Hands up if you need help to answer your tricky parenting questions, or perhaps you’re keen to learn a little more about managing your little darling’s behaviour?

Stop the press! Jo Frost (as seen on The Super Nanny) is coming to Australia to share her wisdom and solve all your most challenging parenting problems. 

She’s been our trusted parenting guru for years answering all the curly questions of kids, behaviour, discipline and nurturing. Now Jo Frost is headed down under to give us all her insights into being a successful and happy parent.

With over 30 years experience, Jo Frost is the world’s most famous parenting expert. Her LIVE TOUR sees her ready to help Aussie parents resolve their family challenges. A revealing, no stone unturned approach will see Jo address the major challenges parents are facing and provide tried, tested and proven solutions.

UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Jo Frost LIVE tour in Australia has been cancelled. 


Mother-of-two. Tea lover. Lego Ninja. Expert in carpet Play Dough extraction. Victoria Louis is a 30-something writer based in Sydney, NSW. A former marketing manager who loves to laugh there’s no topic she won’t explore. Victoria is full of opinion, big on kindness and believes the day is always better with a dash of lipstick.


  1. Courtney Foster Reply

    I would love to win tickets not only just for my personal life being a mumma to two boys but also for my professional life as I am a childcare educator and she would have a wealth of knowledge to share

  2. Sharlene Dewar Reply

    I would love to see Jo Frost LIVE in Brisbane !! My 4yr old daughter going on 15 is doing my head in & I really need help on some strategies on how to parent her so that we dont end up hating each other. Please help Jo XX

  3. Who doesn’t need some help sometimes. I will invite my friend whom is a fantastic mother she has a child with sensory and attention issues. This may help her even if it just reassures her that she is doing and helping her son find his place in this crazy beautiful world.

  4. Elissa Brae Reply

    I am desperate to see jo, I have a very angry 6 yr old post separation, and his relationship with his dad is nothing more than a boys club!!!

    • Why don’t you try talking with the boys Dad?
      What do you want the father to do when he see’s the boy 2 days a fortnight?

  5. Becky Palmer Reply

    I’d share this with a friend, her very spoiled two year old us about to become a big sister and I know Jo will have great advice about handling the transition!

  6. Love to learn how to deal with a toddler that doesn’t understand that you don’t get everything you see at the shops

  7. I’d love to know how to define the border between wanting to be a friend to your kids so they feel comfortable confiding in you and being a parent & disciplining effectively…..so many questions!

  8. shelbyward Reply

    I’m a devoted parent and try my best but I’m sometimes at a loss to know how to best deal with situations. It can be hard to pinpoint and I’m sure I can gain a lot form the Jo who I’ve always admired.

  9. I have a 4 year old girl who thinks she rules the house, she has a very strong personality and it’s frustrating dealing with her deifiant behaviour

  10. Julie Hodsman Reply

    Our daughter is very outgoing and extremely independent which is great (apart from the defiance at times) but we feel it can be a bit in people’s faces sometimes and we also worry about her friendliness to strangers.

  11. Nicole Goss Reply

    I would love to meet Jo Frost. I watched her years ago when my now 13 year old daughter was little. I now have a 3 year old son and would love to hear her expertise. I need JoJo!!!

  12. Millicent Stewart Reply

    My two children are completely chalk and cheese so it would be good to see if my parenting approach should also be different

  13. Paula Stace Reply

    i would love to meet Jo as ive seen soo many episodes of supernanny over the last 7 years i need som eadvice

  14. Sarah Maher Reply

    I need JoJo’s expertise! I have an almost 3 year old daughter who thinks she rules the roost in our house; above my husband, 7year old son and myself. I would love some tips on how to”tame the beast”.

  15. I need the expertise while my child is still young to avoid behavioural issues later.

  16. Erika Coyne Reply

    I would love to see her in the flesh and hear her parenting advice
    especially about rude Ianguage because despite what I’ve tried they continue! I would love to take my friend too whose daughter is out of control.

  17. Yes for tips and tricks on how to lift our parenting game, BUT so I could take my sister-in-law along, and perhaps open her eyes to the fact that her little angels aren’t quite that angelic, and perhaps slightly more on the uncontrollable Demonic side. And yep, I can say that because they’re my nieces and nephews!

