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Introducing the Dad-chelor Party … the New Baby Shower for Dads-to-be!

Even though it’s typical seen by many as a mum-only event, dads are getting in on the baby shower action too, and rightly so! Why shouldn’t they celebrate their promotion into fatherhood just like we do?

Don’t believe me? Check out Pinterest and see just how many pins there are for man shower or a similar title. You’ll find plenty of ideas for this type of male-centered idea.

Dubbed ‘dad-chelor parties’, showers for daddy-to-be dudes aren’t exactly like mum’s version.

So what exactly happens at a dad-chelor party?

Based on popular pins it would seem that these pre-baby parties include male-centric gaming fun (ie, poker), some sports, a meaty barbecue and of course – beer, beer and more beer.

So, what are these showers really like?

There are dress-up games.


Spot of golf for a Monday! #dadchelorparty @jkwitnish

A photo posted by Robbie Bowen (@robbowen14) on

And apparently, costumed golf?


My brother is such a baby! #manshower #giantbaby #wantedaboy #topgolf #ladsdayout A photo posted by Nick (@nickgturner10) on

You can practice your nappy skills…

Don’t forget about the ‘manly’ (ok, maybe not so manly) invitations. Diapers for Dad Invitation, Dad Baby Shower Invitation, Chalkboard Diaper Shower Invitation, Chalkboard Baby Shower, Gender Neutral And, play some ‘drinking games’.

Bottle training. #manshower A photo posted by Kjell Jorgenson (@kjellthomas) on

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