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Jump into KinderGym at BOUNCE With Your Preschooler


Here’s the thing about preschoolers. They’re busy little bees with a lot of energy to burn. Now here’s the thing about parents. It’s up to us to find a way to release that energy in a way that doesn’t involve wrecking the house or traumatising the pets.

Well, happy day, mamas and papas. We’ve found THE preschooler activity that pretty much guarantees tired kidlets. And an added bonus? They’ll learn a lot along the way. 

Welcome to BOUNCE, where the trampolines go high and the children go home tired. Now if that’s not a recipe for the perfect activity for preschoolers, well then we don’t know what is. BOUNCE – you’ll know the place if you have older children – is heaven in a hangar for older kids. Kitted out with trampolines, it’s long been THE place for school-aged children to hang out. Now it’s time for the little ones to get in on the trampolining act, with a new class especially for the kinder set.

Mum Central visited a BOUNCE KinderGym class to see what all the fuss is about. And mums, you’re going to be so glad we did.


Bounce KinderGym program for preschoolers

BOUNCE KinderGym classes run during the day from BOUNCE centres across Australia. Strictly for the three to five year age group, little ones can jump safely and without the bother – or danger – of bigger siblings busting in. The instructors are all qualified gymnastics coaches too – and the program itself has the official thumbs up from Gymnastics Australia – so tots will pick up some important gym skills along the way.

In fact, when Mum Central stopped in, we saw preschoolers learning how to tumble and somersault, how to balance, how to roll and plenty of other skills, all under the watchful eye of Gymnastics Australia-accredited coaches.

The classes, designed to be an immersive sensory and physical development program, follow a series of fun themes each week to keep the kids interested. One week it may be colours, the next week kids are invited to bring a teddy friend to join the jumping fun. There’s songs, games and more fun than you can poke a stick at. Except you won’t need a pogo stick because the trampolines here have plenty of bounce.

Bounce Essendon KinderGym program

It’s not just the kids who love it, though the giant smiles on their faces lets you know that’s true. Mums and dads are big fans too.

What do the parents think

Melbourne mama Samantha Torres, brings her son Oliver, 3 to do the class while she tends her newborn. “He loves it, it’s his outlet. His fine motor skills are definitely better. Just to balance on something at the park and not fall off, I definitely think is because of this,” Samantha says.

“I like the obstacle course, where they’re crawling through things and balancing on things, though Oliver loves the jumping best. It does exhaust him too, which is a nice bonus.”

Mum-of-two Rebecca Mitchell brings both her children – William, 4, and Amelia, 3 – and says the program has helped her son overcome his shyness.

“He’s very timid and I can see how it’s helped him. Because it’s a full hour, they really get into it. They have to sit and listen and follow instructions, which is important. And they always, always sleep well on a Friday!”

The BOUNCE KinderGym program runs in line with school terms, with Term Four due to start at the beginning of October, 2017. Bookings are open online now over at BOUNCE, with term fees $140.

mum central


Like what you hear? Mum Central and BOUNCE are giving four families – one each from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia – the chance to win a term of KinderGym classes FREE.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, comment underneath telling us what you love about the KinderGym program and you could be our lucky winner!


Win a Term of KinderGym at BOUNCE – 4 to be Won!

This is a sponsored post for BOUNCE

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  1. Avatar of Jaid

    The ability for my child to get exercise will developing other skills including but not limited to social, cognitive and development

    • Avatar of Sara

      Something super fun & special for my 4yo to do whilst I look after the newborn. (I’ve also been a gymnastics coach and am a PE teacher so this program sounds awesome!)

    • Avatar of Marnie

      I love the structure of the program and different way to have fun and pick up some skills along the way for this age group.

  2. Avatar of Sam

    I would love my daughter to start doing gymnastics style moves with the safety of a soft landing

  3. Avatar of Sherie Dixon
    Sherie Dixon Reply

    It sounds like such fun for my daughter as she is always doing gymnastics around the house. A great opportunity for her to learn some new skills and just have fun, cause that’s what it’s all about

  4. Avatar of Mallary

    My daughter is very adventurous. She would absolutely love this!