  18. Need all the help I can get with getting my kids to listen! Loved watching her TV show too.

  19. To have that ‘one up’ on all my friends, with kids older than ours, who seem to think they know it all and more about parenting. Once I’ve been up close and personal with the Super Nanny herself, perhaps they’ll all shut up with the abundance of unproductive advice, because noooooo their kids are most definitely not perfect, and hey, neither are mine.

  20. Anastasia Xynos Reply

    The opportunity to listen to the child whisperer and learn some new tricks.

  21. I would love to take my Daughter In Law. She gave birth to My first grandchild recently and it would be an amazing opportunity for the two of us to spend time together learning from the Master.

  22. Stacey Woodrow Reply

    I have been watching the Supernanny for many years and her knowledge and advice is so awe inspiring. After losing our middle child (DD3) in 2013, I find we are all a little emotional and cranky sometimes. To be able to listen to this amazing woman in person and to help better my life for my kids (DS 5 & DD2) with some fabulous new strategies would make everyone so much calmer. Please help us Supernanny.

  23. Sacha Pech Reply

    We’ve come so far the last 12 months with our ‘additional’ needs child, but I’m always on the look out for extra tips to creating a harmonious family environment.

  24. I’d love some tips, not only for my child, but to use in my classroom as well!

  25. Jon Donovan Reply

    Need some tips on getting my child to eat, sleep in her own bed and stop the tantrums!!!

  26. Maree Gray Reply

    I would take my brother or sister-in-law in the hope they can learn some tips on how to get their kids to behave!

  27. Kristy Middleton Reply

    Would love some advice on how to get my children to stop fighting !!

  28. Kylie Pickford Reply

    All ideas appreciated. Use many of her strategies in the classroom

  29. Rachel amanatidis Reply

    Shes amazing I enjoyed watching her on Tv and always taking on board what I learnt from her .. to see her live would be an honour !

  30. I love my five year old and I know it can be worse but I can’t seem to get him to do anything in a timely fashion like getting dressed and going to school. It’s a battle! He loves school, just likes to play before deciding to get ready. EVERY outing is a battle! Help Jo and Mum Central!

  31. I’d love to talk with Jo about siblings always fighting and how to prevent this!

  32. Anita Andrews Reply

    Jo gets results! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I would love to hear about.

  33. “That’s not acceptable!” I love Jo and would be so excited to see her live and get some tips on how to be a better parent.

  34. Melanie J Patterson Reply

    I love Nanny Jojo cause she has a solution to EVERY situation, no judgment no criticism in anyway just straight out what’s to help! I need it! Please pick me!

  35. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    I’d love to see Jo Frost LIVE to help save my sanity!

  36. Suzanne Wynn Reply

    Would love to see what advice she could give to a mother (of 20 years) of 4…
    Challenge accepted?

  37. Eliane Lattouf Reply

    I’ve read so much conflicting articles online I need help with raising my kids!!!

  38. Sarah Butcher Reply

    My children tend to rule my life. I really need help getting some control back.

  39. I would love some advice on many things but really need help to get my very fussy eater to eat more variety of foods without gagging.

  40. I would some advice on getting school age kids to go to sleep at bedtime and on fussy eaters

  41. Isabella Basile Reply

    I have taped her episodes, written notes for common issues in our house & still having behavioural problems. It’s definitely not easy raising kids. Maybe some extra jo- motivation is needed on my part.

  42. Stav Mataia Reply

    I have been watching her show for years and really admire her work. She has been helping parents for years and providing amazing parenting advice. She is a great balance of compassion and no- nonsense.
    Her techniques are thoughtful, age-appropriate, and when used correctly, work 100% of the time.
    I Iove that she also gets the parents involved in fixing their own parenting styles, addressing childhood hurts, and resolving marital conflicts.
    I really love the way she tackles the problem as a whole. She is simply Supernanny and I LOVE HER!

  43. Sometimes I get so exasperated with our “threenager”. She can be so particular about the way we do things that she puts it all back the same way so she can do it “properly”. Sometimes she does everything at a snails pace, especially when I need her to hurry up. She also won’t go to the toilet unless I am there, she sometimes holds on all day. I need to know how to manage this please!

