a push clasp and can be locked shut with a locking tab. No more leaks in school bags! YAY!

mum central
Ion Leakproof water bottles for the back to school WIN. Source: Supplied

Now you have all the gear, THEN WHAT?

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You HAVE to plan your lunch box food ladies! Prep your lunch box fruit and vegetables so they’re ready for the week. Wash your fruit and vegetables, slice or portion them, storing them in the Felli Duo Fresh Keeper so they’re ready to go. You can even turn a loaf of bread into a loaf of premade sandwiches (ham and cheese, Vegemite etc) and simply pop them in the freezer, taking one out the night before.

Make time to bake! Get the kids involved in lunch box baking, they’re more likely to eat something they’ve cooked themselves too!  Load up the oven and you’ll be set for the week. For kids who don’t like sandwiches, try baking zucchini slice, pinwheels, muffins or mini quiches – they’re the ultimate veggie smugglers for healthy lunch boxes. Yummy!

mum central
Wash and prep your produce and bake if you can. Source: Supplied

MUM TIP: Ask your kids what they want to eat – don’t assume they’ll like what you pack (my kid only liked snow peas at home and most certainly not at school).  This will save you both time and money!

Want to find things INSTANTLY? Make prepping and packing easy with creating zones. I find two lunch box zones work best.

COLD ZONE: This is where you store everything you need to create sandwiches and lunch boxes in the fridge or freezer. Create a lunch drawer (watch the video to see mine!) and clear a fridge space dedicated to lunch box things ONLY.

PANTRY ZONE: Zone all of your lunch-box dry snacks together so you just need to grab the one storage tub from the pantry to pack. EASY!

This set up makes it SUPER easy for me to put together healthy lunch boxes quickly every night. There’s no time wasted looking all around the fridge for the yoghurt or ham – it’s all in one handy spot!

mum central
Create a fridge zone and a pantry zone for grab and go essentials. Source: Supplied

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Now that you have the gear, you’ve prepped and zoned, it’s time to PACK! Packing lunch boxes the night before is a real time saver and really helps school mornings run that little bit smoother.

Spend the time NOW to get your lunch boxes organised so it’s no longer a chore every. single. day.

Watch our video review below to see more of these brilliant products from Howards Storage World, plus LOADS of healthy lunch box tips and tricks from one mum to another, to help you get your kids lunches in the bag, literally!

mum central

YouTube video

So there you have it!

Like I said – a little bit of planning and lunch box prep on the weekend creates a whole week of easy to pack healthy lunch box content – you just need to GET STARTED – and then reap the rewards!

Head to your nearest Howards Storage World (or hit the shop now button below), for all your lunch-making needs, it’s your one-stop-lunch-box-prep shop for quality gear to last all year and beyond.

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