  5. Avatar of Mallaru

    This looks amazing. Ny daughter would love bouncing in this srssion

  6. Avatar of Jas

    I would love this for my soon to be 3 year old son…a great way to build confidence as well as burning off some of his endless energy!!

  7. Avatar of Sophie

    I would love for my new step daughter to win this as we have just moved to the area and haven’t successfully found a childcare or playgroup for her yet

  8. Avatar of Bee

    OMG the kids just simply love bounce and another aspect for them to enjoy is fantastic.

  9. Avatar of Anitasheyla
    Anitasheyla Reply

    Since having my position at work made redundant my 3 year old son has had his days at child care cut down to 1 day a week. I would love for him to win this as it will give him an opportunity to socialise and burn off some energy in a safe environment.

  10. Avatar of Gail R

    What’s not to love about tired children at the end of the day! Exercise for them and peace and quiet for a short time for Mum!

  11. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    I love kinder gyms and the trampolines are always popular! So a room of trampolines would be. A bit of toddler heaven! Hehe

  12. Avatar of karren freer
    karren freer Reply

    Great social activities also help to develop hand eye coordination great gross motor skills and.great outlet for my 3 yr old grandaughter

  13. Avatar of Cat helbig
    Cat helbig Reply

    The fact he will get to socialise with other kids but also how active it is… nothing beats that… well maybe how easily and well he sleeps after it

  14. Avatar of Sarah Kaiser
    Sarah Kaiser Reply

    My son would love this and so would I as it might stop him from jumping on our bed.

  15. Avatar of Melanie watson
    Melanie watson Reply

    So excited to see something different besides the usual dance classes for my 3yr old daughter to do

  16. Avatar of Stephanie

    That the kids can pick up important gym skills along the way

  17. Avatar of shenae Fortanier
    shenae Fortanier Reply

    Sounds like such a fun productive way to keep my daughter healthy and happy!

  18. Avatar of Sharlene connors
    Sharlene connors Reply

    I would love to win this for my little 3 year old jack Russell ( I mean daughter) she is constantly bouncing and jumping her way around! Without a trampoline at home my little one has no other choice then to bounce when she can! This would be awesome xxxx

  19. Avatar of Bec Gillett
    Bec Gillett Reply

    Getting my daughter involved in fun exercise at a young age and tiring her out!

  20. Avatar of Vanessa

    My busy little boy would love this! Working his gross motor skills, coordinatiob & having a blast would is a bonus too.

    • Avatar of Vanessa

      My busy little boy would love this! Working his gross motor skills, coordination & having a blast would be a bonus too.

  21. Avatar of BrookeJ

    My 4 year old wants to join in with his big brother at parties but he is too little. This will help to build his confidence and strength and something that we can do together.

  22. Avatar of Zoe Riddle
    Zoe Riddle Reply

    What’s not to love about bounce classes!!! Like minded children all having a bouncy good time together while learning about fitness and the fundamentals of group lessons like listening and waiting turns. I love it!!!

  23. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    perfect for my nephew to learn and play at the same time whilst using his energy and active imagination (he’s three) and giving mum time with nephew no 2….

  24. Avatar of Kellee G

    My son would love this! Great for confidence and coordination, not to mention fun! Plus mum will love it if it makes him take one of those elusive naps afterwards

  25. Avatar of Anastasia Spiers
    Anastasia Spiers Reply

    My son broke his leg on a trampoline. It would be great for him to regain his confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

  26. Avatar of Liss

    I love the fact that there are different themes each week. My son loves climbing and kindergym is a great way for him to enhance his motor skills in a save environment.

  27. Avatar of Nat

    My son would really love this. He was behind in fine motor skills and balance. So this would help him.

  28. Avatar of Suzanne

    Both my boys would love to bounce and unknowingly work on coordination, confidence and enjoy moving and exercise. Wins all round

  29. Avatar of Gabriela

    Giving the pre schoolers the place and space to be their crazy, energetic selves under the guidance of gymnastic teachers. Rather than be competing with their older sibs for jumping space and rather than Mama jumping all day long. Sounds perfect!

  30. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine Howard Reply

    Exercise, fun and a tired kid at the end of the day! What more could a mum & dad want.