  44. Samala Cambridge Reply

    How amazing would this be! I have been looking for an Australian version but this opportunity would be amazing. I have four kids under 5 and the issues I face everyday is sibling jealousy which turns into a lot of fighting and when I say fighting I mean punching and biting etc. I spend all day trying to play with them and clean at night to make sure everyone gets time and attention but nothing helps. Now my 5 year old has started being horrible towards me when he doesn’t get his own way. Sometimes I find myself crying in the shower. I always wanted a big close family and I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Help super nanny!

  45. With four kids, sharing stories and getting tips is always helpful not to mention making you feel that you are not alone and that motherhood is infact a tough gig!

  46. Rebecca Stretton Reply

    Four typical, rough and tumble boys in our house. I’d love to hear Jo Frost’s tips on managing rough play, back chatting and fighting!

  47. Jodie Guerrero Reply

    We have two naughty little girls, who love to mess with Mum and whimper for things they don’t deserve. Please Jo – give us some advice!!

  48. Nicci Traeger Reply

    Ive watched her show and she inspires me to know there is a bright open door if you approach things the right way – be great to hear her advise in person

  49. Jocelyn Nicole Lambert Reply

    3 kids of my own and work with children. Jo Frosts knowledge and advice would be amazing to hear and understand fully, so I can out it into practice.

  50. Kate Slack Reply

    I have watched her on tv for many years and she is a genius, tips on different ways to approach situations would be greatly appreciated!

  51. Angela Tennent Reply

    as a mum nanny and teacher i love to listen to her advice and implement it into any situation so handy love to meet her

  52. Jodi Coyle Reply

    I need some discipline tips that don’t involve yelling! I’ve become a yeller which I hate.

  53. Jude Little Reply

    In need of Super Nanny’s advice
    To help keep things nice
    To make everyday more fun
    and improve life for everyone.

  54. Kerry fedden Reply

    I would like to win tickets for my son and daughter in law who have one child and are planning on having a second. There are no problems ATM but I think they would appreciate learning how to cope with any problems that come up up as there family grows. I did not have any backup with my own children and had to muddle my way through but parenting would have been so much easier having access to some of Jo’s amazing parenting tips.

  55. Jo gives real, practical knowledge unlike other parenting ‘experts’ and many of her philosophies align with mine

  56. I used be to watch super nanny all the time when I had one toddler. I now have 3 boys in different age categories. Most days are hectic especially one with ASD. Could really use some of Jo’s advice

  57. Before I had a toddler I watched and thought how could these child get so out of hand, now I have a toddler I totally understand, Jo I need you!

  58. L Wolstenholme Reply

    Id love to see Jo because she’s probably heard every parenting problem under the sun, and she was totally my Yoda when I was a new Mum!

  59. Lindsey Ritchie Reply

    I would love to see Jo Frost. I used to watch super nanny all the time. I now have 3 children of my own and I would love to have the opportunity to improve my parenting skills. I constantly double guess myself and would love to hear other people’s stories and advise.

  60. Sheree Pallis Reply

    As a mum of three aged 11 and under,
    I’d love to see Jo Frost down under,
    For all her parenting tips and advice,
    Seeing her LIVE would be so nice.

  61. Belinda Mouk Reply

    I’d like to take my sister who has 3 kids and would love to meet The Supernanny!! We both watch her show and are inspired by her knowledge and parenting tips.

  62. Jodi Matthews Reply

    My two boys are the devil children, no respect, don’t care about anything, answer back, bad attitudes…. I could go on. I’m told it’s my fault because I love them!

  63. Recently we are having behavioural issues with Miss 6. I would really like to stop this in its tracks before it becomes a huge issue!!!

  64. Krystal Preece Reply

    Parenting doesn’t come with a manual but thankfully for us it does come with Jo Frost.

  65. Skye Douglas Reply

    With a 9 year old, 6 year old and 2 year old girls life can get pretty crazy and with the age differences temper tantrums can be crazy. The 6 year old is by far the worst but I think I deal with it well however any advise from super nanny would be great

  66. Monique L Brown Reply

    With a 13, 10, 8 & 7 year old kids, I have learned a lot from her over the years. I love her calm composure and dedication to her work and to see her in person would just be absolutely amazing.

  67. I loved watching Supernanny when it was on TV; now that i have a toddler it would be great to get some advice from her

  68. I’ve always loved the way she does things. She is my ‘go to’ guide sometimes. She tells it like it is and is strong for both parents and children. I have my hands full with a ‘threenager’ and a ‘terrible two’ and am a preservice teacher, who would love to learn more. Pick me, pick me :).

