15 Tiny Testers Wanted to Try the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag

Have you ever run the ‘sleep transfer gauntlet?’

Many parents know it well. It’s that difficult, sometimes soul destroying, always stressful process of transferring a sleeping baby or toddler from car or pram to bed.

But we’ve found something that promises to stop the stress in its tracks. A sleep outfit for little ones that means no more panicking about  the car-to-cot switch. Or the pram-to-cot swap. And we need 15 cuties to test it out for us.

The sleep suit that solves baby sleep dramas

ergopouch sleep suit bag review

There is nothing quite like that moment of sweet relief when your child finally dozes off. Unless they fall asleep somewhere other than their actual cot. Then that moment of relief comes with the panic of ‘the transfer’.  Not to mention the fear of having to insert a baby into a sleeping bag WITHOUT WAKING THEM UP. You don’t know fear till you’ve tried to lever a zipper on a dozing toddler. It’s a special kind of hell.

A smart solution to a common problem

As any parent can attest, sleep is the most elusive yet seductive beast you’ll meet on the parenting path. When we find something like the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag that promises to make sleep that little bit easier to manage, well we just have to share it with you. A sleeping bag that allows baby or toddler to sleep anywhere? Take our money now.

How does the ergoPouch achieve this miraculous feat? Quite simply. It niftily converts from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit with legs – or vice versa – at the flick of a zip. Bubba stays snug and the transition from pram or car to cot or bed is seamless. No wrestling sleeping babes and jammed up zippers required. And there’s no bulky padding either, so it’s suitable for the car as recommended by Kidsafe Australia.

Summer (and skin) friendly

summer baby sleeping bag with legs ergoPouch

One of the most common complaints parents have about sleeping bags is the weight and lack of breathability, always an issue for the warm Aussie climate. What good is a seamless pram to cot transition if the baby sweats more than a Bachelor contestant in the final rose round? Fortunately, the clever people at ergoPouch have thought about that.

The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag is made from soft organic cotton fabric so it not only feels amazing, but is highly breathable. The new short sleeve summer range also comes in a lighter TOG rating (1.0 TOG compared to the winter weight 2.5 TOG) making it just right for the spring and summer months. It’s suitable for nursery temperatures of 21-24 degrees celsius.

The ergoPouch Sleep Suit is also the ideal solution for older toddlers who don’t like the way a sleeping bag constricts their mobility, but still need that warmth and security. And once your toddler moves to a toddler bed, you’ll appreciate the safety that comes with them being able to move their little legs freely.

The Sleep Suit Bag comes in three different sizes (2-12 months, 8-24 months and 2-4 years) and there’s a TOG/sleeve/pattern combo to suit any little person. No wonder it was named most popular baby sleeping bag at the 2016 Mother and Baby awards. You can see the full range at ergoPouch.

mum centralmum central

Want to give the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag a whirl for yourself?

Mum Central is looking for 15 little ones to test the 1.0 Tog Spring/ Summer ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag (RRP $74.95) for a fortnight and report back.

If your child is aged between two months and four years, and you live in Australia, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill in the form below for a chance to be an official ergoPouch tester for us!

Good luck!

Apply to Review and Keep an ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag Valued at $74.95
mum centralThis is a sponsored article for ergoPouch

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  1. Avatar of Emily

    I have never tried an ergopouch before. I would love to try one to see if it would help my 10 month old sleep calmer and stop crying out in the night

    • Avatar of Nora

      I have used the ergopouch for my newborns and found that they all slept comfortably and were warm and protected.

      The addition for the movement of legs would be fantastic for my little ones (I have both a 1 year old and 2 year old.) The 1 yo gets frustrated being unable to move in his sleeping bag as he has begun walking now. The 2 year refuses to use the sleeping bag but wakes up cold when he blanket shifts off him in the middle of the night.

      • Avatar of Louise

        I love that you can keep your baby warm and at the right temperature whilst keeping them in a safe sleeping environment. It’s also important to have quality materials for their skin and to have versatility with changing and wake times.

      • Avatar of Jo Allan

        I’d love to trial this summer version as we’re currently using the winter ergo pouch and just love it. It keeps our bub so warm and cosy.

        • Avatar of KateCB

          Transferring my baby to the cot is a nightmare! I would love to trial one of these and reccomend to my friends with similar issues!

      • Avatar of Kim Lockhart
        Kim LockhartReply

        I love the ergo sleeping bags for my little man, he has used one every night since he was less than a week old. Keeps him snug all night long, but with the change of seasons upon us he will be needing a new spring/summer bag.

      • Avatar of Emma

        I currently use the winter one for my 7 month old and she absolutely loves it. What I love about it is that it covers her hands which I find can get quite cold. I also like the button at the top which stops the zip from irritating her.

    • Avatar of Philippa

      I would love to try an ergopouch on my 2 year old girl as she is forever kicking her covers off and waking up cold. It looks to be a brilliant product

      • Avatar of KadyH

        What’s not to love about Ergopouch- my favourite brand for sleep wear. I don’t think my son would sleep as well as he does without his ergo cocoon. I would love to try out a sleep suit.

    • Avatar of Shantelle

      That my toddler sleeps so well in her affectionately named sleepy suit. It is has versatilty in that it can be worn before bed time and in the morning.

    • Avatar of Simone Edwards
      Simone EdwardsReply

      I have 3 winter ergo sleepsuits my kids dont go to bed without them in winter i love them i woukd love to try out the summer ones for my 11month old

    • Avatar of Nina giacomantonio
      Nina giacomantonioReply

      We are currently using the 2.5tog sleep suit and it’s a life saver for my 15month old daughter she moved a lot in her cot so blankets aren’t an option it has got us through winter but living in qld I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to push using it! I she also likes to rip her nappy off so the suit prevents that, we would love to try a summer suit

    • Avatar of KellieA

      I love how the legs separate, having a 2.5yo who is OBSESSED with his sleeping bag still it would be great to have one that he can A) wear when it gets hot and B) walk around in without me worrying that he’s going to stack it. PLEASE let us trial one.

    • Avatar of michdols

      I would love to give this a test run. I’m having a lot of trouble with my 2 yo waking at night and am one exhausted Mumma. This could be our saviour.

      • Avatar of Kathryn cooper
        Kathryn cooperReply

        We have been using the 2.5 tog pouch for winter as my 18 month old refuses to keep any blankets on.this would be great for summer

    • Avatar of Yasmin Jones
      Yasmin JonesReply

      We love our ergoPouch sleep suit, they are so comfortable & versatile. Last week we had to drop Daddy to the airport at 5:00am- just zipped it to form the legs & it was so easy to put her in her car seat ensuring our little one was snug & warm- she ending falling asleep in the car with it on.

    • Avatar of Liz Murdock
      Liz MurdockReply

      Would love to try an Ergopouch for air travel as we are travelling soon they look so comfy and practical for little ones 🙂

    • Avatar of Cass

      I have 4 egopouchs I was given a hand me down one for summer and loved it as my little girl had a problem with scratching her face so we needed her arms to be wrapped up. I was worried she would be hot in the pouch but it seemed to keep her cool. I didn’t know where the egopouch come from but one day I saw the logo on Facebook so I got another one. We have a old house so the winter ones with arms are fantastic for keeping bubs warm as she doesn’t stay under her blankets. Got one for every season now just love them.

    • Avatar of Courtney mayne
      Courtney mayneReply

      My 2 year old loves his ergopouch. We had them packed for him in hospital. He is now in the sleep suits and is finally sleeping better. (He was born deaf and has always been a terrible sleeper). He now brings out his sleep bag and asks to go to bed.
      We have a new little addition and we have tried so hard to get him to love the ergopouch but unfortunately he has decided another brand was for him. We are transitioning him to arms out at the moment so it would be nice for him to try the new sleeping bag instead of getting his older brothers very loved hand me downs

    • Avatar of Olivia Attard
      Olivia AttardReply

      I use the ergo pouches for my 12 weeks old and we lose it. Our little guy started rolling this week and the new sleep suit would just be perfect to transition him into 🙂

    • Avatar of Lauren

      We’ve never tried the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit but love their sleep bags. Both our little one’s are active sleepers and love rolling around in their cot. We’ve never been able to keep blankets on them so have used sleeping bags but would LOVE to try the suit…no more carrying the toddler on one hip and infant on the other up stairs in their bags at night.

    • Avatar of Kirstie

      These suits are so good to use when on the go and super snuggly too. We love ErgoPouch! Knowing my little one is tucked up and warmer is such a relief.

      • Avatar of Jess T

        We tried every brand of sleep suit and the only one that my baby boy would fall asleep in was the Ergo! Being in a warmer climate I find them perfect with keeping him at the best temp for sleeping.

        Archie is 16weeks and currently sleeps like a champ thanks to the suits. We are about to try transitioning which will hopefully be easy with the Ergo. He is my first bub.

    • Avatar of Jade

      We found the ergopouch was tge only way to get out baby girl to sleep after coming home from the hospital. We tried everything but she would not stop screeming, after a few nights we put her in your sleeping bag and it magicly worked! She felt so cosy, safe and secure and really helped in the winter nights. We would love to try the summer bag!

    • Avatar of Joyce s

      I would love to try the ergopouch, it has been difficult on cold nights for us, it will be great as the bag can be strapped to car seat and prams as well!

    • Avatar of Kelly truine
      Kelly truineReply

      I bought one of the winter ergo pouches for my son a few months ago. He had an A-MAZ-ING sleep in it but it got dirty after the first time he slept in it, so I washed it hung it up outside (on a windy day) it must of fallen of and our 2 dogs totally ripped it apart I was so happy with it, the fact that he finally slept all night and bam! Ruined by the dogs. So I would love to try out the new summer one now we’re getting back to the warmer weather.

    • Avatar of Sarahmumof2

      My babies have always slept in a grobag or similar as they never keep their blankets on. They are amazing products and would love to test the ergopouch. I love the fact the legs are separated so they are able to walk around in them.

    • Avatar of Krys

      My daughter has slept in these since she was little and we both love them

    • Avatar of Krystal Irving
      Krystal IrvingReply

      We had stopped with the sleeping bags because of the sleep transfer issue. Would love the chance to give the suits a go!

    • Avatar of Julia

      Would love to try this little snuggle sack for my very cuddly little one!

    • Avatar of NCharry

      My wiggly worm is 8 months and he keeps coming out of all wraps, blankets and sleepingbags.

      Everyone raves abour ErgoPouch! They are an Australian company with great designs & quality

    • Avatar of Sarah

      I don’t know what life would be like prior to the ergo pouch. I have a 4 month old and prior to using one, she wouldn’t settle at all. I tried everything. And now as soon as I slip her into her pouch ready for bed, she knows instantly. It’s like the baby whisperer that can’t talk, it’s a life saver Would definitely try and review, my hands are down to whoever thought the idea through for these, thank you!

    • Avatar of Denise

      With an ergopouch, baby/ toddler sleep better and so do I with no fear of babies getting cold or losing the doona/blankets

    • Avatar of Amber

      We used the ergo cocoons when my bub needed swaddling. We haven’t tried the sleep suits. They look amazing!

      • Avatar of Katie

        I love that I can sleep without worrying because my daughter is being kept warm in the safest way possible. No chance of suffocation or blankets slipping off.

    • Avatar of Codie

      I love the fact the kids can walk around in the suit and then zip up for sleep time

    • Avatar of Emma Griffiths
      Emma GriffithsReply

      I’ve used the winter ergo pouch for my son and absolutely loved it. He’s able to move and get comfortable at night, and the material is wonderful on his already sensitive skin. I recommend these products to all my friends and family, and was looking forward to giving this a whirl for my little one! X

    • Avatar of Sandy Johnston
      Sandy JohnstonReply

      I would love for my grandchildren to try these as they look great and have leg which we need now

    • Avatar of Sarah G

      Wouldn’t know how to cope with my child sleeping if it wasn’t for ergopouch. My daughter has been using them since she was born and she is now 17 months old. They are so worth the money they are comfy, look great and made to suit any season specially living in Melbourne where you get all seasons in one day. I don’t know how I would transition my daughter out of them 🙁

    • Avatar of Laura

      My son has been wearing his 2. 5 tog sleep suit with the legs all winter, he absolutely loves it and so do I! His Aunty calls it his astronaut suit.. Love that we can dress him at his grandparents and he will fall asleep in the car and we can transfer him to his cot 🙂

    • Avatar of Nicole

      I’ve never tried the ergopouch but am looking for a product that ticks both sleeping bag and sleep suit boxes. My daughter is very active so a product that will keep up with her is essential.

    • Avatar of Imogen

      We love the ergo, used for both our two little ones. Not only does it was and wear so well, but its the escape from Alcatraz/Houdini couldn’t get out of them for our son who loves to try and wrangle his way out haha

    • Avatar of Tara Burnett
      Tara BurnettReply

      We have used ergo swaddles since my son was born and using the 2.5 tog sleeping bag/swaddle now. I would love to try out the new sleep suit as we are ready to move to the next stage. My son loves the comfort of ergo sleeping bags and he knows as soon as he is zipped in it’s bed time. And I know he is being kept warm and safe.

    • Avatar of Britney

      We currently use the winter 3.5 TOG and I love that the arms are covered for warmth but still free for her to move about in her sleep. It gives me peace of mind that she’s being kept warm in a safe sleeping environment and clearly she loves it too as she sleeps all night. I would love to trial the new summer sleep suit bags as the colours are beautiful, the arms are free to keep her cool during these warm nights, and as she will be walking soon, it’ll be great to convert the legs so she can still happily get around.

    • Avatar of katahlia

      i love how the orginals are so warm cosy and safe also the quality is excellent i would love to get the opeertunity to test out the new suit and review i think my boys should win one now that i have two and i have to buy two of everything haha

    • Avatar of Justine Henderson
      Justine HendersonReply

      What a great idea. My son hates sleeping with blankets… so a sleeping bag is always a great option that is sleep safe. However having the legs in the bags will make life so much easier when transfering him at night from the car to bed. Would love to try such an innovative product

    • Avatar of Angie

      My son is 13 months and is only just starting to show interest in food. He wakes frequently through the night and a breast feed is what sends him straight back to sleep. I would love him to sleep more soundly and ween from night feeding. I am so sleep deprived, i need to find a solution!

    • Avatar of JENNIFER VELLA

      I am currently 21w pregnany, and only heard great things from other mums about the ergopouch. I would love to try it for my new bundle of joy, he or she will be a summer baby and my biggest concern sleeping at night. Would love to only put the best on my baby, and I am told ergo pouch is the best!