  31. Avatar of Chelsea

    She loves trampolines and it would be a great way to use up some of that energy!

  32. Avatar of Lisa Byrne
    Lisa Byrne Reply

    Yeeee haw! Hope we win so we can bounce our way around Glen Iris

  33. Avatar of Louise Webster
    Louise Webster Reply

    The immersive sensory and physical development are the elements that would attract me to send my toddler she would thrive with this.

  34. Avatar of Monique

    I love the variety to keep them interested and having fun every week. My daughter is very cautious in nature so this is a fun way of helping her to try things she normally wouldn’t to learn new skills.

  35. Avatar of Victoria Dobbin
    Victoria Dobbin Reply

    I love the concept of a safe and fun way for preschoolers to get exercise whilst having fun all at the same time. Bring on some BOUNCE time!

  36. Avatar of Kim Blake

    What a fabulous and fun learning experience! My 4 year old dancer will love the gymnastics aspect of this program!

  37. Avatar of Sarah

    It looks fun.
    Ive never done kindergym with my daughter. It looks like she would love it!

  38. Avatar of Rhiannon F
    Rhiannon F Reply

    Anythinh that incorporates exercise and fun is fantastic in my books! It’s so important to incorporate physical activity into children’s lives as it sets a precedence for their future!

  39. Avatar of Nicole Thoroughgood
    Nicole Thoroughgood Reply

    My 3 year old son loves going to Bounce. I love that he could go there and have a qualified gymnastics coach teach him a huge variety of skills at the same time!

  40. Avatar of Jacqui

    My 4 year old daughter is very active and loves all things to do with gymnastics. We have a new bounce in our area and we would love to give it a go.

  41. Avatar of Alli

    What’s not to like!
    Fun ✔️
    Bouncing ✔️
    Gymnastic skills ✔️
    Energy burning ✔️
    Exercise ✔️
    Did I say fun ✔️
    Yes please!

  42. Avatar of Hayley

    I would love a place for my son to be able to develop his fine motor skills and also improve his balance. Bounce classes would certainly help him with this whilst allowing him to do what he loves.. Jumping!

  43. Avatar of Sonya

    I love how it gives preschoolers the opportunity to use their bodies in a different way… and they get to jump really really high!

  44. Avatar of Tamara delarue
    Tamara delarue Reply

    My daughter would have an amazing time. What’s not to love!! Great place for her to burn the extra energy.

  45. Avatar of Maddie Gauci
    Maddie Gauci Reply

    I would love for my 3.5 year old to jump on actual gym equipment rather than my chairs and bed and couch! She’s got so much energy and loves jumping and balancing. She’s my little monkey.

  46. Avatar of Melissa Marek
    Melissa Marek Reply

    I’d love to be able to send my twins here to wear them out and also help with their gross motor skill development!

  47. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    I love the fact that Bounce Kindergym is equally engaging for the child as it is for the parent/carer.

  48. Avatar of Simm

    That it’s silly and fun for my kid, but I know they are getting great exercise.

  49. Avatar of Fiona

    Great fun and motor skills development for preschoolers. I am keen to have my little boy take part in this activity to learn some tricks and moves for use on his trampoline at home. I also love the social and confidence building elements. All rolled up into a bundle of fun!

  50. Avatar of Kimberley Lingard-Borg
    Kimberley Lingard-Borg Reply

    Love that the kids get a chance to interact without the older kids

  51. Avatar of Eva

    It will be wonderful to watch my son BOUNCE into fitness, BOUNCE into confidence, BOUNCE safely, BOUNCE with coordination,, BOUNCE with friends and most importantly BOUNCE into happiness!

  52. Avatar of Renee O'Hara
    Renee O'Hara Reply

    My 3yr old would love to win this. She has low muscle tone and we are trying to encourage her to strengthen her legs.
    Her jumping is always only one leg leaving the floor (bless). I think she would benefit emensily from this.

  53. Avatar of Sarah M

    I love that it is FUN and it is a physical activity for children to burn energy.

  54. Avatar of Kimberley Sweeney
    Kimberley Sweeney Reply

    It’s a great stepping stone to gymnastics and would definitely tire out my extremely active toddler who loves to bounce.