  69. Rebecca Costa Reply

    Oh I’d love to see Jo the Supernanny as I used to be a nanny myself and I would like now some help and information on teenage stuff as sometimes difficult to understand. I’m a single mum of a 15 year old teenage son (didnt learn anything about teenagers in my nanny training).

  70. I’d love to be able to understand my ASD daughter better! I’m at my wits end !

  71. Hellen Wieten Reply

    I want to learn the application of a discipline that encourage my LO to be more self-independent and to communicate better instead of me trying to control her behaviour.

  72. I adore Jo Frost even before I had kids. Now I have kids its so much harder than what I thought I need a huge refresher with my 3 kids

  73. so i can help my daughters and sons with their children my adorable grand children

  74. So i can find ways to help deal with my 4 yr old bou/girl twins ..one who has autism and to make my life and theirs happier and not constantly yelling at them.

  75. Berrenson Thai Reply

    My 7 year old is a handful and I would love some tips on how to control some situations.

  76. Navigating toddlerhood to promote good habits for us as parents

  77. Toni Toni Tuccia-Rowland Reply

    I have been following Jo for years and would love to see her live and gain her insight.

  78. Trudy Scott Reply

    My daughter is 3 and I haven’t slept a full night in 3 years. Jo has the gift!

  79. Jo is amazing, as a young mother I would love to see her and get some tips to be the best mum I can

  80. I need direction with discipline/consequences for 2 head strong and hormonal girls aged nearly 11 and nearly 10!

  81. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    our amazing son is ADHD, ODD and SPD and we are work with lots of different therapists to ensure he is getting the best help, but me as a Mum I would love to ask Jo questions around her ideals and strategies On how to respond to some of his challenging behaviour, building a strong relationship with my son turning his challenges into strengths and just to hear her talk to other parents and know maybe some of what we are going through we are not the only ones

  82. Andieharrie Reply

    Jo give me back my sanity
    Bedtime is a battle for me
    Learning how to raise a resilient child
    I’d love to make sure she dont go wild

  83. Super Nanny was my go to show when my son was young, it gave me hope and reassurance that as a parent i can/will do a great job’ i would love to go to Brisbane to say a huge Thank You!

  84. Amy Whitelock Reply

    I have always loved the show and it has given me some great advice and ideas.
    We have recently had a major loss of a loved one and we are struggling to adjust so would love some advice on how to address death and why mummy might be sad and how we can deal with these emotions.

  85. Stacey Ball Reply

    I would love to see no live as I’m a first time mummy and need all the advice, guidance and help I can get!

  86. Cornell Erasmus Reply

    I want to be the best version of me that I can be for my kids. I want to be better. I know she can help me!

  87. Mandy Farag Reply

    I’ve always loved Jo Frost’s parenting skills on her show. They always make sense and I want that extra encouragement to apply some of them to my kids. Seeing her live will give me that extra excitement to put long term pans in place and improvements parenting. Also keep persisting as she always stresses.

  88. leanne fromsa jones Reply

    My sis is a brand new mumma. I would love to take my sis and learn lots of practical ways to raising children 🙂

  89. I have always loved watching and learning from Jo since I was in high school looking after my younger five siblings. It helped a lot then and it helping me now with my own two kids. would love to just hear what she has to say of how to deal with a very emotional child.
    Would love to take a close friend of my mine to the show as she recently became a mother for the first time. It would be a good reminder for me and good knowledge for my friend.

  90. I was really impressed my some of the strategies she used on her tv show.

  91. Debbie Arney Reply

    I have two boys that push the buttons every day, i love Jo and that she helps the parent as well as the children, her strategies help all.

  92. lennicecummings Reply

    She amazes me with her techniques and I quite often refer to her when I don’t know how to deal with certain child behaviours

  93. Jo has taught me a lot, but the one thing the most is patience and routine. I would love to see what advice and techniques she has for a child with autism.

  94. Katrina Phillips Reply

    Maybe my kids are as naughty as the ones on her show…maybe I need some Jo Frost advice too!

  95. Bronwen Scruton Reply

    I’m outnumbered with three kids, and they all know it! My youngest is just at the age where he needs to be set boundaries, and maybe third time could be lucky if I have the right tools.