  2. Avatar of Estelle

    I love how my wriggler of a toddler can still be warm and comfortable while sleeping and moving around.

    I would be good to test it with him as his is a mover in his sleep

  3. Avatar of Alexandra M
    Alexandra MReply

    I love that the ergopouch can be used as a sleep bag and then as a sleep suit giving you extra options. I have a 2 year old and 8 week old and feel having two different aged children would make it perfect for me to trial the new ergopouch.

  4. Avatar of Elysha

    I’d love to try a 1.0 TOG ergoPouch sleep suit for my 3yo daughter. She alwsys kicks off her covers and wakes up continually because she’s uncovered! This might mean that she would actually sleep all night. Crossing fingers we get chosen to write a review. This tired Mama has tried pretty much everything to help her little one have a good night sleep.

  5. Avatar of Dee

    My little munchkin is always on the go and I love that these Ergo bags won’t restrict her

  6. Avatar of Bronwyn E

    The ability to keep a very mobile night sleeper warm and cosy when he moves around his bed, the floor, our room and anywhere in between is fantastic. I have 3 kids under 2 to test this out on

  7. Avatar of Amy Murphy

    I would love to test one of these out. Have been wanting to try them on my son to help transition out of a swaddle.

  8. Avatar of Danielle warrrn
    Danielle warrrnReply

    I would love to try, hopefully would improve my little ones sleeping habits and we are always travelling so would be perfect

  9. Avatar of Sherri

    Would love to test one of these. I think it would be perfect for our long bus rides from Adelaide to Mount Gambier with Daddy.

  10. Avatar of Teresa Greentree
    Teresa GreentreeReply

    I’ve been wanting to try the ergopouch as my 9month old is moving alot more and from the reviews i hear I’d love to see if it lives up to its fabulous name…

  11. Avatar of Laura Cheeseman
    Laura CheesemanReply

    As a working mum of 3, wife of a shift worker and someone who is also preparing for Uni next year, Any help settling my newest fella is welcome. We have run the gauntlet of sleeping aids and have had moderate success but love the idea of an easy zip up and ready to go!

  12. Avatar of K

    Love that Miss 2 would be kept warm as she tosses and turns and won’t keep a blanket on. Would love to try to one to see if we could get finally a full night’s sleep out of her 😉

  13. Avatar of Jaid

    With two children 3 and 1 transfers from the car never ever work, this would make my life easier and as a student being able to test it with one child before I buy it for another is a bonus.

  14. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    I have put my son in different sleeping bags but he hates being restricted so i like the fact he can walk in it as well as the early morning car trips each morning i wouldnt need to get a blanket that constantly falls off’or get dropped in the dark!

  15. Avatar of Kristy

    I love the winter suits so would definately be keen to try a summer one! I have 3 boys under 3 so a good nights sleep is a must in our house!

  16. Avatar of Amber Haag

    the ability to convert it from a sack to a suit would be amazing. my daughter tends to kick her legs around a lot – so having them separated by ‘pant legs’ instead of a sack of would be great!

  17. Avatar of RenG89

    I love the idea of keeping bub safe, warm and stuggly all at once! I’ve used other brand pouches and I am yet to be impressed with quality. I’d love to try one so I can have something to recommend to everyone else who’s at a loss like I am!

  18. Avatar of Tina

    My Koen 10mths is always waking from kicking off blankets..I wouldnt have to worry as much and constantly check to see if he’d cold if he had one of these..Id know he wouldnt be cold..great idea..even if i dont win..where can i get one..

  19. Avatar of Tracee

    I have never tried ergo sleep suits but with a three month old and a wriggly 2 and a half year old, I am constantly up multiple times a night pulling covers back on the toddler! He hates being restricted so this would be perfect and would love it for my baby too!

  20. Avatar of Nadene

    My 2 year old never sleepa under the covers so i am constantly having to go in and cover him up so he doesnt get too cold then wake up!
    I also would love to transfer him straight from the car to be and not have to orry about putting anything else on him!

  21. Avatar of Nicola Childs
    Nicola ChildsReply

    We’ve loved our winter ergopouch and would love to try a summer one. Our little man is 14 months and as soon as we zip him into his ergopouch he settles & knows it’s time for bed. We love that he doesn’t need blankets that just get kicked off and can stay comfy all night long! A summer suit & it’s breathability would be perfect for the canberra spring/summer. Please pick us to try it out!

  22. Avatar of Belinda

    We are currently looking for a new sleep bag as my son loves them and we have been wanting to change to one like this for when we transition to a big boy bed and he needs to be able to have his legs free. Also great for those nights transferring from portacot to car to cot.

  23. Avatar of Cloe

    My little fella moves about so much in his sleep and is constantly kicking his blankets off. At 4 months I think a sleep suit would be ideal to keep him warm both in bed and with transfers from the car to inside and vise versa being in south west Vic.

  24. Avatar of Danielle brook
    Danielle brookReply

    Would love to trial this! Such a novel idea and a great solution to an age old problem on how to keep our little ones asleep longer! I personally need this as the mother of a child that has NEVER slept though I would love to see I felt this makes a difference.

  25. Avatar of Jodi murphy
    Jodi murphyReply

    Would love to try them as I was woken up by 2 little munchkins on Saturday night who were cold as they kept on kicking off the sheets – these would be perfect to try with them and save the extra wake ups in the night

  26. Avatar of Samantha sacca
    Samantha saccaReply

    I love the ergo pouch winter sleeping bag and would love to try the spring one! My son won’t sleep with blankets sleeping bag only and he suffers from very bad eczema and so far this is the only sleeping bag that doesn’t cause him to sweat and break out!

  27. Avatar of Lisa Bower

    We have always bought Ergo products and would love to test the new ErgoPouch out on our 6 month old. Be great to see the difference it could make at sleep times.

  28. Avatar of Sophia

    This would be great to be apart of, my little girl only sleep in sleeping bags

    • Avatar of Leigh S

      My bub has had the ergo360 and we love it but she has just about grown out of it. Now we need something like this to try as she is almost in a bed but we want her wearing a sleeping bag still! They look soon cute!

  29. Avatar of Stacey M

    This sounds like every mums dream… do they come in an adult size?!

    My son hates being restricted in a bag, so he would love the freedom of the suit, especially since he can stay cosy warm while sneaking into our room during the night haha. I also love that it is made from organic cotton fabric as my son suffers from eczema in the warmer months.

    We would love to try and review the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag.

  30. Avatar of Vicky Bower
    Vicky BowerReply

    Both of my boys aged 14 months and 5 years both suffer from eczema. Their bodies are always very warm, but hands and feet very cold, and they both always wake in the night because of it. I would love the opportunity to try a summer sleeping bag that allows our little one to sleep comfortably, anywhere, while staying warm, without flaring up

  31. Avatar of Kylie Roberts
    Kylie RobertsReply

    My bub is 11 weeks old and loves to be held. Thanks to carriers I can still get most things down. However I am yet to successfully make the carrier to cot transfer!

    The Ergopouch sleep suit would allow my bub to be happy and held and when that blissful sleep comes she would already be in her sleepsuit ready to rest – no more zipper nightmare!

    The quality fabric and lighter TOG would be perfect in our Queensland summer. My bub would feel snug and secure and I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting a chill as the night cools down.

    Please consider us, this Australian innovation might be the answer to our sleeping prayers!

  32. Avatar of Dee1984

    My 2 year old Son has been using an ergo pouch all winter and it’s the best. It has meant we haven’t had to get up
    and re cover my boy through the night as he is warm enough in the sleeping bag.

  33. Avatar of Mel

    I have 3 kids, 2yo twins and a 4 yo. Struggling to keep them in bed as the kick off Doonas.
    Would love to try the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag to see if it makes our nighr routine easier!

  34. Avatar of Cass89

    My 11 mth old has always slept at night in a sleeping bag or swaddle when infant. Now he is standing and nearly walking I would love to try this suit for him so he has more freedom with his legs.

  35. Avatar of Linh TN

    My 9 month old only sleeps unless she’s in a sleeping bag. We’re always on the go so being able to put her into a sleeping bag while in the car the seat would save my life and my sanity!

  36. Avatar of Nyssa

    I want to try this sleep suit because My little one loves to move around so blankets are hard to use . We have used another ergo product and we loved that so would love the opportunity to try this one .

    My little one has struggled to sleep all her little life so i hope the comfort of this product will help her ❤

  37. Avatar of Kim

    If it keeps them warm and therefore out of my bed then I’d call that a winner!

  38. Avatar of Belinda

    I would love to try the ergoPouch sleep suit bags because both of my kids won’t sleep with a blanket or sheet over them and would love to be able to know they are warm and comfortable without having to heat the room thus saving money and all getting a good nights sleep.

  39. Avatar of Sarah Gibson
    Sarah GibsonReply

    I have used the ergo pouch since my little girl has been 6 months, and I love it.
    She is 18 months and 85cm and would love to get a summer one.
    They are great because they can move in them. I hoping to get her into a big girl bed soon and don’t want to have to worry about blankets just yet.

  40. Avatar of NikkiWallace

    I love that I can put my little one down for the night and feel confident that he’ll be comfortable all night long.

  41. Avatar of Tammy

    I have loved the ergopouch they have worked great and were fantastic even used in hospital as she spends a lot of time there due to a heart condition. Would be very keen to try the new one that goes from sleep bag to sleep suit it’s breathable and looks amazing. Now she’s running around it would be perfect

  42. Avatar of Megan

    Would love to try the new 1.0 tog summer sleep bag/suit for my 20mth old daughter. Hoping it may help with day sleeps! I need ergo’s help!

  43. Avatar of Kirsten

    My little man moves alot in his sleep and is for ever kicking the blanket off and then wakes up continuously throughout the night.
    I think that the ergo sleep pouch would be perfect for him to trial so he can stay warm and both uf us can get a good nights sleep.

  44. Avatar of Kelly Elyssa
    Kelly ElyssaReply

    I would love to trial/review one of these ergopouch sleep suits with my 11 week old daughter as she’s already a little Houdini! Every night I wrap her tight like a little baby burrito and she still manages to get out! These would be absolutely perfect for her! 🙂

  45. Avatar of Julia B

    I love that it’s warm but breathable! My kids get quite sweaty, so this sounds wonderful

  46. Avatar of Emily L

    We have always used ergopouch sleeping bags for our children. They are gorgeously soft and easy to care for. We love the fact that they are organic. Only today I mentioned to my husband that I would love to try the sleepsuit for my incredibly active 1.5 year old. I’d like to try it out to see how it compares to the regular ergopouch sleeping bags. Whether it’s as soft/easy to care for. Also whether my little one finds it as comfortable.

  47. Avatar of Debra

    Would love to trial the ergo pouch for my 2 year old. Am due to have another baby next month and have just transferred by current child to a toddler bed. Anything to help him sleep through (plus his mumma sleep through) is more than worth a go. Also love the idea of been able to move them more easily from one place to another while still asleep. We used the ergo pouch when he was first born (seems like so long ago!) and he slept so well in it. I Love spending time with my little guy, sometimes sleep is needed though!

  48. Avatar of abbi

    I am so confused with knowing how to dress my Bub for sleep. A simple solution is exactly what I am after

  49. Avatar of Amy

    I always have trouble transferring my son into his sleeping bag if he falls asleep early so being able to convert from a sleep suit to a sleep bag is definitely an appealing feature!!

  50. Avatar of Amberly

    I struggle to find a sleep suit to fit my tall 9 month old that likes to roll and move around in his cot and this looks like it would be fantastic. I would love to try this out.

  51. Avatar of Callie

    It’s so hard to keep my bubba warm at night but ergo have the warmest one that he loves best

  52. Avatar of Robyn Thomas
    Robyn ThomasReply

    My little squirmy worm just will not stay under any blankets and has a really handy habit of falling asleep in the car. This would make life so much easier.

  53. Avatar of Nicole

    My son has just started rolling, so I’ve been on the search for a new sleeping bag! I’m forever finding him without any blankets on! The Ergo Sleep Pouch looks amazing and I would love love love for my son to test it out, and for me to review it !

  54. Avatar of Frances

    With my older two children I never new about the ergopouchs and wish I did. We got the winter one for our 11 month old as she is a big wiggler in her bed. Would love to try the summer ones.

  55. Avatar of Sally C

    My now 5 year old used to constantly kick the covers off and wake up cold. It would be great to solve that problem with my little boy.
    He is currently in the ergopouch and needing to transition do to starting to roll.

  56. Avatar of Leah

    The amazing ergo pouch would be perfect for my little miss. She has been in sleeping bags since an early age. But now she is more mobile, her sleeping bags are not the best to get from A to B. So if she could be a mini tester of this amazing product She wouldn’t let you down. Thanks for the opportunity

  57. Avatar of Christina

    I used the 3.5 tog Ergo sleep suit during winter as my Bub kicks off all her blankets and I would constantly get up to cover her. Now that the weather is getting warmer I would love to see how she goes with these.

  58. Avatar of Kathryn73

    My 13 month old is frustrated that she can’t walk in her sleeping bag and being able to move her from the car to bed would be a dream!!!

  59. Avatar of Tisa Dartora
    Tisa DartoraReply

    My 15 month old loves her sleep, in the early days she liked being wrapped or in a tight sleeping bag, that is when we bought the ergo pouch and she started sleeping so well. So that is when the “love affair” with ergo began, I really just love everything about it, the fabric, the design, how it fits snug in all the right places. We are currently in a sleeping bag we got from the grandparents but as she is becoming more and more mobile I would love to be able to try her on the sleep suit, which will ensure she has a good nights sleep and also is not restricted with her movement.

  60. Avatar of Bek

    The breatheability of the fabric sounds great for my sweaty little feral.

  61. Avatar of Minna

    Not having to worry about blankets covering my little boys face and knowing he will be warm and cosy no matter how much he wriggle would be lovely

  62. Avatar of Mellie

    I would love to try the ergo sleep pouch, as my poor little one is constantly having his sleep interrupted due to having two older siblings that I have to take too and from school everyday. Most days the problem either lies with him being ready for asleep right before pick up time so I’m in the dilemma of either keeping him awake or putting him down and then having to wake him up. Or he falls asleep on the way home from school drop off and I resort to sitting in the car and letting him have his sleep. As moving him from the capsule into bed he becomes wide awake and hard to get back to sleep. I think this suit would be a life saver!!