  55. Avatar of Cecilia

    Exercise – fun – socialisation – skills = perfect toddler activity

  56. Avatar of Emma Voigt
    Emma Voigt Reply

    I would love the opportunity to help build up my 3 year olds confidence

  57. Avatar of Loz

    What draws me to kindergym at bounce is the idea of my daughter improving her spatial awareness, proprioceptoon and gross motor skills in a fun environment. I hope it would increase my girl’s confidence and social skills too

  58. Avatar of Maree Wood
    Maree Wood Reply

    Great way for kids to e\have fun & exercise at the same time!

  59. Avatar of Sean

    I want to win for my daughter who has low muscle tone. I think she’d really enjoy it and gain lots from it.

  60. Avatar of Neva Beaumont
    Neva Beaumont Reply

    I love that Kindergym challenges every part of my littlie so she gets a thorough workout of her mind, body and attitude. A great way to learn, have fun and keep healthy!

  61. Avatar of danni jagla
    danni jagla Reply

    i need my little one to learn a proper forward roll before she breaks her neck trying lol. looking forward to it

  62. Avatar of Rianna Bridges
    Rianna Bridges Reply

    I want my child to be healthy and active and not consumed by technology. Bounce would be the perfect place to give my little man an active and fun lifestyle!

  63. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    Strenuous physical activity clears the mind, improves coordination and teaches physical limits and problem solving. All facets are promoted at Bounce.

  64. Avatar of Teresa Koster
    Teresa Koster Reply

    My 2.5 year old is so active and loves going to parks and play centers! This has been something i would love to get him into!

  65. Avatar of Tina D

    I love that it burns some of the endless energy my kids seem to have!

  66. Avatar of Kim Maree

    Would love my daughter to bounce her way into new skills and more confidence.

  67. Avatar of Fern

    Encoraging social interaction for my son who doesn’t know many children his age, whilst also engaging in fun games & exercise

  68. Avatar of Sarah McCabe
    Sarah McCabe Reply

    My little one loves the trampoline and would love this class

  69. Avatar of Laura Malins
    Laura Malins Reply

    This would be great for my youngest to build his confidence and improve his motor skills as well as using some of his energy!!

  70. Avatar of Trevor

    Love when my daughter gets to have fun while helping with learning coordination and confidence

  71. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    I love the idea of having tuckered out kids (woohoo date night).

  72. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria Purnamasari Reply

    My kids just love to bounce on their bed. This program will be very fun for them and use lots of their endless energy.

  73. Avatar of Tanya

    What’s not to love. Firstly it’s designed for more the smaller kids and it will tire them out. Give us parents a break lol

  74. Avatar of Sally

    Professional, educational and super fun! Can’t wait to see my kids try it

  75. Avatar of Kimberley

    I love that the kids get to have an awesome fun time, all while actually learning some pretty great skills.

  76. Avatar of Castay89

    Have never experienced but would love to as my 3yr old loves the trampoline at home.

  77. Avatar of Freda

    My son is very active and would absolutely love this! I love to see him bouncing – off my walls!

  78. Avatar of Hkj

    I love the fact it is so supported and fun! She gets so tired doing activities and this is something she will love so much. We want to give her fun that also gets her loving being active.

  79. Avatar of Nicole Tilbrook
    Nicole Tilbrook Reply

    My son would Iove it all! It would be great to watch him having so much fun!

  80. Avatar of Aleksandra Nikolic
    Aleksandra Nikolic Reply

    I think it’s so lovely to give the little ones something fun to do, so much energy and usually not enough programs for them 🙂

  81. Avatar of Elise Williamson
    Elise Williamson Reply

    My 3.5yo would have an absolute ball jumping around with all her energy. Would be lovely to see her play

  82. Avatar of Kirsty

    Bouncetastic fun for the kids and parents too! Great opportunity for moving and social skills.

  83. Avatar of Samantha

    I love how different to normal kindergym it sounds, while providing the same benefits.