  96. Stacey Hollis Reply

    HELP ME PLEASE I need advice and techniques to help my child who has autism and possible ADHD AT SCHOOL

  97. I am the mum of 4, oldest 24, youngest 6. I am tired and have lost my zest for parenting, please help me be a better mum 🙂 Good luck everyone

  98. Chontel Machalek Reply

    I am a single mum of 2. Mr 6 and Miss 3.5 and they are my whole world but I struggle with yelling and screaming at them and would love to learn a different approach to help them become better little humans and me to become a better mumma xx

  99. Jo is beyond amazing! I’ve used several of her techniques with my own children and would have been lost with out them! Would love to hear what other words of wisdom she has to help get me through the next stage! 🙂

  100. Jo Frost is that such an iconic teacher in any family. I have not heard one person say the haven’t tried her methods at least once. She also reminds us that were all human and to regroup as a couple. Meeting her would be amazing!

  101. I’d love to see Jo Frost as I really need help with my two kids. I use to love her show, so I know she’ll give excellent and knowledgeable advice.

  102. Jodie Woodall Reply

    I’ d love to win tickets so I can take my wife to see Jo Frost. I can’t even count the amount of times I have heard ‘…it’s what The Super Nanny would do.’ She is such a big influence in our parenting styles.

  103. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I have been following her for as long as I can remember, even before I had kids. Would be lovely to finally have the pleasure of meeting her.

  104. Nicki Cambourn Reply

    I watched Jo Frost before i had kids, I would love to learn more from her now.

  105. Amanda Murray-Alston Reply

    I’d love to see Jo and ask for advice on threenager girls. I have 3 kids (2 boys & 1 girl) and my daughter is very strong willed & a bit of a handful.

  106. Kerry Marie McLean Reply

    I feel like we’ve tried so many things with my sons ‘feral cat in a cage’ behaviour. The throwing and hitting has escalated lately and I’d love Jo’s perspective and tips!

  107. i have been watching super nanny for such a long time and i have just recently had my first child so this would be fantastic to hear her tips!

  108. Kate Sutherland Reply

    Love the supernanny. And with 3 under 3 would love to hear her views on directing behavior

  109. Megan Gonzalez Reply

    Would be great to see her live and hopefully pick up some tips on dealing with kids extreme emotions and bad attitude.

  110. I have 2 boys who love to either adore each other or the total opposite. My 8 year old struggles with his father not being here for him like he should. My husband (his step Dad) & him are close as are we as a family. He has meltdowns at times which I don’t know how to deal with & help him. We are trying different approaches which works some days then other’s is just trying to push water up a hill. I would live the opportunity to see Jo Frost!

  111. Master 5 is pushing me past the realm of my parenting abilities and I am at a loss as to what to try next!

  112. She is how I learnt some of my best behaviour management tips for the masters and madams I look after. I have one challenge at the moment that I need Jos help to whip into shape.

  113. Its always good to hear advice and others stories to help me learn and grow as a parent and a person really, I’d love to add Jo Frost to the list of people I can hear and possibly adopt some philosophies to my own mum library!

  114. Leni Benton Reply

    I am a huge fan of Jo Frost and have used her techniques for all of my X3 children esp love her routines and reward charts. I would love to see her live and take along a dear friend who has young children and is really struggling to cope. Jo rocks!!!!

  115. Super Nanny is the best, my Sister and I love watching her together.

  116. I am a Teacher and Mum of three. Love Super Nanny and always looking for some new ideas for the classroom and at home 🙂

  117. Danielle Raper Reply

    You can never know too much!!! And I think she will be really entertaining!

  118. Bec D'owney Reply

    I have a 10-month old who doesn’t sleep and a 9-year-old giving me lip!

  119. Deanne Galley Reply

    I have a 2.5yr old son & getting him to eat different foods is so frustrating.

  120. Fi Messner Reply

    3.5yo twins..my life is crazy with these 2, HELP SuperNanny!!!!!!!!!

  121. Chantal Cohen Reply

    As a nanny myself, a mum of three girls, and a huge fan of the show, I would LOVE to go!!

  122. Jo is someone I have looked up to for many years! It would be a fantastic experience to see her in person and to meet her would simply be a dream come true 🙂 She has such a wonderful perspective, amazing personality and would just LOVE to see her LIVE! x

  123. Would be amazing to see the wonderful Jo live after watching her behind a screen for years 😀

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