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It’s the cult pram beloved by everyday and celebrity mamas alike. 

And with good reason. The iconic iCandy Peach ticks all the boxes on our ‘pram must haves’ checklist.

Whether you’re a hip city mama or more likely to be pounding the beachside pavement, the iCandy Peach has got your back. With its one-handed fold, super sized basket, SPF50+ oversized hood, multiple operation modes, luxury leather and super stylish colour ways, it covers all the essentials, plus plenty of handy extras.

Keep on reading to find out what our Mum Central community really wanted to know about this popular and very adaptable pram during our recent Live Facebook event.


Get To Know The iCandy Peach

Miss Our Interactive Live Demo & Q&A?

But you don’t just need to take our word for it. We asked iCandy your questions in a recent Facebook live stream Q+A to ensure no pram stone was left unturned.

Come get answers straight from the iCandy expert’s mouth as we answer all your burning questions about this stunning set of wheels.  We’ve also set out all the answers below so be sure to check out the Q&A below.

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Posted by Mum Central on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

And you asked…

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Q: Is the iCandy suitable for newborns and can a capsule be added?

A: Yes! The iCandy seat can lie completely flat. There is also a carry cot/bassinet option. The Maxi Cosi capsule is compatible with the iCandy Peach and can be used in both single and double mode.

Q: How many positions does the seat have?

A: The iCandy seat reclines three positions which include lie flat, semi reclined and upright position and is suitable from newborn.

Q: What is the weight limit for the pram?

A:  In single mode, the weight limit is 25kg.  In double mode, it’s 15kg per seat for a total weight capacity of 30kg. 

Q: What’s the total weight of the pram, with and without the seat?

A: The chassis weighs 9.4kg and the seat is 3.4kg. The total weight, with seat, is 12.8kg.

Q: Is the handlebar extendable?

A: The handlebar has four different positions/heights. 104cm is the maximum height for the handle.

Q: Is it safe to let a newborn sleep in the carrycot for long periods/overnight?

A: Yes! The iCandy Peach carrycot passes all of the safety requirements for safe overnight sleep. It is recommended you remove the hood and apron if you are going to use the carrycot for overnight sleep.  There are feet on the bassinet to support good airflow too!

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Q: How wide is the pram?

A: The chassis is 60cm x 60cm square and it’s important to note that even in double mode the pram doesn’t extend out lengthways so it’s really easy to manoeuvre around shopping centres and the like where space is limited.

Q: Can the front wheels be locked?

A: Yes the front wheels are lockable for all terrains or you can leave them free for everyday use.

Q: How big is the basket?

A: The basket is super spacious, can hold up to 5kg and is accessible from the front or rear of pram EVEN with both seats fitted!

Get To Know The iCandy Peach

Q: Is the pram easy to fold and store?

A: The iCandy Peach has a very popular one-handed fold (yes, you only need one hand) and is super compact in free-standing folded mode.

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 Q: Does the iCandy come with a rain cover? And how does that work in double mode?

A: Each seat comes with its own rain cover, super handy for the winter months. These come as standard with the pram.

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Q: Can you add a second seat to make it a double pram?

A: You sure can. There are various operation modes which include using a capsule, carrycot and the seat(s).

Q: Are the seats reversible?

A: Yes they are! Both can face forward, rearwards or one of each in each different mode. Spoilt for choice!

Q: Can you attach a skateboard to this pram?

A: Yes you can! There are universal toddler boards that will fit the pram in single mode.

Get To Know The iCandy Peach

Q: Can the fabric be easily taken off to clean?

A: While the fabric on this model is integrated into the pram frame and can’t be removed, it is very easy to sponge down. We do recommend a pram liner to keep things fresh (and shift up the colour combinations!)

Q: Is it easy to manoeuvre and light enough to get onto public transport?

A: The Peach is really lightweight, thanks to its aluminium frame, while the swivel wheels make it easy to manoeuvre.

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Q: Can I customise the colours of the handle and belly bar?

A: Yes! The handle and belly bar can be changed. Speak to your iCandy retailer for help on purchasing additional colours.

Q: Does the iCandy come with any accessories?

A: The iCandy comes with elevators (which raise the seat height) and a rain cover for the main seat. You can also buy pram liners, the iCandy fleece lined foot muff, the sun protection screen, cup holder and clamp separately.

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Q: How much does the iCandy retail for?

A: The iCandy retails for RRP $1,699 however often retailers will have their own package deals so be sure to do your research.

Q: Where can you buy the iCandy Peach?

A: The iCandy range is available from selected online retailers as well as most good retail stores. You can find your local stockist on the iCandy website.

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Need more help deciding if the iCandy Peach is right for your family? Then check out our handy pram buying checklist.

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