Mum Issues Urgent Warning after My Pet Pig Toy Melts Above Battery Causing Safety Hazard

After puzzling her for days on end, Sydney mum Rachael, discovered the source of a mysterious burning smell. The culprit? A children’s toy. The Little Live Pets – My Pet Pig, had begun melting around the battery area, and in turn, the burning rubber smell had set off alarm bells for Rachael.

Thankful that she had nipped it in the bud, Rachael turned to the popular Big W Mums Australia Facebook group, warning fellow parents to keep an eye out for the same reaction should they also have Little Live Pets -My Pet Pig (or Piggly as he’s known).

The toy at the centre of concern, now pulled from shelves at Big W & Target. Source: Big W

Concerned mum shares important warning to other owners of My Pet Pig

Rachael’s post served as a cautionary warning to other parents about the potential hazard posed by this popular toy. According to Rachael, the toy, which had been a favourite of her son, began showing signs of melting, emitting a faint but noticeable burning odour. This incident was particularly of concern because she’d only purchased it in November 2023. So the age of the toy is definitely not a concerning factor.

Rachael’s concern was duly justified. Source: Supplied

Affectionately known as Piggly, this toy is part of the Little Live Pets series and is designed to mimic the behaviours and sounds of a real piglet. With over 25 sounds and reactions, Piggly promises an interactive experience for children, responding to touch with cuddles, kisses, and a variety of playful sounds. The toy’s appeal is further enhanced by its accessories, including a detachable walking leash and a feeding bottle, making it an attractive choice for children aged 4 and up.

“Ours did that too” – parents quickly voiced their concerns

Concerned parents who had the same toy quickly checked and confirmed in fact, their Little Live Pets – My Pet Pig had similar markings (or the makings of) and were just AS concerned, not only for the fact that their kids loved that toy, but also for the potential damage or risk it caused to their child.

“My son’s currently playing with his atm he loves him.”
“My son has one and absolutely loves it.”
“Our daughter loved hers. she has the sheep too”

There seems to be the same issue occurring above the battery on My Pet Pigs. Source: Facebook

But there was a very clear undertone of the rising concern over their children’s safety and whether or not this product would now be recalled. Plus, whether or not this is isolated to a particular batch or across the board design fault.

“I’ve got 2 of these for each if my daughters had them for over a year and havnt had any issues I’d say this batch is faulty and I’d definitely be calling head office.”  Taleah
After checking, many parents shared their own pics of their My Pet Pig toy. Source: Facebook

Moose Toys responds swiftly

Following Rachael’s post and the emails and messages that were sent from concerned parents, Moose Toys, the manufacturers of the Little Live Pets – My Pet Pig, took immediate action, arranging to collect the affected toy for investigation. They suspect that the issue may be related to the rusting of the capacity sensor on the toys’ back, not the battery. This proactive response from the manufacturer has been welcomed by concerned parents, highlighting the importance of addressing safety issues promptly.

UPDATE: Manufacturer says there is no evidence of ‘burning or melting’

Moose Toys, the Little Live Pets range manufacturer, has reached out to the Big W Mums Australia page with a response to the initial concern, having inspected the affected toy owned by Sydney mum Rachael.
Dear Big W Mums Australia
Thank you for bringing to our attention this issue regarding the Little Live Pets Pig. The safety of consumers is our top priority and we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.
Before sale, this product was extensively tested and passed all relevant safety tests. After reviewing the posts on this page, our Quality Team has undertaken further extensive testing and has found there is no evidence of burning or melting. Our testing shows that the discoloration is due to the rusting of the copper used in the touch sensor on the pigs back and general wear and tear, which causes the skin to darken and soften. The issue highlighted is not caused by the battery or any electrical components or any generation of heat and does not pose a safety risk.

Given there is no safety risk, this product does not need to be recalled, however if you have a Little Live Pet that is affected please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
Once again thank you for bringing it to our attention
The Moose Team

Big W responds to consumer concerns

Big W have spoken to Mum Central and advised that if you have a Little Live Pet that you purchased at Big W, they are happy to honour a full refund as long as you can provide your original proof of purchase.

At BIG W the safety of our customers is our priority and we have worked with the supplier to investigate the issue affecting some of the Little Live Pet Pigs toys.” A Big W representative said.

“It has been identified that there is currently no risk of injury with the product; however, should customers wish to return the product, they can do so at their local BIG W store with their proof of purchase.”

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