  63. Avatar of Nicole

    My favourite feature has to be how the The Sleep Suit Bag converts from a Sleeping Bag to a Suit with legs with zippers.
    I would love to review this as I often pop my Bub down to sleep and he is still asleep when we have to go out. This would help us pop him in the car without disturbing him to much.

  64. Avatar of Helen

    I would like to try one for my granddaughter who is 10 months old and my daughter has trouble with her sleeping in her cot for more than an hour she keeps waking up and then ends up sleeping in the bed with her mums. Which then makes them have a sleeplessness night every night. Thank you

  65. Avatar of Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca LewisReply

    The fact that it is convertible & made of breathable cotton. The weather varies greatly where we live. Anything that helps my youngest have a better sleep, is something I would like to try!

  66. Avatar of Jessica Lee
    Jessica LeeReply

    I originally purchased an ergopouch sleeping bag for my daughter when she was 6 months old because she suffered from mild hip dysplasia and severe eczema. Ergopouch was approved for both these conditions and seemed a perfect fit! Now at 18 months old, we still squeeze into our 6-12 month sleeping bag (she is little) but it’s definitely time for a new one! We won’t be stopping the use of them anytime soon- we both love them and being in the sleeping bag = sleep! And peace of mind for Mum that my baby is comfy, warm and well protected. Something that eczema mums know isn’t easy at times! xx

  67. Avatar of Melissa Marek
    Melissa MarekReply

    My twins loved the winter sleep suits so I’d love to try the new season sleep suit bag

  68. Avatar of Kimberley

    I was saying to my mum today we needed to get a Summer sleeping suit for my daughter as she has winter ones at the moment she is 8mths old and has always slept in sleeping bags. I would love try the ergo sleeping pouch with my daughter as she falls asleep in the car all the time and we would use it during the day as well, this is how she knows it is sleeptime.

  69. Avatar of Cassandra I
    Cassandra IReply

    Most interested in the split leg. The convenience of car transfers and not being so restricted in movement

  70. Avatar of Katie

    With 3 kids and a newborn 4 months that struggles to sleep something like this couldn change everything. Heard so many fantastic reviews!

  71. Avatar of Cyndi Sedecki
    Cyndi SedeckiReply

    We believe the ergo would be great for our little terror. With the one zip function, we might be able to get out more without interrupting her sleep routines. The TOG feafures will help her with excessive sweating and temperature control. We love her swaddles so we would love to try this out.

    • Avatar of Belle Mills
      Belle MillsReply

      I love that the sleep bags and suits keep bub at a good temperature and not using blankets helps me sleep better knowing she is safe in bed

  72. Avatar of Marit

    As a family who love to travel and camp around the country, the ergoPouch sleep suit would make sure our little 12 month old would stay covered at night, as well as make the transitioning from the car easier. I love that it will help keep himsnug and comfortable in both his bed and his car seat.

  73. Avatar of Dana

    Would love to try a summer weight sleep bag that allows our little one the freedom of sleeping comfortably with no need for blankets

  74. Avatar of Lyarna

    I would love to try the ergopouch on my 1 year old as he is a fussy sleeper, he regularly kicks his blankets off and I am constantly waking up to cover him back up.

  75. Avatar of MelissaPowell

    I love that these sleeping bags are safe! I absolutely love sleeping bags for My daughter and she always has the best sleep in them. This one looks like it will solve some of my issues with long drives too!

  76. Avatar of Katrina

    I love that they’re about to move more freely with the legs which would help my restless sleeper. It would also be safer when he toddles out of bed jn the morning unlike normal sleeping bags that they can trip in.

  77. Avatar of Lily love

    Would LOVE to try these out on my little devil who hates blankets! We have quite a cool house but he will not leave any form of blanket on !

  78. Avatar of Anne S

    I love how safe they are. No blankets needed to get tangelled in. My son slept in the 2.5 tog throughout winter and I didn’t worry about if he was warm enough or if blankets were going to suffocate him. I adore the Ergopouch Sleep Suit Bag and would love to review the 1.0 tog for spring/summer.

  79. Avatar of Susie

    My daughter will only sleep in a sleeping bad and I think the sleep suit would be great as when you are out and need to put them in the car you don’t have to take them out the bag to buckle them in.

  80. Avatar of Chantel C

    I am about to move my toddler from his cot into a single bed, and I think the ergopouch will make the transition so much easier, as he moves around a lot in his sleep and I’m worried he will be uncovered during the night if not in this kind of sleeping bag.

  81. Avatar of Jess Grinter
    Jess GrinterReply

    I love ergopouch! We currently have my 7 month old in a transition sleeping ans he loves it, but like they state we also have trouble moving him from car/arms to his sleeping bag and we end up waking him. Now he’s at the stage he is moving his legs more I’d love to be able to get In his pyjamas early to start the wind down routine. We’d love to win this for our little one especially with the warmer weather coming up and a need for a cooler sleeping bag!

  82. Avatar of KatieA

    I would absolutely love to test this awesome bag out! My 18 month old will not sleep unless she is in her sleep bag, but gets upset when she wakes and she can’t walk or walk fast enough in the bag. So as you can imagine another problem would be solved! Handy as I’m about to have another sibling any day now and one less issue for me. Ergopouch sleep bags helping this mummy get some sleep as always!!!

  83. Avatar of April Currie
    April CurrieReply

    My little man sleeps in a sleep bag and is just starting to stand up. It would be great to have something he can keep warm in the morning in to start walking and standing in.

  84. Avatar of Shelleycanobie

    I love ergo for toddlers and babies but havent tried their summer weight for our hot temperatures. . If live to try something for summer thats light enough weight for my 2 girls.

  85. Avatar of Joanne Gooch
    Joanne GoochReply

    Ergo is a well known brand & trusted by parents. My son, born March 2017 would be a perfect tester for your brand. Sleeping bags/suits are so much safer for little ones meaning all of us get a cosy night’s sleep

  86. Avatar of Anne

    Love that their feet can stay in and they stay warm but are free to move and even walk when bigger with no trouble.

  87. Avatar of Sarah

    I have never tried ergopouch before but I have two little girls 2 and 3 and I can never keep the blankets on them in winter and in Summer they need to be covered as they are very allergic to mozzies! So I think my girls would be perfect to test these out!!

  88. Avatar of Belynda

    I would love test and review this on either of my children as both of them have chronic asthma, bronchitis and croup this would help with there sleep, would keep them warm at night with out having to run heaters all night (they don’t keep covers on)

  89. Avatar of Becci Rose

    Hi my name is Becci and I have 3 children. My youngest is 11 weeks old and has never enjoyed being wrapped. I thought this weird being a winter baby. But I need something to help her sleep and keep her warm. She cry’s when wrapped and hates sleeping bags. My middle daughter is 2.5 and only likes to sleep in the thermal onesies, as she hate the blankets on and always kicks them off. Doesn’t matter how cold it is, blankets are a no go.
    I would like to try something that is different but would still keep her comfortable. And my son is now 6 and also has the thermal onesies because he also likes to keep warm. But at least he is old enough now to understand, blankets are good 🙂 lol

    I love this brand and would love to try the new product for my girls <3

  90. Avatar of Sarah Stephens
    Sarah StephensReply

    I currently use a sleeping bag, that causes my son to trip – would be great to have him in one he can still move around in!

  91. Avatar of Sarah-Jane Brodribb
    Sarah-Jane BrodribbReply

    I’m having a difficult time keeping my 1 year old warm enough at sleep time. He is still in a cot, as he wriggles and rolls around a lot in his sleep. He used to be in a normal sleep bag, however because he wriggles so much the bag would twist and become tight and twisted around his body. I would love to try this product as I think it is exactly what we need to keep him covered and warm, but comfortable when he wriggles and rolls in his sleep!

  92. Avatar of Larissa

    I’d love to try one of these for my son who kicks off his blankets & rarely sleeps through the night at 4. Would be great to improve his sleep before our next little one arrives in February, when I’ll be looking for smaller summer sleeping bags – the short sleeves look fantastic!

  93. Avatar of Rachelle

    We used the ergo pouch with bub as a new born; would love to be able to review a 8-24months one!

  94. Avatar of Bridget

    I love ergopouch- so much so that my son sleeps in them every single night and has done since he was born. We have 4 of the 1.0 tog sleeping bags and 2 of the 2.5 tog sleep suits! I don’t know how we would have got through winter without it. My son has been such a great sleeper since I discovered ergo pouch! There is no turning back for us now.

  95. Avatar of Amanda P

    I love using sleeping bags on my daughter as she is natorious for kicking off blankets. I have not tried the ergo but feel this would be amazing for the summer months. Even for her day sleeps. I notice a huge difference in her settling when she is in a sleeping bag. She sleeps sooo much better. And to know she wouldnt be sweating up a storm is fantastic.

  96. Avatar of Lisa

    That being used with a toddler they are still able to move around without being restricted

  97. Avatar of Lisa solari
    Lisa solariReply

    I would love to try this suit, think it would totally change bedtime for us and our little man

  98. Avatar of Adele Coone
    Adele CooneReply

    I love that its made of organic and breathable natural fibers. Here in Melbourne the temperatures can change in a heartbeat. and this suit would be perfect for it.

  99. Avatar of Ashlie ball
    Ashlie ballReply

    I would love to try one of these. My 6 month old still loves the comfort and security of being wrapped. But is looking for a bit more movement than he can get in a full sleeping bag

  100. Avatar of Roslyn

    I have never tried the ergo sleep suits but think my boy would love to have some freedom to move about and not be restricted by a sleeping bag. Being a first time older mum it’s all new and don’t have many friends with younger children that I can get advice from on what’s good and what’s not.

  101. Avatar of Jessica huysman
    Jessica huysmanReply

    It would definitely help my.premmie baby to.keep nice and.warm.Wich is very important

  102. Avatar of Joanne

    I personally haven’t used an ergopouch but i have plenty of family members and friends who have and they couldn’t recommend them more highly. I would love to purchase one to try on my 5 month old. He is currently either being swaddled for bed or using a regular sleeping bag. He is getting to that age where he is starting to wiggle around alot cause him to get caught up at night and is starting to pull any blanket/wrap above his head. I would feel at ease with an ergopouch sleeping bag knowing my baby would be warm, cosy and safe at all times. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product.

  103. Avatar of Rachael

    I would love to try the ergopouch as my little girl cannot keep her blankets on while sleeping but will not sleep in a normal sleeping bag as cannot stand up in them

  104. Avatar of Danielle fisher

    Hi I love the fact that ur product caters for winter and summer and that it allows for freedom and security at the same time . I would be a great person to pick as I have 2 children my daughter is 2 and my son is 10 months , my daughter does not like the restriction of a sleeping bag so thinking she wouid be great to test the product out on

  105. Avatar of sarah

    I have never tried it, but my soon to be 1 year old son loves to kick off his blankets all the time, so this would be great to keep him covered at bedtime. Would also be great for my 3 year old son as well.

  106. Avatar of Julie Field
    Julie FieldReply

    I love the Ergo Pouch because it ensures my toddler stays comfortable during the night, and also allows her to get out of bed and down our stairs safely. She never wants to take her Winter one off!

  107. Avatar of Lisa Ruschinek
    Lisa RuschinekReply

    With 4 little kids I’m always in and out of the car and my little one constantly falls asleep on the drive. A sleeping bag that is carsafe and enables easy transfers would be ideal so I can easily transfer back into her cot once home.

  108. Avatar of Jess Edmo

    I would love to win an ergopouch sleep suit bag for either of my children.
    My 5.5 month old is ready to move from being swaddles to a sleeping bag and this wpuld be perfect. Our first always wanted to walk in his sleeping bag and constantly fell over, I love that that wouldn’t happen in this! Plus bubs would stay snuggly warm all night.
    As for our 2.5 year old, he constantly falls asleep in the car. He’s like an energised bunny, goes and goes until he zonks out and the trip from the car into his bed is tricky, he always wakes before I can get him in his sleeping bag.

  109. Avatar of ANDREA

    Have a couple of little wrigglers that refuse to stay under the covers, I would love to try a sleep suit bag! It is reassuring knowing they are warm and cozy all night long no matter how much they toss and turn. It is a major positive that they can also be worn as a sleep suit with legs allowing the child to walk around without tripping over the bag. As the weather is warming up the heavy fleece ones we are using are getting too warm so a 1 tog would be perfect!

  110. Avatar of Alice

    I love the idea of seamlessly transferring my sleeping child to bed in a quality Ergo Pouch providing comfort and a restful night for all

  111. Avatar of Amanda

    I would absolutely love to try one. My daughter has eczema so the material she wears/sleeps in/on is very important. She has never been a great sleeper so am very interested in finding out if this will help her sleep both during the day and night…. maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel to her 45 minute day naps and multiple resettles/feeds over night!!

  112. Avatar of Laura Pedason
    Laura PedasonReply

    I have 2 little ones who like to roll around and kick their blankets off at neither. Neither child likes sleeping bags anymore as they can not stand up or walk (well my oldest anyway, my youngest isn’t walking yet but is standing) so we end up with cold children most nights. It would be great to test these sleep suits as we have struggled to find sleeping options that work for our children. We would be great reviewers as we have 2 fussy children in regards to sleep and we have tried many many options available out there to no avail. Maybe this will be our option!

  113. Avatar of Jo Cleary

    I discovered ErgoPouch sleep sacks with my first child and I’ve continued to use them with #2 & #3. We’ve only ever tried the winter weight sacks and suits, but there’s definitely nothing warmer and cuddlier for my little guys! Would love to have a go with the 1 TOG if some warmer weather ever reaches us in Melbourne 😉

  114. Avatar of Wendy Bayley

    My just turned 2 year old loves to be snug. Huge troubles getting him to sleep without a sleeping bag on. With the warmer weather coming on a light weight version will be the next step to ensure we all get a great night sleep.

  115. Avatar of Rebeka Woodhams
    Rebeka WoodhamsReply

    I would love to try this as my daughter (16months) absolutely hates blankets and during the colder nights I have to have the heater on. So I woukd be sooo excited to try this and see if it works a treat for her.

  116. Avatar of Yasmin

    My little one is constantly trying to move in his sleep suit and getting stuck and tangled this would be a life saver

  117. Avatar of Sarah

    I have never tried an Ergo Pouch, but would love to test one out on with my toddler, before purchasing for baby #2!

