Looking at IVF? Here’s How You Can Search Your State’s IVF Clinics Success Rates


Anyone who has gone through IVF knows how expensive it can be. And to have the process fail? Well, it can be heartbreaking.

This is why most families looking into IVF want to know the success rates of the clinic they select BEFORE making any decisions. 

New website compares IVF clinics success rates 

Now they can, thanks to a new website, launched this week. Known as YourIVFSuccess, this free site compare IVF clinics success rates and offers complete transparency into the success rates.

This is a game-changer for future parents looking at which clinics to avoid and which to consider in their area.  

genetic test can predict how unborn baby looks

The website looks at 85 accredited clinics across Australia, ranking their treatment success based on the overall chance of having a baby from any egg retrieval and the chance of having a baby from the first-ever egg retrieval. 

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There’s a pretty massive difference between clinic success rates too. Some rank as low as 7% while others came in at 31.5% per initiated cycle. 

Free to use and compare IVF clinics 

The new online tool has been developed by the National Perinatal Epidemiology Statistics Unit (NPESU) at UNSW Sydney. It’s funded by the federal government and free to use. 

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FUN FACT: One in 20 babies are now conceived with IVF in Australia, and one in 10 babies born to women aged 35 and older are conceived via IVF. 

According to the website, the national success rate for IVF for women: 

  • 30.9% success rate for women 35 and under
  • 24.6% success rate for women 35-38 years
  • 14.4% success rate for women 39-42 years

Which clinics come out on top?

In Queensland, the most successful clinic ranked by the rate of births in the year after an individual treatment was:

  • For women aged under 35: Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast
  • For women aged 35-38: Cairns Fertility Centre  
  • For women aged 39-42: Fertility Solutions Bundaberg 

In Victoria, the clinics with the highest number of births based on complete egg retrieval cycles were:

For patients under 35:

  • City Fertility in Bundoora
  • Reproductive Medicine Albury and
  • Monash IVF in Geelong

For patients between 35 and 42:

  • Monash IVF Bendigo
  • Monash IVF Geelong and
  • Monash IVF Clayton 
Women can now run an easy search to see the most successful clinic in their area.  Source: Bigstock

Your IVF Success

In addition to looking at the success rate of each clinic, the website also predicts your personal success rate. 

IVF has helped hundreds of thousands of Australians become parents. But until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to find and compare fertility clinics or to estimate an individual’s chance of treatment success,” said Professor Georgina Chambers, Director of NPESU.

The YourIVFSuccess prediction model, called the IVF Patient Estimator, is the most contemporary and comprehensive estimation calculator for IVF success in the world. It will help those thinking about starting, or continuing IVF, make more informed choices and to predict their chances of having a baby.”

Of course, there are a few concerns with the new free website. The website doesn’t consider a few factors such as:

  • Male fertility
  • The length of time couples have been trying
  • Ovarian reserves if using IVF for genetic reasons

However, if you are thinking about going the IVF route, this website is definitely worth checking. The more information, the better. 

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