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IKEA Urgently Recalls Popular Kids’ Plasticware Over Scalding Fears

IKEA’s range of colourful kids’ bowls, plates and mugs are a staple in many of our kitchens. However, two different popular ranges sold nationwide at IKEA, are now being urgently stripped from the shelves due to scalding concerns. 

Product Safety issued the recall for the Heroisk and Talrika plastic plates, bowls and mugs sold nationally and online between 1 August 2019 – 4 May 2021. 

If you have any of these products in your cupboard, Product Safety Australia recommends you return the product to IKEA for a full refund or to exchange for a similar product. Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required.

IKEA plate recall 

The products part of the recall includes Heroisk and Talrika plastic plates, bowls and mugs, sold in two and four packs. Below are the details of each recalled product: 

mum central
The urgent recall includes plates, bowls and mugs in various colours. Source: IKEA

Affected products in TALRIKA range: 

  • 20421108 TALRIKA bowl 14 light red 4-p AP
  • 50421121 TALRIKA deep plate 20 light green 4-p AP
  • 30421117 TALRIKA mug 25 cl light red 4-p AP
  • 90421119 TALRIKA side plate 19 dark blue 4-p AP

Affected products in HEROISK range: 

  • 20414141 HEROISK bowl 14 green/yellow AP
  • 10426861 HEROISK mug 25 cl light red/yellow 2-p AP
  • 60414144 HEROISK plate w 3 compartment 22 light red/green 2-p AP
  • 80421412 HEROISK side plate 19 blue/light red 2-p AP

All of the kitchenware recalled are made from Polylactic plastic.

What’s the concern? 

The problem with these popular products is that they could break when filled with hot liquid.

According to Product Safety Australia,

There are fears the products could break when filled with hot liquid provoking fears this could increase the risk of burns, scalding or serious injury.” 

Now’s the time to check your cupboard and head to IKEA for a refund if you do have any of these items in the recalled range. 

Contact details: 

For more information, please visit or phone IKEA on:

  • ACT/NSW – 02 8020 6641
  • Queensland – 07 3380 6800
  • Victoria/Tasmania – 03 8523 2154
  • South Australia – 08 8234 3333
  • Western Australia – 08 8234 3944

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