  118. Avatar of Elyshiah mccarthy
    Elyshiah mccarthyReply

    I LOVE the versatility of these suits, that children are still able to have range of movement and can be transferred from cars/prams straight to bed! I also love the peace of mind that when my babes who wriggly come out from under the blankets they are still kept nice and warm! Would love love love to try one for both my kids

  119. Avatar of Karen

    I love that the ergo pouch will not restrict my babies 🙂 my 2yo son is having a lot of trouble with being sick lately due to the weather and he hates having a blanket on, it would be amazing if he could keep warm while being able to move freely 🙂

  120. Avatar of Melissa Ridgeway
    Melissa RidgewayReply

    I love that you can zip it into legs when they get up in the morning. Super handy idea!

  121. Avatar of Katie +2

    I would love to be your tester and give a review. I have a wiggly toddler who moves a lot in his sleep. I also have a 5 month old baby. I love and only use sleeping bags as I find them a safe, warm option. I also love the design of all your sleeping bags.

  122. Avatar of Lee

    My little lady is a bit of a wriggler, so keeping blankets on is impossible! I would love to try the Ergopouch to keep her warm

  123. Avatar of Kbaz

    Its 1.0 tog rating which is perfect for the weather coming up.

  124. Avatar of Anita

    We would love to try this for our 8 month old. Sunday night dinners at the in-laws are made challenging when it comes to transferring our little one from the portacot to car and into bed at the end of the night due to the removal from and reapplication of his sleeping bag.

  125. Avatar of AmyLymbery

    Baby number 3 gets dragged all over the countryside, transferring straight from car to cit would be such a bonus!!

  126. Avatar of Katie

    We’ve always used Ergo sleeping bags with our daughter, but have never tried the sleep suit. She is about to move into a ‘big girl bed’ and the suit would provide reassurance at this time!

  127. Avatar of Toyah P

    Trying to keep blankets on my 2yo is near on impossible. We have tried everything to keep them on. Hopefully if he is in a pouch we can keep him warm so he doesn’t sneak into our bed as he had kicked all his blankets off and is cold. We have almost got our newborn sleeping through, so an uninterrupted night sleep would be a blessing and would make this mums year!!

  128. Avatar of Lauren

    I have used the EgroPouch sleepsuits since the colder months set in here in perth. Before we discovered EgroPouch my son was waking in the night because he was cold but since we have been using them he has been sleeping through.
    We would love to try out the summer ones, i think we would be great testers as its getting into the warmer months now and my 10 month old is on the move so the zip up legs would be great

  129. Avatar of Mandy Kate

    I love that the ergo pouch is so versatile and take a lot of the stress out of bed time! It can be such a tough task to have babies and toddlers at the right temperatures. Blankets are next to impossible and the ergo designs eliminate that stress of, “are they warm enough” or “are they overdressed”. Love them!!!!

  130. Avatar of Jamie Crowe
    Jamie CroweReply

    I’d love to test out the ergopouch sleepsuits for my 16 month old as he is forever kicking the covers off and it drives me nuts! He gets frustrated on a normal sleeping bag cause he cant kick the covers off so maybe this will help us all get some more sleep!!!

  131. Avatar of Tracy

    I have not used an ergo on any of my 4 children I would love to try one on my almost 4 month old and see if she likes them I think it would become very handy

  132. Avatar of Samantha Jacobson
    Samantha JacobsonReply

    We would love to try a sleep suit! We have had great use out of our sleeping bag and would like to try the suit next

  133. Avatar of Fiona McInerney
    Fiona McInerneyReply

    Living out in rural SA on the farm, means that we have to travel long distances for almost everything. My son constantly falls asleep on our trips and the dreaded transfer very rarely works ☹️ He loves being snug & warm for sleeping and it would be just awesome to be happy for him to fall asleep on the way home knowing that I could transfer him snug & warm with minimal disturbance once home and he might just get the full amount of sleep he needs! (And I’m not left up trying to resettle him while the rest of the family go to bed).

  134. Avatar of Vanessa ferroli
    Vanessa ferroliReply

    I like the fact my daughter can get up and walk in it unlike traditional sleeping bags. I wouldn’t have to worry about her falling if she got up before me. She sleeps in my bed and it’s hard to keep the blanket on her so this would help solve that problem too.

  135. Avatar of Marissa

    I would love to review your products as I am always on the hunt for sleep bags for my son. I love that this has the separate legs so he can still move about in it in the morning instead of looking like hot water bottle.

  136. Avatar of Jessica

    I have 3 kids, 3, 2 and 8 months. I quickly dismissed swaddles and sleeping bags with my first two as a gimmick (I mean you can just use a blanket to wrap them up) but then my 3rd was a summer baby. I have used other brands with him and he loved it so would be keen to try these heading in to summer again.

  137. Avatar of Joanne R

    I’ve used the ergo swaddles with my son and have loved them.
    Would love the opportunity to test the summer sleep suit. Love the idea of the zip the legs for easy transfer from car to cot.

  138. Avatar of Kahlia Barker
    Kahlia BarkerReply

    Would absolutely love to review an ergoPouch sleep suit bag for either one of my boys. Firstly for my toddler this would be the perfect option to keep him comfortable undercover with a brilliant range of motion. As he often gets tonsillitis and ear infections they impede on his sleep, making him a restless sleeper. He often gets tangled up in any blanket making things worse for his rest so these would be perfect. Also the organic cotton and bamboo mix would be so breathable for my rather warm tempered kids. My littlest would benefit from a suit as he prefers to have his arms free now and being able to transition him from his pram, car seat to cot using the zip to make legs would be super handy without waking our extra snoozy babe.

  139. Avatar of Dayna

    Would love to try one of these, have used ergo pouches with my boys when they were younger and loved the products. Have just placed my 21 month old in a toddler bed so this would be fantastic for his transition!

  140. Avatar of Eden

    Havnt tried an ergo pouch before but use sleeping bags due to a chilly climate during winter would love to try the ergo pouch to see if they are better suited to an active 17mth old.

  141. Avatar of Kate

    Both our boys are wrigglers and avid car sleepers. I know that heart stopping moment well when you pull into the driveway, undo the seatbelt and dare to dream that your babies wont wake as you move them from car to cot/bed all whilst holding your breath. Being wrigglers we have always used sleeping bags to keep them covered and warm. How fantastic would it be to be able to go from car to cot/bed without having to feed little arms and legs into their sleeping bags because they already have it on!

  142. Avatar of Ellen wikblom
    Ellen wikblomReply

    I would love one of these for my 1 yr old. I love the style. And i wouldnt need to rug him up so much!

  143. Avatar of Emma V

    Oh please pick me! I would love to try this out with my 8 month old daughter. I have spent many a nap sitting in the driveway while my little one finishes off her nap in the car, too scared to attempt yet another unsuccessful transfer. What a fantastic idea the ergo sleepsuit is!

  144. Avatar of Tammy Williams
    Tammy WilliamsReply

    We trailed the winter ones for our daughter (2) as she is such a restless sleeper and for the first time in her life she stared sleeping through the night consistently!! Some winter days we have had to bribe her to take it off because in her words “it’s just so cozy!!” We now have another one that hasn’t worked out the whole sleep thing so would love to try him in them now that he has his arms out 🙂 plus would love our daughter to continue in a sleeping bag to keep her covered! please pick my cherubs!

  145. Avatar of Lauren Cuma
    Lauren CumaReply

    We current use sleeping bags for my son, but have been wanting to try a sleep suit for quite a while! I love the look of the sleep suit, I think it would help him stop getting so caught up. I’d love to trial this sleep suit!

  146. Avatar of Melissa

    I have a 4 Year old and a 3mth old girls. I love that we could move them easily fron car to cot or bed without unsettling them. Also that the kids would kept covered at all times throughout the night. As my daughter kicks covers off. We have used sleeping bags with both girls and would love to review these. Thankyou

  147. Avatar of May Wong

    This looks like such a great idea! Anything to help miss 2 sleep a little longer…

  148. Avatar of Kylie S

    Love that there is no need for blankets so its safer and also no more kicking blankets off only to become cold and waking up, so better sleep for everyone!

  149. Avatar of Chelsea

    I have never used this type of ergo pouch, but my little man loves his ergo cocoon. Would love to try this pouch to help my growing boy sleep and have the freedom to move about in his sleep

  150. Avatar of Jodi O'Connor
    Jodi O'ConnorReply

    I love the peace of mind that comes with settling my children in a sleep bag for bed. No risk of getting tangled in sheets or kicking off the required warmth, and easier to resettle my youngest after a night feed as there’s no awkward fumble to un-tuck and re-tuck sheets – I can just pick him up, sleepsuit and all! The versatility offered by the sleepsuits (lower body tucked into the bag or split into legs) is great for my toddler who is now in a big bed and was fighting sleeping bags but not quite ready for a quilt.

  151. Avatar of Rebecca

    Would love to try this. I have been through and purchased so many different sleep suits that I haven’t been very happy with! Would love to try this one with the legs as I haven’t had one of those before and when my son stands up in his cot during the night in his sleep bag he falls over very unsteady!

  152. Avatar of Evi

    I would love to try one of these for Mr 5months. Due to running his sister around he is always napping in the car or pram. This would make transitioning to his bed so much easier.

  153. Avatar of Michelle

    My son doesnt like his cot very much so desperate to try anything that will keep him asleep in there!

  154. Avatar of Dani

    I’ve tried several on the market and my little one refused to sleep in them so I don’t use them. Would love to see my little on converted. If he takes to t then any baby would.

  155. Avatar of Karla battams
    Karla battamsReply

    My son moves around so much during the night and is such a light sleeper, anything that’ll stop me worrying about him getting cold and that will hopefully help him sleep a little heavier would be great!!

  156. Avatar of Honi Lovell
    Honi LovellReply

    We are currently trying out sleep bags and swaddles for our nearly 2 month old! Would love to try the ergo pouch. Looks amazing!

  157. Avatar of Marina

    I would love to try it because my son doesn’t like blankets and i am always afraid he might catch a cold.

  158. Avatar of Nikki Maree Bastin
    Nikki Maree BastinReply

    Oh this would be AMAZING! I find that my mr 1 is always so busy before bed that it is almost near impossible to get him into a sleeping bag before he falls asleep and then I risk waking him getting him into one once he is asleep. This would save me so many grey hairs!

  159. Avatar of Catherine C

    I have never used a ergoPouch Sleep Suit but I would love to try one. At this point I would try just about anything, my 10 week old has colic and hasn’t been able to sleep in her cot at all. The ergoPouch Sleep Suit has some amazing qualities that I believe would really help my bub and me get some much needed sleep…. please help this first time mumma!

  160. Avatar of Deb

    We have used traditional sleeping bags for our kids but I do loathe the walking around and falling over that comes with them. The movement allowed with actual seperate legs would be great for transferring to cars or to bed or just hanging around in on a lazy morning.

  161. Avatar of Imogen allen
    Imogen allenReply

    We’ve used the ergococoon swaddles since our son was a newborn, and we’ve loved them for their excellent quality and organic fabrics. What I love about this sleeping bag is that the legs zip together, which would make transferring my one year old incredibly easy, and would also let him run about the house still nice and cosy in his sleeping bag!

  162. Avatar of Tristak

    Would love to try out an ergo. With tight funds owning an ergo is a dream. With an adventurous almost 2 year old climber traditional sleeping bags are becoming a really problem with him wanting to climb the cot. If I dontbag him though he won’t sleep so I can’t win.

  163. Avatar of Mandy Bull

    As the mother of a 1 year old who has NEVER transitioned between car/pram and cot: I absolutely love the idea of this suit!!!

    Breathable, 1.0 tog (perfect for our climate) AND, did I mention, the possibility of being able to transition my son to his cot??!!

    Imagine the hours I’ll gain from not having to sit in the car or in a park (with a pram thanks to a Queenslander style house) with a sleeping baby!!! I NEED this suit – My formerly efficient lifestyle craves it!

  164. Avatar of Kristin

    My princess is about to turn 1 bit is such a wiggle worm when she sleeps now. She hated being wrapped as a baby and must have her arms out, she is so fussy.
    Now that she is crawling around and trying to stand i think it would be great to try the new ergo pouch with legs. So much easier for the children to maneuver and especially helps them get around their cot safely.
    I would to trial the new product.

  165. Avatar of alana

    i used ergo with my now 5 year old and she went from a terrible sleeper to a great sleep, i loved that i could go bed knowing that she was going to be warm as she wouldnt ude blankets EVER. i know have a 5 week old who is also not a great sleeper and would love to use ergo on her to help with this mammas sleepless nights

  166. Avatar of Danika Thompson
    Danika ThompsonReply

    I would love to try out the ergopouch on my boys as my eldest is currently in a “big boy bed” but falls over (Maggie Simpson style!) when he tries to get out of bed wearing a sleeping bag.

  167. Avatar of Laura Williams
    Laura WilliamsReply

    Love when you find a product that not only looks great but factors in the actual real life dramas of parenting! Would love to try the ergopouch for my 2 month old girl and 21 month old boy!

  168. Avatar of Jenna B

    My daughter was always such a great sleeper in the car but the transfer to cot woke her up almost every time! The new ergo pouch sleep suit would have been a god send. My daughter is now 3.5yrs old and her little brother is 2 months old. He also seems to be a great car sleeper like she was and I’d love to test the new sleep suit out on him!

  169. Avatar of Clare Adams
    Clare AdamsReply

    I love how the ergo has short sleeves for our upcoming summer in Kalgoorlie and the colours look bright and lovely. Being able to convert from legs to bag is an awesome idea which I would use alot especially with the weather enabling more social gatherings and more travel in the car later at night.

  170. Avatar of Stephanie bevan
    Stephanie bevanReply

    Ergo pouches and cocoons are an essential in our household, now with bub no.3 we have not used any other brand swaddle bag since his birth coz we don’t trust any others, he is even wearing the first one we bought which was 5 years ago and still going strong!! A sleep suit would be perfect now for out very active mischievous almost 2 year old. Thank you ergo for making amazing products for our kiddos!

  171. Avatar of Kylie

    I have tried sleeping bags with the hole for car seat buckle to slide through but trying to pull it back through with a sleeping baby isn’t as easy as you would think my little one is a light sleeper and trying to get her out with a sleeping bag has never gone smoothly with her waking, I would love to try the ergopouch and hopefully be able to bring a still sleeping baby inside from the car.

  172. Avatar of Louise P

    I love that the ergo sleep suit bag is a lighter weight and suitable for Australian climates 🙂

  173. Avatar of Cathy

    They’re comfortable, safe and practical. Great for when they’re asleep or awake and very easy for a nappy change.