  84. Avatar of Holly

    Wow, looks like a fantastic program so good for kids social and emotional skills as well as continuing to develop their gross motor, skills. Wearing them out a bit is a bonus too 🙂

  85. Avatar of sam

    I love how it keeps the kids active, and gets their bodies moving and develops balance for any sport they may play

  86. Avatar of Nicole

    I think its a unique and fun way for children and parents to exercise and interact

  87. Avatar of Lisa serraino
    Lisa serraino Reply

    My son loves the trampoline at home. He would love this program and would be great for his social skills.

  88. Avatar of Yana

    This is exactly what my 3.5 year old needs! He’s constantly bouncing on the lounge, the beds and tumbling all around the room. This would hopefully use up some of that energy while I can enjoy some quiet time with his little sister!

  89. Avatar of Athanasia

    Both my LO’s would love Bounce kindergym, especially the trampolines!

  90. Avatar of Danielle

    My son would absolutely love this! And I love everything that gymnastic style learning teaches kids and encourages their gross motor skills.

  91. Avatar of Megan

    I love that it has something for everyone! I think my LO would love it!

  92. Avatar of Jessica Camilleri
    Jessica Camilleri Reply

    I am hoping it will bounce my son’s jumping jelly beans out that he has consumed!

  93. Avatar of Larissa

    My three year old triplets (and their 4 year old cousin) would get so much benefit from the program, developing their coordination, gross motor, speaking, listening and social skills. They are very active kids who would love the opportunity to learn some new moves!

  94. Avatar of Shannon

    This would be awesome my youngest loves bouncing on the trampoline but we just don’t have the time and we have never been here either

  95. Avatar of Kylie

    This would be an awesome way to spend some quality time with my three little munchkins over the holidays.

  96. Avatar of Sarah E

    I love that the program is completely unique and that there is nothing else around like it. Gives my boys some variety and guaranteed to burn tones of energy along the way!

  97. Avatar of Alyce

    My girls struggle with the routine of toddler dancing, so I think a massive energetic variety would be great for their ticking brains!

  98. Avatar of Bree

    My child would love the fun and exciting way to bounce out some of the built up energy.

  99. Avatar of Rachelle

    Would love my littlest to be able to get out, have fun and burn energy whilst his older brothers are at school

  100. Avatar of Megan

    I love how they build up the kids confidence, my daughter came for a come and try and was so proud of herself and happy coming home. She has been asking me to sign her up ever since. Would love the opportunity for her to do a whole term.

  101. Avatar of Tamra

    My little girl would love to bounce her way into fun! it looks fun, energetic and a load of variety.

  102. Avatar of Caroline

    The opportunity for my child to get active, try new things and test out his abilities while also socialising and learning to play alongside other children.

  103. Avatar of Nicole

    I love the idea that my girl will able to have fun whilst being physically active and developing on her motor skills.

  104. Avatar of Aimee

    It’s great for children to be active, helps them develop their motor skills, co-ordination, balance and as a bonus tires them out so everyone gets a good night sleep- what could be better?

  105. Avatar of Charmaine Lock
    Charmaine Lock Reply

    Looks like the only way to ware out my little energiser bunny.

  106. Avatar of Toyah

    A structured activity program that will hopefully wear my toddler out, whilst he learns and develops new skills.

  107. Avatar of Ann-Marie

    This sounds like a brilliant way to wear out my 3 year old! And indulge my love of trampolines at the same time!

  108. Avatar of Kimberley Dawson
    Kimberley Dawson Reply

    I love that there is a Saturday class. Generally, kinder and preschool classes are targeted at stay at home mothers to “fill up” the quiet periods of the week for companies – meaning us working mums have little options for taking our toddlers out to organised activities on the weekends – I really appreciate that Bounce Kindergym has allowed for EVERYONE to get involved xxx

  109. Avatar of Rebecca clark
    Rebecca clark Reply

    We don’t have a trampoline at home and my son is obsessed with them! He would love this and I would enjoy the nap time afterwards!

  110. Avatar of Lesley Walker
    Lesley Walker Reply

    The gift you can give that keeps on giving, strength, fun, friendship, sharing, exercise & more

  111. Avatar of Russell McLeod
    Russell McLeod Reply

    Ethan would truly benefit from the exercise and the co-ordination he would develop from bounce Kinder Gym.

  112. Avatar of izabella

    What bigger thrill is there than letting loose a toddler with oodles of energy…this is Gold!!

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