  174. Avatar of Yazmyn

    Love the designs and versatility! Longtime user & fan of the ergo pouches but have yet to try the sleep suits! Would love to see if they help with my son who is starting to not want his sleeping bag on, maybe the legs will help with that but can still keep him warm when he kicks the blanket off!

  175. Avatar of Bec

    Love ergo pouch sleeping bags!!
    My daughter has been in sleeping bags since she was a few months old and now we need to upgrade to a larger one as she is too tall for the ones she has now!!

  176. Avatar of Tap

    Sounds like an awesome concept. Haven’t bought into the ergopouch/cocoon and various other ergo product. Maybe this will swing my vote.

  177. Avatar of Bek Clarke

    I’d love to try this on my month old.. he struggles to sleep through the night and in the NT we need the aircon on and he hates the blankets on.. I also get up to take my 2.5 year old to daycare and I’d love to be able to just convert this and take him from bed to car no worries.

  178. Avatar of madison

    I would love to try a ergopouch. I never used sleeping bags before untill now with my 4 month old little girl. They seem to make a difference. Heard great things about these. Would also love to try one for my 2 year old who always enda up in my bed of a night as he kicks all his blankets off and gets cold. Please choose me

  179. Avatar of Sonia

    I love that my little guys can’t kick them off like they do with blankets

  180. Avatar of Talise

    I’d love to try to ease that car to cot transition during the day so that I’m not having to be home for her naps while trying to keep her in a routine. 🙂

  181. Avatar of Sally

    My Houdini could do with an ergo pouch he always gets out of his blankets and is fussy about comfy pjs

  182. Avatar of Maryam Naeem
    Maryam NaeemReply

    My 4 month old used to be good at sleep but for last couple of months she has been very tough to put to sleep. I am facing terrible nights waking up feeling like a zombie in the morning. I need something like ergo baby sleep suit that could help my baby feeling warm and protected yet light and easy like she is in her mothers arms and I could have a better sleep to battle out the next day.

  183. Avatar of Karen Campbell
    Karen CampbellReply

    I haven’t tried one but it would be great for our hot Qld summers.

  184. Avatar of Anna

    I’m a late convert to Ergo products. Loved using the winter (3.5, tog) sleep suit for baby #3 this winter. Originally a loan from a friend who I then bought it from. Love the choice to zip as a bag or separate legs depending on baby’s size and need. Would definitely delight in trying a summer version and know my baby would benefit hugely too.

  185. Avatar of Anna.J

    I’m a late convert to Ergo products. Loved using the winter (3.5, tog) sleep suit for baby #3 this winter. Originally a loan from a friend who I then bought it from. Love the choice to zip as a bag or separate legs depending on baby’s size and need. Would definitely delight in trying a summer version and know my baby would benefit hugely too.

  186. Avatar of Stephanie

    I would love to Try the ergo pouch. We live in the NT so the fact these are made from organic breathable fabrics makes these so much more appealing. My children have never been great at transferring from car to pram or pram to car without a struggle and I waking up, so I love that these have a zip feature. What a great idea. ☺️

  187. Avatar of Linsetta

    I only have second hand sleeping bags so would love the opportunity to try one of these, especially for my 9 month old. I’ve been eyeing them off for a while now. Thank you for the opportunity

  188. Avatar of Hong

    I think the best feature of the ergoPouch by far would be that it is not bulky and is safe for use in the car as recommended by Kidsafe Australia. Gone would be the days of layering and removing layers from my precious cargos to transfer them from car, pram or cot and risk the dreaded inevitability of waking my child up. I would absolutely love to try the ErgoPouch for my kids! 🙂

  189. Avatar of Krystie

    My son is almost 10 months old. Since the day he was born, he has hated his blankets. I tried sleep sacks and he hated those too so now, i add more and more blankets on him overnight. You see, our problem is that my son sleep crawls. It isnt a little bit here and there but rather he will get up and go for a substantial trip around the cot. It has been such hard work to keep him covered and warm enough over the winter months. Something like this would not only be a cute addition to his wardrobe, but it would save my sleep and save him from getting sick.

  190. Avatar of Leanne tannahill
    Leanne tannahillReply

    Would love to try an ergobag. We currently use plum sleeping bags and grobags but very curious for an alternative that my boy can walk around in

  191. Avatar of Laura

    I have never tried an ergo sleep suit before. I am a young fisrt time mum on a very tight budget! I would love to review this sleep suit and see how liitle man does. I would give me the opportunity and excuse to go out to test it. As a mum who suffers from postnatal depression and anxiety this would give me peace of mind my LO was sleeping safely and easily transferable if he falls asleep.

  192. Avatar of Ashleigh B

    I have never tried any pouch before but have heard great reviews from other mums about the ergo brand. I currently have a 2.5 month old baby who likes to wiggle out of the tightest wrapping which drives this mumma insane. Knowing that through the spring and summer she has the potential to remain covered in case the temperature does drop during the night but still cool enough during those hot nights would be ease ones mind.

  193. Avatar of Cherie

    I love the idea of sleep being made even the littlest but easier! Sleeping has never been a strength when it comes to my toddler so it would be great to try out this sleeping bag and see if it could help make bed and nap time a bit less stressful! I love the idea of having the legs so my boy can still cruise around and grab his books etc before bed and I love that it converts to a bag so hid legs won’t slip through the cot rails!

  194. Avatar of Melissa Hall
    Melissa HallReply

    My 2 year old is nearly ready to transfer to a toddler bed, which will make his current sleepsuit problematic. A sleepsuit with the option of legs will allow him to wander, (if his sleepy self chooses to, eek!) without getting tangled up. Also I would hope that it keeps him warm as he can’t seem to keep a blanket on. I would love to give one a go!

  195. Avatar of Amanda S

    I have an almost 3 month old who can be a little tricky to settle during the day. The ergo sleepsuit would solve the problem of getting out of the car/pram and having to disturb him to wrap or swaddle him to continue his nap. Organic cotton will also be great for my little sweaty head to stay comfortable.

  196. Avatar of Zaneta K

    My little man, Spencer (20 months) currently sleeps in a GrowBag but I’d love to try him in an Ergo pouch sleep suit bag. They feel so dreamy. Most of all, I’d love to see how much mobility they have in the sleep suit – in particular whether I could pop him in his bag as soon as he’s had a bath (as opposed to let him move about pantless until bedtime when he goes in his sleeping bag).

  197. Avatar of Adriana

    I would love to try the ergo pouch while my 4 month old transitions to her cot in the coming weeks. I’m so worried that she’ll stay warm and comfortable enough and after anything that’ll make this as smooth as possible for her.

  198. Avatar of Rhiannon F

    Sadly I’m yet to try the Ergo Pouch, although it has been recommended to me by quite a few people! My son is a wriggler and keeping him cosy has been a bit of a struggle! I love that the Ergo Pouch offers a safe and stress-free to keep our babies comfortable!

  199. Avatar of Rianna Jaye
    Rianna JayeReply

    My eldest son is an absolute pain who will not stay under blankets. I’m always trying to find ways to keep him warm at night. The idea that I can zip him in sounds perfect!

  200. Avatar of Aiden

    My twin girls have just turned 1 and are still sleeping happily with their arms contained in their LTDs. They are the stage where we’re ready to transition and I feel the Ergo Pouch would be perfect. Having legs instead of the bag is a major advantage as they’ll be able to move freely and not fall over as much. I also love the 1.0 TOG rating as I find it is perfect in the warmer months. Anything to try make twin mum life easier is a win in my books and I’d love to try the Ergo Pouch on one of my babes!

  201. Avatar of Sarah Q

    I have never tried an ergo pouch before. I have used other sleeping bags in the past but have never really found one I am 100% happy with that works for my kids. So would love to be able to try the ergo pouch with our newest addition!

  202. Avatar of Nicole

    We love ergo sleep suits in our household. We’ve used them since my son was a few months old. They help keep him warm as he’s such a wriggler there’s no chance of keeping blankets on. Would love to try the sleep suit with legs so he doesn’t have to do the sleep suit shuffle haha.

  203. Avatar of Cat

    I love ergo pouches because I have a wriggler , she moves around the cot all night in her sleep . Ergo pouch means I don’t have to worry about blankets ! Pick us because the pouch will get a great workout

  204. Avatar of JemmaJames

    Would love to try one as my little one hates been wrapped and would love to find something that she loves being in.

  205. Avatar of Meagan

    I love the fact that they have the extra mobility in these suits compared to other types. My 9mo is already walking along furniture so would be awesome to have a suit that doesn’t trip her Up.

  206. Avatar of Penny L

    We just love love love the ergo pouch. We originally bought it for when we went camping. It was amazing and warm just perfect. It made transfers from the car a breeze and my daughter no wont sleep without her pouch. I love the versatility and the freedom she has to move around without the restrictions of a normal sleeping bag. Now heading into spring I have been worried about what she is going to sleep in at night. With the new range to trial you may have found our solution xxx. We would love to trial the new pouch as we head into my favorite season 🙂

  207. Avatar of Kaz-maree

    Amazing – super excited to get one of these for my toddler and the new one- will be so much easier to transfer with school and after after activities for the eldest -no more interrupting nap time to transfer or fiddle with the belt buckle.
    No need for blankets or for mum to be woken to pull up kicked off blankets …..or the constant mum …. Mum…. Mummy …. I’m cold.
    Sign me up – please

  208. Avatar of Chantel

    My daughter always gets tangled, trips, falls in her sleeping bag and bangs her head on the cot when she wakes and stands. I’d love to try the ergopouch suit and see her move and jump about more freely with less bruises on her head.

  209. Avatar of Sarah haynes
    Sarah haynesReply

    Love the ErgoPouch products. My 1 year old currently sleeps in the winter suit bag! He absolutely loves it, comfortable, warm, definitely his comforter!

  210. Avatar of Kim

    Dressing for bedtime in Summer is always tricky especially for babies. I’ve been looking at my options in sleeping bags but nothing really impressed me. Would love to give one of these a go.

  211. Avatar of Julie manderson
    Julie mandersonReply

    I would love to try one of these. My daughter is a wriggler and it is very difficult to keep any type of blanket on her!

  212. Avatar of Jamie

    My almost three year old is forever kicking his blankets of because he hates having his legs constricted. Having something over his legs which still gives him the freedom to move may help a lot and stop the nught time waking.

  213. Avatar of Catherine

    Would love to trial this particular pouch/suit as there is a big gap after the child grows and the more restrictive suits bags are no longer viable. Its great they have freedom to move but with comfort and security. A fantastic idea that I look forward to hearing more reviews and hopefully trying

  214. Avatar of Amy

    My 2 year old is constantly waking as he kicks his blankets off. I would love to give the ergo a go, so that he and his mumma could get a full nights sleep.

  215. Avatar of Emily C

    My 6 month old has the winter 2.0 tog which has been perfect for a Melbourne winter. The 1.0 tog would be perfect fir the cooler spring/summer nights!

  216. Avatar of Illona

    I have always used the other name brand sleeping bag and have found my youngest still wakes due to being twisted around. I have always wanted to try the Ergo as everyone raves about them and my toddler would love the option of the sleepily so no twisting!

  217. Avatar of Rebecca

    Ergopouch are an Australian company who offer good quality products.Supporting Australian companies is important to me. I also love the fact that their bags are natural fibre filled, so that baby doesn’t sweat.
    The funky prints and designs are a cute bonus!

    • Avatar of Carly

      I would love to give the Ergopouch a go as our 2 year old will not keep blankets on etc.
      She may sleep better with this comfortable , snug pouch .

  218. Avatar of Tameca

    I’ll like to get the opportunity to test the sleep bag that would be awesome, I got a 5 month that doesn’t sleep well at night up every 1 to 2 hrs n does not like the snuggle wraps because with this his legs n arms r free so I reckon it might help him.

  219. Avatar of Shelley

    I have never tried the Ergo Pouch. I did fall in love with the Ergo swaddle when Lily was a newborn. It was our go to swaddle. Whenever it needed a wash we would do the washing that day so we didnt miss it for too long. I would love to try the Ergo Pouch to see if we have as good an experience

  220. Avatar of Fiona

    I am a mother to a beautiful 10 month old boy. I have been blessed with a child who likes to sleep as much as his mother. However nothing is ever 100% perfect and my little cherub hates blankets and the only place he doesn’t sleep is the transitioning from the car to the cot. I would love to try the ergo a go to encourage my child to be able to have more freedom when sleeping. Also to have the ability to stay asleep from the car to the house.

  221. Avatar of Olivia

    The fact that active legs can still have use, or you can use a sleeping bag option, is a fabulous feature to cater for everyone.

  222. Avatar of Ash

    I’ve always used the ergococoons for my two little ones but they do make transferring from the car a bit tricky!!!! Would love to test out a sleep suit, maybe this will be the trick to get them both to sleep through the night!

  223. Avatar of DMcKay

    My little miss has been in a range of sleepsuits since birth. Too wriggly to stay swaddled the ergo cocoons were amazing. Now at 1.5 and still a wriggler won’t keep blankets on but I find she sleeps better when her legs are free (not in a sleeping bag). Would love to try the sleep suit to see if it helps

  224. Avatar of Sian hurley
    Sian hurleyReply

    I’ve never tried the ergosuit, but it looks like a product we certainly need to try. I have a 2month old and a 3 year old. With lots of travel plans to see family this year up and down the country and overseas this looks like a product that would be fantastic to help the little ones sleep

  225. Avatar of Carly Wilder
    Carly WilderReply

    My bub loves his sleeping bag but now he’s 11.5 months, he is on the move! We’ve had several bumps on the head from trying to stand up or move around in the cot with the sleeping bag on, the sleep suit could be the answer!

  226. Avatar of Kylie zieba
    Kylie ziebaReply

    My 2 year old has a 3.5 tog sleep suit and we love it as he never keeps the blankets on
    Ive been looking everywhere for a good summer one so wouod love to try this and see how he goes with it

  227. Avatar of Krystal N

    I’m super keen to give the ergo pouch a full review as the temperatures are rising, these appear to be super lightweight but still designed to keep my bub snug and warm

  228. Avatar of Natasha tower
    Natasha towerReply

    My son is 7 months old and loved to be in sleep suits he likes to feel secure and coverd. In the summer it’s hard as he loves blankets on him but I’m scared he will get to hot so the ergo sleep suit will give him the cover and the sense of feeling secure but will also give me the reassurance that I need 🙂

  229. Avatar of Dani

    I’d love to try ergopouch for little miss 13 month tornado. She never sleeps in the same position & is always coming out of her covers.

  230. Avatar of Juliana

    I would love to test this product because I live in a cold area of NSW so, even during the summer we need a light blanket but as my baby moves a lot while sleeping we would love to test this product while making sure my baby boy is safe and comfortable through the night

  231. Avatar of Angie

    I didn’t discover the benefits of a sleepbag until my fourth child when we were experience extreme sleeping difficulties. Once we tried one I was so amazed at the difference the add worth & comfort provided. Needless to say my next three children also enjoyed the comfort of a sleepbag & consequently we had few sleep issues. My biggest issue has always been the time when they. We’d to give up their sleepbag due to safety- that time when they are actively standing if in their cot & steping on the bag becomes a hazard. I love the idea of a bag that has legs- this would solve all the problems. I know my 4 & 2 yr old would be happy to step back into a sleepbag- in fact I think a few of my older kids would be jealous.

  232. Avatar of Dee

    I would love to have a night out with my husband, and successfully get my 7 month old to sleep in porta cot AND transfer to car and home . Would love to at least try!!

  233. Avatar of Tammy Thornhill
    Tammy ThornhillReply

    I would love to try this as my 2.5y/o has just gone into a bed so we stopped using sleeping bags as I thought she would just fall on her face when she tried to get out of bed but she won’t keep blankets on so I’m not sure what to do. This may be a solution to our problem. Thank you for this opportunity.

  234. Avatar of Lee-Anne Hills
    Lee-Anne HillsReply

    My youngest is currently 12 days old and I would love to know that in summer she is comfortable and hopefully, give mummy a bit of sleep.

  235. Avatar of Gina

    We have two of the 2.5 tog ergo cocoon and love the flexibility of swaddling or having arms free. I would love to try one of the sleep suits for when we phase out swaddling knowing that he can kick around and still stay warm.

  236. Avatar of My

    What a saving grace to the sleep transfer gauntlet! I have not successfully been able to transfer my baby from the cot to the car and back without waking her up as I’ve had to either remove or put on her sleeping bag. Would love to trial to avoid any more issues with interrupting her sleep cycle.

  237. Avatar of Jen

    Would love to try the ergopouch as my nearly 3 year old never stays under the blankets and wakes up cold. This would be perfect!

  238. Avatar of Shannon

    I would love to try these as my son has to sleep in a sleeping bag as he wriggles so much. His poor hands and feet freeze overnight so a warm sleeping bag would be great for him.

  239. Avatar of Angela oliver
    Angela oliverReply

    What a great opportunity! My son is a wiggler and a groover with dancetime in dreamland leaving him with no doona or blankets to stay warm! We would love to review an ergopouch sleepsuit to my Bub can stay warm!

  240. Avatar of Amanda Ward
    Amanda WardReply

    I would love to try an ergo pouch as I have a 3 month old who I need to transfer from cot to carseat for the bus runs for my 4year old kinder days.
    At the moment I have to wake him to strap him in and he definitely doesn’t like to be woken.
    As they say never wake a slerping baby.

  241. Avatar of Charmaine Schlaefer
    Charmaine SchlaeferReply

    Putting your child to bed knowing they will stay covered and safe all night is my number one priority. The ability to be able to get them in their sleeping bag and still walk around us an added bonus. This perfect sleeping bag accommodates all weather too.

  242. Avatar of Lisa

    ANYTHING that helps my bub sleep better has to be worth a try!! One year down and the question “how are you?” Is directly linked to how big the bags under my eyes are!!

  243. Avatar of Abbie

    With a daughter that has kicked off her blankets this winter it would be amazing not to worry about her getting chilly as she has the right amount of layers on that she can’t kick off! This to me is why an ergopouch would soon become quite the essential item In our household once hubby sees just how well she would sleep and be transferred in it!

  244. Avatar of Alisha

    My first born was never a good sleeper, I am due to have my second child in 2 weeks and am hoping he is a better sleeper, I think the Ergo Pouch will do the trick.

  245. Avatar of Alexie M

    I have a very wriggly 9 month old who gets caught up in his sleeping bag all the time and I have to run in and rescue him. I’m hoping the separate legs will allow him to roll around a bit more easily so he can get comfy.
    Also so that when I need to transfer him from the in-laws cot, to car, to home cot after dinner, I don’t actually have to get him out of his sleeping bag
    Please pick us

  246. Avatar of Maddilyne

    My little lady is 15m old and loves the ergopouch ergo layers, and would love to have the freedom of her being able to walk in her sleep suit! She love ergopouch products and has done a photo shoot for them before to advertise their products! She’s love the chance to review a sleep sack!

  247. Avatar of Suzy

    My 4month old never liked being swaddled so she was quickly moved into a sleeping bag after just a few weeks. She’s a huge wriggler so we have to use something that she can’t kick off but still keep her warm.

  248. Avatar of Amy hyland

    We could 100% use one of these currently for the daycare gauntlet that we run every morning with our toddler and newborn… nothing like having to try and get the baby in and out of the car endlessly without waking him up and then trying to re wrap him when we get home.. this would be a godsend

  249. Avatar of JessKate

    The Ergopouch bags are what we used through winter, they are the only ones that my little one can sleep in (and I’ve tried a lot of them…), poor little guy is a restless sleeper like me and the separate legs will be AMAZING!!

  250. Avatar of KimmyP

    A night of no worry about whether my little one stays under her blanket would be a dream

  251. Avatar of Kristine

    We haven’t tried the ergo but friends have them and love them so we’d love to give one a go 🙂

  252. Avatar of Krystle

    Would love to try the sleep suit as the dual functionality of it seems fabulous! Being able to keep the little one in the suit and transition him in and out of the car easily without waking him out to put on a sleeping bag would be great!

  253. Avatar of Jacs

    My baby won’t sleep!!
    I have heard these have helped other mummas with babes that won’t sleep so I would love to give it a try. I also would like to see if the fabric irritates his skin, he has had many uncomfortable sleeping bags!

  254. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-ElturkReply

    Having an 8 month old wriggling around all the time is quite a challenge to get into his cot without disturbing him. The sleep suit sounds even better than a sleeping bag as he’s at the age where bedtime can be frustrating fir both of us. Ergo has saved my sanity with the sleeping bag in the earlier months, so I’m sure this sleep suit could work wonders for us.

  255. Avatar of Kellie TG

    I love the quality and that my little man can walk around without tripping over as he often does in sleeping bags.

  256. Avatar of Andreea

    Never tried Ergo and would like to see if it will make a difference in my baby’s sleeping.

  257. Avatar of Lauren Johnson
    Lauren JohnsonReply

    My 6 month old is just staring to move around in her cot so we need to transition from a swaddle to a sleeping bag. I’ve heard such good things about ergo sleeping bags and would love to give a review.

  258. Avatar of Chantelle

    I’m currently using the ergo winter 3.5 tog and love it keeps my little man lovely and warm! Washes well would recommend for those with children to try!

  259. Avatar of Kristy

    I haven’t tried one of these bags yet but would love to trial one for my 3 year old who still loves the warmth and security of his sleeping bag but doesn’t want a baby one like his sister!

  260. Avatar of Ellie Go

    The fabrics look excellent! I used an ergopouch cocoon for my newborn and loved it. Can’t wait to try their other products as she get bigger

  261. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie MarksReply

    I have never tried the ergo and have heard wonderful things about it and would love to be considered. My little miss 6 months hates sleeping with blankets so this would be amazing

    • Avatar of Karvina

      Both my boys age 4 and 2 love the 3.5 tog winter range but we have never tried out the summer range wasn’t sure if it was worth the money as I have to buy 4 sleep suits at a time would love to test out the range before we buy them

  262. Avatar of Bonnie

    I have used the 2.5 tog sleep suit all winter here in canberra and it has been a life saver! I would be really interested in testing/trying the summer version for you and to also test before purchasing

  263. Avatar of Melissa Milne
    Melissa MilneReply

    We switched to ergo sleeping bags this winter for our 1 yr old and have been so happy with them. Would love to have the opportunity to try their sleep suits as well!

  264. Avatar of Amanda Wolff
    Amanda WolffReply

    I’d love my son to trial the sleep suit as he currently feels restricted by being swaddled and won’t settle. By having a flexible design that is less restrictive I’m sure he would feel more comfortable and able to sleep for longer periods

  265. Avatar of Jessica Giles
    Jessica GilesReply

    I currently use an ergococoon and little miss is always trying to stand up in it or crawl about. I love that the ergo sleepsuit has the legs separate so she could crawl about if she wanted to before or after her sleep.

  266. Avatar of Amy

    I’d love to test the ergo because my son is such a wriggler and blankets end up coming off. Also my hubby is fifo so it’s early wake ups and would be so handy having an ergo to transfer him to the car without having to dress him and fully waking him up.

  267. Avatar of Alice M

    I love the ergo pouch, my daughter sleeps so well in hers! The press studs made the transition from swaddle to arms out a breeze too! I also like the 2 way zip.

  268. Avatar of Danielle

    I would love to try it. My little guy is nearly 6 months old now and a lot more active. If I put him in a sleep bag too early he gets upset over being restricted, but sometimes he suddenly will fall asleep and we are left with the time bomb of trying to get a bag on him. A sleep suit would really be a help with that.

  269. Avatar of Sarah M

    Would love to try the summer range when my little roller transitions into her big bed- they keep bub snug without using a blanket!

  270. Avatar of Michelle Aldhamland
    Michelle AldhamlandReply

    I’d love to try a supper sleep bag, I love the transition Swaddles and winter sleeping bags! So soft and love they are all natural fibre including the fill.

  271. Avatar of Samantha Uphill
    Samantha UphillReply

    We live in a very warm part of Australia and I am very interested in trying the light ergo pouch sleep suit. My little girl has used the ergo pouch before but is beginning to get too big. I love that you are able to transfer so easily and that they have full mobility wearing the sleep suit and I’d love to give the sleep suit a go 🙂

  272. Avatar of Heather

    I loved using the ergococoon for my boys as newborns. They both slept well being comfortable wrapped up in a cocoon. I would love to try your sleeping bags too

  273. Avatar of Jill

    We’re currently in the pouch, and trying desperately to transition out, and it’s now basically summer in Qld so the light short sleeved sleep suit would cover all bases!

  274. Avatar of Emily

    I have never tried these pouches before and would love to see how my little girl goes in them! They look great!

  275. Avatar of Candice Walsh
    Candice WalshReply

    I would love to transition my 18month old from his sleep bag so his legs can be freeeee, but still not able to grip with his toes to climb out of his cot!! The ergoPouch sleep suit would be the perfect solution.

  276. Avatar of Kriswalter

    I have been using ergopouches since my son was 6 weeks old. I have them in all of the tog ratings. The ergopouch was heaven sent in terms of transitioning my son to “arms out”. We started by undoing the press studs on one arm hole, and then moved to both arms out without any dramas. My son is now nearly 10kg and has almost grown out of all of his pouches and needs the next size up for summer! I think he will love being able to move his legs freely in this sleep suit just like he can move his arms freely in the pouches! Such an awesome design.

  277. Avatar of Nataliea8

    Buying an Ergo sleep bag was the best investment I made. Ever since her first sleep in her Ergo we saw a massive improvement in sleep time. She has slept in an Ergo for every single sleep since 8 weeks old. Being SIDS safe as well, gives me peace of mind as well. I highly recommended to anyone who is thinking of buying one.

    We would love to be a tester for the new sleepsuit, thank you for considering us 🙂

  278. Avatar of Susan

    This looks great – I would love to test it – I have been using the sleeping bags but would love to try these so you can transfer to anywhere – they look great!!

  279. Avatar of Kristi Lee

    We live an active and social life that my little girl has adjusted to. It would be awesome to be able to transfer her without waking or disrupting her too much! What a great idea

  280. Avatar of Rochelle

    I would love to trial the ergo pouch sleep sir with my almost 2 year old. We have been using the sleeping bags since he was a newborn and I love knowing that he is safe and snug every night. We have tried blankets but he just kicks them off. Now that he is about the transition to a bed I would love to try him in a sleep suit so that he can be warm all night and will be safe waking if he gets up by himself.

  281. Avatar of Linda

    Already have an ErgoCacoon swaddle which we can’t live without. Would love to try the ErgoPouch as bub gets older.

  282. Avatar of Susie

    This would be perfect for my little one who manages to escape being tucked in and loves the freedom to move around.

  283. Avatar of Anita G

    I’d love to test this as my 7 month old son thinks that blankets or sheets are the most fun thing to play with and does that instead of sleeping! He has also started rolling so any form of “tucking in” is out of the question.

  284. Avatar of Charlotte O
    Charlotte OReply

    I LOVE the ErgoPouch range! I currently have a 2.5 tog pouch for my 17 month old. She hates blankets on her so the ErgoPouch is a no brainer for us. We would love to try the spring sleep suit now that the weather is warming up and love the idea that with the sleep suit we can put her to sleep when we’re out at a friends place, put her in the car all snuggly to get home and then transfer her to bed without too much disruption.

  285. Avatar of Caroline

    Would love to be apart of the ergoPouch sleepsuit sleep bag trial. I have a very wriggly 15 month old boy so there is no chance of using a blanket or sheet on him so he’s been in sleeping bags from day one! He’s almost grown out of his winter ones so he’s ready for the next stage! Caroline

  286. Avatar of Laura W

    I used ergo sleeping bags for my older son over winters when he was younger. I’d love to try one of the lighter tog suits for my youngest who is almost 4 months old. He’s just about to transition out of the ergo cocoon and this bag would be perfect for him.

  287. Avatar of Dianna

    My granddaughter falls asleep in the car and I love how the ergopouch can be zipped into pants for traveling wonderful idea. Thank you

  288. Avatar of Sam. S

    I have not yet one of these but i would love to try! My 2 year currently is not sleeping through and keeps getting a bit twisted in his sleeping bag. I would love for him to not have the twist issue and to get a fill nights sleep

  289. Avatar of Sharee

    I have loved my winter sleep suit my son has grow out of his . Would love to try the summer one.

  290. Avatar of Tayla Downs
    Tayla DownsReply

    I love the ergopouch, designs! I love that I can put my babies arms through when she starts rolling so that she can have more freedom. I have never tried an ergopouch before but they are an amazing idea and look very versatile!

  291. Avatar of Kate.L

    I would absolutely love to try this for my 9 week old baby boy. As a FTM I am continually looking for the best option for my boy to help him sleep (and me) – that works for the harsh climate we live in up North WA.
    And I love the designs that these come in

  292. Avatar of Kate M

    We would love to try the Ergo Pouch sleeping bag as we are about to transition our 5 month old from Car Capsule to Car Seat and keeping him asleep is going to be so much easier with the Ergo Pouch.

  293. Avatar of Laura

    I would love to try the ergo sleep suit bag, my little girl is 4 months old and a very wriggly sleeper, she is always getting out of her blankets and even turning sideways in her cot. We are also regularly on the move meaning that she sleeps anywhere, home, grandparents houses, friends houses or anywhere! Something like the ergo sleep suit bag would solve all our problems!

  294. Avatar of Cat L

    My daughter has loved her ergo pouch she’s been using since birth. She’s still squished into her 6m bag at 12 months of age. I’d love to upgrade her into a bag suitable for pram naps! Especially with better weather on the horizon, it’s important for mums and bubs to get out of the house!

  295. Avatar of Stefanie

    I love that you can get your little ones in and out of the car swiftly in any weather conditions I hope to try my boy out in his next size up cause he is growing so fast! He loves the sleep suit bags so far

  296. Avatar of Donna

    I’m so interested to give the Ergo sleep suit a try for my little man. He suffers dry skin which sometimes leads to eczema if we aren’t careful all over his back and find that overheating can exasurbate the problem… Iv been looking for a particularly breathable sleep suit To help his skin, and now he has started walking the suit can give him the freedom to walk around once his up in the morning -in melb the mornings can be quite chilly! Very excited to try!

  297. Avatar of Natasha

    My 8 month old has just come out of wearing a hip brace and her froggy legs just don’t fit well in a normal sleeping bag anymore, would love to try one of these, think it would be a great solution!

  298. Avatar of Angela

    We love our ergo! I love that i can cover little miss’ hands to stop her climbing during the night, i love that on cold mornings i can zip up the legs & she can walk around in her little suit all toasty. Best of all, i love that its so heavy & keeps her so snug that she sleeps so much better & i dont need to worry about her getting cold even if she thrashes about & kicks her blankets off. (I also love that i dont need to take her out to change her nappy, that it clips up the top so she can’t unzip herself, the generous sizing, the quality – when #2 comes they will be able to use #1’s bags as they are still in perfect condition. )

  299. Avatar of Hollie

    We have been using the cocoons on both the boys through to the sleepsuits now with my oldest. They are the best invention and i always recommend them to others and give them as gifts for newborns. Absolutely love your products!

  300. Avatar of Samantha Fear

    I have used sleeping bags for my daughter ever since she was out of swaddles, she is now 13 months and I will continue for as long as possible. I love knowing she is warm/cool and safe! I have always struggled with her falling asleep out because she uses her sleeping bag as a sleep association and when she needs to be buckled in it makes sleep out of the house difficult! I would love to try this new one which looks like the answer to my sleep prayers!

  301. Avatar of Elyssa Doyle
    Elyssa DoyleReply

    My 17week old son loves his ergo pouch and won’t sleep unless he is in it so it would be great to see how he feels about the suits

  302. Avatar of Mary Irwin

    My 7 month old hates sleep. She tries to fight it as long as possible. We have found a pouch works but now she is starting to crawl it would be good to have so e leg freedom. Would love to trial this and find the next stage in our sleep saviour!

  303. Avatar of Kristy-Leigh

    We haven’t tried a ergoPouch sleep but so desperate to. We are often out and have to transfer to car and cot at home after changing clothes and bags once he’s asleep. He also moves around so much and gets disturbed from being tangled in blankets or too hot/cold if he has either kicked them off or rolled up in them.

  304. Avatar of Elke

    Fantastic about the car! That has always been such a pain with regular sleeping bags etc. I don’t think the bubs would get so tangled up as they do in bags either. Heck, if it might help bub sleep better I’M IN!!!!!!

  305. Avatar of Georgia

    I would love to try this new ergo. I already have 2 different ones and love them however my bub is not easy to transfer from car to cot and vice versa so this would hopefully make a huge difference in not having to completely wake him with all the school and kinder picks ups and drop offs I need to do. The colors and fabric look amazing too!

  306. Avatar of Cathy.P

    I’d love to try this, my 2 yr always kicks the blanket off but wakes up crying at night cos she’s cold. She has eczema so i have to make sure she is sleeping in light cotton pj. Whenever we go out to dinner at family or friends place i always pack a set of pj as she falls asleep early, these will be handy to transfer to the car and back home to her bed.

  307. Avatar of Elizabeth I
    Elizabeth IReply

    My little boy hated having his arms swaddled from birth. Our ergoCocoons were the only reason this mumma got any sleep. We love the winter ones but they will soon be too warm for him. We would love, love, love to have the 1.0 tog one to see us through the next stage.

  308. Avatar of Amy Charters
    Amy ChartersReply

    A sleep suit would allow me to put my little girl to sleep without worrying about her as she likes to move around the entire cot therefore it is unsafe to use blankets therefore she sleeps all night as she is comfortable!! Win Win for all of us

  309. Avatar of Caitland

    My son has the ergo sleeping bag and its great perfect when we went travelling around australia now little miss 8 months sleep is difficult she doesnt like blankets and im constantly waking up to make sure she is warm enough/not too hot. The sleep suit would be great for reassurance of temp and let me get sleep

  310. Avatar of TamaraP

    I would LOVE to trial this for my daughter who is very active and loves to move around in her cot to settle and this will keep her warm and let her move!

  311. Avatar of Megan

    I would love love the chance to test this suit! My son Hayden has eczema and it’s difficult to find a sleep suit that is 100% cotton and doesn’t cause my little mans eczema to flare up! He is now getting out of his blankets as his rolling in the cot this looks like a great way to fix this issue

  312. Avatar of Rachel

    Being ‘blessed’ with my second very light sleeper, I would absolutely love a chance to have a successful car or pram to cot transfer! My success rate so far is zero.

  313. Avatar of Kareen H

    Omgosh this would be amazing to try on my 21 month old boy Benji! He wont sleep with a sleeping bag and moves around so much in his sleep his blankets fall away. I am constantly geting up to pull his blankets back up beacuse he has woken up cold! We would love to give this a go please

  314. Avatar of Casey Windon
    Casey WindonReply

    I like that it is made of breathable fabric. Living on the Gold Coast we experience very hot weather and most sleeping suits make both my little ones sweat buckets

  315. Avatar of Skye M

    We currently use our Ergo cocoon 2.5 tog. It’s been fantastic for winter as we live in a Queenslander house which gets below 12 deg in the mornings. Come summer though we will be having the opposite problem as our house will be very warm and we have no aircon. I’m looking for a light breathable sleep sack for my daughter so she won’t get too hot.

  316. Avatar of Amber Holden
    Amber HoldenReply

    I’d love to try an ErgoPouch for my youngest who is 10months old and a terror to keep warm in bed. I love the idea of the ErgoPouch turning into pants so littles still stay comfy and warm without losing everything. He has sleeping bags but he always loses his PJ bottoms so he gets cold legs. I really think this would be great for him!

  317. Avatar of Julie F

    My son is nearly 6months old and big, already in size 1 so trying to find something that would be good for him to sleep in that is not designed exclusively for a toddler when he isn’t and then can grow with him would be great.

  318. Avatar of Rebecca Stockwell
    Rebecca StockwellReply

    My 18 month old is OBSESSED with her current sleeping bag and won’t sleep without it. We are about to transition her to a big bed & the ergo pouch will be perfect for easing the transition and keeping her safe if she gets out of bed.
    She won’t fall flat on her face if she sneaks out!

  319. Avatar of Baby Harry

    We have three 3.5tog ergo sleep suits and love them. Such great quality and so snuggly. We’d love to try the 1.0 new styles (will have to buy some soon anyway so would be great to try first!) we will provide you with lots of cute pics if you pick us!

  320. Avatar of Rikki-Lee

    I currently use sleeping bags for my 6 month old daughter, they are perfect for when she goes to sleep as she likes to kick her blankets off throughtout the night. The only problem with the sleeping bags that I use is when she is put into her car seat there is a hassle putting her buckle on to the point where her sleeping bag is removed so that she has movement and no restrictions. The feature with the ergo sleep pouch where it can go from sleeping bag to bodysuit would be every parents dream! The freedom for the child to move around and the comfort for when they go to sleep would be perfect! No fussing, no worrying about blankets being kicked off and no hassles with changing them into a sleeping bag before they go to bed. This amazing product would save alot of stress and time for any parent with a little one.

  321. Avatar of Natarsha Natoli
    Natarsha NatoliReply

    I would love to try out the new summer sleep suits, we have a winter ergo pouch and it’s absolutely amazing for our 1 year old son. We got to Bali in a couple of weeks and it would be great to see how these new suits will go in summer and in the heat and during travel! Will be awesome to try on the plane, over night flights will be a struggle!

  322. Avatar of Kayla Long

    After using all different types of sleeping bags with my newborn I fell in love with the Ergopouch. Before having him I was so paranoid about knowing what to dress him in to sleep and being born in the middle of seasons I was worried he would cold or to hot but the easy to use Ergopouch temperature rating and guide made it so easy to know what to do dress him and I never needed to added blankets. I find them soo soft and comfy. I loved the winter ones because his arm were also kept nice and warm by the sleeves. Can’t rate these products highly enough.

  323. Avatar of Carly

    I’ve got the 3.5togs and they’ve been brilliant for winter.

  324. Avatar of Millie

    We use the Ergopouch 2.0 TOG Merino Wool and Bamboo sleeing bags. We love them because they keep bub warm, comfortable and safe. We love the quality, the feel and the durability of the bags.
    You should pick us to review the sleeping bags because we are genuinely interested in the sleep bag suit. We haven’t used it before but as my baby is now a toddler and on the move I am very interested in this product as a next option for us. Would love to review it and test it out.

  325. Avatar of Natarsha. N
    Natarsha. NReply

    I would love to try out the new summer sleep suits, we have a winter ergo pouch and it’s absolutely amazing for our 1 year old son. We got to Bali in a couple of weeks and it would be great to see how these new suits will go in summer and in the heat and during travel! Will be awesome to try on the plane, over night flights will be a struggle to keep him comfortable sitting on our lap and keeping him warm.

  326. Avatar of Liv Kronsteiner
    Liv KronsteinerReply

    I’d love to test this out on my 17 month old baby and then have a chance to hand it down to the Belly Bug! Coming in to spring/summer it’s too warm for blankets!

  327. Avatar of Anne Edyvane
    Anne EdyvaneReply

    The ergopouch products look amazing. I am a really big fan of organic cotton for myself and more importantly for my children. As the added bonus luxury it contains bamboo, can imagine how soft these would be. Would love to try for my 4 month old. Who wants to bother with restricting swaddle wraps, that hey always wriggle out of and wake up? Aussie Ergopouches would be my choice!

  328. Avatar of Naomi. V

    I have only just purchased a winter one for my 4 month old and love that it can convert from a sleep bag to legs making school runs with 4 kidlets so much easier. My almost 3 yr old now wants one too as he is forever throwing his blankets off at night and waking up cold.

  329. Avatar of Shannen

    I would love to try the Ergopouch with my 2 year old as she is just getting ready to move into a toddler bed but is always kicking the covers off and still loves the comfort of a sleeping bag, so one with legs is genius!

  330. Avatar of Anita pender
    Anita penderReply

    I love that the ergo pouch can zip into a sack or have legs allowing me to transfer my infant from the car to bed or allow her to drawn around when she gets up whilst being warm

  331. Avatar of Courtney Smith
    Courtney SmithReply

    As I start to think about transitioning my almost 2 year old into a toddler bed, I am left with the dilemma; do I continue using our beloved sleeping bags or buy a quilt? We would love to try the ergopouch sleep suit bag, as it’s clever and versatile design seems like the perfect solution! Thanks to the genius sleep suit bag, I would not have to worry about my son falling over if he tried to get up during the night and the luxurious light cotton means there is no chance he won’t get too hot or sweaty. I love that I can trust the ergopouch, all of their products are of the utmost quality and safety, I could sleep soundly knowing my little one is safe and comfortable.

  332. Avatar of ANDREA DURRAN

    My son has used ergo sleeping bags since he was born. I find that if he does not have one on, he is very restless. As he is now getting older and crawling, he is starting to get frustrated with his legs in the bottom of the bag. The ergo pouch is fantastic where it has its legs separated. Such a great idea as bubs starts moving around and wants a little bit more room to move. This is a good step up from a sleeping bag and will keep him comfortable till he is big enough to stop using sleeping pouches.

  333. Avatar of Kasey

    My 21m.o has just figured out she can climb out of her single bed and I would feel better about it if she could move her legs freely and not have to shuffle around in a standard sleeping bag. She has always kicked blankets off so the Ergopouch seems like the answer

  334. Avatar of Ashlea

    Such a versatile product. As a daily user of other Ergo sleeping bags this seems like such an obvious choice for my little one to transition to now he is starting to walk. Love the quality of Ergo products.

  335. Avatar of Angela

    I love the Ergo pouch knowing that my daughter would be warm enough through the night and without loose blankets in the cot posing as a risk. The option to convert to a suit is excellent and makes it such a versatile sleeping suit. The sizing is great as it means be suit will last more than one season. This would also be great for my almost 3yo as she often kicks the blankets off herself during the night and I worry if she is cold.

    I would love to try one with either of my girls as I really think this looks like the most practical sleep suit on the market.

  336. Avatar of Danni

    A few months ago we changed from love to dream swaddles and sleeping bags to the ergopouch and I wish I’d done it sooner. The ergopouch sleeping bags are such a great fitting, high quality and comfortable sleeping bag forour little ones. I’m so excited I’ve found them and can tell all my mummy friends to get this brand, love love love them!

  337. Avatar of Claire

    I am looking for a product that can keep my daughter warm through the night as she kicks off the blankets every night! He seperate legs will certainly allow her to easily climb out of bed too!

  338. Avatar of Kirstyeliz

    Would love to win and trial the sleep suit for either (both!) of my bubs. We are often out and about and I’d love to have the opportunity to have my 6 month old all ready for bed before we even get in the car! My 2.5 year old hates blankets, so the versatility of this would be perfect!

  339. Avatar of Jacq McGuigan
    Jacq McGuiganReply

    I love to try the new ergo sleep suits as they’ve been specifically designed with our precious babies in mind. Ive never purchased a sleep suit but I know they’re a product that keeps the health and happiness of a baby in the forefront of its purpose.

  340. Avatar of Taylor Nic

    Ergo pouch is the only sleeping bag my almost 2 year old will keep on! The only item she feels comfortable wearing every night all night.

  341. Avatar of Heather Canham
    Heather CanhamReply

    I’ve never used an ergopouch but love the sounds of the breathable fabric as my boys are little sweaty betties! Sleep suits are so great for helping littlies get a good sleep so would love to try the ergopouch a go especially for the ease of transitioning from cot to car!

  342. Avatar of CATHERINE

    I would love to test the ergopouch on my girls. Here in Townsville it’s ridiculously hot in summer and the 1-tog ergopouch would be perfect for the hot, humid summer nights.

  343. Avatar of Elizabeth Denholm
    Elizabeth DenholmReply

    I love love love that it’s made with organic breathable cotton and that it’s available in a new short sleeve range. With two little girls who are warm sleepers organic cotton will help to keep my girls at the right temperature all night. I won’t have to worry about them kicking the covers off and getting cold. Also by being organic I can be assured that there are no harsh chemicals. I’d love the opportunity to review the ergoPouch Sleeping Suit Bag as I’d love to help provide other Mum’s and Dad’s with a real honest opinion.

  344. Avatar of Maz

    My 1 year old could really test out the breathable material and suitability for an active infant. We live in the top end and use air-conditioning.

  345. Avatar of Chloe Stone
    Chloe StoneReply

    I have used ergopouch since birth for my 3 year old daughter. They have travelled with us worldwide and cannot be faulted on quality and ease of use. Nothing keeps her warmer in winter or more secure now she is in a big bed ! We would love to try the 1.0 tog for the upcoming spring summer months.

  346. Avatar of Bronwyn Howard
    Bronwyn HowardReply

    We tried many different swaddles on our son but as soon as we tried the Ergopouch cocoon swaddle and sleep bag we were sold and have used them ever since! He has almost ourgrown his cocoons so it would be great to try one of these suits as our next step

  347. Avatar of Jobelle Collier
    Jobelle CollierReply

    Our new born has been sleeping using a 2.5tog cocoon and we would love to be part of the testing for the next season’s sleep suit. We still very much need it to help the little one stay asleep without the worries of her breaking out of a swaddle.

  348. Avatar of Joanne

    Living in regional australia (Bathurst,NSW) we had purchased an ergopouch when we last visited sydney from a babystore for the winter just gone past and my girl absolutely love being in it. It would be lovely if we get to try out the new ergopouch for the coming summer, thanks!

  349. Avatar of Samantha

    My 11 month old daughter has been using the sleep suit for winter and I’ve been in love with them. Takes the stress out of blankets and being pulled over there faces. I am interested in trying the lower tog now the weather is changing and seeing how she goes in that as I’m now concerned what to put her in as it’s too warm for her winter suits. Thank you

  350. Avatar of Sarah Louise
    Sarah LouiseReply

    This solves the problem of having to take bubs out of the sleep suit to play and move around when I get him up in the mornings. It would be ideal to keep him warm in the suit until I am ready to dress him. What a brilliant idea!

  351. Avatar of Shireen Hollibone
    Shireen HolliboneReply

    I currently use a 2.5 tog Ergopouch on my little one and am looking to get a sleep suit for Summer as she is starting to roll over and I would feel much safer with her able to love her legs independently. I love the design of the sleep suit and would love to give it a try on my little girl this Summer.

  352. Avatar of Tegan Crake
    Tegan CrakeReply

    I love the ergopouch range since my little guy was born June 2016. I have the winter sleep suit and loved it. I would love to be considered to try the 1.0 tog. The patterns look really adorable

  353. Avatar of Grace

    I love Ergopouches because they ensure my kids have a snug night’s sleep. Bliss for me And them

  354. Avatar of Kerrie halliwell
    Kerrie halliwellReply

    I’d love the chance to try one is the spring bags for my 14 month old. He was in a hip brace for 6 months, so after that we didn’t feel comfortable with a normal sleeping bag as they seem quite restrictive, But our winter sleep suit is a godsend, he will not sleep without it now.

  355. Avatar of Shana marie maguire
    Shana marie maguireReply

    I love the idea of this! My 2 year old and my 10 month old both kick their blankets off in the night and wake up cool so it would help keep them warm in winter and in the aircon in summer!

  356. Avatar of Katie

    We love love love love ❤️ Ergopouch!!! My twin daughters love sleeping (most of the time) one sleeps through all night, most nights, the other wakes up a few times during the night, as she is out of her covers, we use sleeping bags for them, but have been wanting to try the new Ergopouch for her!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  357. Avatar of Jenn Grieve
    Jenn GrieveReply

    As an avid lover of ErgoPouch I would love to review the spring/summer release sleeping bag. My baby has loved the winter 2.5 tog sleep swaddle, which he started wearing at 2 months as a swaddle and then transitioned to arms out with the ErgoArms around 4-6 months. Now he’s nearing 11 months and the warmer weather is starting to arrive this would be the perfect opportunity to try the 1.0 tog sleeping bag. I find the sleeping bag is so much more than just bedding, it’s a signal for my baby it’s time to sleep by being a part of our bed time routine.

  358. Avatar of Alaina Frost
    Alaina FrostReply

    Car transfers with my twins was always the bane of my existence. Stopping one from waking up – sure, but you’ve won the lottery if you can manage two. This time around, with just one baby the chances of a smooth transfer are better – except now we are out and about more. With school pick ups, drop offs, errands and extra-curriculars how can we keep this baby asleep? Hopefully with an Ergopouch we have a fighting chance!

  359. Avatar of Samantha

    Love not having blankets lying around. She now associates her sleep bag with nap time making it easy to sleep on the go.

  360. Avatar of Marilyn Long
    Marilyn LongReply

    The ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag looks super comfy and very easy for Archie (20 months old) to sleep in. It would also come in handy when he wakes up, he’s able to stand up with ease unlike with a typical sleeping bag. This would also we amazing coming into summer time as I am going to be transferring him to his own big boy bed, so this will make me sleep easy knowing he is always covered.

  361. Avatar of Kimberley Kelly
    Kimberley KellyReply

    We would love to test drive the new sleep suit. We have the standard ergo pouches here and love them but transferring bubs from car when asleep is a bit of a drama, so I think this could be such a clever solution. I’m imagining how much easier school drop offs and pick ups might be! Pick us, we already know and love your high quality, fabulous products are excited at the prospect of the ease this new sleep suit might bring to our busy lives.

  362. Avatar of Amanda tyron smith
    Amanda tyron smithReply

    I love ergo baby everything. It has fantastic products have used for both my kids. Tried several swaddles/wraps with my first daughter as she would kick off all her sheets and blankets in bed so found your products a god sent. ergo was the only ones she really liked. So i continue and recommend day in day out.

  363. Avatar of Jacquie Purden
    Jacquie PurdenReply

    Far North Queensland is where we sleep,
    Mum would love it if overnight she didn’t hear a peep,
    An ergopouch sleepsuit would sure help with this,
    Then our nights would be absolutely bliss.

  364. Avatar of Soph Eli

    I have loved the ergococoon as it allowed us to easily transisiton our daughter from swaddle to arms out. We are now getting to the stage where put hush lives are catching up with us and we need to transfer our little girl from car seat/pram to bed so this would be excellent.

  365. Avatar of Laura P

    My 10 month old bub and I both love the winter ergoPouch we’ve been using during these colder months. I would love to try the ergoPouch sleep suit bag as she does tend to wiggle around a lot and this would stop her getting tangled. I also love the idea of being able to convert from bag to suit so easily! No more awkward transitions from the car into the cot! Such a great idea.

  366. Avatar of Jo

    Happy to try anything to get the baby to sleep and stop waking up her brothers!

  367. Avatar of Ebony

    I haven’t tried an ergopouch sleep suit before and would love to try it for my 5 month old. I originally brought him a ergocacoon swaddle. But my son was in NICU straight after birth, when we finally brought him home he was too big to use it. He has trouble sleeping so I would love to try him in a sleep suit, as we have just transitioned him out of swaddles.

  368. Avatar of Naomi Gamble
    Naomi GambleReply

    Today my LO is 11 months old. So today also marks 11 months without sleep. He wakes a minimum 4 times a night . Would love to try the sleep suit!

  369. Avatar of Shelley Brock
    Shelley BrockReply

    I love that the legs are separated so my son would actually be able to stand in his cot without falling over and wouldn’t get twisted while he’s sleeping.

  370. Avatar of Lucy H

    I would love to test Ergo pouch with my 5 (nearly 6) month old daughter. We have been using and loving their Winter 3.5 tog which has built in arms and has been ah-mazing during the cold winter nights.

  371. Avatar of Sarah

    Would love to win this for either of my kids as they both always kick the blankets off and have wanted to try these for a long time. They look amazing

  372. Avatar of LucyJo

    We would love to try this as my little boy has just started sleeping in his own room!

  373. Avatar of Niki

    We love our winter sleep suit/bag. I have an over active toddler who refuses to sleep under blankets. She loves to get out of the bath and into the cosy sleep suit in yhe evening, the legs allow her to move around and play until bedtime on cold sydney evenings.
    She has been cosy and warm all winter without getting sweaty or overheating.
    I would love to try the summer weight bag.

  374. Avatar of Kate Eckert
    Kate EckertReply

    Ergo sleep suit bags are THE BEST invention! To keep my little wriggler warm without the risk of blankets, legs which allow her to move around and resettle without getting twisted up and best yet we can take her out with us of a night time and still have a life with the easy transition to car seat! I’d just love a 1 tog for summer!

  375. Avatar of Nicole T

    I would love for my baby girl to try the ergopouch as her brother has always been a nightmare to keep under the covers and the ergopouch removes that stress. I also love that it would make the transfer from car to bed so much easier.

  376. Avatar of Swetakkhadria

    I accidentally came across the ergo pouch while shopping for my new arrival, never knew it would be this good and comfortable for my newborn until I used it. It is one such product that should be made mandatory in the hospital list for things to bring along
    I am so surprised to see the new addition as the other day I was telling my husband that if they used to make ergo pouches with a transitional slit zipper so it would be so much easier to transfer my now 3 month old from bed to car to pram to car to bed again and here it is , would simply love to try it for my Bub , it’s a blessing

  377. Avatar of ErinField

    I would love to try an ergo sleep suit! My little man has reflux so sleep is hard to come by, I’d love to try anything!

  378. Avatar of Katep30

    I have ergopouch sleeping bags and i LOVE them and have always wanted to try the sleep suit

  379. Avatar of Jodie

    Would love to trial the ergo sleep suit because my daughter will not keep her blankets on at all and she is icy cold every morning.

  380. Avatar of Alyssa Wood
    Alyssa WoodReply

    We love our Winter Ergo. It keeps our son so toasty warm and we don’t have to worry about heaters or blankets!!
    Would love to try out the summer range and use it for our daughter as well!

    Thankyou 🙂

  381. Avatar of Esta

    I love everything about the ergopouch sleepsuits. Most importantly that they’re TOG rated and wash and dry easily and keep their shape. Sizing is really generous so they last! Plus the ability to zip it into legs to allow older kids to walk is

  382. Avatar of Melissa Downie
    Melissa DownieReply

    I’m currently having a very tough time with my 2 year old and her sleep. At the moment we are just using blankets and sheets as she is very tall and most sleeping bags only go up to size 2. She is constantly kicking the blankets off, throwing them out of her cot and then waking up at all hours which is then leaving her grumpy during the day as she is having a restless sleep.
    I’m begging you ergobaby! I neeeeed to try one of these sleeping bags. This mummy (and toddler) are both sleep deprived and surviving (just!) the only other possible solution is co-sleeping and I’m desperate for another solution xxx

  383. Avatar of Rosie O'Brien
    Rosie O'BrienReply

    I would love to trial the sleep suit as my daughter moves around a lot in her sleep and regular sleeping bags get twisted around her torso and pull on her shoulders. The sleep suits look so comfortable! I think it’s just what she needs to get a great nights sleep.

  384. Avatar of Alison

    We have used an ergo sleep suit through the colder months and I believe that it has saved me many a sleepless night!

    I would love to keep things the same for my little guy through summer

  385. Avatar of Catherine Whyte
    Catherine WhyteReply

    We have used Ergo Cocoons and Ergo sleep bags, and would love to use the sleepsuits now that my son is getting too old for wearing bags! He can climb out of his cot on his own, so we need to transition him into something a bit safer for moving around in, while still having a tog rating and not being something he can wriggle out of or toss out of his cot like a regular blanket! Please pick us!

  386. Avatar of Miriam Reger
    Miriam RegerReply

    I would love to trial the Sleep Suit as my 2.5 yo is very comfortable co-sleeping with us, but tends to kick off blankets and sheets when he sleeps alone. Would love something that could keep him cool enough for summer yet warm enough for the rest of the year, and is big enough for his long legs!

  387. Avatar of Kelly White
    Kelly WhiteReply

    I had some hand me down ergo pouches when my daughter was just born and they were fantastic. I am curious to see what the new ones are like and if she likes them. She moves around a lot in the night and I was hoping that the sleep suit would give her a little more mobility and get less caught up like she sometimes does in the sleep sack type.

  388. Avatar of Kelly Evans
    Kelly EvansReply

    Would love to test these out.

    My 18 month old little lady refuses to keep anything on when she sleeps!

    Ergo Bags are the BEST ❤️

    The suit sounds perfect! Thanks for thinking of it

  389. Avatar of Wen Li

    Would love to try these new sleep suits out. My little boy is 10 months old and is learning how to stand. So far, we have been using the sleeping bags but I think the sleep suit bags will come in handy when he starts to walk. He can still feel warm and cosy in the bags but at the same time is able to move about comfortably.

  390. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana HodgettsReply

    I would love to try a summer weight ergo sleeping bag, my 10month old son currently uses a 2.5 tog winter bag which has been perfect to keep him snuggly and warm in our cold drafty house. He has just started sleeping through the night so I would love to have a bag that he can use during the hot summer months that will keep him covered but not overheat (love that it is made of cotton so he won’t sweat!). I also love the zip apart legs as some days I don’t make it home in time for my son to fall asleep in the cot so it would be amazing to be able to pop his bag on before we set off on our walk incase he falls asleep during – then I can attempt to transfer him!